【Oshi no ko】Is the meaning of “45510” hidden in the novel? What is the secret of Ai’s password? ……


The number “45510” appeared in the opening of the TV anime “Oshi no ko” and became a topic of conversation. The meaning of this number is actually revealed in a short story written by Akasa Akasaka, the author of the original work. In this article, we will introduce the meaning of “45510,” the contents of the short story “45510,” and our review!

Explains the meaning of “45510,” which appears in the opening!

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What is 45510?(1) Password for Ai’s cell phone (2) Title of the novel by the author of “Oshi no ko”
The protagonist of the novelOne of the members of B-komachi
Author of the novelAkasaka Aka

In “Oshi no ko,” the number “45510” refers to the password of Hoshino Ai’s smartphone. Aqua, who was looking for Ai’s murderer in the work, tried to guess the password of Ai’s smartphone by a round-robin. They tried in turn, and four years passed. The password that finally unlocked the phone was “45510”. The title of the short story written by Akasaka Aka, the author of the original story for the anime adaptation, is also “45510”. The novel is written from the perspective of a B-Komachi member who is not Ai, and shows a new side of Ai.

Named after a B-komachi member!

For fans of the original novel, the password “45510” is a familiar ay. In fact, this number has a meaning, which is revealed in the novel “45510. As explained in more detail below, “45510” is derived from the names of the B-komachi members to which Ai belonged: “Ta,” “Ni,” “Ai,” and “Wa,” the initial letters of B-komachi’s first members, Takamine, Nino, Ai, and Watanabe, are entered on a smartphone to form the number 45510! (Only Nino needs to tap 5 twice, so Nino = 55)

For the original OP theme song “Idol”!

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The OP theme song of the anime, “Idol”, was written based on the novel “45510”. Therefore, if you listen to the song after reading the novel, you will understand the meaning of the lyrics more deeply, making it even more interesting!

「Oshi no ko」作者2名が最強!性別や他作品などを徹底解説

Spoilers for the contents of the “Oshi no ko” novel, “45510.”

①Ai’s relationship with B-komachi members can be found at ……

『【Oshi no ko】』

©Akasaka Aka×Yokohari Mengo/Shueisha, [Oshi no ko] Production Committee

The protagonist, who was originally an idol as a member of B-Komachi, discovers an archive of videos of her live-streaming 16 years after Ai’s death. She disliked Ai; B-komachi was a group that explicitly favored Ai, and the other members were treated as back dancers. The protagonist also appreciated the charm and ability that Ai exuded, and understood that without her, the group would not have been successful. However, as he grew older, he became jealous of Ai, who was losing her shine, and he began to feel hatred toward her. His selfish recollections stand out, such as harassing Ai even though he was pulled by Ai and sold well, but considering the circumstances, perhaps he can’t be blamed. ……

②B-komachi members watching Ai’s delivery video

Oshi no ko 星野アイ

©Akasaka Aka×Yokohari Mengo/Shueisha, [Oshi no ko] Production Committee

He says that Ai was always aloof and never really spoke his mind. The protagonist thinks back to the old Ai while watching Ai’s delivery videos. He is amazed at Ai’s beauty, which he has not seen in a long time, and recalls how secretive she was when he heard her answers to his questions. Ai’s smile, from the protagonist’s point of view, seemed expressionless. The protagonist thinks that Ai used to get into trouble when he hears her talking about her love life and saying that her type is someone who doesn’t get angry when she gets into trouble. As a former member, she recalled that Ai used to talk about how she didn’t recognize others or herself as individuals.

③What are the true intentions of the Eye and the protagonist?

Oshi no ko アイ アクア

©Akasaka Aka×Yokohari Mengo/Shueisha, [Oshi no ko] Production Committee

The video feed is interrupted in the middle of the video, and the protagonist visits an unofficial blog that used to be run by the four initial members. The password is “45510,” the first letter of each member’s name, which was entered by flicking the numbers. There was only one article there that had not been made public. It’s a bit cryptic now, but I feel bad. I really want to get along like we used to. You can make fun of me more. It was an article written by Ai to the members, telling them that he was a member of the group. The main character closes the article in the middle and deletes the article itself. The expression on his face that he feels this is not the invincible Ai was completely that of a believer. Even though he hated Ai as a member of the same group, the main character was still fascinated by Ai as an idol.

What is your review of the novel “45510”?

Oshi no ko 星野アイ

©Akasaka Aka×Yokohari Mengo/Shueisha, [Oshi no ko] Production Committee


 It was very satisfying to learn about the relationship between Ai and B Komachi, which was not well depicted in the manga. Knowing Ai’s true intentions makes her death even more sad. …… Ai really wanted to be friends with the members of B-komachi. Seeing that she didn’t change her phone password even after Aqua and Ruby were born, she must have always cared about the members.

In the original work, Ai had an image of being self-confident and cheerful, of being perfect and flawless. However, the atmosphere of the live delivery depicted in the novel is somewhat lacking, and Ai seems more human. Her final words of weakness and desire to make up with Ai are also surprisingly different from the image of Ai. I guess the main character was one of those who watched and searched for images of Ai, whom he hated, and was helplessly fascinated by her. ……

Consider why Ai cares so much about the members of B-Komachi.

Oshi no ko 星野アイ

©Akasaka Aka×Yokohari Mengo/Shueisha, [Oshi no ko] Production Committee

While Ai has lived her life hating lies, she started working for the moment when lies become true and love is known. B-komachi was the first place she was given such a place. If you read the novel “45510,” you will see that the initial members of B-Komachi were close when it was first formed. From the fact that she really cared about the members, Ai must have felt a glimpse of “love” from the friends she made for the first time at that time. That is why she continued to have feelings for them even after they became less friendly.

【Oshi no ko】星野アイの死亡理由・生きてる(復活)説を解説!真犯人は夫なのか

45510″ was a password filled with thoughts from Ai to B Komachi.

Oshi no ko アイ

©Akasaka Aka×Yokohari Mengo/Shueisha, [Oshi no ko] Production Committee

The number “45510” was the subject of various discussions when the password was revealed in the original work, and this number was filled with feelings for B Komachi. As of May 2023, the novel “45510” is available for free for a limited time.

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