【Oshi no ko】Are Aqua and Akane Kurokawa a business couple? What is their relationship and why did they break up?


Aqua, the main character in “Oshi no ko,” becomes a lover with Akane Kurokawa during the course of the work. Aqua and Akane meet on a romantic reality show called “Ima Gachi” and eventually become a couple. However, Aqua did not really fall in love with Akane, but only became her lover to use her for his own purposes. This article will provide spoilers about the relationship between Aqua and Akane in Oshi no ko and the reasons for their breakup. The future of Aqua and Akane is also discussed, so please refer to this article.

|Who are Aqua and Akane Kurokawa of Oshi no ko?

The protagonist of “Oshi no ko” is a high school boy named Aqua. Aqua is a reincarnated child of an idol, a character with a complicated setup. In Oshi no ko, Aqua is in a romantic relationship with a character named Akane Kurokawa. However, Aqua and Akane are not a pure couple; they originally had a business relationship.

So how did Aqua and Akane in Oshi no ko become a business couple? Let’s take a look at the scene where Aqua and Akane met and how they became lovers. We will also spoil the story of how they became real lovers and explain the reasons for their breakup. First, let’s check out the basic profiles of Aqua and Akane.

Information on Oshi no ko’s works

Oshi no ko Overview

Oshi no ko is a manga that began serialization in Weekly Young Jump, with an episode published in issue #21, 2020, and a week later in Shonen Jump +. Oshi no ko is written by Akasaka Aka and drawn by Mengo Yokoari. Mengo Yokojari has previously published works such as “Kuzu no Honkai” and “Retort Pouch! and “Retort Pouch!

Akasaka Aka, the author of Oshi no ko, is also known as the creator of Kaguya-sama, and retired as a manga artist when Kaguya-sama ga Tsurenasake was finished. Oshi no ko is popular for its unpredictable development and depiction of the backstage of the entertainment industry, and in 2021 it won third place in the 5th Minna no Choice TSUTAYA Comic Award.

Oshi no ko’s comics have sold a total of 11 volumes and have sold more than 7 million copies. The first episode is an unusually long 90-minute episode, and has become a major topic of conversation.

Synopsis of Oshi no ko

Goro Amamiya, an obstetrician, is assigned to the delivery of his idol Ai. However, on the day of the birth, Ai’s stalker stabs him to death. Goro is reborn as Ai’s child and begins a new life as Aqua. Aqua was living a happy life with Ai, but now Ai is stabbed by the stalker who killed Goro. Aqua realizes that there is a mastermind behind this and decides to take revenge.

Profile of Aqua

Oshi no ko’s Aqua’s real name is “Hoshino Aiku Aikai” (星野愛久愛海). People around her call her “Aqua” in abbreviated form, and she is rarely called by her real name. Aqua is a once-deceased reincarnation, and her name in her previous life was Goro Amamiya. Goro worked as an obstetrician in the countryside of Miyazaki Prefecture. When Ai, a pregnant idol, comes to see him, he becomes her doctor.

Goro, a fan of Ai’s, has mixed feelings about this, but he promises to make sure her child is delivered safely. However, just before Ai’s delivery, Goro is stabbed by someone. Once there, Goro dies, but when he realizes it, he is reborn as Ai’s child. The newly born Aqua had the memories of his previous life intact. He is a handsome man with short blond hair and a star shape floating in his right eye, which he must have inherited from Ai.

In his previous life, Aqua was cheerful and good-natured, but now he is cool and has an air of unapproachability. There is also a side of her that does not choose a means to an end, and she can have a great influence on those around her. Aqua’s personality has changed in this way because she saw Ai killed in front of her eyes when she was a child. Aqua became obsessed with revenge against the real murderer of Ai and became a different personality than before.

Profile of Akane Kurokawa

Akane Kurokawa is an actress in her second year of high school. When she first appeared, she had black hair in a bob style, but now she has long hair. She is a neat and clean beauty, and is a hard worker who is more serious than others. Because of her serious nature, at one time she was so mentally trapped that she even tried to commit suicide.

Akane Kurokawa excels at acting that allows her to get into the role, and she is an ace in the prestigious theater troupe “Lalalai. She is usually withdrawn and quiet, but when it comes to acting, she hates to lose more than anyone else.

|[Oshi no ko]Are Aqua and Akane Kurokawa a business couple? Consideration of how they met

Aqua and Akane from Oshi no ko met for the first time in a program called “Ima Gachi. The incident at Ima-gachi was the catalyst for Aqua and Akane to deepen their relationship. So, what was Aqua and Akane’s encounter at Ima-gachi? Here are some spoilers about how Aqua and Akane met and how they became a business couple.

Spoiler #1: Aqua and Akane Kurokawa’s encounter is now gruesome.

The first time Aqua and Akane Kurokawa met in Oshi no ko was during the filming of a certain romantic reality show. The show was called “Gachi-Koi ♡Katsurai Hajimete” (“I’ll Start Gachi-Koi ♡Katsurai”) and was called “Ima-Gachi” by the viewers. Aqua played the character required for the show well and quickly became comfortable with her co-stars. However, Akane Kurokawa, who is too serious at heart, thought too much about how to act and could not fit in well with the show.

Spoiler #2: Akane goes up in flames on the Internet.

While the other co-stars were putting on a show one after another, Akane Kurokawa was simply buried without being able to do anything. In her haste to stand out somehow, Akane took the staff’s advice that she would stand out if she played a bad girl. Deciding to become a bad girl character, Akane intervened between Yuki Sumi and Nobuyuki Kumano, who were becoming a couple. In her attempt to stand out, she ends up scratching Yuki’s face, who is now the most popular girl in the world.

Of course, this was not intentional, and Yuki forgave Akane and the two quickly made up. However, the show, wanting to make Akane look like a bad girl, intentionally cut the scene of their reconciliation. Therefore, only Akane’s bad parts were aired on Ima Gachi, and Akane was in a situation to be burned down on the Internet. The internet was filled with words of criticism towards Akane, and the serious Akane became sick at heart.

Spoiler #3: Aqua stopped Akane’s suicide.

Akane Kurokawa, following the advice of MEMcho and her office, kept her mouth shut against the flames. However, this created more flames, and the slander against Akane did not stop at all. Akane, exhausted by the slander on the Internet, thought of committing suicide and tried to jump into the river. She was saved in the nick of time by Aqua, a co-star of Gachi-Koi. Aqua calmed Akane down by telling her that she was on her side.

The members of Ima-gachi, who knew Akane’s plight, joined forces to help her. They collected photos and videos of Akane that had never been shown on TV, and posted them on the Internet to show how close the Imagachi members were. This strategy worked and the flames against Akane subsided to some extent. Akane has calmed down mentally, and she will return to Imagachi.

Spoiler #4: Akane played Ai to perfection.

Akane Kurokawa, who had appeared on Ima Gachi as her true self, caused a firestorm by exposing herself too much. So, the other members suggested that she should be a bit more of a character. When Akane finds out that Aqua’s favorite girl is the idol Ai, she decides to play Ai to make Aqua happy.

Akane researches everything about Ai and profiles her character based on this information. Akane understood Ai perfectly and gave a wonderful performance as if she was there in person. Akane’s performance as Ai made Aqua blush.

Spoiler #5: Aqua and Akane Kurokawa will be a Visner couple.

After seeing Akane Kurokawa’s performance, Aqua took notice of Akane’s profiling abilities. Aqua thought that her ability could be useful in the search for the mastermind behind Ai’s murder. So, he approached Akane during the filming of Ima Gachi and confessed to her in the program.

Akane realizes that Aqua does not really like her and has some other agenda. Still, Akane accepted Aqua’s confession, and the two kissed and became a couple. After the program ended, they continued their relationship as business lovers.

Spoiler #6: Business Dating

Oshi no ko’s Aqua and Akane Kurokawa needed to appeal to the public as lovers even after ImaGachi ended; they went on a series of professional dates and regularly distributed photos and other information on social networking sites. On their first date after Ima-gachi, Aqua and Akane visited a cute cafe. There they had a friendly meal together, which they uploaded to their social networking sites.

|[Oshi no ko]Are Aqua and Akane Kurokawa real lovers? What is the reason for their breakup?

Oshi no ko’s Aqua and Akane Kurokawa are a business couple who met through Ima Gachi. However, even though they are business lovers, their intimacy grows as they repeatedly go on dates. Akane has been conscious of Aqua since their days in Imagachi, and her feelings for Aqua became stronger when they became lovers. Aqua, on the other hand, became a lover with the intention of using Akane, but Akane’s presence often soothed him, and they eventually became real lovers.

However, their lovers’ relationship came to an abrupt end one day. In the end, Aqua and Akane broke up and never returned to their original relationship. So, how did Aqua and Akane of Oshi no ko become real lovers and why did they break up? In this section, we will explain in detail the process of how Aqua and Akane became official lovers and why they broke up.

Spoiler #1: Akane grows fond of Aqua.

Akane Kurokawa has had feelings for Aqua ever since Aqua saved her during the firestorm in Gachi now. However, she was not sure if these feelings were romantic or not. However, by becoming lovers with Aqua, Akane gradually became attracted to Aqua. She also came to understand to some extent what Aqua was trying to do. Akane, who has strong empathy for others, comes to want to be supportive of Aqua, who has a secret.

Spoiler #2: Co-starring in Tokyo Blade

Aqua and Akane Kurokawa of Oshi no ko will be performing together in a play called “Tokyo Blade”. In this play, Aqua will play the character of “Sword Demon” and Akane will play the character of “Sheath Princess”. Sword Demon and Sasahime are lovers in the play, which is linked to the relationship between Aqua and Akane in real life. During rehearsals for Tokyo Blade, Akane invites Aqua, who has no interest in the stage, to see a play.

The two of them going to see a play together was just like real lovers. Thanks to Akane, Aqua learned about the greatness of modern stage technology and changed her previous perceptions. It was also Akane, her lover, who helped Aqua when she became ill from the trauma of Ai’s death during rehearsals. Akane realized from Aqua’s condition that Aqua might be the son of Ai, who was killed by Stoker.

Spoiler #3: Aqua confesses to Akane

Oshi no ko’s Aqua deduced that the mastermind behind Ai’s murder was his own father. He then discovered the fact that Ai had been involved with the theater company Raralai, and he conducted a DND evaluation of everyone involved with Raralai from one end to the other. As a result, he found out that Daiki Himekawa, a leading actor of Raralai, is his half-brother. Aqua believes that Daiki Himekawa’s father is his revenge partner, but Daiki Himekawa’s parents had already died 15 years ago.

In fact, Daiki Himekawa’s father was not the mastermind, but Aqua feels that her revenge is over here. Aqua thinks that she can now live a normal life again and confesses again to Akane Kurokawa, who has supported her all her life. The two are no longer a business couple, but genuine lovers.

Spoiler #4: Aqua to distance itself from Arima Kana.

Oshi no ko’s Aqua also had a close relationship with Kana Arima. However, he decides to distance himself from Kana because he is now officially dating Akane Kurokawa. It is a very sincere act to try to distance himself from a woman who is not his girlfriend. However, the reason why Aqua decided to distance himself from Kana was not only because he was going out with Akane.

Kana was an idol at the time and was gradually gaining recognition. If it became known that Kana, an idol, had a man by her side, he might harm her like he did with Ai. Aqua tried to distance herself from Kana so that no harm would come to her and she would not be in the way of her becoming famous.

Spoiler #5: Reason for the breakup of Aqua and Akane Kurokawa

Aqua and Akane Kurokawa finally became true lovers, but they broke up after a while. The reason for the breakup was that Aqua started to take revenge on Ai again. Aqua thought that Daiki Himekawa’s father was her avenger, and for a while she thought that her revenge was over. However, Akane, who heard Aqua’s story, realized a different possibility at this time. That is, there is a possibility that Daiki Himekawa’s mother had a child with another man and raised it as Daiki Himekawa’s child.

Akane did not tell Aqua about this theory, but went after the real mastermind by herself. She found out that this person was a man named Hikaru Kamiki and wanted to take revenge on behalf of Aqua. However, Aqua, who had been watching Akane with a GPS for a long time, had noticed this move of Akane. This GPS was installed by Aqua on Akane after Imagachi was over, but it was still functioning even now that they became official lovers.

In order not to put Akane in any more danger, Aqua told her not to get involved anymore. Thus, Akane and Aqua broke up, and Aqua decided to pursue her path of revenge alone. Akane, who really loved Aqua, shed tears of sadness that she could not help Aqua. It was a sad breakup scene that painfully conveyed Akane’s feelings of helplessness.

|[Oshi no ko]Relationship between Akane Kurokawa and Kana Arima

In Oshi no ko, there is another character besides Akane Kurokawa who has a liking for Aqua. That is Kana Arima, who is also Aqua’s childhood friend. Although they are childhood friends, they only met once when they were children, and it was not until they became high school students that they met again. Kana acted in a movie with Aqua when she was a child and cried a lot in frustration when she saw Aqua give a better performance than she did.

Kana has been concerned about Aqua ever since then, and when she met Aqua again in high school, she was very close to him. Aqua and Kana seemed to be on the verge of a good relationship, but in the end Aqua ended up going out with Akane. However, it is clear that Aqua also cares about Kana, and Kana is Akane’s biggest rival in love.

However, Akane and Kana are not just at odds with each other over Aqua. In fact, they met when they were young, and this encounter complicated their relationship. Here, we explain what kind of relationship Akane and Kana have, along with spoilers.

Spoiler #1: Akane Kurokawa was originally a fan of Kana Arima.

Akane Kurokawa of Oshi no ko was originally a big fan of Kana Arima. Kana was a child actress who used to be active on TV and appeared in many dramas. Akane admired the sparkling Kana of those days and entered the entertainment industry. Akane worked hard at theater practice with the hope of becoming friends with Kana. Finally, she was able to meet Kana at an audition for a child actor.

Akane was told that this audition was a race to see if Kana would pass. Akane told this to Kana, expecting her to deny that it was a race, but Kana simply admitted it. Akane asks “Are you okay with that, Kana-chan? Kana says in a rough voice, “I don’t care about acting.

Akane insisted that this was not Kana’s true intention, but this further aggravated Kana’s nerves. Kana said, “I hate girls like you,” and walked away from Akane. At that time, Kana had passed the age of being a child actor and was gradually losing her opportunities. Her impatience had led her to become a bit of a whimp. Akane, who was unaware of these circumstances, was disappointed in Kanana’s bad attitude.

She no longer had any admiration for Kana, who said “I don’t care about acting,” and on the contrary, she became an antagonist of Kana. However, Akane was curious as to why Kana made such a comment, so she studied hard to understand Kana’s feelings. She came to understand Kana’s feelings, who had no other choice but to conform to her surroundings in order to survive in the entertainment industry.

Spoiler #2: Akane Kurokawa challenges Kana Arima to a match

When Akane Kurokawa loved Kana Arima, she was an overwhelming performer who swallowed up everyone around her. Today, however, Kana has become an adaptive performer who adapts to the performers around her. Akane, who actually still loved Kana’s acting, wanted Kana to perform like she used to.

And in order to bring out Kana’s true acting style, she dares to give a performance in which she stands out the most. However, Kana thought about the stage as a whole and dared to play a supporting role for Akane. Akane was shocked that her performance had the opposite effect, but Aqua instead brought out Kana’s best.

Arima Kana, whose parents and job are not going well, takes Aqua back. Akane Kurokawa, whose parents and work are doing well and takes Aqua back. They are both talented, but their acting styles are completely different.#Oshi no ko pic.twitter.com/KRipTBnjJG— み。 (@iGPC5FBLSFg6dip) November 1, 2022

Akane was mesmerized by Kana’s sparkling performance, just like when she was a child. Akane was fascinated by Kana’s sparkling performance, which reminded her of her childhood, and thought that she was still no match for her. But it was the same for Kana. Akane marvels at Kana’s talent, but at the same time, she feels inferior to Kana because she cannot compete with Akane’s talent.

|[Oshi no ko]What is the future for Aqua and Akane Kurokawa?

Consideration 1) Possibility of Akane’s death

Oshi no ko’s Akane Kurokawa nearly dies once during the course of the work. After becoming a lover with Aqua, Akane becomes aware of Aqua’s various circumstances. She also realizes the true identity of Aqua’s real father, which even Aqua has not reached yet. And just as she was getting closer to the truth of the Ai incident, Akane was pushed off a pedestrian bridge by a hooded man. Although she was saved by Aqua and was safe at that time, it seems certain that Akane’s life was threatened.

Therefore, there is a possibility that she will be targeted again in the future when she comes to some facts. However, since Akane has broken up with Aqua, she has taken a step back from Aqua’s revenge. Also, the fact that she says “I will stop Aqua-kun’s plot” when she meets Aqua again after a long time makes it seem that she does not intend to go along with his revenge as she did before. If Akane does not actively try to contact the mastermind, it can be inferred that her life is not in any further danger.

Still, the possibility of Akane’s death has not completely disappeared: in each episode of Oshi no ko, there is a scene from an interview with one of the characters. Here, future interview footage of Aqua, Ruby, Kana Arima, and others were depicted. However, for some reason, only Akane does not appear in this interview video. Therefore, it can be considered that Akane has already died at the time this interview was conducted.

Consideration 2) Possibility of Akane’s death

After the breakup with Akane Kurokawa, Aqua is not seeing anyone at this time. Aqua’s mind is occupied with revenge and she is unable to think of anything else. Therefore, as long as Ai’s revenge continues, it is very likely that she will not choose anyone. The reason why he originally broke up with Akane was also to avoid involving her in his revenge any further. Considering the reason for this breakup, it is natural that Aqua will not date anyone in the future.

Consideration 3) Will Aqua eventually become a lover with Kana Arima?

Aqua of Oshi no ko is concerned about Kana Arima in some way. When she and Akane Kurokawa became lovers, she kept her distance, but that was also to protect Kana. After her breakup with Akane, she protects Kana from scandals, and she also makes comments as if she is conscious of Kana. Looking back on these words and actions of Aqua, we can infer that there is a high possibility that he will eventually become a girlfriend with Kana.

|[Oshi no ko]Aqua and Akane Kurokawa Anime Voice Actors

Actor: Aqua / Takeo Otsuka

Voice actor Takeo Otsuka was born on October 19, 1992, in Tokyo, Japan. His hobbies include reading, karaoke, and video games, and he is especially passionate about them. He has been playing soccer since childhood and has raised soccer as one of his special skills. When he was a student, he wanted to become a school teacher or work in the sports industry. However, during his job search, he worried about his future and reconsidered what he really wanted to do.

As a result, he decided to become a voice actor because of his love of video games and animation, and entered the Japan Narration Institute. She then became affiliated with IM Enterprises, where she began her voice acting career in 2016, and landed her first starring role in the theatrical animated film “Shiki Oriki” that was screened in 2018. His first starring role in an animated television series was as Sagu Kurahara in “The Wind is Blowing Strongly”.

For The Wind Blows, he won the New Actor Award at the 14th Annual Seiyu Awards. Takeo Otsuka’s other roles include Takio in NOBLESSE -Noblesse-, Leon Fau Bartofart in Otomegee Sekai wa Mobu ga Haru Sekai Desu Desu, and Qibei Ma in Mono no Gatari.

Actor:Akane Kurokawa /Mainaka Iwami

Mainaka Ishimi was born on April 30, 1998, type O. She is a voice actress from Saitama Prefecture. Her hobbies are walking and reading, and her special skill is tuba. During her junior high school years, Ms. Mainaka Iwami was in “Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. She was impressed by voice actress Ai Chino’s performance in “Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. From there, she began to aspire to be a voice actor and entered Pro Fit Voice Actor Training Institute. After graduation, he officially joined Pro Fit and began his career as a voice actor.

However, in 2022, Pro Fit ended its management business, so she moved to Raccoon Dog. In addition to Akane Kurokawa, Maika Iwami has also voiced Rikos in “Whale Children Sing on the Sand,” Toru Honda in “Fruits Basket,” and Rice Shower in “Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2.

She has also played major characters in a number of popular works, including Midou Asumi in “Tokyo 24ku,” Lakira in “RPG Real Estate,” and Efil in “Black Summoner. “In 2019, she won the New Actress Award at the 13th Annual Seiyu Awards.

|[Oshi no ko]Reviews and Ratings for Aqua and Akane Kurokawa

Among the fans of Oshi no ko, there are sometimes conflicting opinions between the Akane Kurokawa faction and the Kana Arima faction. The Akane faction wants Aqua and Akane to get back together, and many were saddened by the breakup of the two. However, now that they have broken up, there were people who wished that Akane would be happy, even if they did not get back together.

Akane Kurokawa of Oshi no ko has always supported Aqua. At one time, she even took the place of Aqua and tried to take revenge on her. Now she is trying to stop her revenge for Aqua’s sake. Some people commented that Akane should be rewarded because she has been acting for Aqua to this extent. Many people reviewed that it was “pitiful” that Akane is still treated as an unfortunate character.

In Oshi no ko, Akane Kurokawa and Kana Arima have a love triangle over Aqua. Many people like this love triangle, and some reviewed it as “exciting. The love triangle seemed to have ended for a time when Aqua and Akane officially became lovers. However, Aqua and Akane broke up, and now there is another complicated love triangle. oshi no ko is dominated by suspense, but the love between these three people is also attracting a lot of attention.

|[Oshi no ko]Summary of the relationship between Aqua and Akane Kurokawa

This section summarizes the relationship between Aqua and Akane Kurokawa in Oshi no ko, spoilers so far, and future developments. Aqua and Akane Kurokawa met on a show called Ima-gachi in the work and later developed a relationship. Akane seriously fell in love with Aqua, but Aqua just kept using Akane until the end.

There were some scenes along the way where he seemed to be attracted to Akane, but they eventually broke up. It is not yet known what kind of relationship the two will have in the future. As long as Aqua’s revenge continues, they will never have a happy relationship, and as Oshi no ko enters its final phase, Aqua’s desire for revenge is growing even greater. Let’s look forward to the rest of the story to see how Aqua’s revenge and her relationship with Akane will turn out.

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