【Oshi no ko】Is Producer Kaburagi Masaya really a mastermind? What is his relationship with Ai Hoshino and Aqua?


Oshi no ko is a manga series published in Weekly Young Jump, written by Akasaka Aka and drawn by Yoko Yari Mengo. A typical “reincarnation” manga, the story begins with the main character, a doctor, who is reborn after death as the child of his idol, retaining the memories of his previous life. This article features the talented producer KaburagiMasaya and explores his true identity and his relationship with Ai Hoshino and Aqua.

Who is Oshi no ko’s Kaburagi?

Information on Oshi no ko’s works

This article will focus on Kaburagi Masaya, a talented producer who appears in the popular manga Oshi no ko. We will now explore Kaburagi’s true identity and his relationship with Ai Hoshino and his friends, but before we do so, we will first provide information on Oshi no ko’s works. First, an overview of Oshi no ko, followed by a brief synopsis.

Oshi no koの概要

Oshi no ko” is a Japanese manga series written by Akasaka Aka and drawn by Mengo Yokojari, which began serialization in Shueisha’s “Weekly Young Jump” in issue 21, 2020. In addition, the manga was also serialized on the manga app “Shonen Jump+” from June 11 of the same year. In addition, a TV anime of [Oshi no ko] will be produced in 2023 and broadcast on TOKYO MX and other stations from April 12, 2023.

The manga [Oshi no ko] is a typical “reincarnation story,” in which the story revolves around the main character, a doctor, who is reborn after death as the child of his idol of choice while retaining the memories of his previous life.

Although it is easy to assume a cheerful atmosphere from the fantasy-like depiction of the world of idols, many of the episodes are actually quite serious and dark in nature. As a result, the series is characterized by developments that project the dark side of modern society and realistic depictions that cut into the underbelly of the entertainment industry.

Synopsis of Oshi no ko

Goro, an obstetrician and gynecologist, has become an idol geek under the influence of a girl who died at the age of 12. One day, Ai Hoshino, his idol of choice, shows up. Upon diagnosis, she is pregnant with twins. As her doctor, Goro decides to do his best to support Ai, who is trying to balance childbirth and her idol activities. However, on the day Ai is due to give birth, Goro is killed by Ryosuke, a stalker who obsessively pursues Ai.

Profile of KaburagiMasaya

From here, we move on to the main theme, the identity of KaburagiMasaya of [Oshi no ko], etc. Kaburagi is a freelance entertainment producer who has been supporting her idol Hoshino Ai by secretly introducing her to places to meet her boyfriend. When he first appeared, he was introduced as belonging to the Internet TV station “Dot TV!” but in reality, he is involved not only in Internet TV but also in a wide range of activities throughout the entertainment industry, including movies and stage productions.

Kaburagi is a middle-aged man with a suspicious aura. He is a mature man who can distinguish between sour and sweet, and he is cunning enough to use his front and true intentions in a subtle and subtle manner. As a producer, he is committed to “face supremacy,” and in the story he sees potential in Aqua and others with attractive looks and actively supports them in their work. In the past, he was involved in the promotion of Ai Hoshino and has a history of interacting with her in private.

KaburagiMasaya’s work as a producer

Kaburagi is a man who is only interested in business and money, but he is a skilled producer. Not only has he built strong relationships with actors and investors, but he also has a deep knowledge of the processes involved in video production and staging, and he supports and leads the entire process. Easier said than done, but he certainly accomplishes a task that no one without passion could ever accomplish.

Kaburagi has built connections with popular actresses such as Yura Katayose and Shiranui Frill, providing them with work since they were young. There has always been a give-and-take relationship, with the talent owed favors and, conversely, profits returned to them.

Furthermore, Kaburagi has been active in a wide range of fields, including having Aqua and Akane Kurokawa appear on a romantic reality show. Kaburagi has even given work to Kanaka Arima, once hailed as a child prodigy but now on the wane, for one reason or another. He did not believe that her talent had dried up and believed in her potential as an actress.

KaburagiMasaya is a money worshipper

KaburagiMasaya is a rare kind of worshipper in his character of [Oshi no ko], who pursues his dream in the entertainment industry. In producing movies and dramas, he seems to be the type of person who prioritizes profitability over the quality of his work. He has a superficially amiable attitude toward actors, but for him, the only thing that matters is whether or not it makes money, and he is a very cold-hearted person in his true character.

For example, he chose Kana Arima to play the lead role in the drama “Today with a Sweet Tooth” because he saw that she was a former child prodigy and had name value, that she was a freelance and could be used on a low budget, and that she was an easy-to-use actor who could work well with anyone. He is what he is: a very calculated and cool decision maker.

In this drama “Today with a Sweet Tooth,” acting ability was not considered important as it was aimed at promoting young actors, and frankly speaking, acting ability was not important. Arima, who was selected for the lead role, was happy that his past efforts were recognized, but he would be disappointed if he knew Kaburagi’s true feelings and true identity.

Is KaburagiMasaya of Oshi no ko really the mastermind? What is his relationship with Ai?

KaburagiMasaya’s suspiciously funny scene

From here, we will discuss the identity of KaburagiMasaya in Oshi no ko and his relationship with Ai Hoshino. In episode 66 of volume 7 of Oshi no ko, there is a scene in which Kaburagi has a conversation with Kindaichi. It takes place after the first performance of Tokyo Blade.

Kaburagi noted that Kana Arima had transformed on stage and said, “She had star power at that time. If Kana Arima is real, hmmm. No, I thought of something funny,” he quipped. Along with this dubious laugh, many people are wondering what exactly “something interesting” is.

KaburagiMasaya was found to be a stranger to Aqua as a result of DND analysis.

Producer Kaburagi’s first appearance in [Oshi no ko] will be in episode 14. He appears as the producer in charge of the production of the drama “Today in Sweet Taste,” starring Kana Arima.

Meanwhile, Aqua is approached by Arima, who is playing the lead role for the first time in a long time, to play a supporting role. At first, Aqua is uninterested, but the moment she hears the name KaburagiMasaya, she decides to appear, because KaburagiMasaya is someone whose name is in Ai’s phone book. Aqua suspected that Kaburagi might be their blood father, i.e., the mastermind behind Ai’s murder.

The DNA test results revealed that Producer Kaburagi was a complete stranger with no relation to Aqua and his family. However, it is certain that Producer Kaburagi is someone who knows about Ai’s past that Aqua and the others do not know. Aqua tries to get information about Ai from him. On the other hand, producer Kaburagi also sees potential in Aqua’s attractive looks, and he not only talks about Ai, but also actively arranges for her to work with him and builds connections.

Is KaburagiMasaya connected to the mastermind?

Kaburagi is an acquaintance of Ai’s, and we can assume that he has some connection to the mastermind behind the story, Kamiki Hikaru; Kaburagi is a workaholic anyway, and it is safe to say that he is in this profession because he loves the entertainment industry. While he gives opportunities to new actors and idols, he also does his best to support the growth of even someone like Kamiki Hikaru. Therefore, it is unlikely that Kaburagi is in collusion with the mastermind, Kamiki Hikaru.

However, as noted above, Kaburagi senses the relationship between Aqua and Ai in the story and displays an eerie laugh. Perhaps he is really a man with a twisted desire, similar to that of Kamiki Hikaru, to see the young man he has cared for die. If so, we cannot dismiss the possibility that Kaburagi and Kamiki Hikaru are accomplices.

Relationship between KaburagiMasaya and Ai

ここからは【Oshi no ko】のKaburagiMasayaと星野アイの関係について探っていきます。物語の序盤で星野アイは亡くなってしまいますが、物語が進むにつれて、アイが生前にKaburagiと出会っていたことが明らかにされます。


In Volume 2, Episode 14 of [Oshi no ko], Aqua unlocks Ai’s phone, checks the address book, and finds the name “KaburagiMasaya”. Because she remembered this, Aqua decided to accept when Kana Arima offered her the role of “sweet today”.

Ai’s cell phone address book contained only a dozen or so people in the entertainment industry. Kaburagi was one of the few people in Ai’s address book. Kaburagi was one of the few people in Ai’s address book, which shows how important Kaburagi was to Ai.

Relationship 2) Kaburagi introduced the theater company Lalalai to Ai.

KaburagiMasaya’s relationship with Ai is also depicted in episode 33 of volume 4 of [Oshi no ko]. The story goes back to before Ai’s birth. At the time, Ai was still a rookie idol, unprofessional and careless about fashion and appearance.

It was right around this time that Kaburagi met Ai for the first time. Kaburagi later said that “Ai fell in love” when she met Hikaru Kamiki, who was then a member of the theater company Rarai.

Oshi no ko’s KaburagiMasaya and aqua relationship

Meet KaburagiMasaya and Aqua

We will now explore the relationship between Oshi no ko’s KaburagiMasaya and Aqua; their first encounter is depicted in episode 14 of volume 2 of [Oshi no ko]. At one point, Aqua received an offer to star in the drama “Today is sweet” starring Kana Arima. And when Aqua learned that KaburagiMasaya was involved in that drama, she immediately agreed.

Thus, Aqua became acquainted with Kaburagi. Incidentally, at this time, Aqua had recovered the cigarettes Kaburagi smoked and was investigating whether he was the mastermind behind Ai’s murder by DNA analysis. Of course, Kaburagi was innocent, but Aqua was attracted by his wide network of contacts and information, and this encounter brought him closer to Kaburagi.

Is Kaburagi aware of the relationship between Aqua and Ai?

In episode 18 of volume 2 of [Oshi no ko], Kaburagi seems to have a hunch about the relationship between Aqua and Ai. It is the scene where Aqua and Kaburagi are talking after the drama shoot for “Sweet Today.” Kaburagi stares at Aqua’s face and says, “Are you a child of Strawberry Productions? You look somewhat like Ai-kun, don’t you?

Kaburagi is a man of many faces, having connections with many idols, actresses, and actors, but it is a remarkable memory that he clearly remembers the face of Ai, who died more than 10 years ago. Perhaps there was some special relationship between Kaburagi and Ai.

Ask Kaburagi about the Ai, Aqua.

In episode 33 of volume 4 of Oshi no ko, Aqua meets alone with Kaburagi after the end of filming for the drama “Gachikoi hakimete hakimete”. The topic of their meeting is Ai, and Aqua asks Kaburagi many questions about Ai at that time. There, Aqua learns that Ai has become a changed person since she participated in the workshop of the theater company LaLaRae.

Kaburagi sees potential in Aqua

In episode 34 of volume 4 of [Oshi no ko], we see that Kaburagi took a special interest in Aqua, including information about Ai. The reason for this is that he saw “potential” in Aqua; Kaburagi was generous not only to Aqua, but also to promising new actors and idols, offering them jobs and benefits.

This increases the likelihood that Kaburagi will cast them when they become successful in the entertainment industry in the future, thus giving them an advantage in the programs he works on. In other words, this is an investment in a newcomer. This is not limited to Aqua. He was equally keen on Ruby, Arimakana, and others.

KaburagiMasaya of Oshi no ko is the producer of the film “15 Years of Lies”.

KaburagiMasaya of Oshi no ko is the producer of the film “15 Years of Lies”.

We will now discuss the film “15 Years of Lies,” produced by KaburagiMasaya of [Oshi no ko]. 15 Years of Lies” is a film co-produced and written by Gotanda and Aqua. The film is a biopic, so to speak, about Ai’s life. The film shows how she was born, how she lived her life, and her experiences and life before becoming a mother.

If the secret of Aqua and Ruby’s birth – that they are Ai’s children – were revealed to the public, it would be a big scoop. In the interviews for the story, the film was portrayed as a future event, suggesting that the two would be accepted by the public and continue their entertainment careers.

Relationship between the movie “15 Years of Lies” and KaburagiMasaya

KaburagiMasaya is involved as a producer in the production of “15 Years of Lies,” a true-crime film that reveals the truth about Ai’s death. When the project was first approached to Kaburagi, he was reluctant to produce the film because he thought it would be commercially difficult due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter.

But when he hears that Ai and her son are witnesses, he suddenly becomes interested. He was enthusiastic about the project, saying, “No one else could produce this work but myself. Perhaps Kaburagi himself had mixed feelings about the work, since it was related to Ai’s death.

Oshi no ko KaburagiMasaya Anime Voice Actor

Profile of Masaki Terasoma

Here we introduce the anime voice actor for KaburagiMasaya in the anime [Oshi no ko].Kaburagi was voiced by Masaki Terasoma, a voice actor born on May 8, 1962 in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture and originally from Osaka Prefecture. He currently belongs to Mouse Promotion and is active as an actor as well as a voice actor.

The following is an explanation of Masaki Terasoma’s career. He loved sports and wanted to become a physical education teacher in the future. In fact, teachers at his school told him, “I hope you will take over from me in the future.

On the other hand, he had been interested in foreign films since elementary school, influenced by his older brother, who was four years older than him and was also a movie buff. Eventually, a yearning to “make movies myself” began to grow within him. When he became a high school student, he thought, “If I am going to work in the film industry, I should at least see a stage performance,” and went to see a play by Kohei Tsuka. That theater experience changed the course of Terasoma’s life.

After graduating from Toho Gakuen School of Music, Masaki Terasoma became a member of the Haiyuza Theater Company. Then, in 1984, he made his film debut in “The Tragedy of W,” which drew much attention. Thereafter, she frequently appeared in films directed by Shinichiro Sawai, the director of “The Tragedy of W,” and Hiromichi Horikawa, with whom she had been friends since her high school days. He continues to play an active role in a variety of dramas, mainly in supporting roles.

Masaki Terasoma is currently active as a voice actor. His debut as a voice actor was in 1987, when he was 25 years old. He voiced Shadow Moon in the tokusatsu drama “Kamen Rider BLACK. His performance in that drama drew a lot of attention, but after that, he had very few voice acting jobs except for special effects dramas produced by Toei.

In fact, Terasoma’s activities as a voice actor did not really take off until 1999, when he left the Haiyuza. He has worked mainly as a dubbing artist for foreign films, and has also appeared in numerous productions as an animation voice actor and narrator.

Summary of KaburagiMasaya of Oshi no ko

So far, we have discussed “Is [Oshi no ko’s] producer KaburagiMasaya’s true identity a mastermind?” and we have discussed Kaburagi’s true identity and his relationship with Ai Hoshino and Aqua.

KaburagiMasaya works as a freelance entertainment producer, and his true identity is that of a money worshipper who prioritizes profitability over the quality of his programs. He also has some creepy aspects, such as smiling suspiciously when he sees the actresses he works with on stage, but he is just a businessman who loves the entertainment industry, and it is unlikely that he colluded with the mastermind behind the story, Kamiki Hikaru, to commit the crimes.

He met Ai Hoshino before her death and was like a benefactor who helped Ai take a leap forward. Kaburagi took a special interest in Ai’s resemblance to Aqua and began to see her potential and treat her kindly.

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