【Oshi no ko】 Who will win Aqua’s heart? An overly complicated “love story” is deciphered.


*This article contains spoilers for [Oshi no ko].

While also being a reincarnation story, it depicts the entertainment world in a realistic and vivid manner, and sometimes develops in a suspenseful manner. Oshi no ko” is supported by various audiences as a genre-less work.

 The romantic comedy aspect of this work is also an indispensable part of the story, as the characters’ love stories unfold in parallel with the investigation into the murder of B-komachi and Ai. In this article, we will look back at the romantic feelings of the characters and speculate on future developments.

Arima Kana, who is in single-minded love.

The first person to fall in love with Aqua is Kana Arima, an actress who was called “a child prodigy who can make you cry in 10 seconds.

 In the filming of the drama “Today Ama” depicted in Volume 2, Episode 16, “Acting Ability,” Arima performs together with Aqua. Aqua learns that Arima saved his acting ability so as not to disturb the atmosphere of the scene, and that Arima went through a lot of hardships after being called a child prodigy, and he makes efforts to help Arima through the filming of the drama.

 At the climax of the filming, Arima, perhaps because she noticed Aqua’s concern, showed “the face of a maiden who has fallen in love with the main character. Was this an unintentional expression, or was it an act for the drama? We do not know the true reason.

 However, beginning with the filming of “Today Ama,” Arima’s attitude toward Aqua gradually changed. For example, when Aqua starts dating Akane Kurokawa, the young ace of the “Gekidan Laralai,” in the “Love Reality Show” episode, he makes a sour face and says, “Don’t talk to me so loudly and so carelessly / You should be friendly with Akane Kurokawa / You dirty old sotayu.

 In volume 8, episode 73, “Smart,” Arima meets up with Aqua, and in a chat message with Aqua, he pretends to be calm but says, “What kind of clothes does he like? In the “Smart” episode, Arima meets up with Aqua, and in a chat message with Aqua, she is calm and worries about what to wear for more than two hours, showing various coordinated outfits.

 In volume 11, she says to a man, “That guy, you know, he doesn’t care about me at all! He always acts like he doesn’t care about me at all, but sometimes he’s nice to me! He makes me think I’m wrong! I’m trying so hard to forget him, but I can’t forget him at all!” Arima is depicted as screaming about her feelings toward the “person she loves”.

 In the film, Arima has been single-mindedly devoted to Aqua or “the one he loves. In this work, where lies, fiction, and calculation are often depicted, Arima’s purity in her single-minded love for Aqua shines through.

Characters who have special feelings for Aqua

Aqua, whom Kana Arima may have a romantic interest in, is, as mentioned above, in a relationship with Akane Kurokawa in the “Love Reality Show” section. However, rather than having romantic feelings for Kurokawa, Aqua’s motive for dating Kurokawa Akane is that Aqua has judged that Kurokawa has a talent for profiling and that she can imagine Ai Hoshino’s thought patterns and even the kind of man she likes, and that she can use him.

 Kurokawa, on the other hand, examined Aqua’s background in Volume 6, Episode 51, “Consideration,” and said, “I will stand by you no matter what / I will carry your pain with me,” and served homemade food to Aqua, who was ill and recuperating.

 Kurokawa, like Arima, has special feelings for Aqua. Of course, it is difficult to define Kurokawa’s feelings as love in general, and they are somewhat different from Arima’s feelings. Aqua, too, at first was building a relationship with Kurokawa in order to get to the truth about Ai’s murder, but gradually her feelings for Kurokawa begin to grow.

 The strong feelings for Arima that Aqua expresses to MEM in “Netsukomi” (vol. 9, no. 83) are no less than those for Kurokawa and Ai. Therefore, it is quite possible that Aqua will develop a romantic relationship with someone other than Kurokawa, especially Arima.

 We must not forget the existence of Sarina, or rather Ruby, who is the main character in Aqua’s previous life. In Vol. 4, No. 36 “The Night Before,” she refers to Goro as her “first love,” and in Vol. 8, No. 77 “Reunion,” she reveals that she likes Goro as a love interest.

 If Ruby were to learn of Aqua’s previous life…. At that time, the love triangle between Aqua, Kurokawa, and Arima may change. As the truth of Ai’s murder unravels, it will be interesting to see who Aqua turns to and who will be her “Oshi no ko”.

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