“Zen’in Maki’s awakening was due to Mai’s death! Exploring the current strength and whether it rivals ‘that person’ – in-depth analysis! [Jujutsu Kaisen]”


In the popular manga “Jujutsu Kaisen,” Zen’in Maki appears as a second-year student at the Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu Technical High School, where the protagonist, Yuji Itadori, attends.

Originally lacking significant cursed power, Maki struggled to defy her Zen’in family. However, she undergoes an awakening after the Shibuya Incident, and her growth leads to a major event that shocks the jujutsu world.

In this article, we will provide a thorough explanation of Maki Zen’in’s awakening scene, her strength, and her relationship with Mai.

Introducing the profile of Zen’in Maki from “Jujutsu Kaisen”! [Warning: Potential spoilers]

Name: Zen’in Maki
Affiliation: Second-year student at Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu Technical High School
Characteristics: Notable for her short golden hair and sharp gaze.
Family: Hailing from the Zen’in family, she has a sister named Zen’in Mai.
Abilities: Initially lacking significant cursed power, she was denied potential as a sorcerer. However, after the Shibuya Incident, she awakens and develops a combat style characterized by exceptional physical abilities and weapon proficiency.

Background: Despite being from the Zen’in family, Maki has been looked down upon by her relatives due to her lack of cursed power. However, she has continuously sought to prove her own strength and rebel against the Zen’in family. Her awakening following the Shibuya Incident thrusts her into the spotlight of the jujutsu world.

Maki undergoes personal growth throughout the story, showcasing her power alongside her comrades at the jujutsu high school. The complex relationship with her sister and the progression of her character are integral aspects of the story’s allure.

【Past】The Struggles of Being Born into a Prestigious Family and the Reasons for Pursuing Sorcery Anyway

Zen’in Maki’s past is marked by the challenges she faced as a member of the prestigious Zen’in family. Despite being born into a renowned sorcerer lineage, Maki encountered significant hurdles on her path to becoming a jujutsu sorcerer.

One of her primary sources of torment was her lack of cursed power. In a world where cursed energy is a crucial attribute for sorcerers, Maki was seen as deficient and was belittled by her own family members. The constant pressure and discrimination she faced created a profound sense of distress and isolation.

However, despite these adversities, Maki remained resolute in her pursuit of becoming a jujutsu sorcerer. She refused to succumb to the expectations and limitations imposed upon her by her family. Instead, she developed an unwavering determination to prove her worth and surpass the boundaries that had been set for her.

Maki’s decision to pursue sorcery stemmed from her desire to reclaim her own agency and defy the preconceived notions that held her back. She aspired to demonstrate that one’s worth as a sorcerer should not be solely defined by their cursed power but by their character, skills, and determination.

Through her struggles and her unwavering resolve, Maki emerged as a compelling character who defies societal expectations and strives to forge her own path in the world of jujutsu.

Is the reason why Zen’in Maki’s rank doesn’t increase due to harassment?

Despite being naturally lacking in cursed power, Zen’in Maki is able to effortlessly exorcise curses of around Grade 2 level by utilizing her exceptional physical abilities and skill in handling various cursed tools. However, her official rank is Grade 4, which is relatively low. Nevertheless, her actual abilities surpass those of a Grade 4 sorcerer.

In Volume 8 of the manga, Maki is recommended by Meimei and Toudou Aoi to be promoted to Grade 1 sorcerer. However, there has been no report of her promotion, and as of Volume 10, it is mentioned that she is still undergoing the promotion assessment.

The reason she finds herself in a rank that does not match her abilities is due to harassment from the Zen’in family.

It seems to be a form of obstruction orchestrated by the Zen’in family against Maki, who chose to estrange herself from them. However, she possesses a strong spirit and refuses to be defeated by such adversity. Maki continues her training with the goal of becoming so strong that her family will have no choice but to acknowledge her one day.

Do you really not get along with your sister, Zenin Maki?

Maki’s younger twin sister, Zen’in Mai, was born with cursed power and techniques, unlike her sister. However, due to the nature of her techniques, which are only effective in limited circumstances, Mai has also been treated as a failure, much like Maki.

Although Maki and Mai have become estranged, they were once inseparable and close sisters during their childhood. Maki used to hold Mai’s hand when she was afraid of curses, showing their strong bond.

Mai originally intended to live as a servant of the Zen’in family, but when Maki chose to become a sorcerer to defy their family, Mai also felt compelled to strive and prove herself. However, deep down, she felt the sadness of her sister, who had always been by her side, leaving home on her own accord.

Despite their outward conflicts and insults, Maki and Mai hold a deep regard for each other and push each other to grow.

[Awakening] The Heartbreaking Farewell with Her Sister, Mai

Defeat at the Hands of Her Father, Zen’in Ougi

In her mission to retrieve cursed tools for the Culling Game, Maki visits the Zen’in family. With the backing of Fushiguro’s permission as the current head of the Zen’in family, she heads towards the forbidden storage room where the cursed tools are kept. However, to her shock, she finds her father, Zen’in Ougi, and a bloodied Mai collapsed inside.

It turns out that the members of the Zen’in family had considered Maki and Mai as “traitors” who were plotting the revival of Gojo Satoru, the culprit of the Shibuya Incident.

Filled with anger, Maki attacks, but she is defeated by Ougi, an experienced sorcerer. Ougi berates the battered Maki and Mai, calling them “stains on his life,” and leaves them in a punishment room infested with curses of Grade 2 and below.

The Death of Mai

Despite being heavily injured, Mai manages to get up somehow. Confirming that Maki’s heart is still beating, Mai murmurs, “I always thought it would end up like this,” and leans in closer to Maki’s face.

Mai’s consciousness then enters Maki’s mind, where the two of them express their various thoughts and feelings. Finally, Mai asks for one promise: “Destroy everything. Everything, big sister.” She peacefully takes her last breath.

When Maki awakens, she finds a single sword in her hand, which Mai created by exerting her cursed power. Furthermore, Maki, triggered by Mai’s death, awakens her innate talent for Heavenly Restriction, granting her astonishing physical abilities.

Keeping the Promise with Her Sister, Maki Destroys the Zen’in Family

Empowered by the weapon created by Mai and her awakening of Heavenly Restriction, Maki obtains astonishing combat prowess. She effortlessly kills Ougi, who had defeated her earlier, and proceeds to eliminate the other members of the Zen’in family.

Among them is Zen’in Juzo, who held the status of a special Grade 1 sorcerer just like Ougi. Finally, Maki defeats Zen’in Naoya, who was considered the heir to the family, and even takes down her own mother, bringing the battle to an end.

Furthermore, in the days following the incident, those who were absent from the Zen’in family were also found dead. The Zen’in family is completely decimated by Maki’s hands. Maki, risking her life and abandoning all emotions, fulfilled her promise with Mai to “destroy everything.”

With Overwhelming Strength, Maki Enters the Culling Game Arc

After the battle at the Zen’in family concludes, Maki participates in the Culling Game. She takes on the fight within the Sakura Volcano Barrier, working together with Kamo Noritoshi from the Kyoto School to exorcise curses. However, a formidable enemy of Special Grade curse level appears in this location. Surprisingly, it is the transformed form of Zen’in Naoya, whom Maki had killed.

Maki struggles against Naoya, who is both a curse and utilizes techniques. However, in the end, she awakens her power and successfully defeats Naoya. Through the battles against powerful adversaries, Maki manages to further strengthen herself.

【Speculation】The Reason for Zen’in Maki’s Awakening and Her Power Compared to Fushiguro Touji

Zen’in Maki awakens the Physical Gifted (Heavenly Restriction) due to the death of Zen’in Mai.

Maki possesses the Physical Gifted ability, which is the result of the Heavenly Restriction. However, she does not possess the same extraordinary physical abilities as Fushiguro Touji. The reason for this lies in the fact that they are twins.

In the jujutsu world, identical twins are recognized as the same individual. This means that even if Maki lacks cursed power, she cannot fully obtain it from her sister, Mai. After suffering a devastating defeat from their biological father, Ougi, both Mai and Maki. Mai entrusted everything to Maki, who inherited Mai’s remaining trace of cursed power, and departed from this world.

As a result, Maki, who lost both her sister and cursed power, awakens as a complete Physical Gifted and swiftly eliminates Ougi, whom she was previously defeated by.

Zen’in Maki’s Strength Rivals “That Person”

In this series centered around “jujutsu,” Fushiguro Touji is considered to be at the pinnacle of strength, despite having no cursed power. Similarly, Zen’in Maki, who has become a complete Physical Gifted, is said to possess strength that rivals Fushiguro Touji.

Her physical abilities have experienced a tremendous leap, and although she initially became satisfied with being able to see curses and becoming like everyone else, she consciously sought to see the world that only Fushiguro Touji could see. This allowed her to achieve even greater heights.

Zen’in Naoya compares Maki to Fushiguro Touji and explicitly states that she is on par with him in terms of being a formidable presence.

After her awakening, Zen’in Maki displays an extraordinary level of strength not only defeating Ougi but also swiftly eliminating the powerful members of the Zen’in family.

She kills Zen’in Juzo, Zen’in Chojuro, and other elite members of the Zen’in family known as the “Hei.” Finally, she emerges victorious against Naoya, the leader of the Hei. The special Grade 1 sorcerers, including Naoya, possess power equivalent to high-ranking Grade 1 or even beyond. Considering this, it is safe to say that Maki possesses strength surpassing that of the upper ranks of Grade 1 sorcerers.

【Strength and Fighting Style】Introducing the Cursed Tools Used by Zen’in Maki, Who Lacks Cursed Power

The reason why Maki was born without cursed power lies in the phenomenon known as Heavenly Restriction (Tenyo Jyubaku). Heavenly Restriction is a phenomenon where one sacrifices something in exchange for gaining something from birth.

While she was born without cursed power or techniques, Maki possesses an exceptionally high level of physical abilities that surpass what is considered normal. Similar to Fushiguro Touji, who held his own against Gojo, Maki is a Physical Gifted resulting from Heavenly Restriction.

Without cursed power, Maki cannot perceive curses or exorcise them with her bare hands. However, she compensates for this through the use of cursed tools, which are imbued with cursed power. Maki combines the power of cursed tools with her physical abilities and instinctive judgment to achieve a level of strength that overwhelms even ordinary sorcerers who possess techniques.

Maki’s fighting style revolves around using cursed tools, imbued with cursed power, to exorcise curses. Despite lacking cursed power, her physical abilities and instincts far surpass those of sorcerers of the same rank, earning her the praise from Fushiguro Megumi as being “a student level 1 in handling cursed tools.”

Introducing the Cursed Tools Used by Maki:

  1. Eyeglasses: Allows Maki to perceive curses.
  2. Tozama (Slaughter Demon): A cursed tool in the shape of a short dagger. Maki had lent it to Itadori, but it broke during a battle.
  3. Yuuun (Floating Cloud): A three-section staff-shaped cursed tool that is unique among special grade cursed tools as it doesn’t possess any techniques. It originally belonged to Fuyuuma Getao.
  4. Ryukotsu (Dragon Bone): A sword-shaped cursed tool that accumulates the impact and cursed power it receives and releases it from the tip according to the wielder’s intent. It is a masterpiece created by Kumaya Tanningo.

These cursed tools are instrumental in enhancing Maki’s combat abilities and enable her to effectively engage with curses despite lacking inherent cursed power.

Analysis of the Cursed Tool Created by Mai:

Mai created a cursed tool using Construction Cursed Technique moments before her death. After her awakening, Maki uses this cursed tool as her main weapon.

Resemblance to Fushiguro Touji’s Sword:
The weapon created by Mai is a replica of the “Sukuna’s Katana,” which Fushiguro Touji once wielded. As a result, it bears a resemblance to Fushiguro’s sword, with fur decorations on the tsuba and similar appearance.

Strength to Tear Apart Geto Suguru’s Cursed Spirits:
The Sukuna’s Katana is a cursed tool capable of disregarding the hardness of any object and tearing apart souls. When Fushiguro Touji confronted Geto Suguru, he used this sword to cut through the strongest cursed spirit, “Niji Ryuu.”

The Sword’s Ability: Technique Dissolution
The Sukuna’s Katana replica also possesses the ability to cut through souls while ignoring hardness. However, it requires the wielder to have the ability to discern even inanimate souls, as not anyone can handle this cursed tool.

During the course of her battles, Maki obtained this discerning ability and demonstrated it by slicing through the cursed spirit Naoya, who had undergone cursed transformation.

【Jujutsu High School】Introducing Relationships with Fellow Students! Her Protective Side

Surrounding Zen’in Maki at Jujutsu High School are her comrades, including Okkotsu Yuta, Inumaki Toge, and Panda.

Okkotsu is a classmate who entered Jujutsu High School as a second-year student, while Maki was in her first year. He had a reputation for being cursed and for cramming four classmates into a locker. Initially, Maki didn’t have a favorable impression of him.

However, as they interacted in classes and other activities, Maki came to know Okkotsu’s gentle nature. When he said, “I want to become like you, Maki-san. I want to live strong and true,” Maki blushed, feeling like she was being acknowledged by someone for the first time.

In this way, Maki starts to develop feelings for Okkotsu, although she herself may not be fully aware of it. Despite her harsh words, Maki places her trust in her classmates and takes pride in them as friends.

【Servant? Follower?】A Special Relationship with Kugisaki Nobara

Kugisaki Nobara is a first-year student at Jujutsu High School and Maki’s underclassman. Initially, they didn’t have much interaction, but their relationship quickly developed during the battle involving Maki’s sister, Mai, who came from Kyoto School.

Maki, who is at a significant disadvantage as a sorcerer who cannot use cursed power or techniques, continues to move forward without letting it bother her. Inspired by Maki’s unwavering determination, Nobara started calling her “Maki-san” with a sense of familiarity since the incident with Mai.

On the other hand, Maki refers to Nobara as a “servant,” but despite her choice of words, there are many instances where Maki shows affection towards her. This contrast between Maki’s tone and her caring attitude is often portrayed.

【Shibuya Incident】Did Zenin Maki Die!? Fate Revealed in Volume 17

On October 31st, the Shibuya Incident, an event aimed at sealing Gojo Satoru and resurrecting Sukuna, unfolded. Among the deployed sorcerers was Zenin Maki.

Assigned to a team with Nanami Kento and Zenin Naobito, Maki confronted the Special Grade curse, Dagon. Pressed by Dagon’s overwhelming power, Maki and her team found themselves trapped within its domain expansion.

Despite putting up a fierce fight, Maki and her team were in a difficult position. However, Fushiguro Megumi arrived wielding the Special Grade cursed tool, Yuuun. As they tried to escape from the domain, Fushiguro Touji appeared and swiftly defeated Dagon after seizing Yuuun from Maki.

Afterwards, Megumi, accompanied by Yuuun, left the scene. Left behind, Maki, Nanami, and Naobito were then faced with Jougo, a Special Grade curse even stronger than Dagon. In an instant, Maki suffered severe injuries, losing her upper body, while Nanami and Naobito were engulfed in flames, sustaining serious wounds.

Despite the strong speculation of Maki’s death, her survival was confirmed in Chapter 144 of the original manga. When Itadori and Nobara return to the high school, they find Maki and Yuki Tsukumo there.

Maki’s face bears the painful scars of burns, and she has changed her hairstyle from a ponytail to a short cut. According to Yuki, she survived due to her physical giftedness through the phenomenon of Tenyo Jyubaku (Cursed Manipulation of the Body). Being someone without cursed power, Maki has faced oppression. However, with the head of the Zenin family, Naobito, having died, she, with her strong physical body, managed to survive.

【Speculation】Will Zen’in Maki’s burns and her right eye never heal?

Maki suffered severe burns from an attack by Jogo during the Shibuya Incident. Despite being in an uncertain state of life or death, she miraculously survived. However, it seems that the scars from her burns will not disappear.

When Maki reappeared, the scars from her burns were still present, and Itadori Yuki mentioned that even with Reverse Cursed Technique, the scars would remain. It is likely that Maki received treatment using the Reverse Cursed Technique from Kamo Noritoshi. If her burns couldn’t be healed with the Reverse Cursed Technique, the possibility of the scars disappearing in the future is low.

【Latest】Did Zen’in Maki Cause the Collapse of the Zen’in Family?!

After leaving the college, Maki infiltrates the Zen’in household to retrieve the cursed tools. Before her, she encounters her father, Zen’in Ougi, and the lifeless body of her sister, Zen’in Mai, who was killed by him. Maki, entrusted with everything by Mai, awakens as a monster, possessing the same level of physical giftedness as Fushiguro Touji.

Ougi, sensing the same presence as Megumi from the once-victorious Maki, tenses up. However, he is swiftly decapitated and killed in an instant. Maki continues to brutally slaughter the members of the Kukuru Rū Squad and even overwhelms special grade sorcerers belonging to the Hōzen Group.

She emerges victorious against the head of the Hōzen Group, Naoya, inflicting severe injuries on him. Later, Naoya barely manages to escape, but he is stabbed by Maki and meets his end in despair. Following that, all the members of the Hōzen Group and the Kukuru Rū Squad, who were absent from the Zen’in household, meet untimely deaths.

The Gojo and Kamo families propose the expulsion of the Zen’in Family, one of the Three Great Families, and the Jujutsu High Council puts this proposal on hold. The once prestigious noble family has now collapsed at the hands of Maki alone.

小松未可子 (Mikako Komatsu) is the voice actress who portrays Zen’in Maki in the anime “Jujutsu Kaisen.”

She is affiliated with Hirata Office, a talent agency for voice actors.

Originally, she was involved in activities as an idol and actress. With her impressive visual appearance and strong acting skills, she has garnered attention in the industry. Some of her notable roles include Joseph Carter Jones in “HEROMAN.”

Komatsu’s calm and cool performances are a perfect fit for the strong and reliable character of Maki.

Is the day coming when Zen’in Maki, the hidden heroine of “Jujutsu Kaisen,” will be liberated from the Zen’in family?

Zen’in Maki was born without cursed power or the ability to use jujutsu techniques, but instead possesses extraordinary physical abilities due to the curse of innate talent.

In order to defy her oppressive upbringing in the Zen’in family, where she was treated as an outcast, she ran away from home and embarked on the path of a jujutsu sorcerer, embodying a rebellious spirit.

Her bond with her sister, Mai, is strong, and after Mai’s death, Maki acquired a destructive strength reminiscent of Toudou Aoi. She vowed to become the head of the Zen’in family, but where will she direct that power? We cannot take our eyes off the future developments in “Jujutsu Kaisen.”

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