“What is the make and model of Ayano, also known as Aya-chan’s bike, and what are its specifications? What about her helmet and goggles?”


Let me explain in detail about the bike ridden by Ayano Toki, also known as Aya-chan, in “Yuru Camp△.” In “Yuru Camp△,” only the main characters Rin and Ayano, who are high school students, ride bikes. Ayano’s bike is the Honda APE100 (Ape 100), but what are its specific specifications? I will also introduce the essential items for riding a bike, such as helmets and goggles.

“Who is Aya-chan in ‘Yuru Camp△’?”

In “Yuru Camp△,” various high school girls make appearances, but let’s focus on the high school girl who rides a bike along with Shima Rin. In this article, we will provide a detailed explanation about Aya-chan, also known as Ayano Toki, the high school girl who rides a bike. First, let’s take a look at some information about the ‘Yuru Camp△’ series.”

“Overview of ‘Yuru Camp△'”

Before introducing the details about Aya-chan’s bike, let’s first provide an overview of ‘Yuru Camp△.’ Please feel free to use this as a reference to understand the synopsis and general information about the series.

  • Synopsis of ‘Yuru Camp△’:
    ‘Yuru Camp△’ is a work by the manga artist Afro, who hails from Shizuoka Prefecture. Afro’s unique worldview is often referred to as the “Afro World.” The series incorporates the use of all-sky cameras for research, which contributes to the realistic background scenes that have garnered attention in ‘Yuru Camp△.’

Originally serialized in the manga magazine ‘Manga Time Kirara Forward,’ the series has since moved to the digital manga platform ‘COMIC FUZ’ for its serialization. The anime adaptation gained explosive popularity, leading to discussions about live-action adaptations as well.

  • Plot of ‘Yuru Camp△’:
    The story of ‘Yuru Camp△’ begins with the protagonist, Shima Rin, enjoying solo camping. During one of her solo camping trips, she encounters Nadeshiko Kagamihara, who happens to attend the same high school. It is later revealed that they are classmates, and Nadeshiko joins the outdoor activities club called “Outdoor Activities Circle” or “Outdoor Club.”

Through Rin’s solo camping adventures, the activities of the Outdoor Club, and the enjoyment of camping together with multiple high school girls, viewers can experience the serene and leisurely moments. Additionally, the series showcases appetizing meal scenes, adding to its charm beyond camping alone.

“Profile of Toki Ayano (Aya-chan)”

Toki Ayano, also known as Aya-chan, is a person who is Nadeshiko’s childhood friend. In the original work, initially, only the existence of Toki Ayano was mentioned by Nadeshiko. Later on, Aya-chan herself makes an appearance. She is a high school student living in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. After Nadeshiko moves to Yamanashi Prefecture, Aya-chan is seen looking at photos of Rin and the members of the Outdoor Club. This suggests that she is familiar with Rin as well.

Aya-chan makes a promise with Rin and Nadeshiko to go camping together, and later, she goes on a motorcycle tour with Rin, who owns a bike. Aya-chan’s presence is undeniably strong and influential in the story, given these interactions and activities.

  • Aya-chan’s bike model is the Honda APE100:
    The bike that Aya-chan rides in ‘Yuru Camp△’ is the Honda APE100. There were some readers who questioned whether it was a 50cc bike, as Rin is depicted riding a 50cc bike in the series. However, Aya-chan makes a remark along the lines of “Even with 100cc, it’s tiring. Rin is amazing for going to Izu with a 50cc.” Additionally, the author of ‘Yuru Camp△’ has confirmed that Aya-chan’s bike is indeed the Honda APE100.
  • Specifications of the Honda APE100:
    Let’s take a look at the specifications of the Honda APE100 that Aya-chan rides in ‘Yuru Camp△.’ The color of Aya-chan’s Honda APE100 is blue. Based on the appearance of the bike in the series, it can be determined that it is a 2008 model. In the scenes where Aya-chan is riding the bike, there is a gold line on the upper part of the fuel tank. The placement of that line and logo corresponds to the 2008 model of the Honda APE100.
  • Is Aya-chan’s bike model already discontinued?
    Regarding the specifications of Aya-chan’s bike in ‘Yuru Camp△,’ we mentioned that it is a 2008 model. If it were still possible to purchase a brand-new one, many ‘Yuru Camp△’ fans would likely want to ride the same bike as Aya-chan. However, the Honda APE100 has been discontinued.

Since the Ape series itself has been discontinued, it would be challenging to acquire a brand-new one. However, they can still be found in the used market, so it is recommended to search for a 2008 model of the Honda APE100 in the used market.

  • How Aya-chan obtained the bike:
    Aya-chan is the second high school girl in ‘Yuru Camp△’ to ride a bike, following Rin. The Honda APE100 that Aya-chan rides is not an affordable option for high school students, considering its specifications.

The suggested retail price of the Honda APE100, even for the standard model, is well above 200,000 yen. The author explains that Aya-chan obtained the bike in the same way as the protagonist Rin, as it was stored at her home. Therefore, it is evident that Aya-chan did not purchase it herself.

  • Aya-chan’s Helmet:
    The helmet that Aya-chan wears while riding her bike in ‘Yuru Camp△’ has a design that exudes a vintage feel. This has piqued the curiosity of many fans who wonder about the manufacturer of the helmet. It is speculated that Aya-chan may be wearing the BELL 500-txj or the SHOEI J·O. However, some suggest that it may not be the BELL 500-txj, as it is known to have a red chin strap.
  • Aya-chan’s Goggles:
    The goggles Aya-chan uses while riding her bike are speculated to be from Halcyon. Among the various models, the one that closely resembles the official site and Aya-chan’s goggles is the “Balfour-D Inte 259.”

However, the Balfour-D Inte 259 is priced at around 30,000 yen even for new ones, which may be less affordable for high school students. Therefore, it is possible that there are similar models from different brands.

  • Impressions and Ratings of Aya-chan’s Bike in ‘Yuru Camp△’:
    Aya-chan, who appears in the middle of ‘Yuru Camp△,’ is a highly popular character. As a result, not only her bike, helmet, and goggles but also her clothing style have been emulated by many fans. Even the rider jacket she wears, which costs over 30,000 yen, is in high demand. Aya-chan’s significant presence in ‘Yuru Camp△’ has led to increased popularity and sales of the Honda Ape, with some predicting the positive impact of her full-fledged appearance in the series. She stands out as a character type not found among the other members of the camping group and has many shots with Rin, which has contributed to her rising popularity.

The bike of the main protagonist, Rin, in ‘Yuru Camp△’ has a cute and charming light blue color. Aya-chan’s bike, similarly, predominantly features blue, leading some fans to describe it as “Shima Rin-colored.” With only Rin and Aya-chan riding bikes, fans of ‘Yuru Camp△’ who are interested in bikes pay attention to color schemes and other details.

Many people who were already interested in bikes noticed the manufacturer and model of Aya-chan’s bike the moment it appeared in the series. In particular, Honda Ape, the bike Aya-chan rides, is a popular model, making it irresistible for bike enthusiasts.

In summary, Toki Ayano, also known as Aya-chan, rides a Honda APE100 bike. Here are the key points to summarize:

  • The bike model is the Honda APE100, specifically a 2008 model.
  • It is speculated that Aya-chan wears either the BELL 500-txj or the SHOEI J·O helmet.
  • Aya-chan uses goggles similar to the Halcyon “Balfour-D Inte 259” model.
  • The Honda APE100 is no longer in production, making it difficult to obtain brand-new, but it can be found in the used market.

Additionally, Rin’s bike is also popular. Since ‘Yuru Camp△’ features real-life items and brands, fans often consider them as references when considering purchases.

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