Explaining the World Map of “Mushoku Tensei”! Introducing the Five Continents and the Features of Each Country.


“Mushoku Tensei” is a fantasy isekai story that takes place in various locations around the world, making it one of the works that piques curiosity about the world map. As adventures often take place in different places, some readers find it difficult to grasp the locations of each country on the continents. In this article, we will provide an overview and explanation of the world map in “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)” including the size of each continent and the countries present on them. Additionally, we will also delve into the journey Rudeus has undertaken throughout the story.

“Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)” is a fantasy isekai novel series written by Rifujin na Magonote, which was serialized on the novel posting site “Shousetsuka ni Narou” (Let’s Become a Novelist) starting in 2012. It became a popular work even during the early days of the site and is considered a representative of the “Shousetsuka ni Narou” genre, known as “isekai tensei” (reincarnation into another world).

After its success on the web novel platform, “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)” began its commercial serialization under KADOKAWA’s MF Books label in 2014. The series continued to be published until November 2022, totaling 26 volumes. The work has been actively expanded through media mix projects, with a manga adaptation starting in 2014 and various spin-offs and an anime adaptation.

Synopsis of “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)”

The protagonist of “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)” is a NEET who had been shut-in for nearly 20 years after experiencing bullying at school. After being kicked out of his home by his siblings when their parents passed away, he attempts to save a high school student from an oncoming truck and ends up getting killed in an accident. However, when he wakes up, he finds himself reincarnated in a different world as a baby, retaining memories from his previous life. Thus, he starts a new life as “Rudeus Greyrat” from infancy in this new world.

Explanation of the Central Continent in “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)”

The Central Continent on the World Map

In “Jobless Reincarnation,” the Central Continent plays a central role and is often the focal point in the story. It covers the western half of the world in the story, making it the largest continent in the world of “Jobless Reincarnation.” The majority of its inhabitants are of the human race, and regardless of the country, they use a unified language known as “Common Human Language.”

The Central Continent is further divided into three parts by the Red Dragon Mountains, namely the Northern, Western, and Southern regions. Although it is technically possible to cross the mountains, the presence of the Red Dragons, unleashed during the Laplace Campaign approximately 500 years before the events of “Jobless Reincarnation,” makes it generally impassable. Those who wish to cross must navigate through specific locations. As a side note, it is revealed that in ancient times, the Central Continent was one of the continents that would later be known as the “Demon Continent,” and it was referred to as the “Giant Continent.”

World Map Overview Part 1: Western Region of the Central Continent

In “Jobless Reincarnation,” the area where Rudeus Greyrat was born and raised is the Western Region of the Central Continent. This region is dominated by the powerful Asura Kingdom, which is the largest among the human nations. The protagonist, Rudeus, was born in the village of Buena, located within the Fittoa territory of the Asura Kingdom. Other territories within the kingdom include the Visher territory ruled by the Eurus family, the Donatei territory ruled by the Zephyrus family, and the Milbots territory ruled by the Notus family.

The Asura Kingdom has a long history among the depicted countries in “Jobless Reincarnation,” which has led to a significant level of corruption among its nobles. In the story, there are scenes depicting political struggles between the first prince, Gravel, and the second princess, Ariel. As a side note, among the regions covered in this article’s overview of “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)” world map, the Western Region of the Central Continent is described as the most prosperous due to factors such as its climate and long-standing rule under a single nation.

World Map Overview Part 2: Northern Region of the Central Continent

The Northern Region of the Central Continent is home to the three major magic nations in the west and the Kingdom of Biehylil in the eastern edge. Between the three magic nations and the Kingdom of Biehylil lies a vast expanse of snow and forest, creating a barren and inhospitable area due to poor soil conditions. As a result, the territories of each country are not particularly large. The three major magic nations in the west consist of the Kingdom of Ranoa, the Duchy of Neris, and the Grand Duchy of Bashirant, and they are known for their focus on magical research.

In “Jobless Reincarnation,” the Ranoa Magic University, where Rudeus attends, is also located in this region. Furthermore, in the middle part of the story, Rudeus establishes his residence in the magical city of Sharlia within the Kingdom of Ranoa, making it a central location in the narrative of “Jobless Reincarnation.”

Although the three major magic nations are not a single unified organization, their combined strength, along with the sponsorship provided by the Magic Guild, is said to surpass the Millis Theocracy and rival the Asura Kingdom in terms of national power. Additionally, “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)” reveals the existence of the Sword Saint’s Holy Land, situated at the far western end of the Northern Region of the Central Continent.

World Map Overview Part 3: Southern Region of the Central Continent

The Southern Region of the Central Continent exhibits significant differences between its northern and southern parts. The northern part consists of vast conflict zones with numerous small countries vying for control. In contrast, the southern part is home to the powerful Kingdom of Fittoa, ranked third in the world in terms of national power, along with its vassal states. The Kingdom of Fittoa serves as the headquarters of the Northern God Style and follows a meritocratic system.

Between the Kingdom of Fittoa and the conflict zones in the north, the Kingdom of Shi-Ron acts as a barrier of sorts.

Other notable locations depicted in “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)” include East Port, the easternmost port town of the Kingdom of Fittoa and the entrance to the Millis Continent. The story also explores vassal states of the Kingdom of Fittoa, such as the Kingdom of Sahnakia and the Kingdom of Kikka.

World Map Overview – Other Continents and Countries

World Map Overview Part 1: Demon Continent

In the world map of “Jobless Reincarnation,” located in the northeast, is the Demon Continent, where demons reside. It is a barren land where crops cannot grow, but it is rich in magical energy, and many powerful monsters inhabit the continent. While specific countries are not mentioned, it is evident that Demon Lords govern various regions of the continent, each corresponding to their respective power dynamics.

Among the cities depicted in “Jobless Reincarnation,” there is the town of Lycoris in the northeast, the town of Klassma in the northwest, a village inhabited by the Migurd tribe, and Wenport, a port town situated at the southernmost tip of the continent.

World Map Overview Part 2: Milis Continent

Located in the southeast on the world map is the Milis Continent. In the northern region of the continent, a vast forest spreads, with each race having its own territory. In contrast, in the southern part, there exists the Milis Holy Kingdom, a religious nation that upholds human supremacy. As a result, the population on the Milis Continent is roughly evenly divided between humans and demi-humans. Additionally, it is the second most fertile continent after the Central Continent.

Notably, the Milis Holy Kingdom holds the second position in terms of both historical significance and national power, ranking just behind the Asura Kingdom. Among the listed countries in this article, the Milis Holy Kingdom and the Asura Kingdom are the two surviving nations that remained intact after the Laplace War, each holding a prominent place in the world’s history.

World Map Overview Part 3: Vegarit Continent

Located in the southwest of the Central Continent is the Vegarit Continent. Much of this continent consists of deserts, but there are also sporadic forests and mountains. Similar to the Magic Continent, Vegarit is an infertile land, and as a result, there is no unified nation. Instead, various cultures and communities have formed independently on this continent. Additionally, due to the presence of numerous labyrinths, the population includes a considerable number of adventurers. In the world of “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)” the labyrinth city of Lapan is depicted on this continent.

Despite its considerable size, the majority of the Vegarit Continent being desert limits the living space, resulting in a relatively smaller population compared to other continents in the series.

World Map Overview Part 4: Ten Continent

Connecting the Central Continent and the Magic Continent is the Ten Continent. It stretches from the easternmost to the westernmost parts, linking the Central and Magic Continents. However, due to its elevation of 3000 meters and the presence of sheer cliffs, it is considered impassable for travel, resulting in being treated as a separate continent in the world of “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)”

The unique topography of the Ten Continent makes it the smallest among the five continents. Additionally, its isolation from other continents limits interactions with them, and only winged races are known to inhabit this land, living in small communities.

World Map Overview Part 5: Archipelagos and Islands

In addition to the five main continents we have covered so far, there are several archipelagos and islands in the world of “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)”. These islands have developed independently and are inhabited by races other than humans. While there are multiple islands in existence, one of the islands that has been named in the story is “Onigashima,” which is located to the east of the northern part of the Central Continent.

World Map Overview Part 6: The Rings Sea

Strictly speaking, it is not a continent, but the Rings Sea surrounds four out of the five main continents, excluding the Perugatto Continent. In the world map, the sea is depicted as being larger than any of the continents, making it a vast ocean. The Rings Sea was formed from a massive crater created during the clash between the Dragon God Laplace and the War God Badigadi during the Second Human-Demon War, which occurred 4200 years ago.

The sea is said to be inhabited by sea-dwelling races, but detailed information about them is unknown in the story of “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)”. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, Onigashima and other islands are located in the Rings Sea.

Discussion on the Size of the World Map in “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)”

In the detailed world map of “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)”. there are many areas where the size of the world is left ambiguous and vaguely expressed. Let’s explore and summarize the considerations regarding the size of the world map in “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)”.

Travel Duration from Rikaris to Wenport

In the story, it takes several months for the characters to travel from Rikaris to Wenport using a Lizard Transport Vehicle. Although the speed of the Lizard Transport Vehicle is unknown, this journey almost traverses the entire Demon Continent. Assuming the Lizard Transport Vehicle travels at the same speed as a horse, covering 50km per day, it would take over 1 month to travel 1500km.

Considering the story mentions several months for this journey, it is evident that the distance from Rikaris to Wenport is over 4000km, taking into account the large elevation differences in the Demon Continent, which would likely prevent straight-line travel. This gives us a rough idea of the vastness and distances within the Demon Continent.

Travel Duration from Lanoa Kingdom to the Sword God’s Holy Land

One of the most significant references to size in “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)” is the description of traveling “from Lanoa Kingdom to the Sword God’s Holy Land in one month on a fast horse.” The general speed of horses is considered to be 50-60km per day, so if a fast horse can travel 60km per day, it would cover around 1800km in a month. Comparing this distance to the journey from Rikaris to Wenport, which is almost twice as long, this estimate seems reasonable.

Is the World of “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)” Bigger Than Earth?

While “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)” lacks definitive measurements of size and distance, the two references mentioned earlier provide some insights. If these references are accurate, then at least the “Human World” of “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)” would be less than half the size of Earth.

However, it is essential to remember that the world of “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)” is part of a six-sided world and might not be a spherical shape like Earth. Moreover, there are no explicit descriptions of journeys spanning from one end of the world map to the other, and the map’s layout might not correspond exactly to Earth’s geography.

Progression of the Story in “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)”

Regarding the progression of the story, particularly in the anime where Rudeus embarks on a journey back to Fittoa, it can be said that he is “traveling clockwise around the world.” Rudeus was born in the Buena Village, located in the Fittoa region of the Asura Kingdom in the western part of the Central Continent. After becoming a tutor at Eris’ house, he gets involved in the Fittoa Transmigration Incident.

During this incident, Rudeus and Eris are transported to Rikaris in the Demon Continent. From there, they travel southward through the Demon Continent, cross to the Milis Continent, and then return to the Central Continent.

Where did Eris’ Family End Up After the Fittoa Transmigration Incident?

Eris’ parents, Philip and Hilda, were transported to the conflict zone in the northern part of the southern region of the Central Continent during the Fittoa Transmigration Incident in “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)”. As previously explained, this area has been plagued by small countries engaged in conflict for 500 years since the Laplace War, making it a region of unclear allegiances.

With no means to prove their identity, they were suspected of being spies and subsequently imprisoned. Despite their efforts to prove their innocence, they ultimately met their demise after undergoing torture. This information was later brought back by Guile, who was also transported to the conflict zone during the Fittoa Transmigration Incident.

Did Guile Die During the Fittoa Transmigration Incident?

During the Fittoa Transmigration Incident, Guile was indeed transported to the conflict zone in the northern part of the southern region of the Central Continent, just like Philip and Hilda. However, they did not end up in the same location. Guile was sent to a different area called the Egin Forest. Amidst the confusion, they fought against a horde of monsters in the Egin Forest and temporarily lost their sanity. However, they were saved by Bigo of the Marquien Mercenary Corps and eventually regained their sanity.

Afterward, Guile decided to head for the Asura Kingdom. As a show of gratitude to the Marquien Mercenary Corps for their help, Guile took it upon themselves to slay the kings of the conflicting Dict Kingdom and the Blause Empire. They then continued their journey towards the Asura Kingdom and, along the way, discovered the bodies of Philip and Hilda, as explained earlier. Guile buried them and sought vengeance against their killers.

Eventually, Guile managed to return to Fittoa faster than Rudeus and the others and welcomed Rudeus and Eris back to Fittoa. Therefore, Guile did not die during the Fittoa Transmigration Incident.

As an aside, it’s worth noting that, in “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)”. Guile is one of the characters who, along with the older Deus, has no scene depicting their death in any world line. Considering that various races in the world can live up to 200 years or even 1000-2000 years, like the Migurd and Speld races, it is highly likely that Guile, being from the Beast Tribe (Dedoldia Tribe), also has a longer lifespan than humans. It seems unlikely that Guile would die in battle, making it possible for them to live to a very old age.

Did Eris’ Grandfather Die After the Fittoa Transmigration Incident?

Eris’ grandfather, Saulus, was still alive during the Fittoa Transmigration Incident. However, he passed away sometime during the three years that Rudeus and the others spent in Fittoa. The cause of his death was due to being involved in a political conspiracy. At the beginning of the Fittoa Transmigration Incident, Saulus showed the intention of using the private funds of the Boreas family to rebuild Fittoa. However, this decision was met with resistance from his son and heir, James.

James sought the assistance of Darius, the senior minister of the Asura Kingdom, and had Saulus executed to take responsibility for the Fittoa Transmigration Incident. As a result, upon her return from the Demon Continent, Eris learned that she had lost both her parents and her grandfather simultaneously.

Saulus’ body was secretly buried, and later, in “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)”, it was Rudeus and Eris who moved the bodies of Philip and Hilda, who were buried locally in the conflict zone, to the same grave as Saulus.

Reviews and Ratings on the World Map of “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)”

The feedback and evaluations regarding the world map in “Mushoku Tensei” (Jobless Reincarnation) are mixed between fans of the original light novel (original fans) and fans of the anime adaptation (anime fans).

From the original fans’ perspective, many express admiration for the well-crafted world map. They appreciate how the story’s progression is intricately woven with the world map, giving it a sense of realism. The detailed depiction of various cultures and ways of life in different regions is also highly praised.

However, some original fans also express concerns about the lack of clarity in depicting distances on the map. The abundance of vague descriptions leaves the true scale and size of the world somewhat ambiguous, causing some fans to find it difficult to grasp the overall scope.

On the other hand, the official release of the world map is praised for providing a better sense of the story’s grand scale. Especially in the early stages of the adventure-filled narrative, the existence of the world map enhances the overall storytelling for some fans.

Yet, anime fans have raised criticism about the lack of usage of the world map in the anime adaptation. While they understand the need to condense information in anime adaptations, the absence of the world map makes it harder for them to comprehend the characters’ movements and distances in the story.

It is worth noting that some fans’ viewpoints may be influenced by their familiarity with the original light novel. For them, having access to the world map could have provided a better understanding of the characters’ journeys and helped them follow the story more easily. Therefore, the official release of the world map is anticipated to bring a clearer perspective on the story’s development for both original and anime fans alike.

Summary of the World Map in “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)”

The world map in “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)” consists of five major continents and various islands, as explained in this article. Each continent has undergone unique developments, with different cultures, diverse races, and even established nations existing on the same continent. Some fans believe that knowing this world map can enhance the enjoyment of “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)”.

Understanding the world map allows readers to grasp the challenges and difficulties of Rudeus and his companions’ adventures. Those who initially read the story without knowledge of the world map may find it worthwhile to revisit the series after familiarizing themselves with it. The article presents the relevant locations in a list format, making it convenient for fans to explore the world of “Mushoku Tensei,(Jobless Reincarnation)” while referring to the explained world map.

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