“HoriMiya” Synopsis and Analysis! Introduction to Characters, Voice Cast, and Highlights


“HoriMiya” is a popular manga that revolves around the romance and friendship between the charismatic Hori Kyoko and the introverted Miyamura Izumi. The series has also been adapted into an anime. In this overview, we will explain the synopsis of the anime “HoriMiya,” introduce the main characters and their voice actors, and highlight key aspects of the work. Let’s delve into the plot of “HoriMiya” and explore the charm of this beloved series. Please note that the synopsis will contain spoilers, so if you prefer to avoid spoilers, please proceed with caution.

What is “HoriMiya”?

“HoriMiya” is a manga series based on the web manga “Hori-san to Miyamura-kun,” created by HERO and published between 2007 and 2008. The manga “HoriMiya” is a new adaptation of the original work, with artwork by Daisuke Hagiwara. It was serialized in “Monthly G Fantasy” from the November 2011 issue to the April 2021 issue. The series consists of a total of 122 chapters across 16 volumes, concluding the story.

The manga revolves around the high school lives of characters Hori Kyoko and Miyamura Izumi. It skillfully portrays the romantic and friendship aspects of their lives, alternating between light-hearted and more poignant moments. The series received high praise and was adapted into a television anime in January 2021. Additionally, a live-action television drama adaptation was released in February 2021.

The anime adaptation of “HoriMiya” aired from January to April 2021. The series consisted of a total of 13 episodes. The animation production was handled by CloverWorks. The director of the anime was Masashi Ishihama, known for his work on “PERSONA5 the Animation” and “From the New World.”

Character design was led by Haruko Iizuka, who is recognized for her work on series such as “The iDOLM@STER SideM” and “Ensemble Stars!” The series composition was done by Takaomi Yoshikawa, known for his involvement in various anime titles including “Ikki Tousen,” “Zero no Tsukaima,” “High School DxD,” “Your Lie in April,” and “The Morose Mononokean.”

The “HoriMiya” anime brought to life the story and characters from the manga, providing fans with a visual adaptation of the beloved series.

Anime Synopsis Spoilers for “Horimiya”

Episode 1 Synopsis:

In the anime “Horimiya,” the first episode follows the story of Kyoko Hori, a beautiful and bright student who excels in her studies and is popular in her class. However, she has a secret life after school that her friends are unaware of. Hori rushes home right after school since her parents are working and takes care of household chores while looking after her younger brother, Sota.

One day, Sota returns home with an unfamiliar boy. This boy, with a pierced ear, is someone Hori doesn’t recognize. Surprisingly, he knows Hori. The boy is none other than Izumi Miyamura, a gloomy male student who shares the same class as Hori. Sota has grown fond of Miyamura, and this incident leads to Miyamura frequently visiting the Hori household.

Episode 2 Synopsis:

In the second episode of “Horimiya,” Miyamura, with pierced ears and tattoos, and Hori, who manages household chores like a housewife, both have private lives that they keep hidden from their classmates. Discovering each other’s true selves brings Hori and Miyamura closer than ever. One day, Hori is entrusted with student council work by her childhood friend and student council president, Shoyo Sengoku. However, at a later time, Hori is accused of not submitting necessary documents to the student council.

As Hori is being demanded an apology, Miyamura steps in and headbutts Sengoku, shocking everyone. He then hands over the missing documents that were claimed to be incomplete by the student council. It turns out that the documents were lost due to the negligence of Sengoku’s girlfriend and fellow student council member, Remi Ayasaki. Miyamura had found the missing documents by chance. Thanks to Miyamura’s intervention, the situation is resolved, and Hori receives an apology from the student council members instead.

Episode 3 Synopsis:

In the third episode of “Horimiya,” Hori and Miyamura have become third-year students. As a result of his interactions with Hori, Miyamura has started to connect more with those around him. He reminisces about his lonely past and feels both bewildered and joyful about his current state of having friends. On the other hand, Hori becomes aware of her possessive feelings towards Miyamura during a conversation with Remi.

With Sota starting elementary school, Hori and Miyamura find themselves alone together more often, leading to a gradual closeness between them. One day, Miyamura gets into a physical fight with Toru Ishikawa, a friend who also has feelings for Hori. The cause of the fight is Hori herself. The intertwined feelings of Hori, Miyamura, and Ishikawa create a complex situation that continues to evolve.

Episode 4 Synopsis:

In the fourth episode of “Horimiya,” Miyamura and his friends begin to interact more with the somewhat reserved members of the student council. After being given permission by the student council president, Sengoku, to hang out in the student council room occasionally, Miyamura, Hori, Ishikawa, and Hori’s friend Yuki Yoshikawa gather in the room. Although Miyamura now finds himself surrounded by people, during middle school, he had very few friends, with Toru Ishikawa being one of the few.

Miyamura’s middle school experience was transformed by Ishikawa, and his current self has been influenced by Hori. Miyamura has held feelings for Hori for a while. One day, while Hori is bedridden with a cold, Miyamura casually confesses to her. Faced with the decision of whether she can continue as if she hadn’t heard the confession and maintain their current relationship, Hori finds herself in a dilemma.

Episode 5 Synopsis:

In the fifth episode of “Horimiya,” Miyamura, who had confessed but then awkwardly fled, and Hori, who was bewildered by Miyamura’s confession, end up having an argument due to a misunderstanding. However, they eventually reconcile and their relationship evolves into that of a couple. Miyamura, now officially dating Hori, reports this to Ishikawa. Despite carrying his own feelings for Hori, Ishikawa congratulates Miyamura for his courage and expresses his well wishes as a friend.

Meanwhile, the episode delves into the feelings of Sakura Kono, a student council member who has developed feelings for Ishikawa, the boy she once admired from afar. Sakura struggles with her own self-esteem issues, believing herself to be less attractive than her friend Remi. She confides in Remi about her feelings for someone but not knowing how to proceed. Remi provides some advice and reassurance to Sakura, as Sakura grapples with her newfound emotions.

Episode 6 Synopsis:

In the sixth episode of “Horimiya,” rumors start circulating around school that Hori and Miyamura are dating. The unexpected pairing of popular Hori and introverted Miyamura becomes a topic of interest among their classmates. To avoid negative comments about Hori, Miyamura decides to drastically change his appearance. He cuts his long hair and removes his glasses before coming to school. With his new haircut and clear face, Miyamura’s image takes a complete turnaround, earning him a newfound positive reputation.

Miyamura starts to attract attention from the girls at school. Among those who approach him is a girl from a lower grade, Sawada Honoka. Hori becomes wary of Honoka’s interest in Miyamura, suspecting her of trying to get close to him. However, it turns out that Honoka is actually interested in Hori. Despite some initial rivalry and arguments between Miyamura and Honoka over Hori, they eventually develop a sibling-like relationship.

Episode 7 Synopsis:

In the seventh episode of “Horimiya,” after Hori and Miyamura become a couple, Iura finds himself heartbroken. Concerned about Iura, Yoshikawa spends more time with him, and their interactions become more frequent. Meanwhile, Sakura, who has feelings for Iura, decides to take a slightly more proactive approach to her feelings. She borrows a jersey as a gesture of goodwill and gives him cookies. Seeing Sakura’s efforts, Yoshikawa becomes distant from Iura.

On the other hand, Miyamura is absent from school for a few days due to a family event. His phone runs out of battery, and he forgets his charger, making it impossible for him to contact Hori. Hori spends the five days without Miyamura feeling restless. When Miyamura finally returns, Hori can’t contain her emotions and hugs him tightly.

Episode 8 Synopsis:

In the eighth episode of “Horimiya,” the focus shifts to the origin of the student council couple, Sengoku and Remi. Although they were in the same class, Sengoku and Remi didn’t interact much. However, their connection begins to form through books. Sengoku, an avid reader, is caught reading a book during class by Remi, who inquires about the book she’s reading. It turns out that Remi also enjoys fairy tales and books.

Their conversation that day leads Sengoku to lend a book to Remi, and this act brings them closer. As they bond over books, their relationship deepens, and eventually, they become a couple. After depicting the backstory of Sengoku and Remi, the episode showcases the heartwarming moments between Hori and Miyamura. Later, the story shifts to Yoshikawa’s experience of being confessed to by an unfamiliar boy. To turn down the confession, Yoshikawa enlists the help of Iura to pose as her boyfriend.

Episode 9 Synopsis:

In the ninth episode of “Horimiya,” Miyamura’s former middle school classmate, Makio Tanihara, unexpectedly appears before Miyamura and Hori. Tanihara was one of the individuals who used to bully Miyamura during his middle school days. Upon reuniting with Miyamura, Tanihara attempts to provoke him, but a furious Hori intervenes and drives him away with a punch. Later, Tanihara meets with Sengoku and shares the details of his encounter with Miyamura.

Sengoku advises Tanihara against treating Miyamura the same way he used to, suggesting that it’s better to change his attitude. Tanihara feels remorse for his past actions and is burdened by guilt over having bullied Miyamura. He has a dream related to Miyamura and his guilt, prompting him to reflect on his behavior. Upon waking up, Tanihara decides to approach Miyamura and attempt to make amends. Meanwhile, Miyamura realizes that he can build positive relationships even with people he initially had difficulty getting along with.

Episode 10 Synopsis:

In the tenth episode of “Horimiya,” after asking Ishikawa to pretend to be her boyfriend to reject a confession, Yoshikawa finds herself in a fake relationship rumor with Ishikawa. This rumor starts circulating around school, causing Sakura to become upset. Yoshikawa struggles to tell Sakura the truth—that it’s all a facade—so she continues with the pretense of being in a relationship. She convinces herself that even if it’s a fake relationship, she can still be with Ishikawa.

Yoshikawa’s inner turmoil becomes overwhelming, leading her to skip school. Meanwhile, Ishikawa receives an unexpected confession from Sakura. However, Sakura clarifies that she doesn’t need an answer to her confession. This confession adds to Yoshikawa’s self-loathing, yet she feels relieved that Ishikawa didn’t respond to Sakura’s feelings. While walking and laughing together, Ishikawa and Yoshikawa’s bond becomes evident to Sakura, making her realize the depth of her own unrequited love.

Episode 11 Synopsis:

The eleventh episode of “Horimiya” focuses on the theme of sibling relationships. In this episode, the spotlight shifts to Hori and Miyamura’s classmate, Souta Hori’s older brother, who has a younger sister named Kiko. Kiko is feeling down after her career aspirations are met with laughter from her teacher. Concerned for his sister, Souta asks Hori to help encourage Kiko and assist her with her studies.

While Souta is known for his lively and outgoing personality at school, he appears quiet and reserved at home. Despite their close relationship, Souta and Kiko rarely communicate, each mistakenly believing that the other may not hold them in high regard. This episode delves into their thoughts and feelings, revealing the insecurities they have about their sibling bond. Despite their mutual concern for each other’s feelings, they find themselves struggling to bridge the gap between them.

Episode 12 Synopsis:

The twelfth episode of “Horimiya” captures the atmosphere of December as Christmas approaches, bringing excitement to the students. Hori wishes to spend the holiday with Miyamura, but his family owns a cake shop, making him busy during the Christmas season, and spending a whole day together seems difficult. Nonetheless, Miyamura manages to carve out some time and visits Hori.

As winter passes and spring arrives, graduation draws near for Hori and her classmates. The uncertainty of their future weighs on Hori’s mind, and she shares her vague anxieties with Miyamura. She expresses her desire to continue being together even after graduation. Miyamura responds with a surprising proposition: “Let’s get married.” This unexpected declaration deepens their connection.

Subsequently, the two of them visit a shrine for their first New Year’s together. As they walk together, they envision the future they will share, solidifying their commitment to each other.

Episode 13 Synopsis (Final Episode):

The thirteenth and final episode of “Horimiya” marks the approaching graduation ceremony for Hori, Miyamura, and their friends. As they prepare to leave their high school days behind, each of them carries a multitude of memories, hopes, and uncertainties about the future. In the midst of these emotions, Miyamura finds himself pondering an alternate world, an “if” scenario where he hadn’t met Hori. This contemplation leads him to realize how a slight divergence could have drastically altered his current happy life.

The day of the graduation ceremony finally arrives. Miyamura, at this momentous juncture, confronts his past loneliness and bids farewell to it. His encounter with Hori had been a turning point that allowed him to transform. Grateful for the happiness Hori has brought him, Miyamura contemplates what he can do for her in return. Unaware of Miyamura’s introspection, Hori shines brightly with a radiant smile.

As the graduation ceremony unfolds under a beautiful blue sky, Miyamura and Hori walk side by side. Their smiles convey their shared joy and anticipation for the future that lies ahead.

This concludes the series “Horimiya,” capturing the growth of its characters and the warmth of their relationships.

The Relationships Between Characters in “Horimiya” –

Spoiler ① Hori and Miyamura’s Relationship

In the manga and anime “Horimiya,” let’s delve into the relationship between two key characters: Hori and Miyamura. Initially, Hori and Miyamura were quite different from each other and didn’t interact much despite being classmates. Hori was popular and outgoing, while Miyamura was introverted and reserved. They seemed like an unlikely pair to be close friends. However, their paths crossed when Miyamura helped Hori deliver her younger brother home, leading to them spending more private time together after school.

As time passed, their bond grew stronger, and they eventually became a couple. For Miyamura, Hori became an irreplaceable presence that brought light into his once solitary life. On the other hand, Hori found in Miyamura someone with whom she could be herself without any pretenses. Their relationship deepened, and they became each other’s confidants and pillars of support.

Their journey together culminated in them becoming romantic partners. Miyamura’s influence on Hori was profound, breaking down her self-imposed barriers, and Hori, in turn, offered Miyamura a sense of belonging and acceptance. Their connection became a central focus of the story, highlighting the growth and development of both characters.

Spoiler ② Hori’s Relationship with Ishikawa and Miyamura in “Horimiya”

In the manga and anime “Horimiya,” let’s explore the relationships between characters, specifically focusing on Hori’s connections with Ishikawa and Miyamura. Hori is a beautiful, cheerful, and academically accomplished student who is quite popular among her peers. Ishikawa is one of the individuals who was attracted to Hori’s charm. Initially, Ishikawa was closer to Hori than Miyamura, who often kept to himself due to his difficulty fitting in with the class. However, an unexpected closeness developed between Hori and Miyamura.

Ishikawa’s romantic advances towards Hori were turned down, and Hori entered into a relationship with Miyamura. Despite this, Ishikawa harbored no ill feelings toward Miyamura. Although they were once rivals in love, a genuine friendship blossomed between Ishikawa and Miyamura. Over time, Miyamura and Ishikawa formed a strong bond of friendship. While there might have been occasional awkward moments between Hori and Ishikawa, their friendship continued to endure.

Spoiler ③ Miyamura’s Relationship with Sengoku in “Horimiya”

Continuing with character relationships in the manga and anime “Horimiya,” let’s focus on the dynamic between Miyamura and Sengoku. Miyamura and Sengoku have been friends since middle school. During their middle school years, Sengoku reached out to Miyamura, who had been bullied and was isolated. Sengoku’s high-energy and cheerful demeanor sometimes annoyed Miyamura, but deep down, Miyamura felt gratitude for Sengoku, who had helped him escape his lonely middle school days.

Even after enrolling in different high schools, their friendship remained unwavering. Miyamura, who is usually polite and reserved towards everyone, shows a uniquely blunt attitude only towards Sengoku. This dynamic reflects their long-standing friendship and deep understanding of each other. It’s evident that Miyamura and Sengoku share a strong bond of friendship.

Spoiler ④ Ishikawa and Yoshikawa’s Relationship in “Horimiya”

Continuing with character relationships in the manga and anime “Horimiya,” let’s delve into the connection between Ishikawa and Yoshikawa. Ishikawa and Yoshikawa were very close friends. Among the girls in their class, Yoshikawa was the one closest to Ishikawa. The turning point in their relationship came when Sakura developed feelings for Ishikawa. This change brought about feelings of loneliness and jealousy in Yoshikawa, as she realized she couldn’t maintain her previous closeness with Ishikawa.

However, due to Yoshikawa’s tendency to distance herself from things she likes, she found it difficult to express her feelings to Ishikawa and bridge the gap with Sakura. Later, Yoshikawa pretended to be in a relationship with Ishikawa as an excuse to reject a confession from another boy. Despite this act, their relationship didn’t progress much beyond that point.

Spoiler ⑤ Ishikawa and Sakura’s Relationship in “Horimiya”

Continuing with character relationships in the manga and anime “Horimiya,” let’s explore the dynamic between Ishikawa and Sakura. As a student council member, Sakura diligently carried out her tasks without seeking recognition. Ishikawa was the one who naturally acknowledged Sakura’s efforts. This acknowledgment led Sakura to become more aware of Ishikawa and her feelings for him. However, rumors spread that Ishikawa was dating Yoshikawa, causing some confusion.

Despite the rumors, Sakura mustered the courage to confess her feelings to Ishikawa. Although Ishikawa didn’t give a clear response, he didn’t outright reject her either. Nevertheless, seeing Ishikawa and Yoshikawa walking together with smiles on their faces, Sakura realized that her confession had likely been in vain. On the day of the graduation ceremony, Sakura awkwardly thanked Ishikawa. Despite her unrequited love, Sakura’s feelings for Ishikawa played a role in her personal growth.

Spoiler ⑥ Sengoku and Remi’s Relationship in “Horimiya”

Continuing with character relationships in the manga and anime “Horimiya,” let’s explore the relationship between Sengoku and Remi. Sengoku and Remi are known as the attractive couple in the student council. Sengoku is fond of Remi, describing her as someone who makes him want to protect and someone who inspires his desire to be a better man. On the other hand, Remi is drawn to Sengoku, appreciating both his cool and slightly awkward sides.

As previously mentioned in the synopsis, their initial interactions led to their romantic relationship. Both Sengoku and Remi genuinely care for each other, and their affectionate bond is evident. Paying attention to Sengoku and Remi’s relationship is also a highlight in the manga and anime “Horimiya.”

Here is the translation of the voice actors for the characters in “Horimiya” anime:

Voice Actors in “Horimiya” Anime:

  1. Kyoko Hori – Haruka Tomatsu
    In the anime “Horimiya,” Kyoko Hori is voiced by Haruka Tomatsu. Haruka Tomatsu is a voice actress, actress, and singer known for roles in “Sword Art Online” (Asuna / Yuuki Asuna), “Magi” (Morgiana), “Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live” (Bell Renjouji), “Violet Evergarden” (Iris Cannary), and more.
  2. Izumi Miyamura – Takahiro Nishijima
    Izumi Miyamura in “Horimiya” is voiced by Takahiro Nishijima. Takahiro Nishijima is a voice actor and actor known for roles in “Kimi to Boku.” (Yuuta Asaba), “Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL” (Kite Tenjo), “Haikyuu!!” (Kei Tsukishima), “Nisekoi” (Raku Ichijo), “My Hero Academia” (Tomura Shigaraki), “Yuri!!! on ICE” (Yuri Plisetsky), and more.
  3. Toru Ishikawa – Seiichiro Yamashita
    The voice of Toru Ishikawa, who holds feelings for Hori and later becomes friends with Miyamura, is provided by Seiichiro Yamashita. Seiichiro Yamashita is a voice actor known for roles in “orange” (Sho Nase), “Kabukicho Sherlock” (James Moriarty), “Tenhara Lulu” (Koyuki Hitotsumatsu), “Touken Ranbu” (Yagen Toushirou, Aizen Kunitoshi), and more.
  4. Yuki Yoshikawa – Yurie Kozakai
    Yuki Yoshikawa, a friend of Hori and close to Ishikawa, is voiced by Yurie Kozakai. Yurie Kozakai is a voice actress and actress known for roles in “Jashin-chan Dropkick” (Pekora), “Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui” (Ichika Arima), “Shuumatsu no Harem” (Maria Kuroda), and more.
  5. Shogo Sengoku – Nobuhiko Okamoto
    Shogo Sengoku, the student council president at the school attended by Hori and Miyamura, is voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto. Nobuhiko Okamoto is a voice actor and singer known for roles in “Toaru Majutsu no Index” (Accelerator), “Ou Dorobou Jing” (Jing), “Kaichou wa Maid-sama!” (Takumi Usui), “Sekaiichi Hatsukoi” (Shota Kisa), “Akagami no Shirayukihime” (Obi), and more.
  6. Remi Ayasaki – M・A・O
    Remi Ayasaki, a member of the student council and Sengoku’s girlfriend, is voiced by M・A・O. M・A・O is an actress and voice actress known for roles in “Magic Kaito 1412” (Aoko Nakamori), “En’en no Shouboutai” (Iris), “Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken” (Shion), and more.
  7. Sakura Kouno – Reina Kondo
    Sakura Kouno, a member of the student council and Remi’s friend, is voiced by Reina Kondo. Reina Kondo is a voice actress, singer, and model known for roles in “Slow Start” (Hana Ichinose), “Boogiepop wa Warawanai” (Mai Mashita), “Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine” (Ryu Tamon), “Mashiro no Oto” (Yamari Yuu), and more.

Highlights of Horimiya

Horimiya Highlight #1: Thrilling Developments

In the manga and anime “Horimiya,” one of the main highlights is the thrilling developments. Despite being in the same class, Hori and Miyamura had little interaction. However, a chance encounter brings them together, and Miyamura starts spending time at Hori’s house after school. After school, they reveal a private side of themselves that they keep a secret from their classmates. As they share their secrets, their relationship gradually deepens, and it’s suspenseful to wonder when their connection will progress further.

But the suspense doesn’t revolve only around Hori and Miyamura’s relationship. There’s also the dynamic between Miyamura, Hori, and Ishikawa, as well as the relationship triangle involving Ishikawa, Yoshikawa, and Sakura. Each of these relationships adds a sense of suspense, and as they intertwine, they contribute depth to the story. The intertwining of various relationships, the struggles, and the dilemmas they face mirror real-life high school experiences, adding to the authenticity and allure of “Horimiya.”

Horimiya Highlight #2: Romance Beyond the Main Characters

Another captivating aspect of the manga and anime “Horimiya” is the romance involving characters beyond the main couple. While the story primarily revolves around the relationship between Hori and Miyamura, the romantic endeavors of other characters are also noteworthy. The love triangle between Ishikawa, Yoshikawa, and Sakura, as well as the relationship between Sengoku and Remi, are examples of these additional romantic subplots. These romantic moments evoke a mix of emotions, from heartache to heart-fluttering, and they are beautifully depicted in each episode.

Horimiya Highlight #3: Diverse Interpersonal Relationships

In “Horimiya,” the third highlight lies in the diverse interpersonal relationships among the characters. School life is a hub for various types of relationships to form, including classmates, best friends, romantic partners, and rivals. This diversity is reflected in the characters of “Horimiya,” where each individual builds a unique web of relationships that contribute to the progression of the story. These relationships extend beyond romantic couplings, and the intricate dynamics among the characters play a significant role in the narrative’s development. Keep an eye on the nuanced relationships among the characters; they’re just as captivating as the romantic pairings.

Famous Quotes and Memorable Scenes from Horimiya

Quote #1: “Everyone’s the same when they lose their temper…”

“Everyone’s the same when they lose their temper. It’s not just Miyamura who’s like that.” One of the famous quotes and memorable scenes from “Horimiya,” featured in Volume 3 of the manga in Chapter 18. This quote is from Sengoku, who appears in Chapter 18 where Miyamura’s middle school days are explored. The chapter delves into the interactions between Sengoku, who stood up for Miyamura, and Tanihara, who used to bully Miyamura. Tanihara is displeased with Sengoku’s friendly attitude towards Miyamura. In response to Tanihara’s confrontational approach, Sengoku delivers a witty retort with a smile.

Quote #2: “Miyamura is mine…”

“Miyamura is… Miyamura is mine!! I won’t give him to anyone!! Absolutely!! I won’t give him away!” Another famous quote and memorable scene from “Horimiya,” featured in Volume 2 of the manga in Chapter 11. This quote is from Hori, who appears in Chapter 11 when Remi asks her, “Can I have Miyamura-kun?” Upon imagining Miyamura and Remi getting along well, Hori instinctively blurts out, “I won’t give him away.” This incident leads Hori to become more aware of her feelings for Miyamura.

Quote #3: “Shut up, you damn girl…”

“Shut up, you damn girl! Just be quiet!” Another famous quote and memorable scene from “Horimiya,” featured in Volume 8 of the manga in Chapter 54. This quote is spoken by Miyamura. Hori, who secretly enjoys being treated roughly by Miyamura due to her masochistic tendencies, asks him to treat her that way even though he doesn’t want to. As a result, Miyamura often speaks harshly to her. This particular line is one of those instances—a crude remark that Miyamura reluctantly utters.

During this moment, Izumi Masaki, who has feelings for Hori, is present. Miyamura’s words serve as a way to demonstrate to Masaki what Hori’s ideal boyfriend should be like. Hori is thrilled by Miyamura’s words, and Masaki, who had been dissatisfied with why Hori is dating someone as nonchalant as Miyamura, seems to gain a new perspective on him after witnessing this incident.

Quote #4: “Miyamura’s on his period…”

“Miyamura’s on his period…” Here’s another famous quote and memorable scene from “Horimiya,” featured in Volume 1 of the manga in Chapter 6. In this scene, Ishikawa utters this line. The context is a school trip, and the boys are heading to the communal bath. However, Miyamura, who has tattoos on his body, cannot join them due to his tattoos. Miyamura tries to come up with excuses to avoid going, but he can’t think of any good ones, so he turns to Ishikawa for help.

Ishikawa responds with this quote. The atmosphere becomes tense and awkward as silence falls upon the group, but ultimately, Ishikawa’s statement is accepted. As a result, Miyamura ends up using a private bath in his room. Many fans found humor in this quote and scene, wondering if there could have been a better excuse.

Quote #5: “Why? Because he’s the one our daughter chose?”

“Why? Because he’s the one our daughter chose?” Here’s another famous quote and memorable scene from “Horimiya,” featured in Volume 4 of the manga in Chapter 25. This quote is from Hori’s father, Kyousuke Hori. When he encounters Miyamura visiting the Hori residence, Kyousuke takes an immediate liking to Miyamura. In a friendly manner, Kyousuke interacts with Miyamura, which prompts Miyamura to ask, “Isn’t it normal for fathers to dislike their daughter’s boyfriend?”

In response, Kyousuke delivers this quote. Despite his carefree demeanor, Kyousuke deeply values his daughter and trusts her choices. This exchange showcases the endearing relationship between Hori’s father and Miyamura and is one of the highlights of “Horimiya.”

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