“My Blissful Marriage” Spoiler Summary and Impressions! A Japanese-style Cinderella Story Manga


“My Blissful Marriage” is a Japanese-style Cinderella story that begins with a woman who has lived in an unfortunate environment marrying a man rumored to be cold and merciless. Originally a novel, it has been adapted into a manga and is also planned for live-action film and anime adaptations due to its popularity. Here, we will introduce the spoiler summary and impressions of the manga version of “My Blissful Marriage.” We will also provide an overview of the characters in the story. Please be aware that this content contains spoilers and if you’re averse to spoilers or plan to enjoy the work in the future, proceed with caution.

“My Blissful Marriage: A Japanese-Style Cinderella Story Manga”

Overview of “My Blissful Marriage”

“My Blissful Marriage” is a Japanese novel created by Akumi Koguchi. Originally serialized on the online platform “Shousetsuka ni Narou” (Let’s Become Novelists), it later became a published book under the label “Fujimi L Bunko.” As of 2022, the novel has been published up to the 6th volume. In December 2018, a comic adaptation began serialization, and as of September 2022, it is still ongoing.

Author of “My Blissful Marriage”

The original author of “My Blissful Marriage,” Akumi Koguchi, is a novelist from Nagano Prefecture. She began publishing her works on the novel submission site “Shousetsuka ni Narou” (Let’s Become Novelists) and made her debut in 2019 with “My Blissful Marriage.” In addition to “My Blissful Marriage,” she has also published another work titled “Miyako no Majinai-shi,” which has been released as a book under the Poplar Bunko Pureful label.

My Blissful Marriage:Spoilers for episodes 1-10

・Chapter 1 Summary

The manga “My Blissful Marriage” starts with the protagonist, Miyoyo, born into the historic prestigious Saikimori family of extraordinary lineage. Initially, her parents showered her with affection, but after her mother’s death and her father’s remarriage, everything changed. Despite being from a family of abilities, Miyoyo lacks any special powers, and she endures mistreatment from her stepmother and stepsister Kaya.

Living like a servant despite her noble upbringing, Miyoyo reaches the age of 19. She finally receives a marriage proposal. The prospective groom is the head of the prestigious Namegawa family, Seikas Namegawa. Known for having engaged multiple women who all fled within three days, he’s infamous for being heartless. Though Miyoyo knows a marriage with him won’t be successful, she has no choice and reluctantly heads to Seikas’ residence.

・Chapter 2 Summary

In Chapter 2, Miyoyo arrives at the Namegawa residence. Seikas instructs her to obey his every command without question. He reveals that if he says “Die,” she must die. Despite the harshness of his words, it doesn’t change much for Miyoyo’s life. She’s been living a life of servitude anyway.

Without proper education, Miyoyo’s life revolves around chores. She finds solace in the kind servant Yurie’s presence. Miyoyo prepares Seikas’ breakfast, and together with Yurie, they bring it to him. However, Seikas suspects poison and doesn’t touch the meal.

・Chapter 3 Summary

In Chapter 3, Seikas leaves after inspecting the breakfast Miyoyo made. He spends his day working on paperwork at his workplace. As an army major in the Imperial Army, he leads the “Anti-Aberrant Special Operations Unit.” Despite his high rank, he is viewed unfavorably by some, especially the Saikimori family, where Miyoyo comes from.

Knowing that the Saikimori family doesn’t hold him in good regard, Seikas is cautious of Miyoyo’s intentions. However, Miyoyo’s kindness, unlike previous potential brides, makes Seikas hesitate to immediately dismiss her. He decides to observe her for a while. Reflecting on his cold attitude towards her, Seikas resolves to approach Miyoyo differently when he returns home from work.

・Chapter 4 Summary

In Chapter 4 of the manga “My Blissful Marriage,” Miyoyo is asked by Seikas to make breakfast once again. Alongside Yurie, she prepares breakfast and sits down to eat with Seikas. Upon tasting Miyoyo’s cooking for the first time, Seikas sincerely compliments it as “delicious.” This praise is a first for Miyoyo, who had never received such recognition for her cooking before. Overwhelmed, she sheds tears of gratitude.

Seikas is unaware of how Miyoyo was treated in the Saikimori household, and her emotional response surprises him. Meanwhile, at the Saikimori residence, an argument between Miyoyo’s father and the head of the Tatsuseki family, another powerful family, unfolds. It is revealed that Miyoyo inherits the rare ability of the “Usuba Family’s Anomaly,” and the Tatsuseki family is after her. If Miyoyo marries into the Namegawa family, it would create a problem for the Tatsuseki family.

・Chapter 5 Summary

In Chapter 5, Miyoyo, moved by Seikas’ compliment, regrets shedding tears. Due to past mistreatment, she was conditioned to believe that crying would only bring further hardship. Yurie reassures her that crying is not a bad thing, but Miyoyo’s anxieties persist.

Miyoyo recognizes that Seikas and Yurie are kind individuals, but she still sees herself as useless without education or special abilities. She believes she will eventually be cast aside. In the midst of this, Seikas invites Miyoyo to spend a day in town. She dresses up for the occasion and joins Seikas for a rare outing.

・Chapter 6 Summary

In Chapter 6, Seikas and Miyoyo head to the Imperial Army headquarters to park the car. They engage in a brief conversation with a soldier named Godou before continuing on to explore the town. Seikas is concerned about whether Miyoyo is enjoying herself. He takes her to a kimono shop, where he intends to get her a new kimono.

Recognizing that Miyoyo has been given very few kimonos, Seikas decides to have a new one tailored for her. He chooses a beautiful cherry blossom-colored kimono. This act of kindness is unusual for Seikas, who has never given a gift to a potential bride before. Despite his own confusion over his changing behavior, he remains steadfast in his decision to give Miyoyo the kimono.

・Chapter 7 Summary

In Chapter 7 of “My Blissful Marriage,” Seikas and Miyoyo leave the kimono shop and visit a confectionery. Unexpectedly, Seikas expresses a desire to see Miyoyo smile. This catches Miyoyo off guard, as she has never been asked something like that before. In a moment of honesty, she blurts out that Seikas is “weird.” Although she immediately regrets her words, Seikas is unperturbed and even appreciates her candid response. He believes that being genuine is important in their future marriage.

Miyoyo contemplates revealing her lack of anomaly, but fear of potential separation prevents her from sharing this truth with Seikas.

・Chapter 8 Summary

After their first date, Seikas gifts Miyoyo a comb in Chapter 8. This prompts Miyoyo to consider giving Seikas a gift in return. With Yurie’s advice, she decides to make a handmade accessory for him. To create it, she needs supplies from the market and requests Seikas to allow her to go shopping alone.

Though concerned, Seikas agrees and gives Miyoyo an amulet for protection. Meanwhile, tension grows in the Tatsuseki family as a proposal is arranged between Koya, the second son of the Tatsuseki family, and Miyoyo’s half-sister, Kaya. As Miyoyo was once an ally to the Tatsuseki family, her absence is felt keenly.

・Chapter 9 Summary

In Chapter 9, while shopping, Miyoyo encounters Kaya and Koya. Kaya continues her derogatory remarks towards Miyoyo, but Yurie intervenes. Yurie boldly declares that Miyoyo is Seikas’ future wife, leaving Kaya agitated. Kaya’s impression of Miyoyo is colored by her own assumptions and prejudices, as she believed that Miyoyo would be miserable in the Namegawa household.

Seikas visits the Saikimori residence to discuss their marriage plans. Returning home, Kaya is captivated by Seikas’ sophisticated charm.

・Chapter 10 Summary

Chapter 10 of the manga sees Miyoyo feeling down after the encounter with Kaya. Concerned, Seikas inquires about her mood. Learning the reason, he realizes the extent of her emotional struggles. Seikas recognizes that Miyoyo’s lack of self-esteem is a result of her past, where she was unloved and devalued.

Seikas tries to comfort her, but Miyoyo’s emotional wounds run deep, making it hard for her to accept his affection. She isolates herself for a week, but still manages to make the handmade accessory for Seikas. Just as she despairs, a former Saikimori household servant, Hana, reappears, bringing her back to Seikas’ attention, who has been worried about her.

・Chapter 11 Summary

In Chapter 11 of “My Blissful Marriage,” Seikas sends flowers to cheer up Miyoyo. Touched by his kindness, Miyoyo decides to reveal everything to Seikas. She confesses that she has nothing to be proud of. She offers him the braided cord (kumihimo) she made for him. In response, Seikas officially announces his intention to marry Miyoyo. He reassures her that her lack of anomaly and possessions doesn’t matter to him. Miyoyo hands him the cord, which he uses to tie up her hair, and he calls her name affectionately. This gesture leads to Miyoyo’s first genuine smile.

・Chapter 12 Summary

In Chapter 12, as a gift in return for the cord, Seikas presents Miyoyo with a kimono he tailored during their first date. One kimono resembles Miyoyo’s late mother’s attire, filling her with joy. Later, Miyoyo entertains Seikas’ subordinate, Godo. Miyoyo’s reunion with Hana, a former Saikimori servant, is made possible through Godo’s assistance.

After Godo leaves, Miyoyo has a nightmare while sleeping at her desk. Seikas wakes her, and she confesses her fears and insecurities, stating her resolve to stay by his side. Seikas accepts her feelings and senses the presence of some form of anomaly.

・Chapter 13 Summary

In Chapter 13, Kaya, who had long looked down on Miyoyo due to her mother’s influence, secretly observes Miyoyo’s life in the Namegawa household. She is surprised by the stark contrast between her assumptions and Miyoyo’s actual happiness. Miyoyo, cared for by Seikas and Yurie, gradually regains her confidence and radiance.

Consumed by her belief that she must be superior to Miyoyo in every way, Kaya becomes envious and develops feelings of inferiority. She quickly approaches her stepfather, demanding to be chosen over Miyoyo for Seikas’ engagement. However, her request is denied, leading to her frustration.

・Chapter 14 Summary

In Chapter 14, as Miyoyo returns from delivering snacks to Seikas, she realizes her protective amulet, a gift from Seikas, is missing. Alarmed, she is abducted. Seikas becomes furious upon learning about Miyoyo’s kidnapping and is confronted by Koya, the second son of the Tatsuseki family. Koya pleads for Seikas’ help in rescuing Miyoyo.

Miyoyo’s abduction is the result of the selfish desires of Kaya and the Tatsuseki family head, who seeks to involve Miyoyo with their family for personal gain. Seikas immediately takes action to locate Miyoyo, his anger fueling his determination.

・Chapter 15 Summary

In Chapter 15 of “My Blissful Marriage,” Miyoyo wakes up to find herself locked in a storage room at the Saikimori residence. Confronted by her stepmother and Kaya, Miyoyo endures a brutal assault. Despite her injuries, Miyoyo resists her stepmother’s demands to break off the engagement with Seikas and for Kaya to take her place as the Saikimori bride.

Usually resigned and submissive, Miyoyo is determined not to give up the happiness she has found with Seikas and Yurie. She firmly declares that she won’t break the engagement. Enraged, her stepmother reacts furiously. Meanwhile, Seikas and Sukiha enter the Saikimori residence. Despite attempts by Miyoyo’s father and the Tatsuseki family head to stop Seikas, he pushes through and rushes to Miyoyo’s side.

・Chapter 16 Summary

In Chapter 16, Miyoyo valiantly resists her stepmother’s violent attacks and stands her ground. Seikas arrives just in time to witness her courage. Miyoyo, proud of her newfound ability to assert herself, smiles at Seikas before losing consciousness. Meanwhile, Kaya and her stepmother argue noisily, with Kaya expressing her grievances and asserting her claims to the family.

Seikas, unable to contain his anger, reacts strongly to Kaya’s assertions and leaves. He then confronts Sukiha, who is carrying a weakened Kaya out of the burning mansion. Sukiha cares for Miyoyo and returns her to the Namegawa residence. Kaya’s actions highlight Seikas’ deepening feelings for Miyoyo.

・Chapter 17 Summary

Chapter 17 reveals that Miyoyo is now safe at the Namegawa residence. Seikas informs her that the Saikimori estate has burned down, but fortunately, no one died. The Saikimori couple has relocated to the countryside and lives in poverty, while Kaya has been sent to work for a prestigious family.

The Tatsuseki family head has resigned, passing the leadership to his eldest son, and the Tatsuseki family is now under the Namegawa family’s jurisdiction. Miyoyo, upon hearing this news, requests Seikas to take her to the burnt Saikimori estate. There, she encounters Sukiha, and with few words exchanged, they part ways. Miyoyo and Seikas officially become engaged.

・Chapter 18 Summary

In Chapter 18, after resolving the Saikimori ordeal, Miyoyo, now officially engaged to Seikas, enjoys a peaceful life in the Namegawa household. One day, Seikas’ sister, Yuzuki, pays them a visit. Yuzuki is there to become Miyoyo’s etiquette teacher, as Miyoyo wishes to receive proper training to become a suitable wife for Seikas.

Despite Yuzuki’s prior failed marriage, she is capable of teaching Miyoyo the basics of being a lady. With the goal of a party two months later, where Miyoyo will debut her improved social skills, Yuzuki encourages Miyoyo to work hard. Miyoyo’s panic at the thought of attending a party is quelled by Yuzuki and Seikas’ support.

・Chapter 19 Summary

Chapter 19 unfolds with Yuzuki as Miyoyo’s etiquette instructor. Although Yuzuki has experienced a failed marriage, she appears capable of teaching Miyoyo essential ladylike manners. Yuzuki motivates Miyoyo to study hard for an upcoming party in two months. Despite her initial panic, Miyoyo gains motivation and determination due to Yuzuki and Seikas’ encouragement.

While Miyoyo is glad to make an effort to stay by Seikas’ side, she continues to struggle with her past traumas and recurring nightmares. These dreams, along with painful memories related to her family, continue to haunt her, even as she tries to lead a tranquil life.

Predicting the Final Episode of “My Happy Marriage”! Recommended Audience

・Predicting the Final Episode of “My Happy Marriage”

Misayo and Kiyokazu treasure each other and are engaged. However, the fact that they share mutual feelings doesn’t necessarily mean an immediate happy ending, which adds to the charm and intrigue of this work. Elements of unease, such as the “Usuba Family” bloodline in Misayo, are scattered throughout the story, and a lingering sense of uncertainty hovers over Misayo and Kiyokazu.

Nevertheless, given the title “My Happy Marriage,” it is conceivable that in the end, Misayo and Kiyokazu will overcome all obstacles and reach a joyous marriage, making a happy ending.

・Who is “My Happy Marriage” Recommended For?

“My Happy Marriage” is often referred to as a Japanese-style Cinderella story. The narrative unfolds with the heroine, who has been mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters, finding herself noticed by a man of high status, taking a step towards happiness. This storyline is reminiscent of Cinderella, where the pitiable circumstances of the heroine transform as she is loved by a wonderful man. If you enjoy this kind of plot, you will likely thoroughly enjoy “My Happy Marriage.”

【Highlights of “My Happy Marriage”】

・Highlight 1: A Heroine Worth Cheering For

The first highlight of “My Happy Marriage” is the heroine who captures your support. The protagonist, Misayo, endures unjust treatment from her family and faces hardships. She only seeks a tiny bit of happiness. However, various challenges befall Misayo, and even modest joys seem hard to come by. This is why readers can’t help but root for Misayo.

・Highlight 2: Kiyokazu Falling in Love with the Heroine

The second highlight of “My Happy Marriage” is Kiyokazu falling in love with the heroine. Kiyokazu, known for his cold and ruthless demeanor, has driven away countless potential fiancées in the past. However, he becomes interested in the pure-hearted Misayo and falls in love with her. Kiyokazu’s care for Misayo becomes one of the significant attractions of the story.

・Highlight 3: Foreshadowing Throughout the Story

The third highlight of “My Happy Marriage” is the foreshadowing woven throughout the narrative. The story is full of foreshadowing elements. The “Usuba Family” bloodline within Misayo and her recurring supernatural nightmares are unsettling foreshadowing that stirs readers’ unease.

【Original Work of “My Happy Marriage” and Transition to Kakuyomu】

・Was “My Happy Marriage” Originally Serialized on Shousetsuka ni Narou?

As briefly mentioned in the beginning of the article, the author of “My Happy Marriage,” Akumi Agito, originally published works on the novel submission site “Shousetsuka ni Narou” (commonly known as “Narou”). “My Happy Marriage” was also serialized on “Narou,” but it seems it was banned due to a violation of the site’s terms of use, resulting in the removal of “My Happy Marriage” from the platform.

It appears that the author created new accounts several times, but the presence of previous accounts led to a violation of “Narou” rules against having multiple accounts. This situation seems to have contributed to the banishment of the author from the platform.

・Did “My Happy Marriage” Transition to Kakuyomu?

After being removed from “Shousetsuka ni Narou,” “My Happy Marriage” found a new home on the novel submission site “Kakuyomu,” which was jointly developed by KADOKAWA and Hatena Co., Ltd. However, there hasn’t been much notable activity since a side story of “My Happy Marriage” was uploaded in November 2020. To read the main story, it seems that the only option is to purchase the published novels.

The characters in “My Happy Marriage”.

・Character 1: Miyuki Saizaki

In “My Happy Marriage,” Miyuki Saizaki is the protagonist and main character. Born into the prestigious Saizaki family, a lineage of supernatural abilities, she suffered under the cruelty of her stepmother and half-sister. Miyuki longs for a small amount of happiness, but various challenges prevent her from finding even that. Readers are naturally drawn to support Miyuki due to her difficult circumstances.

・Character 2: Kudou Seiga

Kudou Seiga is the head of the prestigious Kudou family and one of the central characters in “My Happy Marriage.” Known for his cold and ruthless demeanor, Seiga has rejected numerous prospective fiancées who were sent his way. However, he becomes interested in the pure-hearted Miyuki and gradually falls in love with her. Seiga’s transformation and his affectionate treatment of Miyuki are significant highlights of the story.

・Character 3: YuriE

YuriE is a maid and servant who takes care of Seiga’s needs in “My Happy Marriage.” She is one of the few individuals Seiga trusts. YuriE shows kindness to Miyuki when she arrives at the Kudou residence and becomes a pillar of support for her.

・Character 4: Kaoya Saizaki

Kaoya Saizaki is Miyuki’s half-sister in “My Happy Marriage.” Influenced by her mother’s disdain for Miyuki, Kaoya also mistreats and belittles her. She possesses the power of seeing spirits and is characterized by her spoiled and selfish personality. Although engaged to Tatsuzo Tatsunoko, she later develops feelings for Seiga and becomes jealous of Miyuki, who is cherished by him.

・Character 5: Koji Tatsunoko

Koji Tatsunoko is a significant character in “My Happy Marriage.” He is the second son of the Tatsunoko family and is childhood friends with both Miyuki and Kaoya. Koji has feelings for Miyuki, but due to family arrangements, he becomes Kaoya’s fiancé and Miyuki marries into the Kudou family.

・Character 6: Sumi Usui

Sumi Usui is Miyuki’s biological mother in “My Happy Marriage.” Hailing from the “Usui family,” a lineage with the ability to manipulate people’s hearts, she is already deceased at the start of the story. Sumi entered a political marriage with Miyuki’s father, Saizaki Shinichi, to save her declining family.

・Character 7: Hana

Hana is a servant who previously worked at the Saizaki residence in “My Happy Marriage.” She was one of the few allies of the mistreated Miyuki. However, after being fired by Kaoya Saizaki, she disappears. With Seiga’s help, Hana eventually reunites with Miyuki.

・Character 8: Koji’s Older Brother

Koji’s older brother is a character in “My Happy Marriage.” Unlike his responsible younger brother, he has a carefree and frivolous personality. Due to their father’s resignation from the family’s leadership position, Koji’s older brother becomes the head of the Tatsunoko family.

・Character 9: Godou

Itsutou, whose full name is GodouYoshito, is a member of the Imperial Army and one of Seiga’s subordinates in “My Happy Marriage.” While he often teases Seiga, they have a strong bond of trust. Itsutou possesses significant supernatural abilities and adds a comedic element to the story.

・Character 10: Shinichi Saizaki
Shinichi Saizaki is the head of the Saizaki family and the father of Miyuki and Kaoya in “My Happy Marriage.” He had a relationship with Kaoya’s mother, Kaonoko Saizaki, but they were separated due to a political marriage that led to him marrying Sumi Usui. After Sumi’s death, he remarried Kaonoko and focused his attention solely on her and Kaoya, neglecting Miyuki.

Summary of “My Blissful Marriage.”

The story unfolds as a Japanese-style Cinderella tale, following the path of the heroine named Miyuki towards a happy marriage. Born into the prestigious Saizaki family of those with special abilities, Miyuki faces a difficult life after losing her birth mother early and being mistreated by her stepmother and half-sister. Enduring unjust treatment from her family, Miyuki continues to yearn for even a small amount of happiness.

The narrative takes off when Miyuki encounters Kyudo Seiga, the head of the prominent Kyudo family. Seiga, initially perceived as cold-hearted due to his history of driving away numerous engagement candidates, gradually opens up his heart to Miyuki. They are drawn to each other, and their affection begins to blossom.

The characters in the story play essential roles in supporting Miyuki’s growth and her journey towards happiness. Characters like YuriE and Miyuki’s childhood friend, Tatsuo Tatsuishi, add color to the narrative. However, Miyuki faces trials and challenges that test her fate, prompting her to confront herself and evolve.

The story portrays Miyuki and Seiga overcoming difficulties to achieve a blissful marriage. Miyuki’s strength and Seiga’s transformation captivate the reader’s heart. Moreover, the narrative is filled with foreshadowing and mysteries that will excite readers as they unravel and unfold.

Ultimately, “My Blissful Marriage” presents the allure of a Japanese-style Cinderella story, depicting the growth of characters, the budding of affection, and more. With plans for an anime adaptation, the story is anticipated to be enjoyed by even more people. If you’re intrigued, consider picking up the original novel or manga.

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