Why is Noritoshi Kamo still alive after his death? Explanation of revival possibilities and takeover in “Jujutsu Kaisen”


In “Jujutsu Kaisen,” Noritoshi Kamo, the most notorious curse user, is still alive despite his death. This article provides a comprehensive explanation about why Noritoshi Kamo is alive, the circumstances of his death, the identity of the fake Noritoshi, the significance of the stitches on his forehead, and the possibility of his revival.

For those who are having trouble understanding Noritoshi Kamo’s death and the concept of takeover, let’s review the details together.

*This article contains significant spoilers for “Jujutsu Kaisen.”

【When Did Noritoshi Kamo Die? Detailed Explanation of the Death Scene】

Noritoshi Kamo was killed by his former best friend Gojo Satoru after graduating from Jujutsu High School.

Ⓒ 2021 “Jyutsu Kaisen 0 the Movie” Production Committee Ⓒ Akutomi Shimoji/Shueisha

Noritoshi Kamo’s hatred for non-sorcerers and his goal to create a world exclusively for sorcerers was triggered by an incident during his time at Jujutsu High School.

Eventually becoming the “Worst Curse User,” Noritoshi planned a large-scale curse terrorist attack called the “Hyakki Yagyo” on December 24, 2017. He engaged in a deadly battle with first-year student Yuta Okkotsu, resulting in Noritoshi’s defeat.

Afterwards, facing his former best friend from Jujutsu High School, Gojo Satoru, Noritoshi conveyed his final words, “In this world, I could never truly smile from the bottom of my heart.” Gojo delivered the finishing blow, leading to Noritoshi’s death.

Indeed, Noritoshi died at that moment. However, the following year, he reappeared alongside a new group of allies. How could Noritoshi, who should have died, still be alive? The explanation for this will be detailed in the upcoming sections.

・What Were Gojo Satoru’s Final Words?

Ⓒ 2021 “Jyutsu Kaisen 0 the Movie” Production Committee Ⓒ Akutomi Shimoji/Shueisha

The final words Gojo Satoru spoke to Noritoshi Kamo have not been explicitly revealed in the manga or the anime film. Although Gege Akutami, the author, mentioned in an official fanbook that “the final words were spoken in Volume 0,” the exact words are not clear.

However, based on the revelation in the novelization that the words were “ー, ー,” and considering Noritoshi’s response, “At least curse me with your last words,” it’s likely that Gojo’s line was something like “You’re my only best friend.”

If that’s the case, it fits naturally within the conversation. Thinking about Gojo’s emotions, having to eliminate his only best friend, it’s a heavy-hearted sentiment…

【Identity】Who is the Imposter Inside Noritoshi Kamo’s Body?

©Akutomi Shimoda/Shueisha, Jutsu Kaisen Production Committee

The Resurgence of Noritoshi Kamo Who Was Supposed to Be Dead
In “Jujutsu Kaisen” Volume 0, Noritoshi Kamo was depicted being killed by Gojo Satoru. However, to everyone’s surprise, he reappears early on in Chapter 10 of Volume 2. Accompanied by Cursed Spirits, he visits a family restaurant and engages in a suspicious conversation with the spirits.

During this encounter, he attempts to seal away his former best friend, Gojo Satoru, and tries to bring in Yuji Itadori, who has assimilated with Sukuna. He exudes an unsettling aura, and there’s a surgical scar on his forehead, making his appearance seem rather dubious.

Later, during the Shibuya Incident, he reveals his true identity to Gojo Satoru and attempts to seal him with the “Gokumon Kaicho” technique. However, Gojo quickly sees through his ruse, expressing anger at the act of insulting his former best friend.

The True Identity: Kenjaku, the Source of Misfortune, the Worst Cursed User in History
Noritoshi Kamo, who led the “Shibuya Incident” with his faction, is an imposter. His true identity is Kenjaku, a Cursed User who can switch brains with others and take over their bodies. Kenjaku has existed as a Cursed User for at least 1000 years, transferring bodies to achieve his ambitions, persisting until modern times.

Kenjaku noticed Noritoshi’s jujutsu technique “Cursed Spirit Manipulation” and his relationship with Gojo, their former friendship. He took over Noritoshi’s deceased body from the Hyakki Yagyo and swapped their brains. In other words, every Noritoshi with a stitched forehead was actually Kenjaku.

Kenjaku is said to be the source of all misfortune, with his imposter identity hiding behind significant past events in the jujutsu world.

Individuals Whose Bodies Kenjaku Has Taken Over:

  • Kenjaku Kamo
  • Kaori Zenin
  • Noritoshi Kamo

During the Shibuya Incident, it’s revealed that Noritoshi Kamo is an imposter. Initially, Kenjaku Kamo, known as the “Worst Cursed User,” was suspected to be the true identity. Kenjaku lived during the Meiji era and created the “Cursed Womb Death Painting,” a cursed technique.

Kenjaku’s first-born son, Choso, realizes that Kenjaku is inside Noritoshi’s body. This leads readers to believe that the imposter is Kenjaku Kamo. However, it’s later revealed that Kenjaku also had a stitched forehead, just like Noritoshi. Kenjaku, like Noritoshi, was another victim taken over by Kenjaku himself.

【Possession】Why Did Kenjaku Choose Noritoshi Kamo? What Was His Purpose?

Kenjaku’s Goal of “Cursed Energy Optimization”
To understand why Kenjaku chose Noritoshi as his possession target, it’s essential to grasp the purpose behind his actions spanning over 1000 years. Kenjaku’s ultimate goal is to achieve the “cursed energy optimization.”

In order to unlock the untapped potential of cursed energy, Kenjaku aims to assimilate all of humanity, including non-jujutsu sorcerers, into Tengen, the Cursed Womb Entity. Through assimilation with Tengen, humanity would be forcefully upgraded into a new existence without individuality, akin to gods.

It’s worth noting that Kenjaku doesn’t have noble intentions; he merely seeks to assimilate with Tengen for the thrill of it, even if it means potentially annihilating humanity.

Noritoshi was Convenient for Kenjaku in Two Aspects
The biggest obstacle for Kenjaku is the “Six Eyes.” These are the unique eyes possessed by the Gojo family. Realizing that killing Six Eyes users only leads to the birth of new Six Eyes users, Kenjaku shifts his focus from extermination to sealing.

His target becomes Noritoshi, a former best friend of Gojo Satoru, who possesses the Six Eyes and uses Cursed Spirit Manipulation.

The other reason Noritoshi is a suitable target is that Tengen, no longer human, can be targeted by Cursed Spirit Manipulation. If Kenjaku possessed Noritoshi, he could control Tengen through the use of this technique. Additionally, by appearing as Gojo’s deceased friend, Kenjaku could create an opening in Gojo’s defenses, providing an opportunity to seal him.

When Was Noritoshi Kamo Possessed by Kenjaku?
While there is no specific depiction of when Kenjaku took over Noritoshi, it’s certain that this occurred after Noritoshi’s death during the Hyakki Yagyo on December 24, 2017. By early summer of 2018, Noritoshi was in contact with the cursed spirits that would later become his faction. This suggests that the possession occurred during this period.

Noritoshi’s body wasn’t handed over to Shoko Ieiri, the school nurse who was his former classmate, due to Gojo’s consideration. The exact route by which Noritoshi’s body ended up with Kenjaku is unknown, but it’s natural to assume it happened before the body was disposed of.

This indicates that the imposter Noritoshi was likely born around the end of 2017.

【Timeline】Detailed Chronology of Yuta Okkotsu from Past to Present

Let’s organize Noritoshi Kamo’s past to present in a chronological order, explaining the events that occurred in each scene and the volumes they are depicted in. If you want to know Noritoshi’s journey from his past to the present, refer to this timeline.

2006 (Volume 8, Chapter 65 – Volume 9, Chapter 76)
Yuta, along with Gojo, is assigned to be the bodyguard of Riko Amanai, a Star Plasma Vessel, during their time as students at Jujutsu High School.

August 2007 (Volume 9, Chapter 76 – Volume 9, Chapter 77)

  • Yuta encounters Ninety-Nine, Yuki, another Special Grade Jujutsu Sorcerer like himself.
  • On a mission in Okinawa with his junior, Todo Aoi, Yuta loses another junior, Yu Haibara.

September 2007 (Volume 9, Chapter 77)
Yuta gains recognition as a sorcerer after killing over a hundred civilians, simultaneously becoming a target for execution.

December 24, 2017 (0th Volume)
Returning to his alma mater, Jujutsu High School, Yuta attempts to unleash the Hyakki Yagyo, but is defeated by Yuji Itadori and is ultimately killed by Satoru Gojo.

July 2018 (Volume 2, Chapter 10)
Yuta reappears, accompanied by the Special Grade Cursed Spirits: Roka, Hanami, and Dagon.

October 31, 2018 (Volume 10, Chapter 83 – Volume 16, Chapter 136)
The Shibuya Incident erupts, involving numerous people and leading to a large-scale conflict.

This timeline provides a comprehensive overview of Noritoshi Kamo’s journey, from his student days to his reemergence and his involvement in the Shibuya Incident.

【Resurrection】Is the Real Noritoshi Kamo set to Return!?

Is there a possibility of the real Noritoshi Kamo’s resurrection? Let’s delve into this possibility and discuss it.

Reviewing the Resurrection Flags for Noritoshi Kamo:
List of Resurrection Flags for Noritoshi Kamo:

  • His body reacting to Gojo’s call.
  • Noritoshi’s memories from his life flowing into Kamo.
  • Ogami’s spirit summoning leading to the revival of Geto Suguru’s soul.
  • Zenin Naoya returning as a Cursed Spirit.
  • Mechanism of Mecha-Marukawa’s body regeneration through the “Mu’i Tenpen” technique.
  • Fushiguro Megumi possessing the Shikigami of resurrection.
  • Yuta Okkotsu’s ability to copy others’ techniques.

Directly, the first two points seem to be the most relevant resurrection flags for Noritoshi Kamo. The subsequent points, from the third onward, hold the potential to be used in a way that might lead to Noritoshi’s revival.

The physical reaction to Gojo’s call and the reversal of memories are experiences not previously seen in the context of Kamo’s possession by Kamo Noritoshi. Given Noritoshi’s status as a Special Grade Jujutsu Sorcerer, similar to how Fushiguro Megumi caused an irregularity during spirit summoning, there is a chance that extraordinary events might occur.

However, considering that Noritoshi had seemingly come to terms with his own way of living and making choices, it’s hard to predict what his motivations for returning might be. This uncertainty makes the possibility of his actual return seem quite low.

【Methods of Resurrection Speculation】
When considering methods of resurrection, two possibilities come to mind: full revival through resurrection-type techniques, or temporary revival through spirit summoning. There’s also the potential for resurrection as a Cursed Spirit, although it’s unlikely that Gojo would leave his unique and dear friend with such a fate.

If they were to defeat Geto, reclaiming the body might be possible. Temporarily bringing back his soul through spirit summoning seems plausible at first, but summoning a spirit into a deceased body is likely unfeasible.

While an unrevealed technique for complete revival is a possibility, it could come across as overly convenient. A scenario where Noritoshi’s consciousness briefly suppresses Geto during the final battle, leading to a turning point, might be a plausible path to revival.

【Yearning for the Real Noritoshi Kamo! Curious about the Fate of the Fake Noritoshi】
Even though Noritoshi Kamo was already deceased at the beginning of the main story, he has now been consumed by Geto’s schemes through possession. The question remains: will Geto fulfill his ominous plans using Noritoshi’s power? As the story of “Jujutsu Kaisen” has entered its climactic phase, the fate of the characters, particularly the fake Noritoshi, keeps the readers thoroughly engaged!

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