[Osaka Exhibition Confirmed] “Chainsaw Man Animation Exhibition” – Exhibiting precious animation key frames, storyboards, and production materials supervised by MAPPA!


From September 30 (Sat) to October 29 (Sun), 2023, the “Chainsaw Man Animation Exhibition” will be held in a special venue on the 7th floor of Shinsaibashi OPA in Osaka. Amidst decorations evoking scenes from Chainsaw Man, precious key animation frames, storyboards, and production materials from the TV anime episodes 1-12 will be exhibited under MAPPA supervision, with spaces for each episode! You can experience the world of the work. Life-size figures of Chainsaw Man, Makima, Power, and Aki Hayakawa will also appear at the venue! Don’t miss the exclusive newly illustrated goods.

Passing through the entrance, there lies the dim world of Chainsaw Man.

As a devil hunter with his dog Pochita, young Denji lives to repay his late father’s debts, taking on jobs from the yakuza along with the “Chainsaw Devil.” One day, called out by the yakuza, Denji is betrayed and killed. As his consciousness fades, a voice speaks to Denji.

Arrival in Tokyo
Brought to the Tokyo Devil Hunters headquarters, Denji is introduced by Makima to senior devil hunter Aki Hayakawa and the two undertake a mission together. However, Denji gets punched by Aki and told “Quit your job.”

Where is Nyako?
Making a buddy-cop team with the “Blood Fiend” Power, Denji learns she will let him touch her chest in exchange for getting back her old cat Nyako from a devil. Faced with his dream coming true, Denji gets fired up, but—

Rescue Battle
After a fierce battle defeating the “Bat Devil” and saving Power, Denji’s sole aim was “touching her chest.” Though Power is exasperated saying “That’s a stupid reason,” she agrees to let him touch her chest. Delighted, Denji proceeds, but—

Gun Devil
Living together with Aki and Power, Denji finally achieves his dream of touching Power’s chest, but—

Kill Denji
Sneaking into a hotel to gather flesh pieces of the Gun Devil, Denji’s team clashes with Special Division 4 of the Public Safety Bureau. Trapped on the 8th floor by the devil’s powers, they’re in a desperate situation—

Taste of a Kiss
Seeing Aki stabbed protecting him by Kobeni, Denji dives at the “Eternity Devil.” Seeing this, Himeno recalls certain words…

Experiencing a shocking first kiss, the drunk Denji is carried to Himeno’s home and tempted, but—

From Kyoto
A fierce battle unfold between Denji and the Katana Man. Taking the Katana Man’s companions hostage, Denji is ruthlessly slashed along with the hostages.

More Shredded
After a series of attacks decimating their ranks, the battered Special Division 4 awakens in hospital beds. Unable to accept reality, Aki… Meanwhile, to reinforce Division 4 Makima introduces someone to instruct Denji and Power.

Operation Start
Tempered by Kishibe, Denji and Power locate the Katana Man’s hideout, beginning the Public Safety Bureau’s counterattack.

Katana vs. Chainsaw
Nearly killed by Sawatari and his Ghost Devil, Aki… At the same time, confronting the Katana Man again, Denji pulls the ripcord on his chest becoming Chainsaw Man. Thus begins the final battle between Chainsaw Man and the Katana Man…

Ticket Information

[Play Guide] Lawson Ticket
[Sales Period] Until September 29, 2023
[Price] General: 2,000 yen (1,800 yen advance), Student: 1,500 yen (1,400 yen advance)
*Prices in () are advance tickets
*Preschool children free
*Mandatory time slots on Sept. 30 (Sat), Oct. 1 (Sun). Weekends and holidays during the exhibition require morning time slots.

Exhibition Overview

[Exhibition Name] Chainsaw Man Animation Exhibition
[Duration] Sept. 30 (Sat) to Oct. 29 (Sun), 2023
[Hours] 11:00-19:00
[Venue] Shinsaibashi OPA 7F Special Venue (Shinsaibashi OPA 7F, 1-4-3 Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo Ward, Osaka)
[Closed] Oct. 16 (Mon)
[Organizer] Chainsaw Man Exhibition in Osaka Executive Committee
[Cooperation] MAPPA, Shueisha, TV Tokyo
[Planning & Production] hanayo
[Inquiries] Chainsaw Man in Osaka Venue Office
Tel: 080-5723-8326 (Weekdays only 10:00-17:00)
During exhibition: within business hours
[Official Site] https://animechainsawmanten.dog/
[Official X (Former Twitter)] https://twitter.com/chainsawmanten

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