[Psycho-Pass] Why was Akane Tsunemori arrested? Movie spoilers reveal what happened in the blank period and ending


This article explains why main Psycho-Pass character Akane Tsunemori was arrested and demoted to Enforcer. For those who haven’t seen the Psycho-Pass movie trilogy but want spoilers on why she was imprisoned, check out this article, which covers what happened between the last scene of Season 2 and the movie trilogy. You can learn about the events spanning from Psycho-Pass Season 2’s finale to the movie trilogy.

Who is Akane Tsunemori?

This article will explain why Psycho-Pass main character Akane Tsunemori was arrested. If you want to know why Tsunemori was arrested and demoted to Enforcer, check out the sections “Why was Tsunemori arrested and commit murder?” and “What was Tsunemori’s ending and what happened after being demoted?”.

In addition to the reasons behind Tsunemori’s arrest and demotion, her profile is also introduced. First, the work overview and plot summary of the movie Psycho-Pass: Providence, which depicts why she was arrested, are provided in the sections below. If you want to review info on the movie, go through those sections.

Psycho-Pass: Providence Movie Information

Psycho-Pass: Providence Overview

The Psycho-Pass anime film Psycho-Pass: Providence was released on May 12, 2023 with a R15+ rating.

Psycho-Pass: Providence depicts the story between the 2018 Psycho-Pass movie trilogy Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System and Psycho-Pass Season 3. In Season 3, the reason Inspector Tsunemori was imprisoned remained unclear.

Psycho-Pass: Providence reveals why she was detained and arrested in the story. Director Naoyoshi Shiotani returns from the TV series.

Psycho-Pass: Providence Plot Summary

The world is managed by an AI system called the Sybil System. From crime penalties to jobs, everything is decided by Sybil, with people accepting this unquestioningly. In this society, the idea spreads that “judgment of crimes should also be left entirely to the Sybil System.” However, this way of thinking would be changed after Public Safety Bureau Inspector Akane Tsunemori shot and killed the Bureau Director in public.

Akane Tsunemori’s Profile

Akane Tsunemori is the main character throughout the Psycho-Pass series, appearing since Season 1. In Season 1 she debuts as the rookie Inspector assigned to Unit 1 of the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division where protagonist Shinya Kogami works. In Season 2 she plays the reliable Inspector leading Unit 1. Then in Season 3 she has been detained after a certain incident.

Since there was no foreshadowing of Tsunemori’s arrest at the end of Season 2, viewers wondered “Why is Tsunemori imprisoned in Season 3?”. What happened in the gap between the last scene of Season 2 and Season 3 is told in the movie Psycho-Pass: Providence.

Tsunemori’s conduct changes with each season. Initially as a rookie Inspector she gives the impression of a bright, justice-minded girl with keen insight. In Season 2 after learning the truth of the Sybil System and Public Safety Bureau, she displays a shadowed side. Then in Season 3 she is called a “murderous former Inspector” as she reflects in detention.

Does Tsunemori Have the Same Special Trait as Makishima?

Tsunemori is also suspected to have the “Crime Coefficient 0” trait of Season 1 villain Shogo Makishima. In the Psycho-Pass world, when stress builds up and mental state deteriorates to where someone seems likely to commit crimes, the Sybil System detects this. When the “Crime Coefficient” exceeds a set value and the person is judged harmful to society, Inspectors’ Dominators guns execute them.

However, some people’s Crime Coefficients don’t react to the System and can’t be shot with Dominators, no matter how heinous the criminal. Such people are called “Criminally Asymptomatic.” Makishima was one of them. When told her grandmother was killed, Tsunemori’s unchanged Crime Coefficient led to speculation she may also be Criminally Asymptomatic.

However, in that situation Tsunemori’s Crime Coefficient rose to just below the criminal judgment threshold. Since the Criminally Asymptomatic’s values don’t change, unlike Makishima, Tsunemori is not Criminally Asymptomatic. In-story she is called a “Mental Beauty,” meaning she has the gift of maintaining her mental state.

Tsunemori and Kogami’s Relationship

In Psycho-Pass Season 1, Tsunemori is assigned to Unit 1 as a rookie Inspector while Shinya Kogami is an Enforcer in the unit. Unlike Inspectors whose Crime Coefficients are certified as safe by Sybil, Enforcers have high Crime Coefficients and are seen as latent criminals.

Even as latent criminals shunned by colleagues, Tsunemori treats Kogami equally. Through working together, she comes to trust Kogami’s sense of justice despite his cool personality. Since Season 2 after Kogami left Unit 1, Tsunemori is seen smoking, perhaps reminding herself of him as she didn’t smoke before.

Here are the reasons Akane Tsunemori was arrested and committed murder in Psycho-Pass (spoilers):

Tsunemori Was Arrested on Suspicion of Assassinating Chief Kasei

In Psycho-Pass Season 3, Tsunemori was imprisoned for unknown reasons. There was no foreshadowing of her arrest at the end of Season 2, leaving many wondering “Why was Tsunemori arrested?” Her reason for arrest also remains unclear through Season 3.

The movie Psycho-Pass: Providence revealed why. In it, Tsunemori shoots Bureau Director Joshu Kasei. This incident leads to her imprisonment.

Why Tsunemori Shot Chief Kasei Publicly

Tsunemori shot Chief Kasei to stop the movement to abolish laws and leave even criminal judgments entirely to the Sybil System. In Season 1, Tsunemori lost her best friend and grandmother to the criminally asymptomatic Shogo Makishima unaffected by Sybil. This triggered her doubts about Sybil.

However, the public trusts the convenient, accurate Sybil System. Though it can’t deal with irregulars like Makishima, since they are rare, relying on Sybil is efficient. By publicly committing a crime, Tsunemori tried to make people reconsider this reliance.

Despite losing loved ones, Tsunemori’s Crime Coefficient never rose enough to shoot. So she had no hesitation shooting Kasei, knowing he was a machine. Her coefficient after shooting Kasei didn’t rise enough to warrant punishment from Inspectors or Enforcers.

This act by Tsunemori quelled the proposal to entrust all criminal judgments to Sybil. Although imprisoned for a time and demoted to Enforcer, she is eventually released from detention.

What Was Tsunemori’s Ending and What Happened After Being Demoted?

Possibility 1: She Is Released and Made a Designated Enforcer

After the last scene of Season 2, Tsunemori was arrested for pointing a gun at Chief Kasei. Although publicly deemed to have killed Kasei, since he was a machine she is released. But unable to return as an Inspector after the public incident, she is demoted to Enforcer.

The ending of the 2020 film Psycho-Pass: First Inspector reveals that new Chief Karanomori appointed the demoted Tsunemori as a “Designated Enforcer.”

Possibility 2: She Works Under Inspector Azusawa

After being demoted, it seems Tsunemori comes to work under her former junior Inspector Mika Azusawa in Unit 1. When the senior Inspector Tsunemori oversaw the junior Azusawa, Azusawa was quite harsh to her. Many are curious how Azusawa will treat the demoted Tsunemori given their past relationship.

Akane Tsunemori’s Accomplishments So Far

Tsunemori’s Activities in Season 1

Although she ends up demoted to Enforcer at the end of the film Psycho-Pass: First Inspector, in Psycho-Pass Season 1 Tsunemori displays a fresh, rookie-like innocence. Questioning the society that leaves everything to the Sybil System, those around her in Unit 1 like Shinya Kogami are also influenced by her thinking. Then, her trust in Sybil is overturned by the death of her best friend and grandmother.

Tsunemori’s Activities in Season 2

In Psycho-Pass Season 2, Tsunemori takes the lead role. At the end of Season 1, Tsunemori learns that the Sybil System is a collection of criminal brains and the Bureau Director is not human, leading her to resent Sybil. However, she also comes to accept the fact that it is because of Sybil’s existence that people can live in peace.

Amidst this mindset, Tsunemori encounters the criminal Kirito Kamui unaffected by Sybil. Because he was created by connecting multiple human bodies, Kamui could not be judged by Sybil. Tsunemori brings together this man of unique makeup with Sybil and questions whether Sybil will judge him or not.

Akane Tsunemori’s Voice Actor

Kana Hanazawa’s Profile

The voice actor playing Akane Tsunemori in the Psycho-Pass series is Kana Hanazawa, known for roles like Nadeko Sengoku in the Monogatari series, Ayase Shinomiya in Guilty Crown, and Kougyoku Ren in Magi. She has publicly revealed being born on February 25, 1989, having blood type AB, and being from Tokyo. In 2020 she married fellow voice actor Kensho Ono.

Kana Hanazawa’s Main Roles and Characters Played

  • Akane Tsunemori (Psycho-Pass)
  • Nadeko Sengoku (Monogatari Series)
  • Ayase Shinomiya (Guilty Crown)
  • Kougyoku Ren (Magi)
  • Marie (Megalo Box)
  • Manaka Mukaido (Nagi no Asukara)
  • Mayumi Saegusa (The Irregular at Magic High School)
  • Rize Kamishiro (Tokyo Ghoul)
  • Satomi Murano (Parasyte -the maxim-)
  • Lan Asumi (World Trigger)

Impressions and Opinions on Akane Tsunemori

I like the relationship between Shinya Kogami, Akane Tsunemori, and Nobuchika Ginoza.

As a main character active in Psycho-Pass, Akane Tsunemori receives many comments calling her “cool” and saying they “like” her. In Season 1, she holds her own alongside the other members of Unit 1 despite being a rookie, becoming a popular character.

Mr. Kogami, there have been so many moments when I thought, “I want you to be here now, by Akane Tsunemori’s side.” So, so many…

Many who have seen Psycho-Pass seem to like the “combo of Tsunemori and Kogami.” The relationship of the veteran Kogami watching out for the rookie Tsunemori and her efforts to catch up to him is popular.

Kana Hanazawa’s voice acting range to voice both Akane Tsunemori and Kanroji Mitsuri without making them sound alike is amazing, I take my hat off to her orz

There are also many comments on Tsunemori’s voice actor Kana Hanazawa. This tweet expresses surprise at learning Tsunemori and Kanroji Mitsuri from Demon Slayer have the same voice actor.

Here is a summary of why Akane Tsunemori was detained:

In summary, I have covered why Akane Tsunemori was imprisoned and the reasons behind it. Tsunemori was detained for shooting Bureau Director Joshu Kasei with a gun. Since Kasei had a prosthetic cyborg body, he was not actually killed. However, since most in the Psycho-Pass world don’t know Kasei is a machine, Tsunemori was arrested as a murderer.

This scene appears in the Psycho-Pass movie Psycho-Pass: Providence. The later film Psycho-Pass: First Inspector shows that although released from detention, Tsunemori has been demoted to Enforcer.

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