Jujutsu Kaisen’s Kusakabe Atsuya – a first grade jujutsu sorcerer without techniques! Why did he switch with Itadori?


The hugely popular manga “Jujutsu Kaisen” has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since 2018. It has been adapted into an anime and anime film, gripping fans’ hearts with its unpredictable heated developments!

This article thoroughly explains Atsuya Kusakabe, the 2nd year homeroom teacher and 1st grade jujutsu sorcerer appearing in the work.

Profile of Jujutsu Kaisen’s Kusakabe Atsuya

©︎Akutami Gege/Shueisha

Birthday: Unknown Age: 35 Height: 185cm Affiliation: 2nd Year Teacher at Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu High School Grade: 1st Grade Sorcerer Technique: Shin Segumi School
Hobbies/Skills: Fishing Favorite Food: Fatty tuna rolls Disliked Food: Tuna eyeballs Stressors: Missions in general Voice Actor: Shinichiro Miki

With his trenchcoat, Kusakabe Atsuya appears at first glance to be a hard-boiled middle-aged man. However, contrary to his looks, he has no motivation and takes on missions while always seeming listless.

Although he has a cigarette-like object in his mouth, it is actually a candy stick since he is trying to quit smoking. He has no innate techniques, but has reached 1st grade sorcerer through combat using the Shin Segumi School and swords.

Kusakabe Atsuya’s personality prioritizes self-preservation

Despite being a top-ranking 1st grade sorcerer below only the special grades, Kusakabe has a cowardly, timid personality focused on self-preservation. While behaving nonchalantly outside of combat, he avoids fighting those above his level, citing a fear of dying. Unlike most jujutsu sorcerers, Kusakabe has an ordinary person’s mindset. However, he doesn’t only look out for himself – in the Shibuya Incident, he protected Miwa from Geto’s attack.

[Strength] Kusakabe, who became a 1st grade sorcerer without techniques, is a master

Kusakabe uses Shin Segumi School, devised during the Heian era by Rokuemon Tagano. Its techniques are forbidden to be taught outside the school by “binding vow”.

Like Miwa of Kyoto, his characteristic combat style uses a sword. He can utilize Shin Segumi School’s fastest technique “Batto” even while moving. One of his specialties is “Yuzuki”, battojutsu from a kneeling stance. He also excels at searching, able to sense curses underground while on the surface.

Does not have innate techniques

While his 1st grade status implies Kusakabe has considerable ability, he actually does not have any innate techniques. However, Kokichi evaluates him as “a master who rose through the ranks without techniques”. He is likely the only 1st grade jujutsu sorcerer without innate techniques.

While Itadori and Miwa also lack innate techniques, Gojo said in the past “Techniques are engraved in the body from birth, so 80% of a jujutsu sorcerer’s strength is talent.” This shows Kusakabe’s impressiveness.

Can he use Domain Expansion?

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There have not yet been scenes of Kusakabe using Domain Expansion. Furthermore, currently no one who can use Domain Expansion without innate techniques has appeared in the story, so the chance he can use it is low. However, since he and other disciples of Shin Segumi School have learned Simple Domain, they may learn and unveil Domain Expansion in the future.

[Latest] Why did Kusakabe and Itadori switch bodies?

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The puzzling scene with Itadori and Kusakabe in Chapter 222. After Itadori throws Kusakabe in a dojo-like place, he calls to Kusakabe “This much warm-up is fine, right? Time to get serious, Itadori!” In response, Kusakabe says “Patience” to Itadori. Since Itadori calls Kusakabe “Itadori”, their minds have likely switched. However, no currently known characters have a mind-switching technique, leaving this an even deeper mystery. It is speculated this is a technique manifested by Itadori.

What is Kusakabe’s relationship with Principal Yaga?

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In the story, Kusakabe hints he owes a debt to Jujutsu High Principal Masamichi Yaga. Kusakabe has a sister who became enfeebled and wheelchair-bound after losing her son. Wanting to save his sister’s heart, Kusakabe requests Yaga, skilled at creating cursed corpses, to make a cursed corpse with his sister’s son’s soul to help her. This is the background for Kusakabe’s gratitude toward Yaga.

The cursed corpse “Takeru”

The cursed corpse Yaga created per Kusakabe’s request is a bipedal dog-like being called “Takeru”. Yaga tells Kusakabe “That is not him, merely a cursed corpse containing Takeru’s information. And because independent cursed corpses’ existence cannot be made public, you cannot live together.” Kusakabe agrees, but seeing his sister, when “Takeru” says “That’s not my mom, is it?”, Kusakabe weeps while embracing the cursed corpse.

Kusakabe acts as commentator for the Gojo vs. Sukuna fight

©︎Akutami Gege/Shueisha

After being absent for a while, Kusakabe plays the role of commentator for the Gojo vs. Sukuna fight. This fierce battle of powerful techniques would leave many people behind without explanation. However, Kusakabe clearly explains what is happening and the techniques used, making it very easy to understand.

Is Kusakabe Atsuya modeled after actor Atsuro Watabe?

It was revealed in the official fanbook that Kusakabe’s name is modeled after a certain actor. While the actor’s name has not been given, since his name contains the characters for “Atsu”, it is speculated to be Atsuro Watabe. Looking at his dandy image, the resemblance could be seen if pointed out.

Kusakabe Atsuya is voiced by Shinichiro Miki

In the Jujutsu Kaisen anime, Kusakabe is voiced by voice actor Shinichiro Miki. His subdued, husky voice fits Kusakabe perfectly. Miki’s major roles include Kisuke Urahara in Bleach: The Thousand Year Blood War arc, Kojiro in the Pokemon series, and the Master in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Sword.

Don’t miss Kusakabe Atsuya’s activities in the anime!

This article introduced the popular Jujutsu Kaisen character Kusakabe Atsuya in depth. With expectations that he will be more active in the anime, look forward to his future appearances!

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