【Oshi no Ko】Yura Katayose is a popular actress with a star for an eye! What is the reason for her death and what is her relationship to Kamiki Hikaru?


In “Oshi no Ko”, characters like Ain Sosei and Aqua have stars in their eyes. Popular actress Katayose Yura is one of them. However, Katayose died very shortly after being introduced. This article summarizes Katayose Yura’s cause of death and relationship with Kamiki Hikaru in “Oshi no Ko”. It also includes speculation about Kamiki’s identity, goals, and the meaning of the eye stars, so please refer to it.

Here is an English summary of Katayose Yura’s introductory chapters in “Oshi no Ko”:

Katayose Yura in Oshi no Ko

Katayose Yura is a popular actress who appears in “Oshi no Ko”. However, with extremely few scenes, many may not know her character. Despite her limited role, Katayose’s scenes held very important meaning. This article will explain Oshi no Ko’s Katayose Yura in depth. First, let’s look at some background on Oshi no Ko where she appears.

About Oshi no Ko

Oshi no Ko is a manga that started serialization in Weekly Young Jump in 2020, released a week later on Shonen Jump+. It is created by a two-person team of Akasaka Aka (story) and Mengo Yokoyari (art). Akasaka was simultaneously serializing “Kaguya-sama: Love is War” when Oshi no Ko began. Now Kaguya-sama has ended, and Akasaka writes Oshi no Ko and “Love Stories Exceeding the Radius of Time”.

Mengo Yokoyari, known for works like “Kuzu no Honkai”, handles the art. The character designs and name are done by Akasaka, and Yokoyari also contributes to story composition.

Oshi no Ko won 1st place in the “Next Manga Awards” in 2021. In 2022 it placed 5th in the “Manga Fans Want Animated” ranking, and the TV anime adaptation premiered in April 2023. The anime and its theme songs have generated huge buzz, with a 2nd season already announced.

Oshi no Ko Plot Summary

Goro worked as a doctor and was a fan of idol group B-Komachi’s member Ain Sosei. When a pregnant Ain visits the hospital, Goro becomes her doctor. On the day Ain gives birth, Goro is killed by someone and reincarnates as Ain’s child, Aqua. Aqua lives happily with Ain and his sister Ruby, but Ain is stabbed to death by a stalker. Realizing a mastermind is behind it, Aqua swears revenge.

Katayose Yura is a popular actress with a star in her eye

As Oshi no Ko is set in the entertainment world, many celebrities appear. Katayose Yura is one of them, depicted as a popular actress. However, she appears very late in the manga, so anime-only viewers likely don’t know about her. Even manga readers may have forgotten her due to her brief role. To understand her character, let’s first check her basic information.

Katayose Yura’s Profile

In Oshi no Ko, Katayose Yura is a 25 year old popular actress affiliated with SA Productions, with blood type B. She has medium-length hair and wears glasses in public to conceal her identity. Her cute looks brought her fame, allowing her to become a popular actress.

While famous for her looks, her acting is also fairly well-regarded. She aims to improve her skills and become a leading actress who can’t be used by adults. But currently she still lacks that level of skill and is often used as audience-bait.

Katayose Yura has a star in her eye

When first introduced, Katayose had no star and normal eyes. But in one panel when speaking of her dream to become a “great actress”, a white star appeared in her right eye. Many speculated the eye stars came from Ain’s genetics.

However, Katayose also having a star showed the eyes aren’t unique to Ain’s bloodline. In the story, non-relatives of Ain also have eye stars. Akane Kurokawa, who impersonated Ain, gained a star through acting. This suggests the first star was temporarily induced by acting.

But afterwards, stars frequently appeared in Akane’s eyes when on camera. Like Katayose, Akane’s star seems to emerge only in certain situations. With two unrelated people gaining stars, it became clear the stars don’t come from lineage.

Katayose Yura’s cause of death

Katayose died in Oshi no Ko with barely any role, to many fans’ surprise. So why did she die so soon after appearing? Here, we’ll explain in detail Katayose’s death scene and cause of death.

What chapter did Katayose Yura die?

Katayose first appears and dies in Chapter 109 of the manga. In the movie arc, a film called “15 Years of Lies” about Ain’s life was planned. The producer Kiyomizu wanted to cast the popular Katayose for publicity. He consulted her manager Honda Mio about casting Katayose without deciding her role yet.

Without consulting Katayose herself, Honda accepted the role offer for her. Hearing about this, a disgruntled Katayose complained while drinking at a bar, unhappy about being treated as audience-bait despite wanting to become a great actress. A man she called “Miki” listened to her complaints.

Leaving the bar with Miki, Katayose spoke of her dream to star in a classic film remembered 100 years later. A star appeared in her eye as she talked passionately about her future. Miki told her “You’re worth that much.” He then casually asked about her plans for her day off. With mountain climbing as her hobby, she was planning to go to the mountains.

Knowing Katayose would go alone, Miki meaningfully told her “Be careful” and continued “Sometimes the mountains hide things no matter how hard you look” “Watch your step.” And as planned, when Katayose went mountain climbing, Miki killed her. Approaching her body collapsed on the rocks, he undid her usual hairstyle and opened her narrowed eyes, revealing a black star within – revealing “Miki” to be Kamiki Hikaru. After killing Katayose, Kamiki seems to have hidden her body somewhere. In Oshi no Ko she is currently missing. As there is no news of her death, her body likely hasn’t been found yet.

Did Katayose Yura die from falling?

In Katayose’s death scene, she bled from her head but the cause wasn’t shown. However, from Kamiki’s line “I told you to watch your step”, she likely fell to her death.

Kamiki admits “Because of me, a valuable actress lost her life”, taking responsibility for her death. So while not clearly depicted, it’s certain Kamiki caused her death, not an accident on Katayose’s part. Still, she wasn’t dead instantly when Kamiki approached, so she didn’t fall from too high.

Here is an English summary of Katayose Yura’s relationship with Kamiki Hikaru in Oshi no Ko:

Katayose Yura’s relationship with Kamiki Hikaru

In Oshi no Ko, popular actress Katayose Yura is killed by Kamiki Hikaru, suspected to be behind idol Ain Sosei’s murder. Kamiki is a mysterious figure who Aqua pursues for revenge. The manga depicts Katayose friendly with Kamiki, but what was their actual connection? Here I will summarize Katayose and Kamiki’s relationship.

Is Kamiki the culprit behind Ain’s death and Aqua’s father?

Oshi no Ko’s Aqua believes the mastermind behind Ain’s murder is his own father, and has long searched for him. Through DNA tests on those associated with Ain, Aqua discovers famous actor Himekawa Daiki is his half-brother, concluding they share a father.

Aqua befriends Himekawa co-starring in a play, and getting him alone, reveals their half-sibling status. Himekawa tells Aqua about his dead parents – his unsuccessful actor father Kiyojiro Uehara and mother Airi Himekawa, who died in a joint suicide. With both dead, Aqua temporarily escapes his revenge obsession.

However, former Strawberry Productions president Iori Saito reveals Kiyojiro died before Ain moved. As Ain was killed right after moving, Aqua believes the culprit informed the killer of her new address. But with Kiyojiro dead beforehand, he couldn’t have known it. Saito suggests Airi used a surrogate, forcing Aqua to confront they may have a different father. Resuming his search, Akane Kurokawa realizes Aqua’s identity first.

Seeing a young Aqua double in old Lalarai Troupe footage, Akane concludes he is Aqua’s father. About to kill Kamiki for Aqua, she is stopped by Aqua, who from her actions concludes Kamiki is their actual father, and resumes his revenge.

Katayose mutters “murderer” to Kamiki

In Oshi no Ko, Kamiki currently acts as CEO of Kamiki Productions. Katayose’s knowledge of his job and connection to him is unclear. She calls him “Miki-san” – possibly short for “Kamiki”, but unclear if she knew his full name.

Rather than a nickname, he may have introduced himself as “Miki”. But from her saying “When I drink, it’s with Miki-san”, they seemed very close. Kamiki likely approached Katayose to kill her, befriending her over time to watch for opportunities.

Learning she would go mountain climbing on her day off, Kamiki chose that day to kill her. Following her, he did the deed. Realizing Kamiki killed her, Katayose mutters “murderer” before death. Kamiki shows no guilt, only smiling.

Why Kamiki Hikaru killed Katayose Yura in Oshi no Ko

Theory 1: Kamiki’s abnormal sexual tendencies

The reason for Katayose Yura’s murder in Oshi no Ko is not clearly stated. After killing her, Kamiki Hikaru says “I feel the weight of taking your valuable life” while smiling. His reaction implies he takes pleasure in killing popular actresses at their peak. His murders of Ain Sosei and Katayose likely stem from these abnormal tendencies.

Theory 2: Was Ruby Kurosawa Kamiki’s next target?

Kamiki seems to target charismatic figures with eye stars for murder. If so, it would make sense for his next target to be Ruby Kurosawa. However, while an idol, Ruby did not yet have Ain’s level of popularity. If Kamiki wanted to kill Ruby at the height of fame, he may have been waiting for her to become more popular.

Ruby was gradually gaining exposure and popularity, and was cast as a former B-Komachi member in the film “15 Years of Lies”. But that supporting role likely wouldn’t make her explosively famous. For Ruby to become a top idol, she needed a leading role.

It can be theorized that to give Ruby a big role, Kamiki killed Katayose Yura, who was cast in the lead for “15 Years of Lies”. With Katayose’s death, the lead would likely go to Akane Kurokawa or Fuufu Hinode. However, offered the role, Fuufu proposed an audition between her, Akane and Ruby.

Ruby ended up winning the “15 Years of Lies” lead role. If Kamiki wanted Ruby to grow in popularity, this was an ideal outcome. With the film rocketing Ruby’s fame, Kamiki may make a move to kill her.

Here is the English translation:

Theories about Kamiki Hikaru’s identity and goals related to killing Katayose Yura in Oshi no Ko

Kamiki Hikaru’s identity in Oshi no Ko is still unclear despite killing Katayose Yura and Ain Sosei. With his motives still speculative, attention is focused on his future actions. Here I will summarize theories about Kamiki’s identity, goals, the meaning of his eye stars, and more based on the story so far.

Theory 1: Why Kamiki killed Ain

In Oshi no Ko, Ain Sosei was not directly killed by Kamiki Hikaru. Her killer was her stalker Ryosuke, who broke into her new home and stabbed her to death. But as just a college student, Ryosuke could not have known Ain’s new address.

It’s believed the mastermind Kamiki gave the address to the perpetrator Ryosuke. Why did Kamiki direct Ryosuke to kill Ain? When Ain was pregnant, Kamiki apparently went with Ryosuke to her hospital in Miyazaki. Ruby heard this from a mysterious girl, who only mentioned a junior high boy present, not identifying him. If that boy was Kamiki, it means he planned Ain’s murder even before she gave birth. If his motive with Katayose Yura was abnormal urges, the same likely drove him to kill popular idol Ain.

For Kamiki who wanted to kill Ain at her peak, her pregnancy must have been an miscalculation. Thinking her idol career would end after giving birth, he may have tried to kill her while she was still popular. Although Ryosuke’s attack failed, it resulted in the death of Ain’s doctor Goro instead.

Kamiki then laid low for a while as Ain’s popularity grew further, even holding concerts at Tokyo Dome. If he wanted to kill her at the height of fame, he wouldn’t miss this chance. So it’s possible he reactivated Ryosuke to have Ain murdered.

Theory 2: Did Kamiki also kill Himekawa Airi?

Himekawa Airi, mother of Oshi no Ko’s Daiki Himekawa, died in a joint suicide with husband Kiyojiro Uehara before the story starts. Their reason is unknown, but son Daiki believes it was due to Kiyojiro’s affair. However, if Kamiki is Aqua’s father, it means Airi had the affair. Former Strawberry Productions president Iori Saito thinks Airi bore another man’s child, causing the suicide. If that’s true, Kamiki may have provoked Kiyojiro into the murder-suicide.

At the time, popular actress Airi had even starred in morning dramas. Although she lacked illustrated eye stars, she was certainly talented. If Kamiki was already targeting such actresses, it would make sense for Airi to have been in his sights.

Theory 3: Meaning of Kamiki’s eye stars

Some Oshi no Ko characters have eye stars, white signifying charisma. Ain had dual white stars with her immense popularity. Her charismatic children Aqua and Ruby were born with one white star each, but theirs later turned black.

Their stars darkened when their vengeance obsession intensified – for Aqua, when realizing Ain’s killer had an accomplice; for Ruby, learning one accomplice still lived. This suggests white stars turn black when their owner’s heart is tainted by darkness. What then do Kamiki’s black stars, present since childhood, signify?

As the perpetrator, Kamiki doesn’t seem driven by revenge. But as a psychopath, his heart likely swirls with negativity. Black stars may signify not just vengeance, but succumbing to human negativity. When Kamiki’s stars turned black is unclear, but they seem to represent his inner darkness.

Theory 4: Kamiki’s current status

As mentioned, Kamiki now holds an entertainment company executive position, but company details are unknown. He founded Kamiki Productions at 25 years old. He was an actor with Lalarai Troupe until 16, and his 16-25 activities are a blank. Now 31, his company seems successful.

When Akane Kurokawa won an award, Kamiki sent white roses as a Lalarai alumnus. Questioned about the sender, Toshiro Kindaichi said it was an alumnus who sends Akane flowers for her accomplishments – suggesting he still associates with Kamiki. While Kamiki left acting, he seems active running his agency.

Here is an English summary of opinions and evaluations of Katayose Yura in Oshi no Ko:

Impressions and assessments of Katayose Yura

When Katayose first appeared in Oshi no Ko, fans were excited about the introduction of this cute new character. However, many seemed disappointed that she died without really doing anything. Some who had started supporting her lamented having “no time to cheer for her.”

In Oshi no Ko, despite being a popular actress, the real Katayose had a blunt personality who drank and spoke coarsely. The gap between her public and private selves was appealing, and some felt she resembled Ain Sosei. Her shining eyes while speaking of becoming a great actress also made her seem just like Ain pursuing the top spot as an idol. Some think that if Katayose had lived, she could have become an entertainment world star like Ain.

Many comments call Katayose in Oshi no Ko “pitiful”. While many characters have tragic fates, she draws particular sympathy for dying in just one chapter. There were wishes that “she should have had more scenes”, and hopes that “she didn’t have to be killed off.”

There are rumors that Katayose was a former B-Komachi member. This shocked people when they heard it. The theory originated in reader comments on Katayose’s introductory scenes speculating she was an ex-B-Komachi member. Some took this comment at face value, spreading the rumor. However, if Katayose were a B-Komachi member, she would be over 30 years old, making it unlikely for the 25-year-old. Still, some believe it since “Katayose Yura” brings up “B-Komachi” as a related keyword.

After Katayose with eye stars was killed, the likelihood increased that Kamiki is “targeting and murdering entertainers with eye stars”. Theories about Kamiki’s murders heated up after Katayose’s death. Some also worried for Akane Kurokawa, another character with eye stars.

Many felt that Katayose’s perfectly crafted name and design in Oshi no Ko meant she would play a major role. However, contradicting many fans’ expectations, she abruptly exited the story. Some thought her name and design were too good to be used so trivially.

Summary of Katayose Yura

In summary, this covered Oshi no Ko’s Katayose Yura, who only appears for one chapter before being killed by Kamiki. In Chapter 109 where she appears, the previously obscured Kamiki is clearly depicted. It also provides a glimpse of Kamiki’s psychopathic nature.

While disposed of in just one chapter, Katayose seems to have been an essential character for portraying Kamiki’s ruthlessness. Currently missing and presumed dead with her body undiscovered, chances of her being alive are slim. But like Goro who was also considered missing, her corpse may be found in the future. Look forward to how Katayose’s death connects to the Oshi no Ko story going forward.

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