“Anime ‘Laid-Back Camp△ SEASON3’ Teaser PV & Full Visual Released – Ending Theme by Asaka”


Teaser PV and the full visual for the TV anime series ‘Laid-Back Camp△ SEASON3,’ which is set to air in 2024, have been revealed. Alongside this, new cast information and theme song artists have also been announced.

The full visual includes the previously revealed image of Nadeshiko and Rin with Mt. Fuji and adds images of Chikuma, Aoi, Saito, and Chikuwa enjoying their camping trip.

Regarding the cast, Tomoyo Kurosawa will be voicing Ayano Toki, Nadeshiko’s childhood friend, who previously appeared in the series. The narration will be handled by Akio Otsuka.

The opening theme will be performed by the music unit “Kimi no ne,” which made its debut in spring 2023. As for the ending theme, it will be sung by Asaka, who has been responsible for the series’ theme songs so far.

On this announcement, Tsumugi Shachi, who serves as the storyteller and vocalist for “Kimi no ne,” expressed, “This is the ‘Laid-Back Camp△’ baton that Maishi (Mai Oya-san), who participated with the violin in the ‘Laid-Back Camp△’ movie’s music, passed on to us. The three of us have cherished it dearly, and it has become our treasure. This treasure is still in its seedling state. I would be overjoyed if, together with everyone who loves ‘Laid-Back Camp△,’ we could water it every day and make ‘Kimi no ne’ bloom beautifully. I feel truly blessed.”

On the other hand, Asaka mentioned, “I usually sing energetic songs, so I was a bit nervous during the recording (laughs). The song is very gentle and heartwarming, which makes your heart feel warm. No matter how much time passes, the time spent with you is always ‘special.’ It’s important not to be too uptight and to relax. I hope to continue walking together with all the fans. I would be happy if you enjoy a different side of Asaka.”

■ ‘Laid-Back Camp△ SEASON3’ Work Information
Original Work: Afro (Serialized in Houbunsha’s “COMIC FUZ”)
Director: Shin Sato
Series Composition: Pierre Sugiura
Character Design: Naonori Hashimoto
Music: Shuko Tachiyama
Sound Director: Takeshi Takadera
Opening Theme: Kimi no ne
Ending Theme: Asaka
Animation Production: Eight Bit

Nadeshiko Kagamihara: Yumiri Hanamori
Rin Shima: Nao Toyama
Chiaki Oogaki: Sayuri Hara
Aoi Inuyama: Aki Toyosaki
Ena Saitou: Rie Takahashi
Ayano Toki: Tomoyo Kurosawa
Narration: Akio Otsuka

■ TV Anime ‘Laid-Back Camp△’ Official Website
■ TV Anime ‘Laid-Back Camp△’ Official Twitter Account

(C) Afro, Houbunsha / Outdoor Activities Project

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