“Classroom of the Elite” – Is Ichika Amasawa a White Room Student? Does She Idolize Kiyotaka Ayanokouji?


In the second-year arc of “Classroom of the Elite,” commonly known as “You-Zitsu,” one of the most popular characters is Ichika Amasawa. Ichika may appear to be a cute gal-like girl, but her true identity, revealed as a spoiler, is that she was a White Room student. In this article, we will focus on Ichika Amasawa from “You-Zitsu,” discussing her moments of action with spoilers and exploring her reasons for idolizing Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, as well as her relationship with another White Room student, Takuya Yagami.

“Isn’t Ichika Amasawa Cute?”

Ichika Amasawa is a character from “You-Zitsu,” which is the abbreviation for the popular series “Classroom of the Elite.” She made her appearance as a new first-year student in the second-year arc and quickly became popular due to her adorable appearance and intriguing personality. Spoiler alert: her true identity is that of a White Room student. In this article, we’ll focus on Ichika Amasawa from “You-Zitsu,” including some spoilers about her, her moments of action, and her relationship with Kiyotaka Ayanokouji.

“Classroom of the Elite (You-Zitsu): Series Information”

Classroom of the Elite (You-Zitsu) has gained popularity by portraying a modern-day intellectual battle in the world of light novels, despite the overwhelming presence of isekai and fantasy genres in the light novel industry. It has been praised for its ability to remain engaging even when spoilers are known due to its solid storytelling. In 2023, the highly anticipated third season of the TV anime is set to air, creating high expectations among fans. In this section, we will delve into an overview and synopsis of Classroom of the Elite (You-Zitsu).

Overview of Classroom of the Elite (You-Zitsu)

Classroom of the Elite (You-Zitsu) is a light novel series written by Shougo Kinugasa with illustrations by Shunsaku Tomose. The series was originally released in a web novel format and later adapted into light novels. The first volume was published by MF Bunko J in May 2015. As of February 2023, there are 23 volumes available, and the series has surpassed 7.5 million copies in circulation. Additionally, it has a popular manga adaptation, with You-Zitsu: Welcome to the Classroom of the Elite (illustrated by Yuyu Ichino) covering the first-year arc and You-Zitsu: Welcome to the Classroom of the Elite 2nd Year (illustrated by Saya Kiyono) covering the second-year arc, both serialized in Monthly Comic Alive magazine.

One of the most popular and anticipated aspects of You-Zitsu is its anime adaptation. The first season of the anime aired from July to September 2017, consisting of 12 episodes. The second season aired from July to September 2022, comprising 13 episodes. The third season is scheduled to premiere in 2023 and will conclude the first-year arc. Both the first and second seasons have been released on home video, and they are available on multiple streaming platforms, contributing to the series’ growing fanbase.

Synopsis of Classroom of the Elite (You-Zitsu)

The protagonist of You-Zitsu, Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, hails from the enigmatic White Room and possesses extraordinary intelligence and physical abilities. He enrolls in Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School while keeping his true abilities hidden. Ayanokouji, aiming for a peaceful life, is placed in Class D, where students lead indulgent lives without much discipline. However, he soon realizes that Class D students are not provided with private points, which raises questions about the school’s true nature.

“Profile of Ichika Amasawa”

  • Academic Ability: A (87)
  • Physical Ability: A- (83)
  • Resourcefulness and Critical Thinking: D+ (38)
  • Social Contribution: C+ (57)
  • Overall: B (68)

In terms of Ichika Amasawa’s profile, she made her first appearance as a new first-year student at Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School during the second-year arc. She belongs to Class 1-A, and details such as her birthday and student ID have not been disclosed. Ichika Amasawa is known for her twin-tails and cute appearance, which Kiyotaka Ayanokouji described as “gal-like.”

Revealing Ichika Amasawa’s statistics, her high academic and physical abilities are particularly noteworthy. However, her resourcefulness and critical thinking score is quite low, suggesting that she may not be very perceptive. Surprisingly, she enrolled at Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School while concealing her true identity.

Ichika Amasawa’s Personality

Ichika Amasawa’s personality is often described as the opposite of her cute appearance. Despite her exceptional academic and physical abilities, she tends to boast about her achievements without any humility. She has a capricious side and is known for speaking her mind bluntly, making her a difficult person to deal with. Consequently, she is disliked by her classmates and often finds herself isolated. However, she seems unfazed by this and doesn’t appear to care about her social standing.

As a fifth-generation student from the White Room, Ichika Amasawa received a genius-level education. To provide some context with spoilers, Kiyotaka Ayanokouji is a fourth-generation student. This means that Ichika is one year his junior and belongs to the generation most strongly influenced by him. This common background creates complex feelings among all the fifth-generation students, including Ichika Amasawa. Her thoughts and feelings about Kiyotaka Ayanokouji will be explored in more detail in subsequent chapters.

“Ichika Amasawa’s True Identity: A White Room Student? Her Background and Purpose”

Classroom of the Elite (Yojo Senki) has received high praise for its intriguing intellectual battles and complex human relationships, making it a popular light novel series that remains captivating even with spoilers. As the story progresses into the second-year arc, it continues to gain momentum. Among the new characters introduced in this arc, Ichika Amasawa, described as “cute in appearance but with a devilish personality,” has garnered particular interest. In this section, we’ll delve into the revelation of Ichika Amasawa’s true identity, her background, and her motives, with spoilers.

Ichika Amasawa’s True Identity: A White Room Student?

To reveal Ichika Amasawa’s true identity, she is a White Room student. The White Room is an educational institution operated by Atsushi Ayanokouji, Kiyotaka Ayanokouji’s father. The White Room provided students with comprehensive education to cultivate geniuses, encompassing not only academics and sports but also martial arts, self-defense, and even diplomatic skills. It’s worth noting that Atsushi Ayanokouji strongly opposes Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School, and the White Room serves as its antithesis.

Ichika Amasawa’s Background

As for Ichika Amasawa, the details of her birth are revealed in the story. She was born through artificial insemination, where highly gifted male and female sperm and eggs were used in the process. Shortly after her birth, she was placed in the White Room. Consequently, Ichika Amasawa has never seen her parents’ faces and was raised without receiving parental affection.

Throughout her upbringing, Ichika Amasawa gradually became aware of her true origin. It is implied that this revelation created a significant gap between her previous beliefs and the truth. She came to understand the White Room’s policy of nurturing geniuses through artificial means, which led to her growing resistance.

Ichika Amasawa’s Motives

While Ichika Amasawa’s true identity is that of a White Room student, she was sent to Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School as an assassin with the goal of expelling Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, serving the White Room’s agenda. However, her real motives lie elsewhere. As of February 2023, Ichika Amasawa’s true purpose remains undisclosed. It is clear that she harbors strong resentment against the White Room’s methods and has expressed to Kiyotaka Ayanokouji that she does not see him as an enemy. These factors are considered key to understanding her true objectives.

“Does Ichika Amasawa Admire Kiyotaka Ayanokouji? The Complex Relationship Explored”

In Classroom of the Elite (Yojo Senki), the cute Ichika Amasawa, whose true identity is revealed as a White Room student, develops a significant relationship with Kiyotaka Ayanokouji throughout the story. Some readers have commented that “Ichika Amasawa’s feelings towards him enhance the story.” In this section, we’ll focus on the relationship between Ichika Amasawa and Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, breaking it down into two aspects for your reference when reading Yojo Senki.

Why Ichika Amasawa Admires Kiyotaka Ayanokouji

Ichika Amasawa, a charming high school girl who appears in Yojo Senki, is speculated to “admire Kiyotaka Ayanokouji.” Kiyotaka Ayanokouji was a student of the White Room, part of the 4th generation. He was celebrated as the “pinnacle of the White Room” due to his exceptional intellect, physical prowess, and overall outstanding qualities. Consequently, the 5th generation students, who were one year below him, were constantly compared to him and lived under his influence.

Kiyotaka Ayanokouji’s overwhelming excellence left no room for praise for the 5th generation students. This division led to some students admiring Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, referred to as the “admiring White Room students,” while others despised him, categorized as the “hateful White Room students.” Ichika Amasawa is seen as a typical “admiring White Room student,” and she openly opposes the White Room’s plan to expel him. Over time, this stance puts her in a difficult position.

Why Ichika Amasawa Was Expelled from the White Room

Regarding Ichika Amasawa’s post-expulsion fate, with spoilers, she was expelled from the White Room because she defied its orders. Originally, Ichika Amasawa’s true identity was that of an assassin sent by the White Room to force Kiyotaka Ayanokouji to drop out of school. However, as previously mentioned, Ichika Amasawa deeply admired Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, a trait typical of the “admiring White Room students,” and she had no intention of getting him expelled.

Additionally, since learning the truth about her birth, Ichika Amasawa developed strong negative feelings towards the White Room. These two significant factors led her to disobey the White Room’s orders. Naturally, the White Room did not tolerate betrayal and chose to expel her. Among fans, Ichika Amasawa’s expulsion has generally been praised, with comments like “It’s good she was expelled” and “Her unwavering affection for Kiyotaka Ayanokouji is adorable.”

“White Room Students Other Than Ichika: Who is Hachiman Sakaki, and What’s Their Relationship with Ichika Amasawa?”

In Classroom of the Elite (Yojo Senki), apart from the popular character Ichika Amasawa, who is known to be a White Room student, there is another White Room student introduced in the 2nd-year arc – Hachiman Sakaki. Hachiman Sakaki plays a significant role in the story and has a complex relationship with Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, similar to Ichika Amasawa. In this section, we will delve into the character of Hachiman Sakaki, their plans, objectives, and their relationship with Ichika Amasawa.

Hachiman Sakaki: Another White Room Student

In the 2nd-year arc of Classroom of the Elite, it’s revealed that another 1st-year student is a White Room student, and that student is Hachiman Sakaki. Hachiman Sakaki initially belonged to Class 1-B and emphasized that he came from the same middle school as Horikita Suzune and Kushida Kikyou. However, it later turns out that this was a lie. Hachiman Sakaki is portrayed as an academically excellent student with strong communication skills. He takes on a leadership role within Class B and also joins the student council, making a name for himself.

However, his true identity is that of a White Room student, and he was sent as an assassin to make Kiyotaka Ayanokouji drop out of school. Unlike Ichika Amasawa, who admires Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, Hachiman Sakaki despises him. He belongs to the category of “hateful White Room students” who resent Kiyotaka Ayanokouji for overshadowing their achievements. Despite his remarkable abilities as a White Room student, he has never received the recognition he desired due to Kiyotaka’s superiority.

The Relationship Between Ichika Amasawa and Hachiman Sakaki

Ichika Amasawa and Hachiman Sakaki had a pre-existing relationship before entering Advanced Nurturing High School. Both of them were 5th-generation White Room students. While the story doesn’t explicitly reveal the extent of their relationship or whether they were particularly close, their longer association compared to other 1st-year students suggests some level of trust between them.

Hachiman Sakaki’s Plans and Objectives

Hachiman Sakaki’s primary objective was to force Kiyotaka Ayanokouji to drop out of school, essentially acting as an assassin for the White Room. He pursued this goal to prove that he was a superior White Room student compared to Kiyotaka. His motivation stemmed from a deep desire to erase the bitter memories of never being praised or acknowledged due to Kiyotaka’s overwhelming excellence.

To achieve his objective, Hachiman Sakaki first attempted to approach Kushida Kikyou, who had knowledge of Kiyotaka’s past, and threatened to reveal that information to manipulate her into supporting him. However, his plan was foiled when Kiyotaka discovered his involvement in pushing two students, Komiya Yousuke and Konishi Rokusuke, off a cliff during the survival island test. This revelation led to Hachiman Sakaki’s downfall, while Ichika Amasawa remained at Advanced Nurturing High School after his expulsion.

Here is the English translation of the provided text:

Ayanokouji Kikyou’s Exploits – Spoilers
Ayanokouji Kikyou, the cute high school girl who appears in “Classroom of the Elite” (also known as “Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e” or “Youkoso Jitsuryoku” for short), initially came across as a mysterious presence. However, after revealing her true identity as a White Room student, her popularity soared. Furthermore, in each volume of the second-year arc of the manga series, her moments of action were depicted, leading to a growing fan base. In this chapter, we will introduce Ayanokouji Kikyou’s scenes and exploits, complete with spoilers, volume by volume.

Ayanokouji Kikyou’s Exploits in Volume 1 of the Second-Year Arc
Ayanokouji Kikyou made her debut appearance in the first volume of the second-year arc. According to the rules of the second year, students needed to choose partners from the new first-year students. Ayakouji Kiyotaka, Horikita Suzune, and Sudou Ken were searching for partners when Ayanokouji Kikyou volunteered to be Sudou Ken’s partner. After a Tom Yum Kung cooking competition, Ayanokouji Kikyou became Sudou Ken’s partner. However, behind the scenes, she was working with first-year students, Housen Kazumi and Nanase Tsubasa, to try and expel Ayakouji Kiyotaka.

Ayanokouji Kikyou’s Exploits in Volume 2 of the Second-Year Arc
In Volume 2 of the second-year arc of “Classroom of the Elite,” Ayanokouji Kikyou had a notable moment that surprised Ayakouji Kiyotaka and Karuizawa Kei during their room date. This moment was an apology for her failed attempt to expel Ayakouji Kiyotaka and the injuries she had caused him. Ayakouji Kiyotaka, who had been observing Ayanokouji Kikyou’s behavior closely, deduced that her thought process resembled that of a White Room student, leading him to make the decision to keep a careful watch on her.

Ayanokouji Kikyou’s Exploits in Volume 3 of the Second-Year Arc
In Volume 3 of the second-year arc of “Classroom of the Elite,” Ayanokouji Kikyou’s participation in the survival test was depicted. Here, she continued to work alongside Housen Kazumi and Nanase Tsubasa. However, due to their contrasting personalities, with Ayanokouji Kikyou being difficult to read and Housen Kazumi being rough, they often engaged in heated arguments. Additionally, Ayanokouji Kikyou made an inexplicable move by attacking Kushida Kikyou, who was being manipulated and threatened by Hagami Takuya.

During this time, Ayanokouji Kikyou delivered a speech-like monologue about her feelings towards Ayakouji Kiyotaka and how much she loved him. Since Kushida Kikyou was unaware of the White Room’s details, she was left utterly confused. Ultimately, Ayanokouji Kikyou chose not to harm Kushida Kikyou further and left the scene.

Ayanokouji Kikyou’s Exploits in Volume 4 of the Second-Year Arc
Volume 4 of the second-year arc of “Classroom of the Elite” was a significant volume where Ayanokouji Kikyou’s true identity was revealed. In her monologue, it became clear that she was a White Room student, and she confessed to Ayakouji Kiyotaka that while she was an assassin, she held no enmity toward him. Ayakouji Kiyotaka’s suspicions regarding her remained unresolved. Furthermore, she confronted Horikita Suzune and Ibuki Mio, battling them 2 against 1, showcasing her exceptional physical abilities.

Ayanokouji Kikyou’s Exploits in Volume 4.5 of the Second-Year Arc
In Volume 4.5 of the second-year arc of “Classroom of the Elite,” Ayanokouji Kikyou made an appearance. She found herself on a luxury cruise ship with little to do. Suddenly, she encountered Arisu Sakayanagi, who recognized her as a White Room student and provocatively sought to test her abilities. Ayanokouji Kikyou realized that Sakayanagi’s ally was keeping an eye on them. Later, she met with Takuya Hagami in his room and was questioned about her intentions in disrupting his plan on the deserted island.

Ayanokouji Kikyou’s Exploits in Volume 6 of the Second-Year Arc
In Volume 6 of the second-year arc of “Classroom of the Elite,” Ayanokouji Kikyou visited Ayakouji Kiyotaka’s room and uttered cryptic words. She searched his room thoroughly and mentioned, “If I were to be expelled, consider it an unexpected event for you as well.” Later, she participated in a volleyball match alongside Tsubasa Nanase and other first-year students against the second-year students. Ayanokouji Kikyou gave her all, but ultimately, the first-year team was defeated.

Ayanokouji Kikyou’s Exploits in Volume 7 of the Second-Year Arc
In Volume 7 of the second-year arc, Ayanokouji Kikyou attracted attention once again. Her actions and past were analyzed by Ayakouji Kiyotaka, revealing that she was a White Room student with the goal of expelling him. However, it was also disclosed that she harbored no ill will towards Ayakouji Kiyotaka.

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