Spoiler Summary & Review of All Episodes of the Light Novel “I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend”


“I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend,” a light novel serialized on the web novel posting site “Kakuyomu” since 2020, is affectionately known by fans as “Vuiden.” The novel has been scheduled for anime adaptation starting from 2024.

This article provides a thorough spoiler-filled explanation of the novel’s plot! Let’s review it before the anime airs.

Spoilers and Reviews for Volumes 1 & 2

Kokone Awaiyuki, a VTuber known for her pristine character, accidentally starts living her normal life without realizing she hasn’t ended her stream. Her true nature, far from her cultivated image, is full of coarse language. This quickly spreads worldwide, skyrocketing her to the top trend on social media.

The addition of fourth-generation members to her group, LiveOn, increases the excitement. However, these new members, including someone who confesses to Awaiyuki upon their first meeting, a self-proclaimed baby, and another who introduces themselves as a gorilla, are all unique characters. Awaiyuki struggles to bond with these eccentric new teammates.

Spoilers and Reviews for Volumes 3 & 4

One day, Awaiyuki is approached by Haru Asagiri, a first-generation member, for a collaboration. She joyfully agrees, only to learn that the collaboration involves joining Haru’s solo live performance for a surprise song at the end.

Separately, Awaiyuki faces her first-ever project, and new characters awaken, leading to a whirlwind of events.

After successfully participating in Haru’s solo live, Awaiyuki is shocked to learn that Saint, another VTuber, hasn’t monetized her content. While the VTubers care for Saint, they feel uneasy, and Saint’s thoughts remain a mystery.

Spoilers and Reviews for Volumes 5 & 6

Preparing for the first-anniversary celebration of the third-generation members, Awaiyuki and the team meticulously plan the event. However, Hikari overworks herself in singing practice, losing her voice. Her dedication is clear, but her reasons for such hard work remain unknown to others.

Awaiyuki is deeply shocked when the legendary VTuber Hoshino Mana announces her graduation. Mana, active since the dawn of VTubers, was Awaiyuki’s idol. Surprisingly, Mana approaches Awaiyuki with an unexpected request.

Spoilers and Reviews for Volume 7

As LiveOn’s fifth generation debuts, Awaiyuki and her colleagues eagerly await their first stream. They expect unique characters, but are overwhelmed by the overwhelming talents of the new members.

Among them, Miyuchi Kyosu, a student council president from a prestigious girls’ school, stands out with her strong anti-LiveOn stance. Her intensity alone is striking, but she creates a unique atmosphere with fellow members Dagger and Churiri.

TV Anime Adaptation Announced for “I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend”

Beloved as “Vuiden,” the series is set to be adapted into an anime in 2024! Main visuals and voice actors for key characters have already been announced, attracting more attention.

Playing the protagonist Awaiyuki is the highly sought-after voice actor Ayane Sakura. Additionally, the veteran actor Yu Kobayashi will voice Sei Uzuki. Stay tuned for more information, and keep an eye on the official sources if you’re interested!

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