“Dandadan” Spoiler Summary and Character Introduction! What Makes This Rising Occult × Sci-Fi Manga So Fascinating?


Are you familiar with the plot of the increasingly popular manga “Dandadan”? “Dandadan” is a novel genre of manga that blends elements of the occult, such as ghosts and otherworldly beings, with sci-fi aspects including aliens. It has been receiving significant attention lately. In this article, we’ll reveal spoiler-filled plot details of the hit manga “Dandadan,” introduce its characters, and share fans’ reactions describing it as “interesting” and more.

What is Dandadan?

“Dandadan” is a rapidly rising manga title. Known for its Shonen-like combat scenes, comedic elements, and even touching stories that move readers to tears, it receives rave reviews from fans of all ages. Let’s first introduce you to this highly talked-about manga “Dandadan,” including information about the work and its author.

Overview of Dandadan

“Dandadan” is a web manga that began serialization in April 2021 on “Shonen Jump+” app. Each new episode of “Dandadan” amasses over a million views, placing it alongside other popular titles on “Shonen Jump+” like “Kaiju No. 8” and “SPY×FAMILY.” As of October 2021, two volumes of the manga have been published.

Author of Dandadan

“Dandadan” is created by Nobu Tatsuki. Tatsuki-sensei has worked as a main assistant on popular manga such as “Chainsaw Man” and “Jigokuraku,” earning acclaim for his impressive artistic skills. He also has several serializations to his name, including the baseball manga “FIRE BALL!” (5 volumes), “Seigi no Mikata!” (2 volumes), a story about high schoolers and robots, and “Yamada Kiki Ippatsu,” featuring high school girls fighting in cute underwear.

Manga Synopsis and Spoilers for “Dandadan”

“Dandadan” is a comedy manga that mixes occult and sci-fi elements. Since its serialization, it has garnered much attention and praise for being “interesting.” “Dandadan” features a story where ordinary high school students battle various supernatural phenomena, including ghosts and aliens. Let’s dive into the spoiler-filled synopsis of “Dandadan.”

Synopsis Spoilers – Chapter 1: Turbo Granny Arc

The first part of the “Dandadan” spoiler synopsis is the “Turbo Granny Arc.” High school student Momoi Ayase gets into an argument with her bullied classmate, Takakura Ken. The argument is about their beliefs: Momoi believes in ghosts but not aliens, while Ken believes in aliens but not ghosts. As a result, they each visit spots rumored to be haunted by ghosts and aliens to prove their non-existence.

Ken visits a notorious tunnel haunted by a ghost known as “Turbo Granny,” where he encounters her. Turbo Granny, also known as “100km/hr Granny,” is a spirit who races at a speed of 100km/hr, and those who lose to her are cursed. Ken, terrified by Turbo Granny, instinctively runs away.

Meanwhile, Momoi visits a spot known for alien sightings and encounters an alien named Serpo. The eerie Serpo aliens, who have stopped evolving due to excessive cloning, aim to study human reproductive functions to save their species. Momoi gets kidnapped and restrained by the Serpo aliens intending to procreate with her. In this dire situation, a mysterious entity comes to her rescue.

The entity that saves Momoi from the Serpo aliens is Ken, who has been cursed by Turbo Granny and gained incredible strength. With his newfound superhuman abilities, Ken defeats the Serpo aliens. Momoi, whose hidden powers are also awakened, successfully removes Turbo Granny’s spirit from Ken. However, it’s revealed that Ken’s “precious part” has been taken away by Turbo Granny.

Synopsis Spoilers – Chapter 2: The Lost Balls Arc

The second spoiler summary of “Dandadan” is the “Lost Balls Arc.” Following the defeat of Turbo Granny in the first arc, it is revealed that Ken’s “precious part” taken by Turbo Granny has not returned to him. Moreover, an ominous presence seems to lurk within Ken. With the help of Momoi and her grandmother, Ayase Seiko, they successfully extract and separate Turbo Granny hidden within Ken.

Once separated, Turbo Granny is sealed within a beckoning cat figurine. Now free to move and speak as a beckoning cat, Turbo Granny confesses that she lost Ken’s “precious part” along the way. The “precious part,” turned into a “shining golden ball,” is then found to have been picked up by a female student.

Continuing the synopsis spoilers, the girl who picked up Ken’s “precious part” is Shiratori Aira, a classmate of Momoi and Ken. Aira appears to be possessed by a supernatural entity known as “Acrobatic Sarara.” Acrobatic Sarara is depicted as a tall woman in a red dress, who has been haunting Aira since her childhood.

In a fierce battle against Acrobatic Sarara, Momoi, Ken, and Aira struggle but eventually prevail. However, Aira suffers cardiac arrest during the fight. As Momoi and Ken attempt to save her, Acrobatic Sarara also tries to help. Momoi connects the life energy of Acrobatic Sarara to Aira, successfully reviving her. In doing so, however, Acrobatic Sarara fades away.

According to Turbo Granny, a spirit with lingering attachments cannot pass on peacefully. Acrobatic Sarara was once a woman living with her daughter. Despite struggling with debt and eventually losing her daughter to loan sharks, she despaired and took her own life, becoming a supernatural entity. She saw her daughter in Aira.

As Acrobatic Sarara is about to vanish, believing her existence will be erased, Aira embraces her, saying, “I love you, Mom.” Aira, who also lost her mother as a child, resonates with Acrobatic Sarara’s feelings for her daughter. Feeling Aira’s love, Acrobatic Sarara peacefully accepts her end.

List of Human Characters in “Dandadan”

We have introduced the spoiler-filled synopses of chapters one “Turbo Granny Arc” and two “Lost Balls (Acrobatic Sarara) Arc” of the highly anticipated manga “Dandadan.” Alongside the fascinating supernatural characters, “Dandadan” boasts an array of intriguing human characters. Next, let’s introduce the human characters appearing in “Dandadan.”

Character List – 1. Ayase Momoi

First on the list of human characters in “Dandadan” is Ayase Momoi, one of the protagonists. Momoi, who has a spiritualist grandmother, believes in ghosts but not aliens. She has a modern-day gal appearance but possesses an old-fashioned personality, admiring the manly traits of the actor Ken Takakura. She stands against bullying, which leads to her friendship with Ken, a victim of such treatment.

After being abducted by Serpo aliens, Momoi’s psychic abilities awaken, enabling her to grasp auras of spirits and human bodies. Using this power, she controls Turbo Granny’s abilities within Ken, leading to a collaborative fighting style. She seems to harbor more than friendly feelings for Ken, reacting excessively to the name “Ken Takakura” and thus nicknaming Ken “Okalun.”

Character List – 2. Takakura Ken

Second on the list is Takakura Ken. Unlike Momoi, he believes in aliens but not ghosts. Having trouble fitting in with others from a young age, Ken became obsessed with the occult, hoping to find friends in aliens. After challenging Momoi and encountering Turbo Granny, Ken becomes cursed by her.

Although Ken loses his “precious part” to Turbo Granny, Momoi’s ability to grasp auras allows him to utilize Turbo Granny’s powers. When transformed by Turbo Granny’s curse, his laid-back character with the catchphrase “lame” emerges, displaying formidable physical abilities akin to Turbo Granny. Like Momoi, Ken also appears to have more than friendly feelings for her, showing hero-like qualities to protect her and others around him.

Character List – 3. Ayase Seiko

The third human character is Ayase Seiko, Momoi’s grandmother. Operating under the stage name “Dodoria Santaro,” Seiko works as a medium. Though a sham medium, Seiko possesses genuine spiritual power, specializing in barrier techniques using the land god’s power. While she cannot leave the land due to the nature of this power, her strength is immense, capable of defeating large spirits with her barriers.

Despite being a grandmother, Seiko looks young enough to be Momoi’s sister, proudly considering herself a “beautiful witch.” Fans often comment on her youthful appearance as “too young” or “cute.” Although Seiko has a rough and blunt demeanor, she deeply cares for Momoi, showing a warm and compassionate side towards Momoi’s friends.

List of Supernatural Characters in “Dandadan”

We have covered the human characters of the popular manga “Dandadan,” along with some spoilers. “Dandadan” also features a variety of “non-human” characters known as “spirits” or “aliens.” These supernatural characters include legendary creatures and beings that readers might have heard of in folklore. Next, let’s introduce the supernatural characters appearing in “Dandadan.”

Character List – 1. Turbo Granny

First on the list of supernatural characters in “Dandadan” is Turbo Granny. Known also as “100km/hr Granny,” she is a spirit that curses those who lose to her in a race. She appeared in a tunnel visited by Ken during his bet with Momoi and cursed him by stealing his “precious part.” Later, she was extracted from Ken’s body by Momoi and Seiko and sealed in a beckoning cat figurine.

As a spoiler, the tunnel where Turbo Granny appeared was the site of a series of girl murders. It’s suggested by Seiko that Turbo Granny, who had been appearing at locations where girls unjustly lost their lives, might have been comforting the unappeased spirits of these girls.

Character List – 2. Serpo Aliens

The second on the list of supernatural characters are the Serpo aliens. They abducted Momoi when she visited a ruined building to win her bet with Ken. The Serpo aliens, all males and having stopped evolving due to cloning, kidnap humans to study reproductive functions for their species’ survival.

Initially, the Serpo aliens attempted to impregnate Momoi but later showed interest in Ken’s reproductive organs. They repeatedly attacked Momoi and her friends, bringing different alien allies. The Serpo aliens possess high combat capabilities, able to capture targets with the “Serpo Measuring Method” and unleash devastating pressure waves with their psychic power “Rokkon.”

Character List – 3. Flatwoods Monster

The third supernatural character in “Dandadan” is the Flatwoods Monster. A giant alien, it’s said to be an ally of the Serpo aliens. The Flatwoods Monster targeted Ken and attacked Momoi’s house. Dressed like a sumo wrestler, it proved to be a formidable opponent but was ultimately annihilated by Seiko’s barrier technique.

The Entertaining Appeal of “Dandadan”

“Dandadan” is lauded for its charming characters and has garnered many fans who find it “entertaining.” Next, let’s explore the aspects of “Dandadan” that fans find amusing and engaging.

Entertaining Feature 1: A Story that Combines SF and the Occult

The first entertaining feature of “Dandadan” is its story that combines SF and occult elements. The manga weaves a narrative with aliens (representing SF) and ghosts (representing the occult), each portrayed with visually intriguing and somewhat comical characters. The coexistence of these seemingly incompatible genres – aliens and ghosts – forms one of the unique appeals of “Dandadan.”

Entertaining Feature 2: Dynamic Battle Scenes

The second entertaining aspect of “Dandadan” is its dynamic battle scenes. Characters like Ken, who gains the power of Turbo Granny, and Aira, who acquires the power of Acrobatic Sarara, transform and engage in combat. These characters, empowered by supernatural forces, exhibit thrilling and fast-paced battles, adding to the manga’s allure.

Entertaining Feature 3: Impressive Artistry

The third captivating feature of “Dandadan” is its impressive artistry. The manga’s creator, Nobuyuki Tatsu, is renowned for his high-quality artwork. Having been an assistant for popular manga like “Chainsaw Man,” Tatsu’s artistic skills are highly regarded, with numerous famous manga artists referencing his work. Thus, the high-quality artwork of “Dandadan” is one of its significant highlights.

Entertaining Feature 4: The Presence of a Beautiful Witch Character

The fourth entertaining aspect of “Dandadan” is the presence of a beautiful witch character. The manga introduces Seiko Ayase, an age-defying character who, despite being a grandmother, looks to be in her 20s, earning her the moniker of a “beautiful witch.” Such characters have been popular in other famous works as well, and Seiko’s role in “Dandadan” adds an enjoyable dimension to the story.

Is the Creator of “Dandadan” a Former Assistant of “Chainsaw Man”? Introduction of the Editor

Was the Author of “Dandadan” Previously an Assistant on “Chainsaw Man”?

The creator of “Dandadan” was formerly an assistant on “Chainsaw Man.” Notably, they worked under Tatsuki Fujimoto, the creator of “Chainsaw Man,” and were also involved in his previous work, “Fire Punch.” Additionally, they served as the main assistant on “Jigokuraku,” another popular title on Shueisha’s Jump+. This background illustrates their extensive experience with notable manga publications under Shueisha.

Tatsuki Fujimoto and Yuji Kaku, creators of “Chainsaw Man” and “Jigokuraku” respectively, have commented on Nobuyuki Tatsu’s new series, “Dandadan.” Tatsu himself has acknowledged their influence, expressing gratitude on social media alongside illustrations of the protagonists from “Chainsaw Man” and “Jigokuraku.”

The Editor in Charge of “Dandadan”

The editor responsible for “Dandadan” is Shueisha’s acclaimed editor, Shihei Hayashi. Hayashi has been involved with numerous hit series, including “Chainsaw Man,” “Jigokuraku,” “Blue Exorcist,” “Left Hand of God, Right Hand of the Devil,” and the flagship Jump+ series “SPYxFAMILY.” His significant contributions led to his appointment as the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Shonen Jump+ starting in 2021.

Summary of “Dandadan” Synopsis

How did you find the spoiler-filled synopsis of “Dandadan”? Touted as one of the flagship titles of “Shonen Jump+,” “Dandadan” has garnered a lot of “interesting” feedback from fans. The charm of “Dandadan” lies in Nobuyuki Tatsu’s incredible artistry, especially in the dynamic battle scenes it portrays, combined with elements of SF and the occult. The presence of an age-defying witch-like character also adds a unique twist to the story.

Both human and supernatural characters in “Dandadan” are intriguing, with even the antagonistic spirits showcasing backgrounds that evoke empathy rather than enmity. Many fans have admitted to being moved to tears by the backstories of these spirits. Although primarily a battle manga, the depth of the story has been widely acclaimed. If you haven’t had the chance to explore “Dandadan” yet, now might be the perfect time to dive into this exciting series.

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