Top 30 Memorable Quotes from “Kaiju No. 8”! Be Inspired by the Defense Force Protecting Japan


Set to be adapted into an anime starting April 2024, “Kaiju No. 8” is a popular manga that depicts the fierce battles of the Defense Force in Japan, a nation known for its giant monsters. In this series, members of the Defense Force who protect citizens, as well as newcomers striving to fulfill their dreams, deliver numerous memorable quotes.

In this article, we introduce the top 30 quotes from “Kaiju No. 8,” along with explanations for the top 15!

*Please note that this article contains significant spoilers for “Kaiju No. 8.”

Top 30 Memorable Quotes from “Kaiju No. 8”!

This work is full of quotes that enhance the story. For this selection, quotes were chosen based on their “Passion,” “Coolness,” and “Impact.”

The “Passion” that resonates with the real world and strikes a chord in our hearts. The “Coolness” that makes you want to say them out loud. And the “Impact” they had on important moments in the story. The top quotes are all heart-touching!

Top 3 Memorable Quotes by Kafka Hibino from “Kaiju No. 8”

“Pursuing a dream means constantly losing to someone every minute, every second on what’s most non-negotiable and important.”

夢を追うってのは 一番譲れない大事な物で毎分毎秒誰かに負け続けることなんだ

Yume wo outtenoha, Ichiban Yuzurenai Daijina-mono de, Maifun maibyou Dareka ni Make Tsudukeru Koto Nanda

Volume/Chapter: Volume 2, Chapter 9
Spoken to: Reno Ichikawa

Kafka Hibino had given up on his dream for many years. However, after completing the Defense Force enlistment exam, he remembered the hardships of chasing a dream.

When Kafka said this, Reno tried to speak to him. Kafka continued, saying that he could become so passionate that all those hardships didn’t matter anymore!

“Let’s see who can become the cooler Defense Force member.”


Dotti Ga Kakke- Taiin ni naru ka shobu da

Volume/Chapter: Volume 1, Chapter 1
Spoken to: Mina Ashiro

As children, Kafka and Mina lost their home and school to a kaiju attack, losing something precious to them. Together, they resolved to become members of the Defense Force.

Kafka then challenges Mina to see who can become the cooler Defense Force member, and they promise to exterminate all kaiju. This promise drove Kafka towards his dream!

“There’s no way I can just protect myself!”


Jibun no mi mamottete ii wake ne-daro

Volume/Chapter: Volume 4, Chapter 32
After witnessing the intense battle against Kaiju No. 10 involving Hoshina, Mina, and Kikoru, Kafka aspired to join them someday. Suddenly, additional enemy bombs appeared from the sky.

Realizing that most of the squad members could die, Kafka, inspired by Hoshina’s life-risking battle, unhesitatingly transforms into Kaiju No. 8 in front of everyone to protect his comrades.

Top 3 Memorable Quotes by Reno Ichikawa from “Kaiju No. 8”

“This is the time to put my body on the line for my comrades!”


Konna toki nakama no tame ni karada wo hareru otoko da!!

Volume/Chapter: Volume 2, Chapter 15 Confronted by Kaiju No. 9 and in a critical situation without backup, Reno Ichikawa finds himself in dire straits. Fighting alongside his colleague Iharu, the odds of winning are slim. Reno realizes that they stand little chance against an opponent that even Kikoru, with higher combat ability, couldn’t defeat.

Nevertheless, Reno chooses to face forward, aspiring to become an ideal member of the Defense Force, just like Kafka, who once saved him.

“I believe you will come back.”


Modottekuru te shinjite masu kara

Volume/Chapter: Volume 4, Chapter 33 Spoken to: Kafka Hibino In the scene where Kafka, revealed as Kaiju No. 8, is being transported to headquarters, Reno says these words to him.

From the day Kafka became Kaiju No. 8, Reno knew his true identity. Yet, he always remained a collaborator. This quote speaks volumes about Reno’s feelings towards Kafka.

“I won’t give up, so I won’t know until I die.”


Ore ha akiramenai nde shinu made wakanne- su

Volume/Chapter: Volume 1, Chapter 1
Spoken to: Kafka Hibino

Reno comes to work as a part-timer at the company where Kafka works, dismantling and cleaning up monsters after they’ve been subdued. He asks Kafka why he gave up on becoming a member of the Defense Force.

Kafka responds that he hit a talent wall and that Reno would understand as he got older. To this, Reno sharply retorts with this phrase, his eyes full of determination.

Top 3 Memorable Quotes by Mina Ashiro from “Kaiju No. 8”

“I vow to be the spear and shield at the forefront for all of you.”


Watashi ha sono ichiban sentou de kimitachi no tate to nari hoko ni narukoto wo chikaou

Volume/Chapter: Volume 2, Chapter 9
Spoken to: New Defense Force Recruits

After passing the Defense Force selection exam, the new recruits decide to enlist. In front of Kafka, who becomes a candidate through Hoshina’s arrangement, Mina speaks of lending her life to them. Following this, she utters this quote.

As the strongest in the unit and as a captain who stands at the front lines to subdue kaiju, this quote perfectly encapsulates Mina’s resolve and her spirit as a leader.

“I will always be waiting.”


zutto matteru

Volume/Chapter: Volume 4, Chapter 33
Spoken to: Kafka Hibino

As Kafka’s identity as Kaiju No. 8 is revealed, he is transported to headquarters. Just before this, Mina tells the Third Division that no one sees him as an enemy. To Kafka’s question about whether he can still aspire to be by her side, she responds with this quote.

This quote beautifully reflects Mina’s feelings towards Kafka.

“Now it’s my turn to take the shot.”


kondo ha watashi ga inuku ban da

Volume/Chapter: Volume 4, Chapter 30
Spoken to: Soshiro Hoshina

During the base attack by Kaiju No. 10, Mina was absent. Hoshina fights beyond his limits to hold off the attack until her arrival. When Mina arrives, she declares this quote, unleashes her combat power, and begins the battle.

This scene shows her dependable nature and how she draws strength from the efforts of her comrades!

Top 2 Memorable Quotes by Soshiro Hoshina from “Kaiju No. 8”

“That alone is my proof of existence.”


Soredake ga boku no sonzai-shomei da

Volume/Chapter: Volume 4, Chapter 30

During an attack on the base by Kaiju No. 10, the Third Division faces a crisis. Mina, the strongest member and the captain, is absent. In this situation, Vice-Captain Soshiro Hoshina confronts the overwhelmingly powerful enemy head-on.

Even after Mina’s arrival, Hoshina continues to carve a path for her to strike. This quote profoundly reflects Hoshina’s gratitude and trust towards Mina, who was the first to acknowledge him.

“I’ll hold about 1% hope for you.”


I-ppa- kurai kitai shitoi taru

Volume/Chapter: Volume 3, Chapter 23
Spoken to: Kafka Hibino

After becoming a regular member of the Defense Force, Kafka learns that it was Hoshina who recommended him. Meeting Hoshina by chance, Kafka expresses his determination to be useful, to which Hoshina typically responds not to get carried away with just 1% of liberation force.

However, Hoshina then adopts a serious expression and offers support to Kafka with this quote.

Top 2 Memorable Quotes by Kikoru Shinomiya from “Kaiju No. 8”

“Remember, my hobby is killing kaiju!”


Shumi ha kaiju koroshi oboetoki na sai

Volume/Chapter: Volume 1, Chapter 3
Spoken to: Kafka Hibino

Kafka and Reno arrive at the examination venue, feeling nervous. However, they are stopped by a young girl. She asks them to move their car because she wants to keep her lucky number. Her name is Kikoru Shinomiya.

When Kafka refuses to move the car, Kikoru throws the car with her own hands. She then introduces herself and makes an impactful declaration of her unique hobby!

“I will save everyone, in place of my mom.”


Mama no kawari ni mina wo tasukeru kara

Volume/Chapter: Volume 6, Chapter 44
Spoken to: Hikari Shinomiya

Kikoru, fighting alongside Kafka against Kaiju No. 9, faces a tough battle due to the power difference with the enemy.

Kikoru’s mother, Hikari, was originally the captain of the Second Division of the Defense Force. Popular even among civilians, she never returned from a fierce battle with Kaiju No. 6.

Blaming herself for not being able to protect her mother as a child, Kikoru, after mentioning her mother’s fate, declares her determination.

Top 2 Memorable Quotes by Gen Narumi from “Kaiju No. 8”

“I have no need for a well-behaved incompetent.”


Gyo-gi no ii muno- nara iran

Volume/Chapter: Volume 5, Chapter 39
Spoken to: Kikoru Shinomiya

After the Third Division’s base is destroyed, Kikoru is taken into the care of the First Division. Kikoru feels a lack of respect for Gen Narumi, who seems to be a failure in his personal life.

However, in battle against kaiju, Narumi demonstrates his immense strength as Japan’s top combatant, overwhelming the monsters. Prefacing that he doesn’t expect anything else, he challenges Kikoru to show overwhelming strength.

“I’ll make you almost as strong as me.”


Omae wo boku no tsugi kurai ni tsuyoku shite yaru

Volume/Chapter: Volume 7, Chapter 54
Spoken to: Kikoru Shinomiya

Following the death of Kikoru’s father, Isao Shinomiya, who was taken over by Kaiju No. 9, Kikoru grieves in the director’s office. Blaming herself, she expresses to Narumi her desire to become stronger. She believes that honoring her father means defeating Kaiju No. 9.

In response to her determination, Narumi replies with these words.

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