Classroom of the Elite Anime’s Second and Final Season (Episode 13) Spoilers! A summary of the ending and review


Spoilers summarize the second anime season of “Welcome to the Classroom of the Elite.” Spoilers for the final episode (episode 13), including the relationship between Ayanokoji and Karuizawa and the meeting with Sakayanagi, are thoroughly explained! In addition, the synopsis and ending of the second anime season will be presented for each episode. We also discuss the broadcast schedule and contents of the third anime season of Yosami, so be sure to check it out. We also include, with spoilers, the reviews and ratings of those who have watched the second season of this work.

【Classroom of the Elite】アニメ2期の最終回(13話)をネタバレ!結末や感想をまとめて紹介のイメージ

What is Classroom of the Elite/Yojitsu?

Overview of Classroom of the Elite (Yojitsu)

Welcome to the Classroom of the Elite” is a light novel by Akio Kinugasa, illustrated by Shunsaku Tomose, published by MF Bunko J since May 2015 and continuing in January 2020 under the title “Welcome to the Classroom of the Elite, 2nd Grade”.

The first anime season was broadcast on TV in 2017, and it was explosively popular; the second anime season will be broadcast in 2022, and the third anime season is scheduled to be broadcast in 2023.

Synopsis of Welcome to the Classroom of the Elite (Yojitsu)

Classroom of the Elite” takes place in a boarding school called Advanced Training High School. The school is well known for its graduates, who boast an almost 100% rate of advancement to higher education or employment. The main character, Ayanokoji Kiyotaka, enters the school as a new student and is assigned to Class D, where dropouts gather. Everyone thought it was a dream school with good treatment, but in reality, it was a school based on complete merit, where everything is measured by merit.

The final conclusion of the second anime season of Classroom of the Elite (episode 13) is spoiled.

Final spoilers of the second season (1) Recollection of Ryuen’s past

The final conclusion of the second anime season of Classroom of the Elite (episode 13) begins with a recollection of Ryuen’s past: her face, which was swollen after being beaten by Ayanokoji in episode 12, appears to have recovered considerably. Until the identity of the mastermind was revealed, he had shown complete disrespect for Ayanokoji. However, in the final episode after the incident, Ryuen’s response has clearly changed. Ryuen seemed to have developed a sense of trust in Ayanokoji after crossing the line where he was beaten to a pulp.

Final spoiler of the second season (2) Sato’s love affair

Seeing Ayanokoji run at the gymnastic festival, his classmate Sato spoke to him. The two then exchanged phone numbers. This was the first time Sato approached Ayakoji. At the conclusion of the last episode, after going on a date on December 25, Sato decides to confess his feelings. Sato also asked Karuizawa to help him with the date.

Final spoiler for the second season (3) Double date

At the conclusion of the last episode, Ayanokoji and Sato and Hirata and Karuizawa have a double date. Some reviewers thought it was cute that Karuizawa glanced at Ayanokoji while watching the movie. Karuizawa begins to realize that she is in love with Ayanokoji. Sato confessed his love to Ayanokoji, but was rejected.

Final spoiler for the second season (4) Relationship between Ayanokoji and Karuizawa

At the conclusion of the last episode, the relationship between Ayanokoji and Karuizawa seemed to be developing. He must have also felt that Sato could not serve as Karuizawa’s replacement. Karuizawa gave Ayanokoji a gift, and he gave her medicine in return. Karuizawa was happy that he was concerned about her health.

And at the conclusion of the last episode, Ayanokoji decided to call Karuizawa by her first name, Megumi. The fact that they began to call each other by their first names is evidence of their growing closeness. However, it seems that Ayanokoji sees Karuizawa as a “pawn” in some ways. It will be interesting to see if his feelings will change in the future.

Final spoiler of the second season (5) Face to face with Sakayanagi

Sakayanagi appeared in the scene where the ending of the last episode ended. Sakayanagi is someone who also knew about the White Room. He also already knew that Ayanokoji was the best of the White Room. In the third season of the anime, we can expect to see a battle with Sakayanagi. We can’t wait to see what kind of relationship the two will have.

Spoilers for the second anime season of Classroom of the Elite

Episode 1 Spoilers

After completing the survival exam on a deserted island, the students then enjoyed a vacation. After a brief respite, a new special exam begins. In the first episode of the second anime season, the main focus was on explaining the rules and introducing the movements of each group. Also in the second anime season, Horikita was thought to be Ayanokoji’s partner, but it appears that Karuizawa will be the heroine in this season.

Episode 2 Spoilers.

Ayanokoji exchanges information with Horikita, the leader, in order to lead Class D to victory. The leader of Class C, Ryuen, also arrives and proposes that they exchange information to destroy Class A. However, Horikita hates Ryuen and rejects the proposal. However, Horikita hates Ryuen and rejects the proposal. Also, Koenji’s activity in the second episode was remarkable, as he guessed the predictions of the superior students before the end of the exam.

Episode 3 Spoilers.

Episode 3 of the second season of the Classroom of the Elite anime features a scene of bullying: Karuizawa was spotted by a girl in Class C and bullied in an unpopular place. However, Ayanokoji had intentionally orchestrated the bullying. Ayanokoji wants a collaborator, Karuizawa wants a protector, and their interests coincide, so they team up.

Episode 4 Spoilers.

With the start of the second semester, students began working toward the athletic festival. It was decided that prizes would be given to the winners and penalties would be imposed on those in lower positions, and each class would discuss the matter. Karuizawa and Horikita had conflicting opinions, and the overall atmosphere was tense.

Horikita is shunned by others for his harsh language and self-centered attitude during practice. Ayanokoji advised her to learn to see the situation and make concessions. In addition, he also reveals that the traitor is Kushida.

Episode 5 Spoilers.

When Horikita was told that the traitor was Kushida, he asked, “Was it you who leaked the information about the superior to Ryuen?” and asked him directly. Kushida seemed unfazed and unconcerned. Through the traitor’s dark scheme, Tatsuen had obtained the list of members of Class D on the day of the gymnastic festival. They have successfully sealed Sudo, the main competitor, and also crushed Horikita, the keystone of the girls’ team. It will be interesting to see if Ayanokoji thinks that Class D can be defeated at this point in the future.

Episode 6 Spoilers.

Sudo clashes with a member of Class D and tries to abandon the gymnastics festival in the middle of the day. Horikita runs after him and tries to persuade him to leave. Horikita tells Sudo about her own struggles with her relationship with her brother and her desire to support him until graduation, and Sudo decides to cooperate. Kushida, on the other hand, admits that he has been a traitor, but he does not seem to have given up on his goal of getting Horikita expelled from school.

Episode 7 Spoilers

After the successful completion of the gymnastic festival, the handover of the student body president took place. During this time, Ayanokoji was summoned by a female student named Sato. She told him that she liked him because of the way he ran in the relay race, and suggested that they exchange contact information. The results of the mid-term exam are announced, and Class D achieves no dropouts. However, it was explained that what really matters is the final exam, commonly known as the “paper shuffle,” which is a special test.

Episode 8 Spoilers.

A study session on paper shuffle preparation was conducted, led and taught by Horikita, Hirata and Kushida. Horikita suggested that they compete personally in the paper shuffle test. If Horikita wins, Kushida will not interfere in any way to encourage the countermeasure in the future. If Kushida wins, Horikita and Ayanokoji promise to leave the school voluntarily. Finally, Kushida himself told the truth about his past in junior high school.

Episode 9 Spoilers.

The paper shuffle test was completed and Horikita was able to win with flying colors. Ayanokoji also had a countermeasure in mind, but did not have to use it. Horikita must be gradually growing up. Since Kushida was defeated, he promised not to interfere with Horikita in the future. It also appears that there was a deal between Ayanokoji and Ryuen behind the examination. Tatsuen had declared to Ayanokoji that Karuizawa would be his next target.

Episode 10 Spoilers.

Class D won the paper shuffle exam because they were able to take a large number of points away from Class C. This led to the C class students starting to look for the mastermind behind this and getting involved in various ways. When Karuizawa and Sato were spending time together after school, they were followed by a student from C class. In addition, Ayanokoji’s father suddenly visits the school and forcefully urges him to leave. However, the chancellor, Sakayanagi’s father, intervened and put the matter on hold.

Episode 11 Spoilers.

Ryuen thought that the mastermind might be Koenji, and probed him. Horikita and Ayanokoji went after him. Itayanagi and the others from Class A also appeared, and the atmosphere became tense. However, while communicating with Koenji, Ryuen realized that he was not the mastermind. Later, Karuizawa is cornered by Manabe and others from Class C, and Ryuen learns that the mastermind has saved her.

Episode 12 Spoilers.

Karuizawa is questioned by Ryuen in an insidious manner. Ayanokoji receives a message from Karuizawa asking for help and goes to the rescue. Ayanokoji tells Ryuen that he is the mastermind they are looking for, and the C class students try to restrain him with violence, but Ayanokoji is completely outmatched. Ayanokoji wins the battle with his overwhelming strength.

When is the third season of the Classroom of the Elite anime? Consider the contents

When will Classroom of the Elite’s third anime season air?

The second anime season of “Classroom of the Elite,” or “Welcome to the Classroom of the Elite,” reached its final conclusion in episode 13. In the first season of the anime, Ayanokoji tended to hide his true abilities, but in the second season of the anime, we gradually get a glimpse of him getting serious. Many people reviewed how cool he looked. When can we expect to see the third and final season of the anime?

It is confirmed that the third season of the Classroom of the Elite anime will air in 2023. Unfortunately, however, no date has been announced as to when it will air. According to one theory, it is likely that the broadcast will begin in April 2023.

This is because the third season of Classroom of the Elite was announced at the same time as the second season. Therefore, it is highly likely that the third season of Classroom of the Elite will be aired within a year of the second season. In addition, Studio Unjaku, the anime production company for Classroom of the Elite, will be producing another anime from January to March 2023. Then we can expect the start of the third season to be around April.

What is the third season of the Classroom of the Elite anime?

The second anime season of Classroom of the Elite depicted volumes 4-7.5 of the original novel, or volumes 7-12 in the manga version, and since it has been announced that the first-year version will be completed by the last episode of the third season, we can consider volumes 8-11.5 of the original novel to be animated. From here, we will discuss the contents of the third season. Please note that this will be a spoiler. The stage begins at the High School for Advanced Training, which has entered its third semester.

Special exams and conflicts between classes seem to be getting more severe and harsh; Sakayanagi from Class A has emerged and started attacking other classes. Special examinations, which are sure to result in expulsion, are also set to begin. How Ayanokoji manages to get through such a situation while hiding his abilities will be a highlight. With the addition of an attractive and cute heroine who takes a liking to him, we can expect even more interesting developments.

Reviews and ratings for the second season of the Classroom of the Elite anime

Reviews have been coming in about how much they like the relationship between Ayanokoji and Ryuen in the second season of the Classroom of the Elite anime. Some reviewers are excited to see what the two will do in the third season of the anime. The ending of Karuizawa’s assault by Ryuen, which was all Ayanokoji’s plan, was a surprise to viewers.

Some reviewed that the second season of Classroom of the Elite was so interesting that they watched it in one sitting. Some reviewed that they usually do not read novels, but after watching the second season of the anime, they wanted to read it. Some also reviewed that the ending of the second season made them expect the third season to be just as good.

In the first season of the Classroom of the Elite anime, Horikita was the heroine; in the second season, Karuizawa became the heroine, and many have reviewed her as “too cute! Some have reviewed that Horikita’s presence has diminished a bit with the arrival of Karuizawa, so it will be interesting to see what kind of heroine character will be added to Classroom of the Elite in its third season.

Final summary of the second anime season of Classroom of the Elite

The second season of the Classroom of the Elite anime had many highlights, including the relationship between Ayanokoji and Karuizawa and the direct confrontation with Ryuen; in the first season Ayanokoji used his abilities behind Horikita’s back, but in the second season he showed his strength through competition. The third season of Classroom of the Elite’s anime will be even more exciting, so those interested should definitely watch it.

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