“The Apothecary Diaries”: Lahan, a Lover of Numbers! What is His Relationship with His Father, Lakan, and Maomao?


With the start of its television anime, “The Apothecary Diaries” has been garnering attention, particularly for its character Lahan (Rahan), and his relationships with Lakan (Rakan) and Maomao (Mao Mao). In the story of “The Apothecary Diaries”, not only Lahan but also his brother and others play significant roles. This article will introduce Lahan’s exploits in “The Apothecary Diaries”, his relationship with his foster father Lakan and Maomao, as well as episodes involving other characters.

Who is Lahan in “The Apothecary Diaries”?

Lahan (Rahan) from “The Apothecary Diaries” has been a topic of discussion as the brother of Maomao (Mao Mao). Before delving into his relationship with Lakan (Rakan) and Maomao, let’s introduce some background information about “The Apothecary Diaries”.

About “The Apothecary Diaries”

  • Title: The Apothecary Diaries
  • Author: Natsu Hyuuga
  • Illustrator: Touko Shino
  • Publisher: IMAGICA Infos
  • Serialization Site: Shōsetsuka ni Narō
  • Label: Hero Bunko
  • Serialization Period: October 27, 2011 – Ongoing
  • Volumes: 14 (as of December 2023)
  • Anime Broadcast Period: October 22, 2023 – Ongoing

Synopsis: Raised by her foster father Luomen (Ruomen) in the flower district, Maomao (Mao Mao) is sold to the harem one day. Trying to stay inconspicuous until her term ends, Maomao learns of an incident in the harem where babies are weakening, feared as a curse. Realizing the cause, she decides to offer advice to the high-ranking consorts by tearing her own clothes.

Profile of Lahan

  • Name: Han Lahan (Kan Rahan)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 19
  • Position: Royal Treasury
  • Likes: Numbers
  • Profile: Lahan, appearing in “The Apothecary Diaries”, is an exceptional individual who manages the royal treasury at just 19 years of age. He is the adopted son of Lakan (Rakan), a military strategist of the Luo family, and a respected figure among the Jinshi. Being the adopted son of Lakan, Lahan is also the foster brother of Maomao (Mao Mao).

Lahan has a biological brother named Junjie (Junjie), but he appears less frequently in the story, thus often referred to as Lahan’s brother. In addition, Lahan has about six other adopted siblings, one of whom is known to have feelings for him. Furthermore, Lahan is also admired by Yao, who works in the imperial medical office.

The details of Lahan’s upbringing are not fully disclosed in the story. However, it is speculated that he may have assisted Lakan in his plan to usurp the original Luo family. Although Lahan is not Lakan’s biological son, their physical resemblance, including the shape of their glasses and fox-like eyes, is noted by the Jinshi. Lahan is often seen dealing with the aftermath of problems caused by Lakan, including in the harem.

Lahan’s Appearances in the Series

Let’s introduce the episodes featuring Lahan (Rahan) in “The Apothecary Diaries”. Lahan’s appearances are especially popular among the fans of the series. His first appearance in the “The Apothecary Diaries” manga was in Volume 16, Chapter 65. In this chapter, the senior consort Luolan (Loulan) is missing along with Maomao (Mao Mao), leading Jinshi (Jinshi) and others to search for them, where they encounter Lahan.

Upon learning about his daughter Maomao’s disappearance, Lakan (Rakan) attempts to breach the palace walls. Lahan arrives at Jinshi’s place with the treasury ledger (suitōchō) when they are struggling to find information about Luolan. Under Lakan’s orders, Lahan had been investigating assassinations and other incidents in relation to the flow of money. Initially confused, Jinshi realizes someone is embezzling the nation’s funds, and it turns out to be Luolan’s father.

Asserting that he could uncover more detailed information, Lahan demands from Jinshi. He then nervously asks to reduce the repair costs for the palace walls that Lakan damaged. In other episodes featuring Lahan, his intelligence and interactions with other characters are also highlights.

Lahan from “The Apothecary Diaries” is a Lover of Numbers

Lahan’s Love for Numbers

Lahan (Rahan) in “The Apothecary Diaries” is introduced as a number enthusiast. At the young age of 19, he is responsible for the royal treasury and holds a position that allows him to access the treasury ledger. Chosen as Lakan’s (Rakan) successor, Lahan is exceptionally quick-witted. He has the ability to spot numerical discrepancies that others may miss and connect them to other trends.

When Maomao went missing, it was Lahan who helped find clues. He is adept at making judgments based on numbers, such as in ledgers, and can also calculate numerical values of things he observes. He quickly realized that Jinshi was, in fact, the royal prince due to the identical measurements of their bodies.

Lahan, a lover of numbers, carries an abacus in his sleeve and is always seen with it. He is regarded by Lahan’s brother and other characters as someone who views everything in terms of numbers.

Lahan’s Role as a Treasurer

Lahan’s (Rahan) role as the treasurer in “The Apothecary Diaries” is also noteworthy. As the person in charge of the royal treasury, he not only manages the treasury ledger but also oversees other financial records. His proficiency with numbers has earned him trust within the palace. He specializes in uncovering fraud and embezzlement by analyzing financial records, making such scenes popular among fans.

Like his foster father Lakan, Lahan also strategically presents evidence of fraud and embezzlement, negotiating with the likes of Jinshi. However, at 19 years old, Lahan is more expressive than Lakan, often revealing his emotions. Other characters admire Lahan’s achievements, and several show affection towards him.

Despite his brilliance in managing the royal treasury, Lahan is somewhat oblivious to romantic feelings and fails to notice the affections directed towards him.

The Relationship Between Lahan, Maomao, and Lakan in “The Apothecary Diaries”

Maomao’s (Mao Mao) Opinion of Lahan

Let’s explore Maomao’s (Mao Mao) view of Lahan (Rahan) in “The Apothecary Diaries”. Unlike Lahan, Maomao is the biological daughter of Lakan (Rakan). As Lahan is the adopted son of Lakan, he stands as Maomao’s foster brother. Maomao holds Lahan in high regard, once suggesting that he might see the world in numbers.

Although Maomao despises her father Lakan, she highly respects him as a military strategist. Maomao acknowledges Lahan’s abilities, given that Lakan entrusts him with important tasks. The interactions between Lahan and Maomao are not extensively depicted in the story; however, future stories in “The Apothecary Diaries” may likely explore their dynamic as foster siblings.

Fans are hopeful to see Maomao and Lahan develop a closer sibling relationship, looking forward to their interaction in future narratives as family members.

The Relationship Between Lahan and Lakan

The relationship between Lahan (Rahan) and Lakan (Rakan) in “The Apothecary Diaries” is also noteworthy. Although they are foster parent and child, it was revealed that they are biologically related. Lahan was originally Lakan’s nephew. The reasons behind Lahan being adopted by Lakan have not been elaborated in the story. However, Lakan had a troubled past where he could not recognize faces and was oppressed by his parents.

Lakan, who was not appreciated for his talents, usurped his parents’ house by exposing their wrongdoing to succeed and buy the freedom of Maomao’s mother, Fengxian (Fengxian). It is speculated that Lakan adopted Lahan because he was not well-treated in his original family. Since Lakan also adopted Lahan’s brother, it is unlikely that he was taken in solely for his talents.

When Maomao (Mao Mao) was abducted, Lahan cooperated with the Jinshi by providing information from the ledgers and advised about a potential rebellion. During this, Lakan appeared, and Lahan looked troubled like a child who had been caught doing something wrong. Lahan not only respects Lakan but also sees him as a father. This reaction of Lahan mirrors Lakan’s reaction when Luomen (Ruomen), Maomao’s foster father, appears.

The Relationships of Lahan in “The Apothecary Diaries”: Lahan, His Brother, and Yao

The Relationship Between Lahan and His Brother

In “The Apothecary Diaries,” let’s explore the relationship between Lahan (Rahan) and his biological brother. Lahan and his brother, Junjie (Junjie), are blood-related siblings. Like Lahan, Junjie was also adopted by Lakan (Rakan). Unlike Lahan, who specializes in numbers, Junjie was dispatched to support the nation as a farmer. Junjie is not much like Lahan in personality and is recognized by the Jinshi for his talent in agriculture.

When asked for favors by the Jinshi, Junjie seemed exasperated by the inability to refuse. He never complained about not being called by his name, Junjie, and thus continued to be referred to as Lahan’s brother. From Junjie’s perspective, Lahan’s obsession with numbers seemed excessive. Unlike Lahan, Junjie is interested in romance and fell in love just by being called by his name, Junjie.

The Relationship Between Lahan and Yao

Next, we introduce the relationship between Lahan (Rahan) and Yao (Yao) in “The Apothecary Diaries”. Yao is a 15-year-old girl working in the medical bureau alongside Maomao (Mao Mao). Highly regarded as the second most talented individual after Maomao, Yao initially saw her as a rival but gradually became friendly. Not only did she become close to Maomao, but her interactions with Lahan also increased, leading her to develop feelings for him.

Lahan, however, remains oblivious to Yao’s affection. Unaware of her feelings, Lahan is unknowingly involved in a rivalry between Yao and another girl, the third adopted daughter of Lakan.

Summary of Lahan in “The Apothecary Diaries”

In this article, we have summarized the relationship between Lahan (Rahan) and Maomao (Mao Mao) in “The Apothecary Diaries”. Lahan is a character whose future exploits within the story are highly anticipated, making him an intriguing figure to watch. Be sure to check out the episodes featuring Lahan for a deeper understanding of his role and interactions in the series.

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