Investigating the Age of Himmel in “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End”! How Old Was He at the Time of the Demon Lord’s Defeat and His Death?


Himmel from “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” has been a topic of interest concerning his age and the reason for his death. Notably aged after the defeat of the Demon Lord, Himmel attracted attention for his advanced age. Speculations about his reincarnation and height, as well as his romance with the elf Frieren, have also been popular topics. This article will introduce not only Himmel’s height and his age during the demon lord’s defeat but also discuss theories about his reincarnation and his romantic involvement with the elf Frieren.

Who is Himmel in “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End”?

Himmel from “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” is a character that has been much talked about in fan circles for his seemingly premature aging. Before delving into his age and theories about his reincarnation, let’s introduce the information about the work “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” and Himmel’s profile.

Details About “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End”

Overview of “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End”

Title: Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Original Author: Kanehito Yamada Illustrator: Tsukasa Abe Genre: Action, Fantasy Publisher: Shogakukan Magazine: Weekly Shonen Sunday Label: Shonen Sunday Comics Publication Period: April 28, 2020 – Ongoing Volumes: 11 volumes (as of December 2023) Anime Broadcast Period: From September 29, 2023

Synopsis of “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End”

After defeating the Demon Lord with her comrades, the elf Frieren, capable of living much longer than other races, begins to desire a deeper understanding of humans. Following the death of her comrade, the hero Himmel, Frieren embarks on a new journey. Traveling to various places and interacting with diverse individuals, Frieren reminisces about the days spent with her former companions.

Profile of Himmel

Let’s introduce the profile of Himmel, a character from “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.” Himmel is the hero who achieved the feat of vanquishing the Demon Lord alongside the protagonist Frieren and their comrades. He is characterized by his charming appearance, but unfortunately, his inner qualities do not match his outer attractiveness. Himmel is known for his honest nature and kind-heartedness. However, he has had experiences in the past where showing kindness to demonic beings led to people being attacked.

As a result of these past events, Himmel became unforgiving towards demonic beings, even to the extent of not sparing children among them. Despite his gentle nature, his merciless actions against demonic beings made him greatly feared among their ranks. After completing the mission of defeating the Demon Lord, it’s revealed in the story that Himmel lived a peaceful life in his hometown. Reuniting with Frieren and other companions, Himmel eventually passed away in tranquility.

Himmel’s Height

We will now introduce the height of Himmel from “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.” Himmel’s height varied with age. As the heights of characters in “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” are not officially disclosed, Himmel’s exact height remains unknown. However, when compared to characters like Haita, it is speculated that Himmel’s height was around 170cm.

After reuniting with Frieren and the others post the Demon Lord’s defeat, Himmel appeared significantly aged, to the point where he was hardly recognizable. Fans have speculated that the overly aged Himmel could be around 100cm tall, almost the height of a child. While Himmel’s precise height is not clearly known, in his advanced age, he appeared to be as tall as a child.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End – Is Himmel Too Old? Age Considerations

The Scene Where Himmel’s Age is Revealed

In this part, we will introduce the scene from “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” where Himmel’s age is revealed. Himmel’s age is disclosed in the story of Chapter 107, Volume 11 of the original manga series. During their journey to defeat the Demon Lord, Frieren asks Himmel about his age. Himmel responds that he is 23 years old. This conversation between Frieren and Himmel occurs three years before their final victory over the Demon Lord.

Himmel and Frieren’s Age at the Time of Their Meeting

Now let’s discuss the age of Himmel and Frieren at the time of their first meeting. It is revealed in the story of Volume 6 of the original manga “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” that Frieren and Himmel met before setting out on their journey to defeat the Demon Lord. As a child, Himmel once went into the forest to pick herbs and got lost. During his ordeal, he encounters Frieren, who was traveling at the time.

Frieren, without speaking, simply points in the direction of a village, leaving a cold impression on young Himmel. Although Frieren showed Himmel the way, the young boy was too scared to move. Frieren then uses magic to create a field of flowers, calming Himmel’s heart.

Himmel’s exact age during this time is not specified, but he is estimated to be around 5 to 7 years old. For Himmel, this was the first time he perceived magic as something beautiful, a memory that stayed with him for life. The reason behind Frieren showing him the magical field of flowers remains undisclosed, but it became a memorable event for him.

Himmel’s Age at the Start of His Journey

Finally, we will introduce the age of Himmel at the start of his journey in “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.” It is known that Himmel’s journey for the Demon Lord’s defeat lasted about ten years. Therefore, it is speculated that Himmel set out on his journey at the age of 15 to 16. However, the exact age when he started his journey, including whether he had embarked on any journeys before the Demon Lord’s defeat, has not been clarified. There might be a possibility that Himmel had traveled before the ten-year journey to defeat the Demon Lord.

Himmel’s Age During the Demon Lord’s Defeat

Now, let’s introduce the age of Himmel in “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” during the defeat of the Demon Lord. Himmel, along with Frieren and others, accomplished the defeat of the Demon Lord after a decade-long journey. As revealed in Chapter 107, Volume 11 of the original manga, Himmel’s age was 23 years old. Since this episode occurred three years before they finally defeated the Demon Lord, it is speculated that Himmel was 26 years old at the time of the Demon Lord’s defeat.

The actual scene of the Demon Lord’s defeat is not deeply depicted in the story of “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.” However, Himmel, being a young hero who saved the world from demons at the age of 26, is considered an incredible character.

Himmel’s Age at the Time of Reunion and Death

Next, we will introduce the age of Himmel in “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” at the time of his reunion with his companions and his death. After their victory over the demons, Frieren and the group went their separate ways. However, after defeating the Demon Lord, Himmel had promised to watch the half-century meteor shower again with everyone in 50 years. Keeping this promise, Himmel reunites with Frieren and the others during the meteor shower 50 years later.

At the age of 76, Himmel had aged significantly, losing the youthful appearance he once had. With a reduced stature and an extremely aged appearance, Himmel’s age was almost indiscernible. After fulfilling their promise to watch the meteor shower, Himmel passed away before his other companions. His funeral attracted many attendees to honor the hero, with Frieren and old companions also in attendance.

Himmel’s exact age at the time of his death is not explicitly illustrated in the manga. However, as his death occurred shortly after the meteor shower event, it is believed that Himmel was between 76 and 77 years old when he passed away.

Reasons for Himmel’s Death and Reincarnation in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Reason for Himmel’s Death

This section introduces the reason behind Himmel’s death in “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.” Himmel’s death was not due to demons or illness. His excessively aged appearance suggests that he died of old age. This is inferred because his expression at the time of death was very peaceful.

Having achieved the defeat of the Demon Lord and fulfilled the 50-year promise with his companions, Himmel is believed to have left this world without any regrets.

Will Himmel’s Reincarnation Appear?

Will the reincarnation of Himmel, who was a topic of discussion for his aged appearance in “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End,” appear? The original manga “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” has not featured Himmel’s reincarnation. While fans have expressed hopes for Himmel’s reincarnation, the reincarnation of other characters has not appeared in “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” either.

Even if Himmel’s reincarnation does not appear, it is highly possible that someone resembling him might be encountered during Frieren’s journey. If reincarnations of other characters appear in future stories, it is speculated that Himmel’s reincarnation might also play a role.

Exploring the Romance between Himmel and Frieren in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Analysis ① Himmel’s Garland Gift to Frieren

This section explores the significance of the garland Himmel gave to Frieren in “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.” The gift-giving scene occurs in the first volume of the original manga “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.” Himmel, who cherished the memory of the magic field of flowers he saw as a child, gifted a garland he made to Frieren. When Frieren later finds Himmel’s statue, she recalls receiving the garland.

Upon receiving the garland from Himmel, Frieren had no particular reaction. However, Himmel looked at her with a gentle expression. It is believed that Himmel had special feelings for Frieren and the flower field that he remembered from his childhood. Although Frieren did not react to the garland at the time, she later presented a garland made from the flowers of Himmel’s hometown to his statue.

Analysis ② The Reason Behind Himmel’s Creation of Statues

The reason behind Himmel creating statues in various places in “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” is explored here. It is thought that Himmel erected these statues for Frieren. As an elf, Frieren can live far longer than humans and other species. Wanting her to remember their time together, Himmel likely created his statues in various locations.

Another reason considered for Himmel’s statues is his desire for Frieren to remember him. Despite dying of old age, Himmel’s wish was indeed fulfilled as Frieren, during her travels, continued to reminisce about their decade-long companionship.

Analysis ③ The Significance of the Ring Himmel Gave to Frieren

This section discusses the significance of the ring Himmel gave to Frieren in “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.” In the fourth volume of the original manga, there is a scene where Himmel, kneeling, presents a ring to Frieren. The ring was not chosen by Himmel, but by Frieren herself.

After a successful demon extermination by Frieren, Himmel suggested she pick out a gift at a jewelry store. Uninterested in jewelry, Frieren casually chose a ring. Himmel was silent upon seeing it because the ring symbolized eternal love, typically given between lovers, not friends. Frieren was unaware of the ring’s meaning.

Himmel never revealed the ring’s significance to Frieren and died without doing so. After a moment of sadness, Himmel placed the ring, symbolizing eternal love, on Frieren’s finger. Frieren later learned about the ring’s meaning after Himmel’s death.

Summary of Himmel’s Age in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

This article has covered various aspects of Himmel from “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End,” including his age, height, and speculations about his romantic involvement with Frieren. Himmel, known for aging significantly, may continue to play a crucial role in the story’s progression. It’s also worth looking into his relationships with other characters and the potential of his reincarnation in future storylines.

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