Nanami Kento (Nanamin): Confirmed Deceased? The Possibility of Resurrection Isn’t Zero! [Jujutsu Kaisen]


Nanami Kento, appearing as Yuji Itadori’s exceptional mentor, quickly became a fan favorite with his cool character and formidable strength. His death shocked many fans of “Jujutsu Kaisen.”

This article thoroughly explains the death scene of Nanami Kento and his actions during the Shibuya Incident. Additionally, we will explore the theory of his possible resurrection, so make sure to check it out!

※This article contains significant spoilers for “Jujutsu Kaisen.”

[Death] Nanami Kento (Nanamin) Dies in the Shibuya Incident…

Gege Akutami / Shueisha, Jujutsu Kaisen Production Committee
  • Death Scene: Volume 14, Chapter 120
  • Approximate Anime Episode: Around Episode 45
  • Cause of Death: Killed by Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration
  • To conclude, Nanami Kento does indeed die during the Shibuya Incident.

The one responsible for his death is the special grade cursed spirit, Mahito. Let’s review the fierce battles faced by Nanami during the Shibuya Incident in chronological order, including an in-depth analysis of his death scene.

The Battle Against Jujutsu Sorcerer, Shigemo Haruta

Facing off against Shigemo Haruta, who stabbed Ijichi, was Nobara Kugisaki. It was Nanami who arrived at the scene. Shigemo, attempting to kick Nanami without any strategy, felt like hitting a wall. Even when slashed, no injury was inflicted.

Nanami, inquiring about the number and arrangement of sorcerers, strikes Shigemo’s face with his Ten Shadows Technique when Shigemo fails to respond. He captures the fleeing Shigemo and questions him again. Realizing that Shigemo truly didn’t know, Nanami delivers a heavy blow to his solar plexus.

With Kugisaki’s cooperation, Nanami ensures Shigemo cannot escape. He learns that Shigemo was responsible for killing several assistant directors. Confirming Shigemo as the culprit, Nanami, overflowing with cursed energy and murderous intent, defeats him using the Ten Shadows Technique.

Afterward, Nanami joins up with Aoi Todo and Maki Zenin and proceeds to their next destination.

The Battle with the Special Grade Cursed Spirit, Dagon

Gege Akutami / Shueisha, Jujutsu Kaisen Production Committee

Advancing with Naobito Zenin and Maki Zenin, Nanami Kento confronts Dagon.

Originally an embryo, Dagon evolved into an adult form by consuming a large number of humans, creating an enormous amount of water. Barely managing to hold on thanks to Naobito’s strategy, they were soon trapped in Dagon’s domain expansion, forced to fight against an infinite number of fish shikigami with guaranteed hit effects.

Megumi Fushiguro then arrives on the scene. He activates his own domain expansion, engaging in a tug-of-war of domains to negate the guaranteed hit effects. Megumi aims to create an opening in the domain for an escape. Hearing this, Nanami gathers Naobito and Maki with a single command, “Regroup.”

As they prepare to escape through the opening, Toji Fushiguro intervenes. Although Toji overwhelms and defeats Dagon, Nanami sustains severe injuries.

Suffering Near-Fatal Wounds, Pondering the Meaning of Life in His Last Moments

Severely injured from the battle with Dagon, Nanami is further wounded, nearly fatally, by Jogo’s fire attack. Wandering the halls of Shibuya Station in a daze, Nanami encounters a group of modified humans created by Mahito. He initially tries to escape reality by thinking about how to spend his vacation but regains his sanity and defeats all the artificial humans with sheer willpower.

However, Mahito places his hand on Nanami’s chest, granting him a moment to speak due to their past encounters. Nanami recalls his late colleague, Atsuya Kusakabe, questioning, “What did I really want to accomplish by returning after once running away for such ambiguous reasons?” At that moment, he sees Yuji Itadori.

Nanami thinks, “That’s not it, he’ll become a curse,” yet still delivers his final words to Itadori before being killed by Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration.

Nanami Kento Overexerted Himself During the Shibuya Incident

  • He saved Nobara Kugisaki and defeated Shigemo Haruta, who had been killing assistant directors.
  • During the battle with Dagon, he endured the domain expansion and contributed to their escape from the domain, all while protecting Megumi.
  • Despite being critically burned by Jogo, he stood up again.
  • Defeated a group of artificial humans created by Mahito in a near-death state.
  • Left his final words for Itadori, before dying from Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration.

【Resurrection】Nanami Kento (Nanamin) Could Come Back to Life!?

If Nanami Kento (Nanamin) Were to Be Revived…

  • Revived through Reverse Cursed Technique
  • Manifested in the present world through a séance
  • Escaped abroad just before dying?

Considering the circumstances of Nanami Kento’s demise, it seems somewhat difficult to believe that he is still alive… However, even if he did die in that situation, the possibility of his revival in this series is not entirely zero.

Nanami was fantasizing about going to Malaysia just before his death. Afterward, Mei Mei, who was presumed dead, is shown escaping abroad to Malaysia. From this link, some fans speculate that Nanami might have also escaped to Malaysia just before dying.

However, Nanami’s body was clearly shown bursting apart, so the possibility of him being alive is quite hopeless.

Furthermore, the protagonist of the series, Yuji Itadori, has died once but was revived by Sukuna’s Reverse Cursed Technique. One might hope for the same for Nanami… but he was dismembered by Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration, making revival from such a state seem unlikely.

Nevertheless, the possibility of his reappearance through séance techniques like those of Ogami cannot be entirely dismissed!

Revived through Ino Takuma’s Technique!?

As Nanami’s junior and admirer, the sorcerer Ino Takuma approaches Gojo, Ieiri, and Ijichi, stating, “I have something to discuss about Nanami.”

Ino’s technique involves allowing another entity to possess him, a kind of séance technique. Perhaps he is planning to “let Nanami possess him” to temporarily bring him back. Depending on future developments, there might be a possibility of Nanami being revived through Ino’s hands.

【Reappearance】Nanamin in Gojo’s Post-Death Flashback!

After an intense battle, Gojo faces defeat against Sukuna. In the scenes following the fight, which appears to be a flashback to the afterlife, Nanami surprisingly reappears!

In the flashback, he appears alongside Geto and Kusakabe, all in their student-era forms. Nanami engages in a conversation with Gojo and Kusakabe, even mentioning his own death. Despite being deceased, his expression seems somewhat content.

【Survival Theory】Is There a Possibility Nanami is Still Alive?

Though there are whispers of a survival theory for Nanami, considering the depiction of his body bursting apart at the time of death, and his appearance in what seemed to be the “world of the dead” after Gojo’s death, the possibility of him being alive is almost zero.

However, as mentioned before, a “temporary revival” using techniques such as séance could suggest the possibility of Nanami reappearing. Given the series’ penchant for surprising developments, a complete revival using Reverse Cursed Technique or some other method might still be possible.

As “Jujutsu Kaisen” heads into its final phases, entering a climax, we should closely watch for any developments regarding Nanami’s fate!

【Foreshadowing】Had Nanami’s Death Flag Been Raised in the Past?

Flashback During the Battle with Mahito

Nanami had previously fought Mahito and saw something like a flashback during this battle. When trapped in the enemy’s domain expansion, Nanami muttered “Damn it,” leading to the unfolding of a significant past event.

There was a period when Nanami had quit being a sorcerer, but after helping a woman during that time, he found a “reason to live” and returned to the world of sorcery. This episode was crucial in depicting Nanami’s roots, but at the same time, it strongly hinted at his impending death.

The ‘Expression’ Shown by Nanami

After the end of the aforementioned flashback scene, Nanami whispers “I have no regrets” about his impending death, showing a very clear and composed expression. This expression closely resembled the last one he showed.

Perhaps the scene of Nanami’s death had already been decided at the time of his first battle with Mahito. Looking back, it becomes a very ominous scene that suggests the impending death flag for Nanami.

Complete Death Flag Raised Just Before Dying

After being severely burned by Jogo’s attack, Nanami was delirious and contemplated what he would do after the battle ended. Whispering, “Malaysia… Kuantan would be nice,” he seemed to yearn for a peaceful life in Malaysia.

In any story, thinking about “what to do after the battle” amidst combat is a definitive death flag. Right after raising this flag, Nanami encounters Mahito and meets his end, swiftly collecting his death flag at the very last moment.

【Happiness】Did Nanami Kento Face a Death Without Regrets?

Yaga, the principal of Jujutsu High Tokyo, states that “there’s no such thing as a death without regrets for a sorcerer,” a sentiment echoed throughout the series. Conversely, during his first battle with Mahito, when Nanami was cornered, he claimed he had “no regrets” about his life.

Though Nanami survived back then, he ultimately dies during the Shibuya Incident. Despite questioning his life choices in his final moments, his expression in the end was serene.

Moreover, in the flashback scene after Gojo’s death, Nanami appears with a somewhat cheerful expression, saying, “In the end, I bet on the future.” It’s likely Nanami met his end without regrets and is now peacefully residing in the afterlife.

【Words】Explaining Each of Nanami Kento’s (Nanami’s) Last Words

Last Words①: “That’s right… Malaysia… Kuantan would be nice.” Last Words②: “Haihara, what did I really want to do, after all?” Last Words③: “No, Haihara, that’s wrong. You mustn’t say that. It would become a ‘curse’ for him.” Last Words④: “The rest is up to you.”

“That’s right… Malaysia… Kuantan would be nice.”

Severely injured by Jogo’s attack, Nanami, in a haze, thinks about “Malaysia.” He imagines building a house by the sea and spending peaceful days reading books. But why did Nanami think of “Malaysia”? In fact, in the scene after Gojo’s death, Nanami reveals that when he once asked Mei Mei for advice on where to relocate, she suggested, “If you want to become a new person, head north; if you want to return to your old self, south is better.”

Malaysia is located south of Japan. Perhaps in his final moments, Nanami wished to return to his old self.

“Haihara, what did I really want to do, after all?”

After pondering about Malaysia, Nanami, cornered by Mahito, brings up his deceased junior, Yuji Haihara, and questions his own way of living. Following his words, “What did I really want to do,” he continues with “despite having run away once,” and “returning for such a vague reason.”

Nanami once quit being a sorcerer and worked as a salaryman, but returned to the world of sorcery after exorcising a curse haunting a regular at his favorite bakery and being thanked by her. It seems he was blaming himself for returning to a life of sorcery for such a modest sense of fulfillment.

“No, Haihara… that’s wrong. You mustn’t say that. It would become a ‘curse’ for him.”

As Nanami self-reflects, he sees an apparition of Haihara, who quietly extends his arm and points at the nearby Yuji Itadori. Nanami says, “No, Haihara,” “That’s wrong, you mustn’t say that,” “It would become a ‘curse’ for him.”

The ‘curse’ here likely refers not to a literal curse, but rather to words that would bind someone’s way of living. Indeed, Itadori often acts influenced by his grandfather’s words, “You’re strong, so help others.” Nanami didn’t want his words to end up forcibly shaping Itadori’s life choices.

“The rest is up to you.”

Despite reminding himself that his words could become a curse, Nanami’s final words to Itadori are “The rest is up to you,” passing away after inadvertently leaving behind words that could trap Itadori in an unending battle. However, what was Nanami truly feeling when he said these words?

Nanami’s expression when speaking to Itadori was somewhat bright. In the flashback scene after Gojo’s death, Nanami is seen saying, “In the end, I bet on the future.” Perhaps Nanami believed in Itadori’s strength, trusting that his words would transform not into a curse but

into a ‘power.’ Nanami likely had faith that Itadori would turn his final words into strength, not a burden.

The appearance of Nanami in the flashback after Gojo’s supposed death, showing a cheerful expression and positive remarks, further suggests that he embraced his end with a sense of fulfillment and hope for the future. It’s conceivable that Nanami, despite the challenges and doubts of his life, ultimately found a sense of peace and purpose, believing in the potential and future of those he left behind.

【Last word】What did Nanamin leave to Itadori?

Volume and chapter: Volume 14, Chapter 120 Just before being killed by Mahito, Nanami Kento questions his own purpose in returning to the world of Jujutsu to his deceased colleague, Haihara. At this moment, an illusion of Haihara appears and points to his left, where Itadori is. Despite feeling that speaking to Itadori would be a curse, Nanami leaves him with the words, “I leave the rest to you,” and then meets his demise.

Witnessing Nanami’s death, and having lost Kugisaki right before his eyes, Itadori reaches his mental limits. He confesses to Aoi Todo, who has joined him, about killing a large number of people while under the influence of Sukuna and failing to protect his important comrades. Todo tells him, “As long as we are alive, our companions will never truly be defeated,” and asks Itadori, “What were you entrusted with?” Remembering Nanami’s last words, Itadori rises again.

【Reaction After Death】Itadori and Gojo’s Response to Nanami’s Death

Yuji Itadori

Volume 15, Chapter 127: “I will suffer properly for Nanami’s share.” Nanami entrusted his feelings to Itadori, but after Kugisaki is also seemingly killed by Mahito, Itadori loses his will to fight. Just when he seems to be at his end, his close friend Todo appears. Todo explains the “way of a Jujutsu sorcerer” to Itadori, helping him regain his will to fight. Itadori internally apologizes to Nanami, regretting his attempt to escape from the battle, and vows, “I will suffer properly for Nanami’s share,” committing to face his sins and the battle ahead.

Satoru Gojo, Mei Mei, and Kiyotaka Ijichi

Chapter 222 (not yet collected in tankobon): “I thought Nanami would somehow survive, you know.” Prior to the battle with Sukuna on December 24, Gojo converses with Mei Mei and Ijichi. With most of his old comrades gone, Gojo remarks, “It’s down to the three of us now, huh.” He mentions, “I thought Nanami would somehow survive,” expressing not only his sadness over Nanami’s death but also his struggle to accept it. Ijichi, in response, quietly says, “I’m sorry…” seemingly feeling guilty for being one of the survivors. Gojo, while showing anger at Ijichi’s attitude, firmly encourages him, highlighting the bond among the remaining characters.

“Jujutsu Kaisen”: Reliable Nanami Kento’s Death… Future Developments to Watch For

Nanami’s death has had a significant impact on “Jujutsu Kaisen” fans. While his survival seems bleak, the possibility of his return, however small, cannot be entirely ruled out. Furthermore, his death has influenced Itadori’s growth. How Nanami’s presence will continue to affect the story remains a key point of interest in the upcoming developments of the series.

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