SPY×FAMILY code:white Movie Review – A Rollercoaster of Action and Comedy!


I just attended the premiere of the SPY×FAMILY code:white movie, which was released today! This review is divided into two parts: the first is a spoiler-free section covering my overall impressions and the cinema experience, and the second, a spoiler-heavy section, delves into the movie’s plot.

Non-Spoiler Impressions:

As the first theatrical release for SPY×FAMILY, I anticipated a focus on introducing characters for newcomers. Surprisingly, the movie delivered a compelling new episode without sacrificing its charm.

Details on the plot will come later, but rest assured, the storyline seamlessly incorporates new episodes without disrupting the main narrative. The Forger family once again finds themselves entangled in a major event, but the heartwarming conclusion adds a touch of warmth.

The action scenes, especially under the incredible artistry of Yor’s animation, were breathtaking. The blend of SPY×FAMILY’s unique humor and the action scenes between spies and assassins remains a crucial aspect, and it’s executed impressively.

However, some comedy scenes felt geared towards a younger audience, a departure from the usual SPY×FAMILY style. Nevertheless, judging by the laughter of children in the theater, it seems Anja’s character is a hit among the younger viewers in Japan.

In addition, the theater offered exclusive SPY×FAMILY drink holders, and attendees received a mini-comic as a bonus. The mini-comic, featuring concept art, an interview with the creator, and an original short story, exceeded expectations in quality.

Spoiler Section:

The movie starts with an intriguing plot centered around an unexpected event at Anya’s school, prompting the Forger family to embark on a trip to Friggis. Lloyd’s goal is to win a contest, named Stella, for Anya. However, their journey takes a dark turn when a microchip hidden in chocolates triggers a series of events.

The narrative unfolds into a chaotic mix of espionage, military intrigue, and family dynamics. Anya gets kidnapped by a military force eager to exploit the microchip, while Lloyd and Yor embark on a daring mission to rescue her.

The action sequences are visually stunning, particularly Yor’s confrontation with an enhanced enemy. However, the enemy’s lack of dynamic action leaves room for improvement.

As the movie concludes with a heart-pounding rescue mission and averted disaster, the camaraderie between Lloyd, Yor, and Anya shines through. The film manages to balance intense action with heartwarming family moments, culminating in a soaked but happy ending.

Despite some unresolved elements, like the postponed cooking competition and Stella’s fate, the movie delivers a self-contained, high-stakes adventure without significantly impacting the main series.

The scenes where Anya and Yor assist Lloyd during a perilous moment, despite not being blood-related, add a touching dimension to the family dynamics.

The final scene hints at more family adventures, and Bond’s precognition suggests a promising and enjoyable future for the Forger family.

Fans expecting significant developments or revelations might find the movie lacking. However, when viewed as an extended version of the typical anime episodes, it provides an entertaining experience.

Looking forward to its availability on streaming platforms! Until next time!

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