‘Tokyo Revengers’ spoilers and synopsis through the final 278 episodes! What is the fate of Mikey and his friends in the latest controversial episode: ……!


Tokyo Revengers” has finally reached its final episode. What was the result of the time leap that the weeping hero HanaHanagaki Takemichi put his life on the line for? This article will provide an explanation of “Tokyo Revengers” with spoilers up to the final episode. We will also discuss how the final episode was received by fans, so please be sure to read to the end!

Tokyo Revengers” rough synopsis up to the last episode

東京リベンジャーズ 花垣武道

Takemichi, using his time leap ability triggered by the death of Hina, his junior high school sweetheart, and his own death, worked hard to save Hina. Thanks to his efforts, he succeeded in capturing a future in which Hina survived. However, in this happy future, Mikey, his precious friend, was not there. Unhappy with this, Takemichi decides to go back in time. He starts over from his high school days and establishes the second Tokyo-Manjikai, embarking on a battle with Mikey’s Kato-Manjikai. The battle was fierce, but in the end, Mikey and Takemichi fought to the death. However, at the moment of his death, Takemichi gave up his time leap ability to Mikey, and now he has to redo the world line from when he was in elementary school.

Final (Episode 278) “Revengers” Spoilers!


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On July 3, 2017, 11 years after Tokyo-Manjikai broke up. Mikey said to Takemichi, who was nervous in the waiting room of the ceremony hall, “I can’t do anything reckless with you any more, can I? Mikey said to Takemichi in a regretful tone, “We can’t do anything reckless anymore, can we? Chifuyu arrived at the venue at the last minute, and all the friends who had found their happiness through the “last revenge at Takemichi Mikey” were now together. Takemichi and Hina kissed each other and their friends rushed to them, and the story ended with a bouquet flying in the air. Tokyo Manji Revengers” reached its conclusion with 278 episodes. Although the content of the story was highly controversial among readers, the subtitle “Revengers” is a magnificent recovery of the title.

What are the occupations of Tokyo-Manjikai members?

Mikey becomes a motorcycle racer! And it’s backed by…

Mikey is a motorcycle racer (in this magazine he was an auto racer, but this has been corrected in the book) with his own team, Top of Manji. Draken is the team mechanic. The sponsor is “TK & KO Group,” of which Koko is the chairman and Kisaki is the vice chairman. Mikey, the main culprit of the big loss, smiles at them and says, “You guys make a lot of money, don’t you?

Baji is now a ronin student aiming to become a veterinarian?

Chifuyu is the president of the pet store “XJ (Pekéjé) Land” and hires Baji and Kazutora, who are so called “useless, pompous, and useless employees”. The other main members are in the same future as that of Perchin’s wedding after the ninth time leap.

Motorcycle Racer Wishing his sister and partner happiness as they continue to ride their motorcycles.
Mechanic Supporting Mikey as a team staff of “Top of Mange”.
Vice Chairman of “TK & KO Group” Sponsor of “Top of Manji”, Mikey is always being pushed around with Koko, the chairman of the group.
Manager of “S.S. Motors,” hired Inupi as a clerk.
freelance photographer
Occult magazine journalist Early on, he also believed Takemichi’s words because he was “addicted to the occult.
Housewife, about to have a baby with Draken.
President of pet store “XJ (Peké Jay) Land”, being fed by Baji and Kazutora at the end of the workday
Clerk at “XJ Land
Veterinary student and “XJ Land” clerk Sano Dojo, where he practices, is his second home.
President of a real estate company Peyan works as an aide.
He often hangs out with Taishu Shiba, the designer of the TAKASHI MITSUYA brand, and takes care of Yuzuha and Hakkai.
Assistant director of film production, working hard with Hina’s loving wife’s lunch box.
Occupation unknown Married to Takemichi and living downstairs with Draken and Emma
Real estate company, working as a close associate of Pertin.
Owns the ramen restaurant “Souaku”
Owns the ramen restaurant “Souaku”
Top Model
Hachikai’s manager
Restaurant Owner

What’s Next for Tenjiku-Gumi? Working together in a changed future!

Isana is the director of Tenjiku, a non-profit organization that works with orphans and is helped by donations from TK & KO Group, and she tells them, “You guys need to make more money. Kakucho, Mucho, Mocchi, and Madarame, who were Tenjiku’s four heavenly kings, are now volunteering for the same organization. The Haitani siblings, who were also executives, are now club managers and continue to spend time together.

Akashi siblings become YouTubers! And members of the first Black Dragon

The Akashi siblings (Sanzu Haruchiyo and Akagi Senjyu), who were all greeted with a fuss about their celebrity, are buzzing as beautiful sibling YouTubers, and their older brother, Takeomi Meishi, is a self-proclaimed producer who wastes their earnings. Inupi aka Inui Seimune works at S.S Motors, a motorcycle store owned by the first Black Dragon Chancellor Sano Shinichiro, while Waka (Imaushi Wakasa) and Benkei (Arashi Keizo) run the Gojyo Gym.

Afterwards except for the main characters

Kyui CocoChairman of TK & KO Group
Kurokawa IzanaDirector, NPO TENJIKU
Kakucho, Mutou Yasuiro, Mochiduki Kanji, Madarame ShionMember of NPO TENJIKU
Sanzu Haruchiyo, Kawaragi SenjyuYoutuber
Takeomi AkashiSelf-proclaimed sponsor of Haruchiyo Senjyu
Inui SeisyuS.S. Motors Clerk
Terano SausuMixed martial arts heavyweight champion
Imaushi Wakasa Arashi KeizoGojyo Gym Management
Taishu ShibaRestaurant Owner
Shiba Hakkaimodel
Shiba YuzuhaManager of Hakkai
Hayashi RyoheiPerchin’s entourage
Kawata Naoya, Kawata SouyaRamen restaurant management
Kazushi Yamagishipublic servant
Takuya Yamamotopharmacist
Makoto Suzukisucceed to one’s parents’ temple
Haitani Ran, Haitanni RyutanClub Management

Chifuyu has memories of the previous world line: ……!

The final world line is the one in which Takemichi and Mikey started over together in elementary school, before he met Chifuyu and the others. Therefore, no memories of the first world line remain except for Mikey and Takemichi. A good example is that Naoto has become a reporter for an occult magazine. Chifuyu, however, seems to have some memories from before. It is not clear, but she recalls Takemichi’s back, saying, “I know that this happiness is not a matter of course. …… It seems that even if the world has changed, the image of his partner engraved in his heart did not disappear.

Takesmichi and Hina’s wedding closes the show.

In the same room as Takemichi, who is nervous in his groom’s attire, is a calm-faced Mikey. This time they have succeeded in capturing a happy future with the revenge they started together. Of course, Draken is alive, and he and Emma seemed to have had a child. Even former enemies like Hanma, haruchiyo, kisaki, and Izana have adjusted and are all enjoying life as they wish. Finally, Takemichi and Hina are joined at the lips. Takemichi thanked his friends who congratulated him with a big smile on their faces, and Takemichi thanked them with a fresh face.AD

[Spoiler #1] What triggered the first time leap? (Comics vol. 1-2, Animation episodes 1-3)

Takemichi Hanagaki, the protagonist, is a dull 26-year-old freelancer. He was a delinquent in junior high school and learns on the news that his then girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, was killed in a gang war. Later, Takemichi was on his way home from his part-time job when someone pushed him back and pushed him off the train platform. At the moment he prepared to be run over and killed, he was transported back in time to 12 years ago today, when he was a delinquent in the eighth grade of junior high school. While reliving his past as a delinquent, Takemichi happens to meet Naoto, Hinata’s younger brother. He shook Naoto’s hand, telling him that 12 years from now, Hinata would be in danger, and entrusted him with the future. Takemichi returns again to the present day, 2017. There he finds Naoto and learns that Hinata has been murdered after all. He realizes that shaking Naoto’s hand allows him to go back in time, and he decides to go back to the past again to save Hyuga at any cost. Takemichi’s struggle to avoid an unhappy future begins as he climbs to the top of the gang of delinquents responsible for Hinata’s murder.

[Spoiler #2] 8.3 War Arc (Comics vol. 2-4, Animation episodes 4-11)

Takemichi learns that the death of Ken Ryuguji, a.k.a. Drakken, may have changed Mikey, a.k.a. Manjiro Sano, and returns to the past to stop the internal strife between East Manji, which was the cause of Drakken’s death. At the same time, however, a war broke out between To Manji and Mobius. Hayashida, aka Perchin, who has a grudge against Aimi Aishu, stabs the president of Aimi Aishu. Drakken and Mikey are at odds over the treatment of Perchin, and the situation is on the verge of internal strife. Takemichi succeeds in reconciling the two and preventing an internal conflict. However, Tetsuta Kisaki pulled strings behind the scenes, and an “8-3 war” between To Manji and Aimi Aishu broke out. Drakken is stabbed in the process, but Takemichi rescues him and saves his life. With Draken’s death averted, it appeared that Hyuga’s death was also averted. However, Hinata is eventually killed by Higashi Manji, and Drakken is condemned to death by Kisaki’s trap. Preventing Drakken’s death was not enough to improve the future.

[Spoiler #3] Blood Halloween Arc (Comics vol. 4-8, Animation episodes 12-24)

War with Valhalla (Balhalla) breaks out.

Takemichi believes that Mikey’s murder of Kazutora Hanemiya (羽宮一虎) on Bloody Halloween has triggered Mikey to fall into Kisaki’s hands. In order to prevent this, Takemichi time leaps again to prevent the murder of Keisuke Baji by Ichitora, which triggers the murder. At the ToMajikai meeting after the time leap, Kisaki is appointed captain of the Sambantai, and at the same time, Baji, a founding member and captain of the Ichiban, announces that he is leaving ToMajikai and joining Valhalla. In fact, he was suspicious of Rare Saki and was trying to infiltrate Valhalla to find out what was going on inside the organization for Higashi Manji. Valhalla No. 3 Ichitora, Mikey’s childhood friend, was trying to kill Mikey by complicating his past by killing his brother. Behind the scenes, he was instigated by Kisaki, who is plotting to take over East Manji.

Kisaki’s plot never stops.

Despite Takemishi’s desperate attempts to persuade him otherwise, Tokyo-ManjikaivsVarhara’s bloody Halloween breaks out. As in the past, Kazutora stabs Baji and seriously wounds him, but Baji realizes that if he is killed by Kazutora, Mikey will kill Kazutora, so he kills himself before Kazutora can kill him, explaining the importance of friends. Kazutora physically subdues Mikey’s outburst, preventing Mikey from killing Kazutora; Kazutora is arrested, and the East Manji win in the end, with the Varhara led by Hanma Shuji falling to the Tokyo-Manjikai. The bloody Halloween was Kisaki’s scenario. Kisaki is generally satisfied with the outcome, as he has won Mikey’s trust to some extent by bringing Hanma into Tokyo-Manjikai, a pawn in the game. Later in the present day, Takemishi had become a Tokyo-Manjikai executive, but he was unable to stop the organization from becoming a giant evil.

Summary of Deceased Characters

Baji KeisukeCause of death: Suicide after being stabbed by Hanemiya Kazutora to avoid leaving a grudge between Mikey and Kazutora

The death in the Bloody Halloween episode was that of Baji Keisuke, a founding member of Tokyo-Manjikai. He was confirmed dead because he died in the past, while Hina and several other Tokyo-Manjikai members died in the present day.

[Spoiler #4] Holy Night Decisive Battle Arc (Comics 8-14, 2nd anime season)

War with Black Dragon breaks out with Kisaki as an ally

In the present-day Tokyo-Manjikai, where Takemishi has become an executive himself, former members of Black Dragon are now the most prominent members of the executive team. Unable to avoid Hinata’s death, Takemishi once again travels back to the past. There, Takemishi meets Shiba Hakkai, the vice commander of Tokyo-Manjikai’s second squadron, and his sister, Yuzuha. Takemishi is surprised to find that Hakkai looks very different from the 11th president of Black Dragon, whom he met in the present, and learns that his brother, Taijyu, is the 10th president and that Hakkai is routinely subjected to domestic violence by his brother. When Takemishi learns that Hakkai is planning to kill Taijyu, he decides to stop him, and for the sake of Hakkai, who was forced to join Black Dragon to protect Takemishi, Takemishi sets out to destroy the current villainous Black Dragon.

Finally, Kisaki’s betrayal is exposed in the light of day.

On the surface, the peace agreement with the Black Dragon makes it difficult to move Tokyo-Manjikai as a whole, so Takemishi temporarily forms an improvised team with Kisaki and Hanma to achieve his goal. On Christmas Day, Takemishi tries to persuade Hakkai to kill Taijyu at the church, but Kisaki’s betrayal brings Taijyu to the church and a holy night battle breaks out. Takemishi’s resourcefulness somehow averts Taijyu’s murder, but Takemichi, along with Hakkai’s brother Mitsuya Takashi, who rushed to the church to support him, is cornered by the difference in their strength. Takemichi and Mitsuya Takashi, Hakkai’s older brother, who came to support him, were trapped by the gap in strength. Mikey and Draken show up, and Tokyo-Manjikai is victorious; Kisaki’s betrayal is also brought to Mikey’s attention, and Kisaki is declared expelled.

Summary of Deceased Characters

Ryuguji KenCause of death: Slain by Mikey, who lost his stopper and fell into darkness after Takemichi left the peaceful Tokyo-Manjikai.
Mitsuya TakashiCause of death: Strangled by Mikey
Shiba HakkaiCause of death: Burned to death by Mikey
Matsuno ChifuyuCause of death: shot dead by Mikey
Hanemiya KazutoraCause of death: Killed by Mikey (details unknown)
Hayashida NaokiCause of death: Killed by Mikey (details unknown)
Hayashi RyoheiCause of death: Killed by Mikey (details unknown)
Sano ShinichiroCause of death: He wanted Takemichi to kill him to relieve his suffering, but Naoto Tachibana shot him because he could not pull the trigger of the gun.

The mission succeeded without anyone dying, but when they returned to the present day, Mikey had killed the main members of Tokyo-Manjikai one after another. In the end, Takemichi embraces Mikey and Mikey dies.

[Spoiler #5] Kanto Incident (Comics Volumes 14-22)

Despite the successful expulsion of Kisaki from Tokyo-Manjikai after the “Bloody Halloween” and “Holy Night Decisive Battle,” the present day was worse. Mikey kills a Tokyo-Manjikai member, and in the end, Mikey dies. Takemichi returns to the past and decides to become the head of Tokyo-Manjikai, only to be confronted by the Tenjiku, a motorcycle gang from Yokohama, where Kisaki has become Tenjiku’s chief of staff and Kurokawa Izana, who has a history with the Sano brothers, was Tenjiku’s first president. Kisaki was Tenjiku’s chief of staff. Takemichi, as acting president of the Tokyo-manjikai, is challenged to fight against Tenjiku, which is led by the “S62 Generation,” the most evil generation of the Sano brothers. Mikey and Drakken, who had lost their will to fight due to Emma’s death, return to the front after being told by Hinata about Takemichi’s time leap and his resolve; Isana, partly due to Kisaki’s outburst, concedes Tenjiku’s defeat and dies; Takemichi has them cornered; and Kisaki is also cornered by Takemichi. Kisaki also dies in the end, run over by a truck. After this final battle, Takemichi witnesses the dissolution of Tokyo-manjikai, proposes to Hinata, and returns to the present day where she and her friends are still alive.

What is the truth about Kisaki Tetta’s motives and plans?

In contrast to the past Tokyo-Manjikai, where Manjiro was the president, the present Tokyo-Manjikai, where Kisaki is the acting president, has become a criminal organization. It is a future that Takemichi could not replace no matter how many times he changed the past, just as Hinata was murdered. Why does Kisaki persist in killing Hinata?

Kisaki had a crush on Tachibana Hinata

In fact, Kisaki and Hyuga had attended the same cram school when they were in elementary school and had known each other for a long time. He used to be so brilliant that he was called a child prodigy, and he seemed to think that Hinata must also like him as a child prodigy. Kisaki learns that Takemichi has a crush on a delinquent, which leads her to Manjiro, who is known as the best delinquent in Japan. Kisaki knows that Takemichi has a crush on Manjiro, who is called the “best delinquent in Japan. With this in mind, Kisaki turned from being a child prodigy to becoming a delinquent, and began to carry out his “10-year plan” to win Hinata.

Was it “revenge for being dumped” that kept killing Hinata Tachibana?

Kisaki’s unrequited love for Hinata continued after she broke up with Takemichi, and in the present day it is revealed that he was about to propose to her and give her a ring. However, Hinata turned down the proposal because of her feelings for Takemichi. Kisaki, who has had feelings for Hinata for years, cannot accept that Hinata has rejected him and decides to murder her. No matter how many times Takemichi changed the past, Kisaki continued to propose to Hinata each time, but her feelings were never replaced. Even Kisaki, who was skilled at manipulating the minds of others, could not sway the heart of Hinata, who continued to have feelings for Takemichi.

Did Kisaki also time leap?

Takemichi has come up with one possibility for the future: the murder of Hinata, which has never changed, even though he has changed the past many times. Could Kisaki, the source of all this, be a time reaper just like himself? The fact that Takemichi’s plan can be thwarted again and again means that Kisaki, like Takemichi, may be replaying the past. Finally, Takemichi corners Kisaki and tries to settle the endless time leaps, saying, “I can’t send you back to the future again. But Kisaki replies, “You still think I’m a time reaper?” Kisaki replies, “Do you still think I am the time reaper? It seems that Kisaki was not in a time leap, but was resisting Takemichi’s plans by making elaborate plans using his brain, which was once called a prodigy.

Summary of Deceased Characters

Emma SanoCause of death: On the day of his brother Shinichiro’s gravesite visit, Kisaki appeared on a motorcycle driven by Hanma and struck him on the head with a baseball bat, killing him.
Kurokawa, Izana.Cause of death: Killed while protecting his childhood friend Tsurucho from Kisaki’s bullets during a feud.
Kisaki TettaCause of death: When cornered in Takemichi and stopped at a crosswalk, he was about to say something when a truck ran into him and killed him.
Yasuhiro MutoCause of death: On the day he was released from a juvenile reformatory, he was slashed to death with a sword by Harujiyo Sanzu, who was his confidant, in retaliation for his betrayal of To Manji (Mikey).

In the Kanto Incident, Emma, Izana, Kisaki, and Mucho died in the past, while all other survivors were alive in the present day.

[Spoiler #6] High school version (Comics vol. 22-25)

A new crisis is brewing! Is Mikey at the top of Bonten?

Takemichi has put an end to all the fighting and has found a happy life. Meanwhile, Mikey has become the head of the criminal organization Bonten. Consumed by evil for the sake of everyone’s happy future, Mikey shoots Takemichi and attempts to throw himself off a building. Takemichi tries to save Mikey even as he is dying, and Mikey squeezes out a plea for help. Takemichi triggers the time leap again as he holds Mikey’s hand in place of Naoto, who is no longer the trigger. When he wakes up, determined to save Mikey this time, he is a sophomore in high school.

Kento-Manjikai is created on behalf of To Manjikai.

With the dissolution of To Manji, it was clear that there had been a change in the power structure. At this time, Tokyo was governed by three charismatic individuals: Terano South of Rokuhara Tandai, Senjyu Kawaragi of Burafuman, and Mikey of Kato-Manjikai. Mikey’s eyes are already dark as he perceives Takemichi’s time leap. He is surrounded by Koko no Ichi (Hajime Konoi), formerly Koko of Jersey, and Sanzu Chiyoharu (Sanzu Chiyoharu). Koko is a person who played a part in the transformation of To Manji into a great evil, and Sanzu is a person who is loyal to Mikey as king and is willing to kill for the king. Their actions may cast a shadow over Mikey in the future.

Drakken and his friends are now katagi! Farewell to Mikey?

Now a high school student, Takemichi is reunited with his former friends. Perchin and Peyan have taken over their family’s real estate business, and they all have new lives of their own. Takemichi is reunited with Drakken and comes into contact with Terano Minami, the head of the Rokuharadai. Terano Minami planned to bring Draken onto the team in order to destroy the Mikey-led Kato-Manjikai. As Drakken is being lynched by Terano, Burafuman (Brahman) appears from behind, and Burafuman’s No. 2, Takeomi Meji, says a few words, “I’m here to recruit Takemichi. Two of the three major forces in Tokyo have come together. The Rokuhara Single Generation is an organization full of the worst generation, including the Haidani brothers and Tsurucho. Just as the fight was about to start, someone threw an umbrella and attacked Terano.

Finally got in touch with Kawaragi-Senjyu, head of Burafuman! It was actually a girl!

It was Kawaragi-Senjyu, of Burafuman. Senjyu, who looked like a beautiful boy with long eyelashes, kicked Terano in the leg. A big fight almost broke out, but when the police arrived, everyone temporarily retreated. While on the run, Drakken reveals to Takemichi that he is also a member of Burafuman. Senjyu recruits Takemichi to join Burafuman, and Senjyu tells him that Draken’s goal is to bring Mikey back and Burafuman’s goal is to destroy Kato-Manjikai, who is trying to become a “bad adult. Senjyu recruits Takemichi to join Burafuman, despite Draken’s objections. Takemichi becomes Senjyu’s baggage handler, and he and Senjyu go shopping together. However, a girl in a sailor suit shows up at the meeting place. It is revealed that Senjyu is actually a girl, whose real name is Senjyu Meishi, and that Takeomi Meishi, No. 2, is her older brother, while Senya Sanzu Haru is her middle brother. It seems certain that the Meishi siblings are key players in this chapter.

A war broke out at the amusement park as well! What was Drakken’s last word?

Takemichi gains the new ability to see visions of the future. Meanwhile, Senjyu declares a three-century war to defeat Kato-Manjikai and Rokubaradanai. That night, Takemichi and Senjyu go on a date to an amusement park, where Takemichi has a vision of Senjyu dying tonight. Then Rokuhara Hitoshiro appears, gun in hand, aiming at Takemichi. Takemichi realizes that he is the target and quickly defends Senjyu, saving her life. Takemichi, still in a pinch at gunpoint, is confronted by Drakken. The Rokuharadai and the others flee, but Drakken remains standing. Drakken stood there, saying, “This is it for me,” and collapsed, bleeding profusely. Drakken, realizing his final moments, entrusted Takemichi with his legacy, saying, “Take care of Mikey. Drakken ruminates over his memories of his friends in To Manji, and in his final moments, Emma takes him by the hand as he passes away.

Summary of Deceased Characters

firmness of Ryuguji TempleCause of death: Shot dead while protecting Takemichi from RukuharaTandai’s underlings.

In the high school version, Draken, who protected Takemichi, died in the past and was confirmed dead.

[Spoiler #7] The War of the Three Heavens (Comics Volumes 25-27)

outbreak of the War of the Three Heavenly Battles

Burafuman and Rokuhara Amanohai are now in a state of conflict after Draken’s death, and Burafuman and Rokuhara Amanohai are calling for a three-way war, but Mikey, who remains calm despite Draken’s death, chooses to let Sanzu handle the situation and see how it goes. Despite Mikey’s calmness, Burafuman and Rokuhara Asohara are heating up, and the strength of Burafuman’s leadership is gradually revealed against Rokuhara Asohara’s S62 generation. Burafuman’s Keizo Arashi, a.k.a. Benkei, and Wakasa Imaushi, a.k.a. Waka, are revealed to have been once prominent members of the first Black Dragon under Mikey’s brother, Shinichiro. Takemichi is asked by Waka to look into Senjyu, and watches the war unfold in an unusually heated atmosphere.

Mikey awakens! Black impulses engulf him.

Senjyu clashed with South, who was no match for the two “living legends. At one point, Senjyu seems to have the upper hand, but she is caught between a rock and a hard place by the overwhelming power of South. Takemichi sees a vision of his death the moment he is touched by South. Meanwhile, Rokuhara-dai Tsurucho finally arrives at Mikey’s side. Tsurucho launches an onslaught, but Mikey does not fight back and continues to be beaten. Mikey looks at his right hand and mutters with vacant eyes, “Kenchin …… is already empty. Then, engulfed by a black impulse, he turned into a Shura and overpowered Tsurucho, who was known as a fighter. The place where Tsurucho was blown away was right in front of South. Mikey turns his sharp eyes on him and the two finally confront each other. South was beaten to a pulp by Mikey, but the overwhelming difference in their abilities left him battered and bruised. Mikey broke Takemichi’s arm when he tried to stop him, and he went on to beat South to death. Takemichi stops Mikey once more, who tries to kill Takemichi, who complains. Takemichi was sent to the hospital, and the Three Heavenly War ended with a victory for the Kato-Manjikai.

The second generation of Tokyo-Manjikai is up and running!

Takemichi once decided to end things alone, but Hinata’s words made him change his mind and he decided to create his own team. Chifuyu, who first invited Takemichi to join the team, even submits his resignation at work to follow Takemichi. Hachikai and Inui joined the team as well, and Mitsuya was the next to be invited. He, too, had rushed to become a designer because of his promise to Draken, but in the end he abandoned the prize to join his friends. Takemichi eventually joined the original Tokyo-Manjikai members, Perchin, Payan, the Kawada brothers, and Senjyu, to form the second Tokyo-Manjikai.

Summary of Deceased Characters

Terano-sausuCause of death: Mikey, consumed by black impulses, was one-sidedly beaten to death.

In the Three Heavenly Wars, South, the general representative of the Rokuhara monarchy, was beaten to death by Mikey, who was possessed by black impulses.

[Spoiler #8] The Final Battle (Armageddon) begins (Comics Vol. 28-30)

50 second generation Tokyo-Manjikai vs. 500 Kanto-Manjikai

While the 500-strong Kento-Manjikai consisted of only 50 men, the second generation Tokyo-Manjikai had only 50 men. However, the second generation Tokyo-Manjikai is by far the strongest, and the soldiers of the Kanto Manjikai are astonished at their strength. Then, after defeating some small fry, the match-up between the second generation Tokyo-Manjikai cadres and the enemy cadres was decided one after another. Takemichi, who was the first to charge in, showed an unexpectedly even fight with Tsurucho, followed by Chifuyu, who beat Kanji Mochizuki. As it was, Chido also defeated Shion Ikarame, and with Mitsuya and Hachikai defeating the Haidani brothers, the tide completely turned in favor of the second Tokyo-Manjikai. But Senjyu, who spoke of not wanting to fight with his siblings, lost to Haruchiyo, and Perchin, who had reached Mikey, was also sunk. And soon after Inui also lost to Imagyu Wakasa and Arashi Keizo, Takemichi had a tragic vision.

Stop the Haruchiyo train.

When Takemichi learns from his vision that Haruzenya is about to run amok and kill many people, regardless of friend or foe, he persuades Tsurucho to go to Haruzenya. Haruzenya has a sword and lends a hand, but Tsurucho is cut down. Believing Tsurucho’s words that the wound is shallow, Takemichi tries to stop the train. Haruzenya tries to stab Takemichi from behind with her sword. Seeing Takemichi avoid it with his vision, he mouthed the words, “Are you a time reaper too? The train finally comes to a halt due to Tsurucho’s reckless risking of his life as he stands up to wipe his friends’ asses. Although the train did not cause a serious accident, Takemichi was attacked by Harusenya with a sword and was in a desperate situation. Then an unexpected helper appeared on a motorcycle.

Mikey and Harusenya’s Past

Harusenya suddenly became Mikey’s aide from the middle of the group, but he is actually a childhood friend of both Placechi and Mikey. They have known each other longer than any of the founding members except Placechi, and were always together when they were little. Haru Senjyu was framed by his sister Senjyu and was severely wounded by Mikey when he first manifested his black impulses. Since then, he worships Mikey more and more, and Senjyu worries that it is his fault that the two of them have changed.

Finally, Takemichi and Mikey’s final battle: ……!!!!

In a pinch, Takemichi was rescued by Daishi, whom Mitsuya had secretly invited to join the group. He joined the second generation of Tokyo-Manjikai to see Takemichi defeat Mikey and to repay Takemichi’s debt to him. Takemichi comes up to Mikey after Daishi defeats Imagyu and Araishi. With his partner, Chifuyu, at his back, Takemichi and Mikey finally begin their battle.

[Spoiler #9] Who’s to Blame for the Black Urge? Who survived after all (Comics 270-278)

Spoiler for the previous episode (277) “At last” before the last episode.

Two people time leap back to elementary school

Takemichi was supposed to have been stabbed to death by Mikey in the previous episode, but a time leap sent him back to the past. Takemichi regained consciousness on September 10, 1998, when he was in the first grade of elementary school. Takemichi, back in the first grade of elementary school, meets Mikey, who was in the second grade. Of course, Takemichi and Mikey did not know each other at that time, and Mikey, thinking that …… would look at him suspiciously, says to Takemichi, “Are you …… Takemichi? Mikey says to Budo. To Mikey’s surprise, not only Takemichi, but Mikey had also time leaped. The two cannot hide their joy when they realize that they have time leaped together and run into the city. Mikey had been given the power of time leap just before Takemichi’s death, and had time leapt to the year 1998.

The “revenge” between the two begins.

Takemichi and Mikey are happy to see each other again on the roof of the building, and both are excited to have made the time leap together, and discuss with each other why they were able to do so. Mikey then asks Takemichi, “What are we going to do now? Takemichi, now with a reassuring ally, says, “I have you now,” and Mikey’s declaration of acceptance of his words marks the beginning of their “revenge” together.

Formed Tokyo-Manjikai to conquer the nation.

Takemichi and Mikey, who started Revenge, first formed Tokyo-Manjikai. They start with nine members, including Kisaki Tetta and Sanzu, who were not founding members in the original world line. Takemichi and Mikey used their time-leap experience to change the fates of Kisaki, Sanzu, and Shinichiro, and to avert tragedy in a war with the Black Dragon. Takemichi and Mikey finally won the national championship and announced the dissolution of Tokyo-Manjikai in front of the members of Tokyo-Manjikai. After all the revenge, the “Tokyo Revengers” set the stage for Takemichi and Hina’s wedding.

Black impulse was born out of love for Shinichiro Sano.

In his fight with Takemichi, Mikey reveals that his brother, Shinichiro Sano, is also a type reaper. In the first world line, Mikey was in a vegetative state after a fall in elementary school. Shinichiro studied nursing care and tried his best to recover, but Mikey eventually died. In desperation, Shinichiro hears about a homeless man who claims to be a time reaper. When the homeless man tells him that he got this power by killing a man, he kills him, who tells him to be cursed while being beaten. Shinichiro then actually obtained the power to return to the past and saved Mikey by triggering the Sanzu Haru Chiya. However, in the second world war Mikey was saved, something black clings to him and he begins to act brutally. This was the price to pay for gaining power by killing people, and the black impulse was a “curse” that he could not control.

Takemichi to the last time leap

Mikey, having released his black impulses, pierces his body with his sword, and Budo is mortally wounded. Mikey regains his self-consciousness, and with a dying Budo in his arms, he bursts into tears. When he came to, Budo was back to his elementary school days. Somehow, Mikey knew Budo, and the two triggered each other, and they were both transported back to their elementary school days. Both Budo and Mikey are delighted and vow to take revenge from this point on. Budo also became a founding member of Tokyo-Manjikai, and was joined by Kisaki and Harusenya, who would later become awkward bedfellows, as the first members of the group. Tenjiku and Black Dragon were all brought into the fold, and history was made from the ground up with no one dying. Mikey announced the dissolution of Tokyo-Manjikai without the death of anyone, not Jaji, Emma, Izana, or Drakken.

[Discussion] The Mystery of Time Leap

Why were Mikey and Takemichi able to time leap?

Mikey becomes a time reaper.

Why was Mikey able to become a time leaper just before the last episode? The reason is due to the transfer of the power of timeliness. Mikey stabbed Budo with his sword and mortally wounded him. At that time, Budo’s time leap power passed to Mikey, enabling him to time leap. It was thought that Budo would die and lose his time leap ability, but before he lost his life, Budo transferred his power to Mikey. With Mikey as the time reaper, Budo and Mikey have the opportunity to go back in time and “take revenge” in 1998.

A desire to save Takemichi and his friends takes them back to the past.

The transfer of Budo’s power gave Mikey the power to time leap and return to the past. While we understand so far, this is not the reason why Budo was able to time leap along with Mikey. The reason for this may be due to Mikey’s strong desire to save Takemichi and his friends. Budo, who has experienced time leaps many times, and Mikey’s strong desire may have resulted in the time leap into the past. So the strong feelings of both of them led to the opportunity for “revenge.

[Discussion] A look at the foreshadowing that was not recovered even in the last episode.

The East Ribe has reached its conclusion, but there were several foreshadowing lines that were not recovered in the main story. So, here are some of the questions, “What was the meaning of that? Here are some of the questions that were not answered in the main story!

Why did the first time leap happen?

In the work, Budo triggered Naoto to cause a time leap and travel back and forth between the past and the future. However, the first time leap is triggered without shaking hands with anyone. This can be seen by looking back at Shinichiro’s time leap scene in episode 271 of the original story. Shinichiro threw himself into the river out of the bitterness of not being able to save Mikey. When he wakes up, he finds Mikey in front of him, who was supposed to be dead. Apparently, the first time leap did not require a trigger and was triggered by the death of the ability holder. Therefore, Budo’s first time leap was triggered by Budo’s death when he was hit by a train.

What are “clowns” and “reapers?”

The past of Shuzo Hanma and his situation after the Kanto Incident are described in the extra chapter of book 23. After the Kanto Incident, Shuzo HANMA was hunted as an executive of Tenjiku and lived on the run. After the Kanto Incident, time passed, and in June 2008, he came to visit Kisaki’s grave. In June 2008, he visited Kisaki’s grave to fulfill a promise he made before his death: “Why did I follow Kisaki when he died? The extra episode closes with a murmur in front of Kisaki’s grave, “Let’s talk about ‘Shinigami and clowns’. The Shinigami and the clown here are thought to refer to Hanma, who was called the “Kabukicho Shinigami,” and Kisaki, who described himself as a “clown. What they talked about was never mentioned in the work. However, I feel that it is more romantic to keep their conversation a secret between the two of them.

Who was the man who was watching Takemichi?

In the first world line where he succeeds in saving Hina, Budo probes to meet Mikey. At that time, a man watching Takemichi was depicted in episode 201. It is assumed that he is Harujiyo Sanzu, who appears in front of Takemichi at the bowling alley shortly after this, but this was not explicitly stated in the story. The author is certain that it is Harujiyo, but it is also possible that it is another member of Bonten who has noticed the presence of Budo, who is probing Bonten, and has sent a member of Taira on a stakeout, who later tells Harujiyo and Mikey.

Is there another time reaper?

In the work, the ability to time leap was passed down from Homeless, to Shinichiro Sano, to Budo Hanagaki, to Manjiro Sano. And it seems that homelessness is not the origin of the ability either, but was obtained by killing the previous ability holder. From this, it can be inferred that the time leap ability has existed for a long time. And if it is such a long-established ability, it seems likely that someone else also possesses this ability. And if it has such a long history, it is conceivable that someone else might also possess this ability. Also, from the way Kisaki and Akkun immediately came to the conclusion that “Budo is a timelieper, isn’t he? This is a phenomenon that is often talked about in that world. Therefore, it would not be surprising if there are other beings who can time leap to that world.

Rating: Does the Final Episode Make Any Sense? Toward a controversial ending

Tokyo Revengers,” in which everyone survived and the film had a happy ending. How are the fans who have been following the film so far evaluating it? In this section, we will explain the evaluation of the last episode, referring to the opinions posted on social networking sites.

Is the recovery of foreshadowing a chore?

The first opinion that I often saw on social networking sites was that the development near the last episode was messy. It’s true that we had spent a long time so far getting to the bottom of the mystery of the black impulse and time leap, but I can understand why it would be bewildering to see it finally put away as a “curse”. Who is that homeless ……, you say. Also, the final development of going back to elementary school and starting all over again also left many fans wondering, “What the heck was the story all about?” It seems that many fans thought, “What was the story all about?

It was neither a “meander” nor a “censored end.”

The storyline after Kisaki Tetta, who was thwarting the original purpose of the story, was a bit of a meander, wasn’t it?” Some commented that “the development after Budo and Mikey’s time leap was too fast, and I thought it was a censored ending. However, Mr. Wakui commented that the ending of “Tokyo Revengers” was neither a meander nor a censored ending, but was exactly as he had originally planned. In an interview, the teacher said that he had firmly decided to “take a final revenge with Budo Mikey. This is why he decided to use the plural form of the title “Revengers” instead of “Revenger. The final episode, in which Budo and Mikey team up for a grand finale, had been decided beforehand.

Glad to see you all are still alive.

The main criticism was that it was too abrupt. However, it is also true that as a fan, I am happy that my favorite characters are living happily ever after. Considering this, I feel that the best ending was the one in which everyone finally won a future in which they all survived through the tremendous efforts of Budo and Mikey.

Summary of “Tokyo Revengers” characters

Hanagaki Takemichi

Takemichi Hanagaki, the main character, was a delinquent in junior high school, but in fact he was one of the weakest fighters in his class. He was beaten back by the “Tokyo-Manjikai,” a group of delinquents he went to beat up, and ended up spending his days in hell as a slave. After graduating from junior high school, he fled his hometown and spent his days apologizing at his part-time job, leading a life of continuous running away. However, when he awoke with the ability to time-reap, he roused himself to the point that he could no longer run away in order to save Hinata. He grows up to the point that even the president of Tokyo-Manjikai recognizes him.

Tachibana Hinata

Hinata Tachibana was Takemichi’s girlfriend when he was in the second year of junior high school. She is petite but strong-willed, and she is willing to give up her own life to protect Takemichi, even to the point of striking a strong yankee. She died in 2017 in a war with Tokyo-Manjikai, but we can see in the work that she was always in love with Takemichi. Due to Takemichi’s success in the first chapter, the future in which Hinata dies has been rewritten, and she is still with Takemichi in the year 2017.

Tachibana Naoto

Naoto, the younger brother of Hinata Tachibana, is a key person essential to Takemichi’s time leap to 12 years ago. He was involved in the “Tokyo-Manjikai” feud in 2017 and, like Hinata, was killed, but survived Takemichi’s first time leap. He went on to become a detective and has since become a good collaborator of Takemichi.

Sano Manjiro/Micky

Sano Manjiro, a.k.a. Mikey, is a charismatic leader who became president of “Tokyo-Manjikai” in his third year of junior high school. He is a charismatic leader who became president of Tokyo-Manjikai in his third year of junior high school. He was known as “Mikey the Invincible” because of his small stature, but he was unbeatable. He liked the guts Takemichi showed in the first time leap and became familiar with him, nicknaming him “Takemichi. Although he has an intuitive personality, he also has a policy of not raising his hand to women.

Ryuguji Ken/Doraken

Ryuguji Ken, also known as Draken, is the vice president of Tokyo-Manjikai. His trademark is his golden hair and the dragon tattoo on his temple. He is Manjiro’s good buddy and once told him to have a human “heart. Although he is a large man with a stern appearance, he is a gentle man at heart.

Kisaki Tetta

Kisaki Tetta is the central figure of the modern “Tokyo-Manjikai. Although he once seemed to adore Manjiro, he is the acting president of the modern “Tokyo-Manjikai,” the organization that caused Hinata’s death. Although his fighting skills are less than Takemichi’s, he is a scheming fighter who undermines his opponents without getting his own hands dirty. He is also the main culprit behind the transformation of Tokyo-Manjikai.

Tokyo Revengers” finally reaches its final episode! Expect more animations!

Tokyo Revengers” created a new genre never seen before by adding the science fiction element of time leaps and the element of mystery, not to mention the fight scenes that are the best part of a Yankee manga. Although there were many sad scenes in this work, the happy ending in the final episode was probably the development that everyone dreamed of. As of April 2023, the second season of the TV anime series, “Seiyoru Kessen Hen,” has been produced. Even if you have “Tori Be” loss after the manga has been completed, let’s look forward to the animation until the final episode!

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