“Chained Soldier”: Zenigata Coco, a Human-like Monster Girl! What’s Her Purpose and Relationship with Wakuwa Aoba?


We’ll delve deep into the character of Zenigata Coco from “Chained Soldier”. This popular shonen manga, set to be animated in 2024, has gained attention for its engaging story and characters. Zenigata Coco, a human-like monster girl featured in “Chained Soldier”, has become popular for her cuteness. We will thoroughly investigate her strengths, abilities, profile, and also explore her relationship with Wakuwa Aoba, another human-like monster, including speculation on her potential demise. Additionally, we will introduce the voice actor cast for Coco in the anime adaptation of “Chained Soldier”.

Zenigata Coco, a Cute Human-like Monster Girl

“Chained Soldier” Manga Information

Before delving into the detailed profile of the popular and adorable Zenigata Coco, let’s introduce some information about “Chained Soldier” (Matoseihei no Slave). The manga started serialization in Shonen Jump+ in 2019 and is an action-harem fantasy. The original story is by the writer and game creator Takahiro, with artwork by the manga artist Youhei Takemura.

  • Overview of “Chained Soldier”

“Chained Soldier” is a popular manga, well-received for its cute characters, enjoyable fan service scenes, and impressive action sequences. As of January 2023, including its digital edition, the series has surpassed a total circulation of 4 million copies, garnering significant attention. The popularity of “Chained Soldier” extends beyond the manga, with an anime adaptation scheduled to air on AT-X and other platforms starting January 2024.

  • Synopsis of “Chained Soldier”

“Chained Soldier” is set in a world where monsters, such as the grotesque Oni, attack people. In a society where women, possessing special abilities to combat these monsters, are revered and form the Mage Defense Force, the protagonist, Yuuki Wakuwa, struggles with his future path. He meets the Mage Defense Force’s Seventh Unit Captain, Kyoka Hazama, and begins his days as the manager and slave (Slave) of Kyoka Hazama in the Mage Defense Force.

Profile of Zenigata Coco

Name: Zenigata Coco Reading: Zenibako Koko Birthday: April 8 Height: 153 cm

Zenigata Coco, known for her cuteness and popularity, is a girl with silver hair tinged with green, styled in a bob cut, and her red eyes add to her charm. She is a humanoid monster, with a single horn growing on the left side of her head. Coco possesses high physical abilities and commands a monster named Kumadoji.

Humanoid monsters like Zenigata Coco, distinct from typical monsters, possess intelligence. They are former human women who transformed into monster-like beings after consuming peaches, whose powers went out of control. These women, upon becoming humanoid monsters, gain enhanced physical abilities and recovery powers compared to their human form. However, they also become more ferocious than when they were human.

The Personality of Zenigata Coco

Let’s explore the personality of the cute and popular Zenigata Coco. Coco is very bright and cares deeply for her companions. She was a lively and active girl even before becoming a monster but has become more violent due to her transformation. Consequently, she harbors strong resentment towards those who harm her fellow humanoid monsters, displaying a combative and provocative attitude towards those she despises.

Zenigata Coco’s Purpose and Her Relationship with Wakuwa Aoba

Zenigata Coco’s Purpose

Having explored Zenigata Coco’s profile, let’s now delve into her purpose and her relationship with Wakuwa Aoba. Zenigata Coco’s goal is to “destroy the Yin-Yang Dormitory.” After consuming a peach and transforming into a monster, Coco was taken in by the Yin-Yang Dormitory. However, this facility was conducting human experiments on humanoid monsters like her.

Coco, assisted by Yunohana On, another humanoid monster who had undergone experiments, successfully escaped from the Yin-Yang Dormitory. After their escape, they built a hidden village underground in the Magic Capital, where Coco and other humanoid monsters began living together. Coco and her companions aimed to expose the inhumane experiments conducted at the Yin-Yang Dormitory to the world.

However, they were unable to reveal the dark secrets of the Yin-Yang Dormitory, a national organization, due to government power. Thus, Coco and her group, aiming to rescue their companions still suffering in the dormitory, are attempting to destroy it using their monstrous abilities.

Relationship Between Zenigata Coco and Wakuwa Aoba

Let’s also spoil the relationship between Zenigata Coco and Wakuwa Aoba. Wakuwa Aoba, the protagonist Yuuki Wakuwa’s sister, is also one of the humanoid monsters, like Coco. Believed to have gone missing during a disaster in the Magic Capital, Aoba had actually become a humanoid monster after consuming a peach.

Aoba, having hidden herself in the Magic Capital for years, wasn’t taken in by the Yin-Yang Dormitory. During her time in hiding, she met Coco and On, who had escaped from the dormitory, and they began acting together.

Aoba, leveraging her bossy nature, became a leader-like figure, creating and organizing a hidden village for the humanoid monsters. Coco trusts Aoba, affectionately referring to her as “Aoba Nee (Sister Aoba).” Aoba, in turn, is fond of Coco, treating her like a sister.

Did Zenigata Coco Die?

Let’s address whether Zenigata Coco died. To answer directly, Coco is not dead. Being a humanoid monster, Coco frequently engaged in battles with the Mage Defense Force. She confronted Mage Defense Force members Shun’ga Suzu and Wakasa Sahara. Although Coco initially overpowered them with her physical abilities, her weakness was eventually exploited.

It was believed that Coco died after being cut down by Sahara, but she survived. Coco, along with On, was later captured by Hachiraijin. Captured Coco was used as food for Soraori, seemingly eaten. Believed to have died after being consumed by Soraori, Coco was actually surviving inside it as a power source. Eventually, she was rescued by Kyoka and Yuuki and is still alive to this day.

The Strength and Abilities of Zenigata Coco

Abilities of Zenigata Coco

Now that we have a clear understanding of Zenigata Coco’s profile, purpose, and relationship with Wakuwa Aoba, let’s spoil her strengths and abilities.

  • Ability #1: Control Over Her Own Body Fluids

Zenigata Coco possesses the ability to manipulate her own body fluids. She can secrete a slippery substance from her skin. Coco uses this slippery secretion to cover her body, allowing her to deflect physical blows from opponents. While she can deflect blows with this unique ability, she is unable to deflect slashing attacks.

  • Ability #2: Healing Saliva

In addition to her body fluids, Zenigata Coco’s saliva also possesses a special ability. Her saliva has healing properties, enabling wounds to heal when licked. This ability allowed Coco to recover from Sahara’s slashing attack without dying. Moreover, Coco’s saliva can heal not only her own wounds but also the injuries of others.

  • Ability #3: High Physical Abilities

Besides her special abilities related to her body fluids and saliva, Zenigata Coco also boasts high physical capabilities. Her innate physical prowess, combined with her abilities, makes her adept at close-range combat, allowing her to dodge attacks effectively.

Analysis of Zenigata Coco’s Strength Through Her Battle Record

  • Battle Record #1: Volume 5, Chapter 33

Let’s analyze Zenigata Coco’s strength through her past battle records. The first notable record is from “Chained Soldier” Volume 5, Chapter 33. In this chapter, Zenigata Coco confronts Shun’ga Suzu and Wakasa Sahara of the Mage Defense Force. Alongside Kumadoji, Coco demonstrates overwhelming strength, dominating both opponents.

  • Battle Record #2: Volume 5, Chapter 34

The second significant record is from “Chained Soldier” Volume 5, Chapter 34. After showcasing her overwhelming strength against Suzu and Sahara in Chapter 33, Coco’s weakness to slashing attacks is exposed by Sahara in Chapter 34. Coco is defeated after receiving a slash from Sahara. However, considering she fought evenly, Coco is speculated to possess strength comparable to a member of the Mage Defense Force.

  • Battle Record #3: Volume 6, Chapter 40

Coco’s third notable record is from “Chained Soldier” Volume 6, Chapter 40. After being defeated and seriously wounded by Sahara’s slash, Coco uses her healing saliva to recover from the injury. Although Coco survived, she was captured by Hachiraijin’s Shikoku and Joryu in Chapter 40 of “Chained Soldier.”

  • Battle Record #4: Volume 6, Chapter 43

The fourth battle record is from “Chained Soldier” Volume 6, Chapter 43. After being captured by Shikoku and Joryu, Coco is swallowed whole by Soraori in Chapter 43. Fortunately, she does not die due to being ingested in such a manner.

  • Battle Record #5: Volume 10, Chapter 74

The fifth record is from “Chained Soldier” Volume 10, Chapter 74. In this chapter, Soraori, having absorbed Coco, exhibits her abilities. Soraori uses Coco’s abilities to secrete body fluids, successfully avoiding Mira’s blows. However, Soraori is unable to master Coco’s abilities fully and ends up receiving blows from Mira.

Voice Actor of Zenigata Coco

Profile of Sayaka Senbongi

In the anime “Chained Soldier,” the character Zenigata Coco is voiced by Sayaka Senbongi. Born on November 24, 1995, Senbongi is a voice actress affiliated with I’m Enterprise. Her interest in voice acting was sparked by late-night anime she watched during middle school, leading her to enroll in the Japan Narration Acting Institute while still in high school.

Senbongi made her voice acting debut in 2013 while still in high school, in the anime “Chronicles of the Going Home Club.” She joined her current agency the following year and has since become a popular voice actress, appearing in numerous works. In 2019, she announced her marriage to fellow voice actor Yuu Hatanaka.

Major Works and Characters Voiced by Sayaka Senbongi

  • Anime “Chronicles of the Going Home Club”: Role of Claire Kokonoe
  • Anime “Girlish Number”: Role of Chitose Karasuma
  • Anime “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress”: Role of Mumei
  • Anime “Magic-kyun! Renaissance”: Role of Kohana Aigasaki
  • Anime “Piacevole”: Role of Morina Nanase
  • Anime “Clockwork Planet”: Role of AnchoR
  • Anime “Anime-Gataris”: Role of Arisu Kamiigusa
  • Anime “Crossing Time”: Role of Ai
  • Anime “Doreiku: The Animation”: Role of Julia Katsushika
  • Anime “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”: Roles of the Ogres/Shuna
  • Anime “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind”: Role of Trish Una
  • Anime “Amazing Stranger”: Role of Belnoar
  • Anime “Ahiru no Sora”: Role of Madoka Yabuchi
  • Anime “BEASTARS”: Role of Haru, among others
  • Anime “Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time”: Role of Piglette Panetta
  • Anime “Iii Icecrin”: Role of Bluen
  • Anime “Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z”: Role of Kasumi Abiko
  • Anime “Kageki Shojo!!”: Role of Sarasa Watanabe
  • Anime “Musashino!”: Role of Nishiki Sakuragi
  • Anime “Delicious in Dungeon”: Role of Marcille

Summary of Zenigata Coco

Zenigata Coco, a character from “Chained Soldier,” is one of the popular humanoid monsters known for her cuteness. Coco is characterized by her bright and active personality, combined with high physical abilities. For those intrigued by the detailed profile of Coco’s strengths and abilities, as well as her battle records, why not take a look at “Chained Soldier”? It’s a great opportunity to explore more about this engaging character and the world she inhabits.

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