Character List of “BURN THE WITCH”! Who are the Characters, Dragons, and their Anime Voice Actors?


In this section, we introduce a list of characters from “BURN THE WITCH.” “BURN THE WITCH” is a manga series created by Tite Kubo, known for his work on “BLEACH.” This article summarizes the characters who appear and play significant roles in the series. In addition to the human characters, we will also introduce the dragons that appear in the story. Furthermore, we will discuss the voice actors who lent their voices to these characters in the anime adaptation of “BURN THE WITCH.”


Overview of “BURN THE WITCH”

“BURN THE WITCH” is a manga series created by Tite Kubo, the famed author of the popular manga “BLEACH.” The prequel to the story was published as a one-shot in “Weekly Shonen Jump” in 2018, and in August 2020, a short-term serial spanning four issues began in the same magazine. “BURN THE WITCH” was adapted into an anime in 2020 and released in theaters.

Synopsis of “BURN THE WITCH”

The main characters, Ninny Spangcole and Noel Niihashi, are witches who work for “Wing Bind,” an organization responsible for the protection and management of dragons in “Reverse London,” a hidden side of London. The duo faces various incidents related to dragons and works towards resolving them.

Character List of “BURN THE WITCH”

Character ① Noel Niihashi

Noel Niihashi is one of the main characters in “BURN THE WITCH.” She is a witch belonging to the Piper Division (Pipers) of Wing Bind and holds the rank of a First-Class Protection Officer.

In her regular life, she is a second-year student at South Braxton School in Front London. Noel is known for her cool demeanor, rarely showing emotion, and speaks politely to everyone. She refers to her partner, Ninny, as “Ninny-chan,” while Ninny calls her “Niha.”

Character ② Ninny Spangcole

Ninny Spangcole is another main character in “BURN THE WITCH.” She is a witch in the Piper Division (Pipers) of Wing Bind and holds the rank of a Second-Class Protection Officer.

Ninny is also an idol in Front London and leads the idol group “Cecil Die Twice.” Unlike the reserved Noel, Ninny is quick to show her emotions. She is addressed as “Ninny-chan” by Noel. Ninny is focused on achieving accomplishments to transfer to the Tactical Division (Sabres), which primarily deals with the eradication of Dark Dragons.

Character ③ Balgo Parks

Balgo Parks is a key character in “BURN THE WITCH.” He has the trait of attracting dragons, known as “Dragonclad,” and is under the surveillance of Ninny and Noel. Balgo attends South Braxton School in Front London and is a senior to Noel.

Character ④ Chief

The Chief is a key character in “BURN THE WITCH,” serving as the head of the Piper Division (Pipers). Despite his seemingly slack and goofy demeanor, he possesses the strength to defeat Mythical Dragons (Märchens).

Character ⑤ Bruno Bangnyfe

Bruno Bangnyfe is a member of Wing Bind’s highest decision-making body, “Top of Horns,” and the head of the Magical Circle Corps (Inks). Known for his intense temperament and strong sense of responsibility, he suspects that Balgo, being Dragonclad, is the cause of a Dark Dragon’s intrusion into Reverse London and attempts to eliminate him.

Character ⑥ Roy B. Dipper

Roy B. Dipper is a member of the “Top of Horns” and the head of the Anthem Corps. He is a black man who wears glasses and gloves with a cross pattern. His meticulous and accurate nature is evident when he corrects Bruno Bangnyfe’s statement about a Dark Dragon’s intrusion being the first in 100 years to actually being 96 years.

Character ⑦ Saka Rynn

Saka Rynn is a member of the “Top of Horns” and the head of the Development Corps (Patchworks). She was absent during the highest meeting where the other Top of Horns members gathered. Her appearance, including her gender, remains unrevealed.

Character ⑧ Harry Shayk

Harry Shayk is a member of the “Top of Horns” and the head of the Accounting Corps (Billionaires). He was chewing gum during the highest meeting of the Top of Horns. His distinctive features include light-colored hair, sunglasses, and a checkered cape.

Character ⑨ Cuntonaive Milieve

Cuntonaive Milieve is a member of the “Top of Horns” and the head of the Holy Services Corps (Sacreds). She is a young woman with a gentle appearance, wearing a tall hat. It is unclear whether the large horns are part of her head or her hat’s decoration.

Character ⑩ Trombone Tackinen

Trombone Tackinen is a member of the “Top of Horns” and the head of the Piper Division (Pipers). He is a dwarf-like old man with a full white beard, wearing the red-checked cape of the Piper Division.

Character ⑪ Sullivan Squire

Sullivan Squire is a member of the “Top of Horns” and the head of the Tactical Division (Sabres). He has semi-long black hair and wears a black military uniform. He seems to have a connection with the Chief of the Piper Division and quickly noticed when the Chief secretly defeated one of the Märchens.

Character ⑫ Macy Baljure

Macy Baljure is a former member of the idol group “Cecil Die Twice,” led by Ninny. A resident of Front London, she gets involved in Reverse London after finding a young dragon.

Character ⑬ Wolfgang Slashhaut

Wolfgang Slashhaut is a member of the “Top of Horns” and the head of the Personnel Penalties Corps (Gallows) in “BURN THE WITCH.” He is an elderly man with sharp eyes, gray hair, a mustache, and colored glasses. As a key decision-maker among the Top of Horns, he is responsible for delivering final resolutions. His appearance is distinguished by his serious demeanor and authoritative presence.

List of Dragons in “BURN THE WITCH”

Dragon ① Osushi-chan

Osushi-chan is a puppy that accompanies Balgo Parks in “BURN THE WITCH.” Although appearing as a Pomeranian, Osushi-chan is actually a “Disguiser” dragon wearing a dead body to disguise itself as a puppy.

Dragon ② Marshall

Marshall is Ninny Spangcole’s Bloom Buggy (a dragon used for transportation by witches and wizards) in “BURN THE WITCH.” It is characterized by its red body and lightning-shaped horns, with a tail resembling flames.

Dragon ③ Wordsworth

Wordsworth is Noel Niihashi’s Bloom Buggy in “BURN THE WITCH.” This dragon has an emerald-green body, round face, charming eyes, and a tail like a flower. It is very fond of Noel, helping her with tasks like fetching newspapers from the post box.

Dragon ④ Selby

Selby was Balgo Parks’ childhood friend and best friend. He died in a traffic accident 10 years ago, and the Selby in the story is a “Disguiser” dragon impersonating him. Balgo became Dragonclad after being attacked by the fake Selby.

Dragon ⑤ Ellie

Ellie is a dragon found by Macy Baljure in Front London. Its true identity is “Cinderella,” one of the Märchens (Mythical Dragons). It possesses six fingers and unique scales called “Stealth Scale” that allow it to become invisible. Named “Cinderella” because it transforms into a mature dragon only at night under the moonlight and scatters a powdery substance called “Star Ash” when excited.

Dragon ⑥ Chariot

In Reverse London, there are many “Light Dragons” that support the lives of its citizens. Chariot is one of these Light Dragons, used for radio wave relay purposes.

Dragon ⑦ Plantipotti

Plantipotti is another kind of Light Dragon that supports the lives of Reverse London’s citizens. It’s a small dragon shaped like a plant pot and is used for plant cultivation. It has legs, so it will come closer when it’s time to water the plants planted on its body.

Dragon ⑧ Buttercase

Buttercase is a Light Dragon that supports the lives of citizens in Reverse London. It’s a square-shaped dragon that primarily stays in pools and is responsible for water purification. It resembles a flat-faced axolotl.

Dragon ⑨ Reptliner

Reptliner is a larger kind of Light Dragon used as a means of transportation exclusively for witches and wizards in Reverse London. It is characterized by its sleepy-looking eyes.

List of Anime Voice Actors for “BURN THE WITCH” Characters

Ninny Spangcole voiced by Asami Tano

In the anime “BURN THE WITCH,” the voice of Ninny Spangcole is provided by Asami Tano. Her notable roles include Saki Nikaido in “Zombieland Saga” and Exorcist in “Francesca.”

Noel Niihashi voiced by Yuina Yamada

In “BURN THE WITCH,” Noel Niihashi is voiced by Yuina Yamada. Her main roles include Michiru Koda in “Idol Time PriPara” and Hizume Arima in “Anima Yell!”

Balgo Parks voiced by Shimba Tsuchiya

The voice of Balgo Parks in “BURN THE WITCH” is Shimba Tsuchiya. He is known for roles such as Tatara Fujita in “Welcome to the Ballroom” and Nao Saeki in “Ao no Orchestra.”

Chief voiced by Hiroaki Hirata

In “BURN THE WITCH,” the character Chief is voiced by Hiroaki Hirata. His famous roles include Sanji in “ONE PIECE” and Mutta Nanba in “Space Brothers.”

Osushi-chan voiced by Rie Hikisaka

In “BURN THE WITCH,” the voice of Osushi-chan is performed by Rie Hikisaka. Her notable works include Hana Nono/Cure Yell in “HUGtto! PreCure” and March in “To Your Eternity.”

Wolfgang Slashhaut voiced by Mugihito

The voice actor for Wolfgang Slashhaut in “BURN THE WITCH” is Mugihito. He is known for roles such as Doppo Orochi in “Baki the Grappler” and Kaseki in “Dr. STONE.”

Bruno Bangnyfe voiced by Chikahiro Kobayashi

Bruno Bangnyfe in “BURN THE WITCH” is voiced by Chikahiro Kobayashi. He has played Saichi Sugimoto in “Golden Kamuy” and Legoshi in “BEASTARS.”

Sullivan Squire voiced by Haruka Shimizu

Sullivan Squire in “BURN THE WITCH” is voiced by Haruka Shimizu. Her main roles include Jane Kano in “Charlie’s Angels” and Josephine in “Napoleon.”

Roy B. Dipper voiced by Mio Tanaka

In “BURN THE WITCH,” Roy B. Dipper is voiced by Mio Tanaka. His notable roles are Chief in “NOMAD Megalo Box 2” and Ying Zheng in “Kingdom.”

Macy Baljure voiced by Saori Hayami

Macy Baljure in “BURN THE WITCH” is voiced by Saori Hayami. She is known for voicing Yamato in “ONE PIECE” and Shinobu Kocho in “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.”

Summary of Characters in “BURN THE WITCH”

In this section, we introduced the characters and personalities in “BURN THE WITCH.” While “BURN THE WITCH” is a short story, it features a variety of compelling characters. Dive into the series and discover your favorite characters.

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