Is it Possible for Ayanokoji to Change Classes in “Classroom of the Elite”? Reasons, Timing, and Potential New Class


This article compiles the rumors about Ayanokoji’s potential class change in “Classroom of the Elite”. Here, we explore the possibility of Ayanokoji, the protagonist of “Classroom of the Elite” (abbreviated as “You-Zitsu”), changing classes in the future, including an analysis of why these rumors have surfaced. This includes his line about “assisting in Ichinose’s downfall,” which has led to speculation about why and when Ayanokoji might change classes. For those curious about the future developments in “Classroom of the Elite”, this article will provide insightful considerations.

Who is Ayanokoji?

In this article, we delve into the possibility of Ayanokoji, the protagonist of “Classroom of the Elite” (“You-Zitsu”), changing classes. Among the readers of “Classroom of the Elite”, there has been speculation about Ayanokoji potentially moving to a different class in the future. This article compiles the reasons behind these rumors and discusses when this class change might occur.

If you’re curious about why Ayanokoji is rumored to change classes, check out the section “Why Might Ayanokoji Change Classes? What are the Reasons?”. For those interested in predicting when Ayanokoji will change classes and to which class he might move, see “When Might Ayanokoji Change Classes and What Could Be His New Class?”. Additionally, if you want to understand the mechanism behind such a class change, refer to “How Could Ayanokoji Change Classes?”.

Before delving into why and when Ayanokoji might change classes, we first summarize the series “Classroom of the Elite” (“You-Zitsu”) in which Ayanokoji is featured. For a refresher on the overview and plot of “Classroom of the Elite”, start with that section.

About “Classroom of the Elite” (“You-Zitsu”)

  • Overview of “Classroom of the Elite” (“You-Zitsu”)

“Classroom of the Elite” (“You-Zitsu”) is a light novel series written by Shogo Kinugasa. The series began in 2015 with “Classroom of the Elite: 1st Year” published by MF Bunko J (KADOKAWA), and the “2nd Year” arc started in 2020. As of December 2023, the series has surpassed 8.4 million cumulative copies and has consecutively ranked first for four years in the reader’s poll of “Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi!”.

The series has gained popularity not only in Japan but also in countries like South Korea and the United States, with translations being widely read in numerous countries. “Classroom of the Elite” is a drama focusing on intricate human relationships and psychological battles set in a school environment. The unique charm and individuality of the characters, as well as their hidden secrets, have been a topic of interest among readers. The anime adaptation began airing in 2017, with the third season scheduled to be broadcast from January 2024.

  • Synopsis of “Classroom of the Elite” (“You-Zitsu”)

The prestigious school, Advanced Nurturing High School, promises a 100% success rate in college admissions and employment. Students’ class rankings are determined based on their abilities and achievements, and only those in higher ranks are promised a bright future. Kiyotaka Ayanokoji is placed in the lowest-ranked D-Class. A seemingly average student, Ayanokoji actually possesses hidden talents and abilities, being a product of the “White Room,” a facility designed to cultivate geniuses. Referred to as the “masterpiece” of the White Room, he subtly manipulates the members of his class without them realizing.

His seating next to Suzune Horikita, who dreams of ascending to A-Class, leads him to promise to help her, thereby creating opportunities to draw out the abilities of his classmates. He becomes involved with characters like Honami Ichinose, the leader of B-Class, and Ryuuen of C-Class.

Despite appearing lethargic, Ayanokoji is actually highly rational, often viewing his classmates as mere tools. Referred to as the “greatest creation of the White Room,” Ayanokoji harbors negative feelings towards it and enrolled in Advanced Nurturing High School to escape the life of the White Room and gain freedom.

Why Might Ayanokoji Change Classes?

The speculation about Ayanokoji potentially changing classes in “Classroom of the Elite” (“You-Zitsu”) arises from various hints, including his inner thoughts about “assisting in Ichinose’s downfall”. Besides this, Ayanokoji has shown several foreshadowings of a class change throughout the series. This section introduces these hints, apart from his remarks about Ichinose.

To understand the reasons behind these rumors, we will explore three main aspects: “Comments to Karuizawa and Hirata,” “Reaction to the Proposal by Chairman Sakayanagi,” and “Remarks After the Unanimous Vote Special Test,” along with discussing Ayanokoji’s ultimate goal. For those interested in why Ayanokoji is rumored to change classes, this section will provide valuable insights.

Is There a Possibility of Ayanokoji Changing Classes?

  • Analysis 1: Comments to Karuizawa and Hirata

We will consider why Ayanokoji is speculated to change classes based on his comments to Karuizawa and Hirata. Ayanokoji told them, “I can’t always be the one to act. We should prepare for unforeseen situations.” This statement indicates that Ayanokoji wants others to be ready to take on roles he currently occupies.

But why would Ayanokoji, a prodigy from the “White Room” known for his extraordinary talents, say such a thing? If he acted preemptively, he could easily prevent scenarios where he couldn’t act. So, why would he make such a statement? A plausible reason is that Ayanokoji himself is considering transferring to another class.

Supporting this hypothesis is Ayanokoji’s behavior during the Unanimous Vote Special Test. Previously, he acted unobtrusively within the school. However, suddenly in the second year, he relaxed these self-imposed restrictions and played a role in pushing Sakura Airi, a member of the “Ayanokoji Group,” towards expulsion. This action brought criticism from his group members.

Why would he take an action that puts him at a disadvantage? Perhaps he wanted to attract hate towards himself. If he became a popular figure in the class, his classmates would resist his transfer to another class. However, by attracting hate, no one would stop him when he decides to change classes. Therefore, it seems that Ayanokoji is planning a future class change, hence his statement about preparing for unforeseen situations.

  • Analysis 2: Reaction to Chairman Sakayanagi’s Proposal

Another hint suggesting Ayanokoji might change classes is his reaction to a proposal from Chairman Sakayanagi. The chairman suggested that Ayanokoji consider taking sick leave during the sports festival. Ayanokoji, with his exceptional physical abilities, knew that his absence would disadvantage his class.

Ayanokoji publicly declared his intention to elevate his current class, led by Suzune Horikita, to A-Class. To defeat classes with outstanding students like Ichinose, Ayanokoji’s intellect and physical abilities are crucial. Yet, he accepted the chairman’s suggestion and decided to skip the sports festival. Why would he make such a move?

A possible reason is to see how much strength his current class holds without him. If they can win against Ichinose’s class and others even in his absence, it proves that “they have the strength to aim for A-Class even if he transfers to another class”. Such actions have led readers of “Classroom of the Elite” (“You-Zitsu”) to speculate that Ayanokoji is considering a transfer to another class.

  • Analysis 3: Remarks After the Unanimous Vote Special Test

The third hint that Ayanokoji might be planning to move to another class like Ichinose’s comes from his remark after the Unanimous Vote Special Test, “Perhaps a day will come when I’ll think that was the more convenient option.” Following Ayanokoji’s advice, Sakura Airi, a member of the “Ayanokoji Group,” was expelled. This action shocked his classmates and the group members.

Though cutting ties with a member would attract hate towards him, Ayanokoji seemed to find this situation preferable. This suggests that he has some ongoing plan. If Ayanokoji, who has gathered hate from his classmates, transfers to another class like Ichinose’s, it will likely motivate Horikita’s class to strive harder to defeat the class he is in.

This would boost the morale of Horikita’s class, bringing them closer to A-Class. In this light, Ayanokoji’s words after the special test could mean that by transferring to another class, he could help raise the spirit of Horikita’s class. Hence, his actions and words indicate a calculated strategy towards a potential class change.

Does Ayanokoji’s Ultimate Goal Motivate His Class Transfer?

In the previous sections, we discussed the basis of the rumor that Ayanokoji might eventually change classes, identifying three key foreshadowings apart from his remark about “assisting in Ichinose’s downfall.” But why would Ayanokoji plan such a class transfer? A plausible reason could be to achieve his “ultimate goal.”

This ultimate goal is speculated to be “cultivating someone who surpasses himself.” Ayanokoji, praised as the “masterpiece” among geniuses raised in the “White Room,” a facility known for nurturing prodigious talents. However, many of those nurtured in the White Room, despite their developed abilities, have experienced mental breakdowns due to the excessively harsh and inhumane conditions, ignoring basic human rights.

In order to refute the existence of such an inhumane facility like the White Room, Ayanokoji might be endeavoring to train the students of Horikita’s class to surpass himself, the “greatest creation of the White Room.” As a milestone towards this goal, he may be planning a class transfer to boost the morale of the members in Horikita’s class, thereby facilitating their development into individuals who could exceed even him.

The potential class transfer, therefore, could be a strategic step in Ayanokoji’s plan to challenge and dismantle the very ideals of the White Room by proving that even students from the lowest-ranked class can surpass the most exemplary product of that system. This action would not only prove the White Room’s methodology flawed but also fulfill Ayanokoji’s personal objective of creating a legacy beyond himself.

When Might Ayanokoji Transfer Classes and Where to?

When Might Ayanokoji Transfer Classes?

Considering various foreshadowings, including his thoughts about “assisting in Ichinose’s downfall,” speculation has arisen regarding Ayanokoji’s potential class transfer in “Classroom of the Elite” (“You-Zitsu”). So, when might such a transfer occur? As of the 10th volume of the 2nd year arc, there is no clear indication of when Ayanokoji might change classes.

However, given his internal promise to assist Ichinose, it is expected that he might transfer around the time when Ichinose’s class becomes irreparable. For more details on when Ayanokoji might change classes and the implications of his commitment to “assist” Ichinose, refer to the next section, “Is Ayanokoji’s Transfer to Ichinose’s Class Likely? What Does Assisting Mean?”

Is Ayanokoji’s Transfer to Ichinose’s Class Likely? What Does Assisting Mean?

After exploring when Ayanokoji might leave Horikita’s class in the previous section, we now consider why Ichinose’s class is seen as a likely destination for his transfer. One reason for this speculation is the current situation of Ichinose’s class.

Originally, Ichinose’s class was the second-highest B-Class in the first year. However, with other students displaying their talents, class rankings significantly changed in the second year. Ayanokoji’s class, initially at the bottom, rose to B-Class, while Ichinose’s class fell to the lowest D-Class. This outcome has led Ichinose, the class leader, to feel a sense of responsibility.

While Ichinose’s class is contemplating a comeback, it lacks students with remarkable abilities compared to other classes. Should Ayanokoji express a desire to join Ichinose’s class, it is unlikely they would refuse him. Considering his relationships with other classes, Ichinose’s class seems the most likely to readily accept Ayanokoji. Therefore, it is anticipated that Ayanokoji’s class transfer, if it happens, would be to Ichinose’s class.

Moreover, Ayanokoji’s sentiment of wanting to “assist” Ichinose is believed to mean helping her class recover. The term “assist” has two meanings: one is to decapitate during seppuku to alleviate suffering, and the other is to accompany and take care of someone. While it is unclear which meaning Ayanokoji intends, the narrative suggests that the latter interpretation of assisting is more likely, indicating his potential involvement in aiding the turnaround of Ichinose’s class.

Methods for Ayanokoji’s Class Transfer

Method 1: Using a Class Transfer Ticket

In the previously discussed sections, we speculated when Ayanokoji might transfer classes in “Classroom of the Elite” (“You-Zitsu”). The next step is to consider how he might do so. The first method could be through the use of a “Class Transfer Ticket.”

In the first-year arc of “Classroom of the Elite,” the student who achieved first place in the sports festival was awarded a Class Transfer Ticket as a reward for their achievement. This scene revealed that performing well in school events could grant the right to change classes. If Ayanokoji decides to transfer classes in the future, he might acquire and use such a ticket.

Method 2: Using Points Accumulated by Ichinose’s Class

The second potential method for Ayanokoji’s class transfer could involve utilizing the points accumulated by Ichinose’s class. Ichinose, the class leader, has placed her trust in Ayanokoji and is well aware of his capabilities. Currently, with her class at the bottom rank, Ichinose would likely welcome Ayanokoji’s help. Kanzaki, a strategist in Ichinose’s class, has admitted, “I don’t have the power to change the class,” indicating a desire for a significant change to improve their situation. Given these circumstances, it is plausible that Ichinose and Kanzaki might agree to assist Ayanokoji, even if it means using their class points. Considering the benefits of moving up to A-Class, the use of points might be justified despite the potential reduction in their class’s points. Thus, Ayanokoji might negotiate with Ichinose to use the points of her class students for his transfer.

Method 3: Competing with Nagumo for 20 Million Points

The third method for Ayanokoji’s class transfer could be “winning 20 million points in a challenge against Nagumo.” In the second-year arc of “Classroom of the Elite,” Nagumo Miyabi, the student council president, is determined to acquire whatever he desires, using any means necessary. However, his plans have been repeatedly thwarted by Ayanokoji, leading him to view Ayanokoji as an obstacle.

In response, Nagumo initiates a special test targeting first-year students, offering a reward of 20 million private points to anyone who can expel Ayanokoji. These 20 million private points correspond to the amount required for a class transfer. Therefore, readers of “Classroom of the Elite” speculate that these points might be related to Ayanokoji’s potential class transfer. If Ayanokoji can win this challenge against Nagumo, he might use the 20 million points to facilitate his transfer.

Will Ayanokoji Break Up with Karuizawa?

The Relationship Between Ayanokoji and Karuizawa

Ayanokoji enters into a relationship with Karuizawa, a gal-style girl from his class. This relationship began during the winter break of their first year. Karuizawa, who had hidden the fact that she was bullied in middle school, pretended to be in a relationship with the popular Hirata in her class to avoid repeating her past experiences. However, she was once again targeted for bullying in her first year of high school after a bully from another class saw through her facade.

Karuizawa developed feelings for Ayanokoji after he rescued her from a bullying incident. However, Ayanokoji’s intervention was not mere chance; he had strategically acted to gain her favor as a part of his future plans. Eventually, Karuizawa ended her fake relationship with Hirata, and she started dating Ayanokoji after he confessed his feelings to her.

The Possibility of Ayanokoji and Karuizawa Breaking Up

Though Ayanokoji confessed to and started dating Karuizawa, there is a possibility that they may break up. This is because Ayanokoji does not harbor romantic feelings for Karuizawa. When he began their relationship, Ayanokoji thought of it as a means to “learn about love through Kei.” This statement suggests that Ayanokoji did not confess to Karuizawa out of genuine affection. Therefore, once his purpose is fulfilled, there is a likelihood that Ayanokoji might end the relationship with Karuizawa.

Summary of the Possibility of Ayanokoji’s Class Transfer

This article has discussed the rumors about Ayanokoji potentially transferring classes in the future. Ayanokoji, in “Classroom of the Elite” (“You-Zitsu”), has shown signs that point towards a class transfer, especially with his thoughts about “assisting” Ichinose and advising his classmates to prepare for unforeseen situations. These actions are seen as foreshadowing his potential transfer to Ichinose’s class.

While the current narrative does not provide a clear timeline for when this class transfer might occur, it is speculated to happen when Ichinose faces a crisis, considering her current situation and psychological state. Furthermore, the purpose behind Ayanokoji’s potential class transfer has not been explicitly revealed, but it is theorized that it could be a strategic move towards achieving his goal of “cultivating someone who surpasses himself.” This objective aligns with his actions and overall strategy, suggesting that any class transfer would be more than a simple change of environment, serving as a critical step in his larger plan.

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