Akihabara Insider: Discovering Tokyo’s Otaku Paradise – Vol. 1

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Akihabara Stroll Diary for this Weekend (2024.1.14) is Here!

Arrived in Akihabara a bit late this day. The days are getting shorter in winter, and it’s already dark outside.

First, upon arriving at the station, let’s check out Atre. With a movie release coming up, this week’s wrapping theme was Gundam SEED!

Today, I had some shopping to do at Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara, commonly known as ‘Akiyodo,’ so I came here. What I bought is a secret, though! 😄

Akiyodo has not only electronic appliances and toys but also various restaurants, offering a wide range of meals. It might be fun to visit when you come to Japan.

On this day, there was an advertisement for the VALORANT division of the pro gaming team FNATIC on the first floor of Akiyodo, and I couldn’t help but take a photo.

There was also a collaboration between ‘Gindako,’ a takoyaki shop on the first floor of Akiyodo, and my favorite girl. Arima Kana-chan, you’re cute and the best! 😭

Afterwards, I went to the seafood izakaya ‘Domannaka‘ that I’ve been curious about.

The IZAKAYA is famous for squid sashimi, so I ordered squid sashimi plus a five-piece sashimi set. It came with nori and vinegar rice for hand-rolled sushi, and also miso soup with fish scraps.

Also They has more than 20 carefully selected types of sake, so it might be a good choice for those who want to try Japanese sake! Budget-wise, about 5,000 to 6,000 yen per person should be sufficient.

Later on, I went to a game center called ‘HEY,’ which deals with the latest and retro games. I played a bit of the arcade game ‘Idolmaster.’ It’s surprising that Idolmaster is still in operation, isn’t it…!

Here are the places I introduced today.

Atre Akihabara

Yodobashi camera Akihabara a.k.a. AKIYODO

Domannaka Akihabara


If you’re interested, please make sure to visit when you come to Japan.

See you again!

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