Akihabara Insider: Discovering Tokyo’s Otaku Paradise – Vol. 2

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I took a stroll through the streets of Akihabara this weekend!

This week, I visited specialty stores in Akihabara that sell keyboard and arcade controller parts, so let me introduce them to you.

Firstly, I visited Sengoku Densho, which is located near the station as soon as you exit. This shop is popular among enthusiasts in Akihabara, as it sells everything from keyboard switches to arcade controller levers, buttons, and even circuit boards.

Here’s a glimpse inside the store:

I went there this time to check out some keyboard switches, but since they didn’t have what I was looking for, I decided to explore other stores for now. Someday, I’d like to buy parts from Sengoku Densho and build an arcade controller from scratch!

Next on the list was MAK JAPAN. This shop also sells arcade controller parts and arcade game boards, making it a valuable find. Moreover, they have Gachapon vending machines featuring original can badges in collaboration with popular manga artist Rensuke Oshikiri, known for works like “High Score Girl”! They are quite cute, so why not make it a memory of your trip to Japan?

Lastly, I visited Yusha Kobo, a specialty store for custom keyboard parts. While a bit farther from Akihabara Station, this store offers a wide range of keyboard devices.

They sell everything from regular keyboard parts to kits for building keyboards designed for devices with various shortcut keys. It seems very convenient!

To conclude the day, I had ramen at Gorumen.

I opted for ramen finished with black ma-yu (roasted garlic oil), and it was delicious!

The shops I visited today are as follows:

  • Sengoku Densho (千石電商)
  • Yusha Kobo (遊舎工房)
  • Gorumen (ゴル麺。)

Today, I introduced Akihabara for those interested in gaming and keyboards, but next time, I plan to explore a different theme. Until then!

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