Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End – Why Did Zerrier Disqualify Frieren? Exploring Their Relationship


In “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End,” Zerrier, an elven mage, appears as a significant character. Zerrier is the head of the Continental Magic Association and holds a position managing mages worldwide. In the selection exam for first-class mages, Zerrier personally attends as an interviewer for the third phase. During this phase, Zerrier disqualifies Frieren. This article explores the reasons behind Zerrier’s decision to fail Frieren. Additionally, it discusses Zerrier’s power, the magic he used in the story, and his relationship with his disciples.

Who is Zerrier?

Zerrier in “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” is an elf who has lived even longer than Frieren. He is the founder of the Continental Magic Association and stands at the pinnacle of mages. Zerrier created the system for selecting mages within the association and personally disqualified Frieren in the first-class mage examination. This section delves into why Zerrier made the decision to fail Frieren.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End – Information About the Work

Overview of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

“Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” is a fantasy manga that tells the post-adventure tale of a group of heroes after they have defeated the Demon Lord. The series began serialization in Weekly Shonen Sunday in 2020. As of January 2024, 12 volumes of the manga have been published, with total circulation exceeding 17 million copies.

  • Synopsis of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

After defeating the Demon Lord alongside her companions, Frieren, an elven mage, embarks on a solitary journey to collect magical artifacts. Fifty years later, she reunites with her former companions, only to soon witness the death of the hero, Himmel. Frieren finds herself shedding tears at Himmel’s death and is confused by her own emotions. She then decides to set out on a journey again to better understand humans.

Profile of Zerrier

Zerrier in “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” is an elven mage. He has lived since the mythic era, but his actual age is unknown. Zerrier has straight blonde hair, usually tied loosely at the sides. Despite his haughty and imperious demeanor, he pays heed to the advice of his disciples.

The Reason Why Zerrier Disqualified Frieren and Their Relationship Explored

In “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End,” Frieren, along with Fern and others, takes the First-Class Mage Examination. It was clear to everyone that Frieren’s abilities far surpassed the other examinees. However, Zerrier, acting alone, disqualified Frieren. What was the reason behind Zerrier’s decision? This article explores and summarizes why Zerrier disqualified Frieren in the First-Class Mage Examination and examines their relationship.

The Reason Zerrier Disqualified Frieren

In “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End,” Zerrier served as the interviewer for the third stage of the First-Class Mage Examination. Normally, other first-class mages would conduct this stage, but due to Frieren’s participation, mages without the necessary skills had also advanced to this stage. Zerrier feared this would lead to many casualties if the examination proceeded as usual.

Therefore, he conducted interviews to peacefully conclude the exams without any casualties. By considering Frieren’s ability to enhance other examinees’ skills, Zerrier acknowledged Frieren’s strength. Despite this, he disqualified Frieren in the third stage. Why did Zerrier disqualify Frieren, despite recognizing her strength?

During the interview, Zerrier attempted to gauge whether the candidates could envision themselves as first-class mages. Frieren did not see herself as such, leading Zerrier to disqualify her. However, he knew Frieren had the strength worthy of a first-class mage.

As a final chance, Zerrier asked Frieren about her favorite spell. She mentioned the “Flower Field Spell” taught to her by her mentor, Flamme. Unimpressed with her response, Zerrier dismissed it as ‘trivial magic’ and did not overturn his decision to disqualify her.

Is the Relationship between Zerrier and Frieren Strained?

The relationship between Zerrier and Frieren in “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” is not exactly amicable. They first met when Frieren, as Flamme’s disciple, was taken to Zerrier. Zerrier quickly recognized Frieren’s strength and expressed satisfaction. However, his interest was short-lived. When Zerrier offered to teach Frieren a spell, she immediately declined, believing that magic should be sought personally. Zerrier, disappointed, told Flamme that Frieren was ‘hopeless.’

From then on, their relationship soured. However, it seems they are incompatible rather than truly despising each other. When Zerrier’s barrier was dispelled by Frieren, he remarked, “Quite the greeting,” with a smile, suggesting he doesn’t really dislike her. After the exam, Zerrier banned Frieren from the Continental Magic Association for 1000 years, a period that implies, “Let’s meet again in 1000 years.”

Had he truly despised her, a lifetime ban would have been more fitting. On the other hand, Frieren has never explicitly stated she dislikes Zerrier. She didn’t disagree when Zerrier suggested she hated him but also never called him ‘dislikable,’ as she did with another mage, Lernen. This suggests that while Frieren may find Zerrier troublesome, she doesn’t strongly dislike him.

Comparing the Strength of Zerrier and Frieren

In “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End,” both Zerrier and Frieren are characters of immense strength, known as ‘Great Magicians.’ So, who is the stronger magician when comparing the two? Frieren has lived for over a thousand years, but Zerrier dates back to the era of myths.

Just comparing their lifespans, Zerrier seems to be a stronger magician than Frieren. Additionally, Zerrier’s disciple was Flamme, Frieren’s mentor. Thus, Frieren is like a grand-disciple to Zerrier, suggesting she may not be as powerful.

Zerrier’s Relationship with Flamme and Other Disciples

So far, we have summarized why Zerrier disqualified Frieren and their relationship. In “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End,” Zerrier has relationships not only with Frieren but also with Flamme, Frieren’s mentor, and other first-class magicians. Following the reasons behind Frieren’s disqualification and her relationship with Zerrier, let’s summarize Zerrier’s relationships with Flamme and his other disciples.

Zerrier’s Relationship with Flamme

In “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End,” Flamme was Zerrier’s disciple. However, their ideologies were entirely different, leading to conflicts. Zerrier believed that “magic should be special” and intended to teach it only to the talented. Flamme, on the other hand, dreamed of a world where everyone could use magic and continued his research to realize this dream. He even received permission from the Emperor to spread magic across the continent.

Flamme hoped Zerrier would continue his work after his death. Flamme entrusted his will to Frieren to convey to Zerrier. On receiving Flamme’s last will, Zerrier, although calling it ‘unpleasant,’ eventually founded the Continental Magic Association to cultivate first-class magicians and created a flower bed using Flamme’s beloved ‘Flower Field Spell.’ Despite calling Flamme a ‘failure,’ Zerrier never forgot about him.

Zerrier often spoke ill of Flamme but didn’t truly dislike him. Perhaps he regretted that Flamme, being human, didn’t have a longer lifespan like an elf. Had Flamme lived longer, Zerrier would have taught him much more.

Zerrier’s Relationship with First-Class Magicians

First-class magicians who pass the exam typically become Zerrier’s disciples and join the Continental Magic Association. While Fern declined to become Zerrier’s disciple, she is an exceptional case. First-class magicians under Zerrier are involved in various missions, including suppressing demonkind. Zerrier personally instructs them on urgent and significant tasks.

Most first-class magicians respect Zerrier not only as a master but also as a great magician. However, Metode, a newly ascended first-class magician, behaves differently towards Zerrier. She calls Zerrier ‘small and cute,’ and often tries to pat his head. In the story, Zerrier is seen reluctantly letting Metode pat his head. Additionally, in the original story’s bonus pages, Zerrier hides behind Genau to avoid Metode’s pats. While Zerrier appears grand in front of his disciples, he occasionally shows a more endearing side.

Is Zerrier Fond of His Disciples?

Current first-class magicians receive a special privilege from Zerrier upon passing the exam: they are granted one spell of their choice. These magicians, endowed with powerful magic from Zerrier, are known for their monstrous strength. However, none of Zerrier’s disciples have made a name for themselves like Flamme did in history.

Lernen, another of Zerrier’s disciples, hoped to leave a legacy for Zerrier by defeating Frieren and gaining infamy. Frieren declined Lernen’s duel and conveyed her thoughts about Zerrier’s disciples. Zerrier had taken many disciples over the years, yet none matched his caliber.

Still, Zerrier remembered all his disciples’ favorite spells and personalities. He told Frieren he never regretted taking any of his disciples. It seems Zerrier deeply cares for his disciples but struggles to express his feelings directly. Lernen ceased his challenge to Frieren upon realizing this.

Moreover, Zerrier once told Genau, whose partner was killed by a demon, to remain ‘heartless,’ likely because he didn’t want Genau to meet the same fate. Zerrier may be stern with Flamme and his other disciples, but he seems to deeply care for each of them.

Zerrier’s Strength

Zerrier is Closest to the Omnipotent Goddess

In the world of “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End,” there exists a being known as the ‘Goddess,’ revered as omnipotent. Zerrier, a magician from the era of myths associated with this Goddess, has almost entirely encompassed the world’s magic. Today, she stands as the figure closest to the Goddess, dominating the hierarchy of magicians.

Zerrier’s Tremendous Magical Power

In “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End,” demonkind gauges the strength of magicians by their magical power. Frieren, to deceive demons, has always lived controlling her magic. However, Lernen, a first-class magician, instantly recognized that Frieren was controlling her magic and assessed her natural magical power to be comparable to Zerrier’s. Yet, the vast magical power thought to be Zerrier’s was also controlled.

This implies that Zerrier’s controlled magical power equals Frieren’s natural level. Frieren’s true magical power surpasses even the Aura of the Sages, but to Zerrier, it is just a trifling amount. Although scenes of Zerrier unleashing her full magical power haven’t been depicted, it’s undoubtedly immense.

Special Magics Used by Zerrier

Zerrier, in “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End,” has used defensive spells and Zoltrarc (a lethal magic). Additionally, she has employed unique magics not available to other magicians, namely ‘Mistilteinn’ and ‘Fieraveria.’ Mistilteinn is a spell that reflects curses back at the caster. Zerrier used it to return Mahato of the Golden Realm’s curse back upon him.

Mistilteinn was also the spell Denken requested upon becoming a first-class magician, and thus, Zerrier transferred it to Denken, rendering herself unable to use it. Fieraveria was the magic used to transfer Mistilteinn. It allows first-class magicians to receive any desired spell from Zerrier. Upon transferring a spell, Zerrier can no longer use it and must relearn it. However, for Zerrier, who has lived for an almost eternal duration, relearning spells is seemingly inconsequential.

Zerrier’s Battle with Mahato

Zerrier has battled Mahato of the Golden Realm in “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.” She initially refrained from intervening when Mahato was quiet in Waise, but when he transformed Waise into the Golden Realm, Zerrier could no longer overlook his actions. Approaching Mahato with her magic completely suppressed, Zerrier demanded he revert Waise to its original state.

Realizing Mahato couldn’t revert the golden transformation, Zerrier deflected his ‘All Things to Gold’ spell (Diagoldse) with her ‘Curse Rebound’ spell (Mistilteinn). She effortlessly dodged an earnest attack from Mahato, even enjoying the fight. However, Lernen and other first-class magicians arrived, temporarily trapping Mahato in a magical barrier.

Lernen, fearing that Waise would never revert back if Mahato died, halted Zerrier from delivering the final blow. Disappointed by this interruption, Zerrier ceased her battle. Mahato was then sealed within Waise by a vast barrier created by Lernen and others.

Zerrier’s Motives and Why She Didn’t Defeat the Demon King

In “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End,” Zerrier, a grand magician capable of wielding mythical-era magic, could have easily defeated the Demon King. However, she refrained, and eventually, Himmel’s group of heroes accomplished this task. Why did Zerrier choose not to defeat the Demon King? This section explores Zerrier’s motives and her reasons for not engaging the Demon King.

Zerrier’s Objective

Throughout “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End,” Zerrier has mentored numerous disciples, currently focusing on nurturing first-class magicians. Her enduring goal, transcending eras, has been to cultivate magicians of unparalleled strength. Zerrier isn’t merely seeking powerful magicians but ones who could surpass or match her caliber. She saw this potential in Flemm, Frieren’s mentor, but even Flemm ultimately did not reach the heights Zerrier aspired for her pupils to achieve. Unyielding, Zerrier continues to seek and train promising magicians.

Why Zerrier Didn’t Defeat the Demon King

Given her immense power, Zerrier could have effortlessly defeated the Demon King. However, she chose not to act. The reason, as hinted by Flemm in the series, is that Zerrier couldn’t envision herself living in a peaceful era. Magic thrives on imagination, and what can’t be envisioned, can’t be manifested. Zerrier, inclined towards conflict, finds herself distant from peace. Unable to imagine a peaceful existence for herself, she found it impossible to defeat the Demon King.

Summary of Why Zerrier Failed Frieren

This article summarized why Zerrier, in “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End,” failed Frieren in the magician’s exam. Zerrier and Frieren have had a longstanding contentious relationship, contributing to their mutual poor impressions of each other. Consequently, Frieren never expected Zerrier to pass her, leading to her disqualification for not envisioning herself as a first-class magician.

Frieren, indifferent to the title of a first-class magician, is unlikely to retake the exam. Nonetheless, her status as a legendary grand magician remains unaltered, title or not. Frieren will continue to make her mark as a legendary magician without the formal accolade, influencing various realms with her prowess.

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