Tamashii Nations’ Official Shop Opens in Osaka Umeda! Explore the Store Atmosphere!


The first official shop “TAMASHII SPOT OSAKA” in the Kansai region by the famous figure brand Tamashii Nations, known for its super cool figures, has arrived! It recently opened, so I paid a visit!

Actually, I had received an invitation for the pre-opening, but due to scheduling conflicts, I couldn’t make it on that day. However, I managed to visit on a different day, and I’d like to share the atmosphere from that time!

Umeda is the central area of Osaka, so having a store in such a great location and successfully opening—congratulations!

Let’s step inside the shop right away!

Upon entering, there were numerous stylish showcases.

Inside the showcases were figures of robots, including Gundam, and characters from popular battle manga, such as those from Jump series.

There were even figures of characters from Idolmaster.

The shop is said to offer SPOT OSAKA exclusive items depending on the season, so be sure to follow them on Twitter to stay updated!

Official Website: https://tamashiiweb.com/store/spot/osaka/
Official Twitter: https://x.com/tn_spot_osaka?s=20

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