The Devil Quintuplets in “Mashle: Magic and Muscles” – Who Are They and What Are Their Abilities?


The Devil Quintuplets (Devil Quintuplets), who appear in “Mashle: Magic and Muscles”, have been revealed to be the real brothers of Mash Burned, playing a significant role in the story. Furthermore, they are the sons of Innocent Zero, standing in the way of Mash and his friends, leaving many fans shocked. This article focuses on the Devil Quintuplets in “Mashle”. We will introduce their abilities, their relationship with Mash, and the identity and objectives of Innocent Zero.

What is “Mashle: Magic and Muscles”?

“Mashle: Magic and Muscles” is a manga that has been acclaimed as a flagship title of Weekly Shonen Jump. It started as a surreal gag comic rich in parody and gradually transitioned into a battle-focused story, gaining popularity. This article features the Devil Quintuplets, who symbolize the battle aspect of “Mashle”. We will cover the names and abilities of the quintuplets, their relationship with Mash, and delve into Innocent Zero.

Overview of “Mashle: Magic and Muscles”

The original creator of “Mashle: Magic and Muscles” is Hajime Komoto, for whom this series marked his first full-fledged serialization. “Mashle” was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2020 to 2023. As of September 2023, 17 volumes have been published, with the 18th volume set to be the concluding volume, to be released in October 2023. Additionally, an anime adaptation of “Mashle” aired from April to July 2023, receiving positive reviews. A second season of the anime is scheduled to begin broadcasting in January 2024.

Synopsis of “Mashle: Magic and Muscles”

“Mashle: Magic and Muscles” is set in a world where magic is commonplace, and everyone can use magic. The protagonist, Mash Burned, is a boy who cannot use magic in this world. He was raised by his foster father, Regro, deep in a secluded forest. The reason for this seclusion is that those who cannot use magic are subjected to execution. Regro tasked Mash with rigorous physical training. Day after day, through relentless training, Mash developed extraordinary muscles and unparalleled strength.

The Devil Quintuplets in “Mashle: Magic and Muscles”

Hajime Komoto’s hit manga “Mashle: Magic and Muscles” combines surreal humor with serious battle elements. When the Devil Quintuplets (Devil Quintuplets) were introduced, the story took on a more intense battle action style. So, who exactly are these quintuplets? This chapter will delve into the Devil Quintuplets in “Mashle”, covering two main aspects: their identity and their connection with Mash.

Innocent Zero, Father of the Devil Quintuplets

The Devil Quintuplets in “Mashle” have shown great admiration for Innocent Zero since their introduction. It was later revealed that they are the sons of Innocent Zero. The eldest brother, Doom, calls him “Dad,” while Domina, Epidem, and Delizasta refer to him as “Father.”

Innocent Zero outwardly treated the Devil Quintuplets as his sons. However, it is revealed that he only saw them as tools for his own purposes. It remains unclear whether the quintuplets were aware of this fact. Furthermore, the story concluded without revealing the identity of the Devil Quintuplets’ mother or confirming if they were indeed quintuplets, leaving some mysteries unsolved.

The Devil Quintuplets as Mash’s Real Brothers

The protagonist of “Mashle”, Mash Burned, had an unknown identity for a long time. Through confrontations with Cell War and the final boss, Innocent Zero, Mash learns about his origins. He is revealed to be a son of Innocent Zero, making the Devil Quintuplets his brothers, with Mash being the youngest.

Like his brothers, Mash was also seen as merely a tool by Innocent Zero. Furthermore, due to Mash’s inability to use magic, Innocent Zero even despised him. Learning about his origins was a huge shock for Mash. However, this revelation played a significant role in setting his goal to become a divine being, ultimately leading to his mental growth.

Incidentally, Mash was abandoned shortly after birth. He was found by Regro, a man who had been scorned by everyone, including his own parents, and who had reached the point of attempting suicide. Upon finding the baby Mash, Regro realized he was a magicless individual without any blemish on his face and saw his own life reflected in the infant. This led Regro to decide to raise Mash. They then lived quietly together in a secluded house deep in the forest.

Overview of the Devil Quintuplets in “Mashle: Magic and Muscles” and Their Abilities

The popular action battle manga “Mashle: Magic and Muscles”, which also gained acclaim in its anime adaptation, features a variety of unique magicians. This includes the Devil Quintuplets (Devil Quintuplets), who possess unique charms from their appearance to their abilities, making a significant impact on fans. What kind of strength and abilities do these quintuplets have? This chapter compiles a list of the Devil Quintuplets from “Mashle” for reference.

Brother #1: Doom

Doom, the eldest of the Devil Quintuplets, is a member of the dark organization “Innocent Zero”. He is portrayed as a handsome young man with androgynous features but is blind, which might explain why he always covers his eyes with a mask. Doom, fittingly as the eldest, has a calm demeanor and usually prefers not to kill. However, he shows no mercy towards those who irritate him.

Doom is the strongest among the quintuplets, feared even by his brothers. He wields a large sword, excelling in melee combat and simultaneously performing mirror magic for mass attacks, leaving no opening for his opponents. Doom adapts his power to match his opponent, defeating Lion Granz, a divine candidate, using only about 50% of his strength.

When Doom first fought Mash, he defeated him with just half of his power. Only after Mash became stronger through training did Doom use his full power, leading to a fierce battle. Doom stands out as the only intellectual character among the quintuplets, appealing to fans and gaining popularity despite being an antagonist.

Brother #2: Farmin

Farmin, the next member of the Devil Quintuplets, is the second son and, like Doom, a member of Innocent Zero. His appearance, from his clothing to his dreadlock-like hairstyle, resembles a clown. Despite not wearing clown makeup, the birthmark under his eyes adds a playful touch. However, his personality greatly contrasts with his appearance.

Farmin is the most belligerent among the quintuplets, almost to the point of madness, and is shunned even by his brothers. He is also cruel and brutal, obsessively desiring possessions of others, destroying them once acquired, and claiming to be a free spirit. Farmin is a master of invisible magic.

Brother #3: Epidem

Epidem, the third son of the Devil Quintuplets, is depicted as a gentleman in a suit and glasses, with a distinctive × mark under his mouth. Contrary to his serious appearance, he is known as a madman, especially passionate about pudding. Epidem’s obsession with pudding reaches a fanatical level, echoing his brother Mash’s fondness for cream puffs.

Epidem, a mad scientist at heart, developed a virus that strips humans of their magic powers, which severely affected Lance Crown’s sister Anna, causing her to lose her magic. Epidem’s magic involves creating orichalcum, which he transforms into weapons for attack or wraps around his body for physical combat. He has even defeated giants.

Brother #4: Delizasta

Delizasta, the fourth son of the Devil Quintuplets, is recognizable by the angular marks under his eyes and the sun-like decoration on the back of his head. He also has blond hair and large, dilated pupils. Delizasta is a show-off and a hedonist, often flaunting his presence and revealing the existence of the magic heart.

Confident in his abilities and strength, Delizasta often looks down on his opponents. He conjures spears with his magic, named Ascalon, using them in both quantity and mass to corner his opponents and has the strength to defeat dozens of elves. The penetrating power of Ascalon is so formidable that it is said to pierce through anything.

Brother #5: Domina Broaliv

Domina Broaliv, the youngest of the Devil Quintuplets, is characterized by his androgynous beauty, semi-long hairstyle, and unique birthmark on his right cheek, resembling two arrows circling. Domina had been undercover as a student at Valkis Magic School, a candidate for divinity, even before the start of “Mashle’s” story.

Domina worshipped Innocent Zero the most among the quintuplets, yearning for his father’s affection. He had encountered Mash, his younger brother, once in his childhood and harbored intense jealousy and animosity towards him. Mash, for his part, dismissively referred to Domina as a “father-con.”

Domina possesses abilities and strength acknowledged by Innocent Zero as a “mighty magician.” His power lies in water magic, which he uses in a versatile manner. He can create massive volumes of water for attack, transform water into arrows, use it as a shield for defense, or trap opponents within it. This balance of offensive and defensive tactics makes him a well-rounded magician. Domina skillfully used these abilities to gain the upper hand in his battle with Mash.

The Devil Quintuplets in “Mashle: Magic and Muscles”: Their Magic Hearts and Demise

The action battle manga “Mashle: Magic and Muscles”, which concluded in 2023, is replete with mystical depictions related to magic. The Devil Quintuplets (Devil Quintuplets) were given unique settings different from ordinary humans, namely, the magic hearts. What exactly are these magic hearts? This chapter discusses the magic hearts of the Devil Quintuplets and includes spoilers about their ultimate fate.

The Magic Hearts of the Devil Quintuplets

In “Mashle”, the Devil Quintuplets have entrusted their hearts to their father, Innocent Zero, and instead, they have magic hearts implanted in them. These magic hearts are suggested to be hearts imbued with magical power, capable of healing injuries as long as the magic doesn’t dissipate.

Similarly, they can restore their stamina using the magical energy of the magic hearts. With regular transfusions of Innocent Zero’s blood, they could maintain an almost immortal state. However, their weakness is that if the magic is depleted, the effects of the magic heart also vanish. The Devil Quintuplets used their magic hearts to greatly trouble Mash and his allies.

The Deaths of the Devil Quintuplets

  • Delizasta: Battled against the Aims brothers, Rain and Finn, and after receiving their combined attack, was killed by Rain, who split his face in half.
  • Epidem: Fought against Lance Crown and Dot Barrett. After seeing Lance protect Dot, he enraged Dot, who awakened as Eila Kreuz and launched a fierce attack, resulting in Epidem’s death.
  • Farmin: In battle against the divine candidate Otter Madol, he succumbed to Otter’s magic that turned everything around him into sand and sank into the sand, leading to his death.
  • Domina: Had a change of heart midway and tried to save Mash by falling into dark magma, only to be rescued by a divine candidate. He continued to support Mash but was ultimately split in half by a spell from Innocent Zero and died.

The above details the final death scenes of the Devil Quintuplets in “Mashle: Magic and Muscles”. As a result, only the eldest brother, Doom, survived until the end. Additionally, the impactful plot twist of Domina switching sides to help Mash left a strong impression on many fans.

The Identity and Purpose of Innocent Zero in “Mashle: Magic and Muscles”

In Hajime Komoto’s surreal gag and battle action manga “Mashle: Magic and Muscles”, serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, numerous mysterious characters appear. Innocent Zero, the father of the Devil Quintuplets, is recognized by many fans as the most enigmatic character. This chapter explores Innocent Zero in “Mashle”, dividing the discussion into three parts: his identity, purpose, and abilities, including spoilers.

The Identity of Innocent Zero

Innocent Zero in “Mashle” is the leader of the dark organization “Innocent Zero”, named after himself, and serves as the final boss of the series. His true identity is that of a disciple of Adam Jobs, a dark magician said to have created this world. He was a fellow disciple and rival of Easton Magic School’s headmaster, Wahlberg Baigan. While Adam and Wahlberg were proponents of helping the weak, Innocent Zero interpreted Adam’s teachings to suit his own convenience, focusing solely on elevating himself.

As a result, he stopped living as a human and took on a faceless appearance, although he could return to his original face with eyes, nose, and mouth.

The Purpose of Innocent Zero

Innocent Zero’s goal is to achieve the one thing he has never been able to accomplish in his life: immortality. In this world, magic for eternal youth and immortality is virtually forbidden. Innocent Zero resorted to forbidden methods to achieve this goal. He attempted to enact the taboo magic of “Creation Prohibition”, which aimed to create an immortal heart. Thus, he required the hearts of the Devil Quintuplets and Mash. This illustrates his view of his sons merely as tools.

The Abilities of Innocent Zero

Innocent Zero’s ability lies in time magic. He possesses the simple yet powerful ability to stop time. By combining this with the forbidden magic, he even managed to resurrect Adam Jobs, showcasing limitless strength. He can also use time magic to age his opponents or negate their attacks, making him a seemingly invincible magician. With this invincible power, Innocent Zero stood as the final boss against Mash and his companions.

Summary of the Devil Quintuplets in “Mashle: Magic and Muscles”

In this article, we have focused on the Devil Quintuplets (Devil Quintuplets) from “Mashle: Magic and Muscles”. There is a high likelihood that the quintuplets will appear in the upcoming second season of the TV anime adaptation. Be sure to keep an eye on the Devil Quintuplets and enjoy watching “Mashle: Magic and Muscles”.

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