“Nina the Starry Bride” Manga Spoilers and Synopsis! What Fate Awaits the Girl Who Became a Princess’s Double?


This article summarizes the manga “Nina the Starry Bride”. It includes spoilers and a synopsis of volumes 1 to 10! Discover why Nina, an orphan, became the double for a princess, and her encounter with Prince Azure. Additionally, this article highlights the must-see aspects and the intriguing appeal of “Nina the Starry Bride”. It also provides details about the author and characters of the series. Furthermore, opinions and reviews about “Nina the Starry Bride” are also introduced, making this a must-read for fans.

What is “Nina the Starry Bride”?

Overview of “Nina the Starry Bride”

“Nina the Starry Bride” is a romantic fantasy manga series created by Rikachi-sensei. It has been serialized in Kodansha’s “BE・LOVE” magazine since the November 2019 issue. As of November 2023, the series has surpassed a total circulation of 1.5 million copies.

In June 2021, to commemorate the release of the fifth volume of the manga, a voice comic was released. Moreover, it was announced in November 2023 that the series would be adapted into a TV anime, making it a highly anticipated work that continues to garner attention.

The Author of “Nina the Starry Bride”

The author of “Nina the Starry Bride” is Rikachi-sensei, a manga artist from Japan. Renowned for her beautiful artwork and delicate emotional expressions, Rikachi-sensei has a significant fan base. Her notable works include “Meiji Hiiro Kitan”, “Showa Fanfare”, and “The Ice Queen”. In 2022, she received the 46th Kodansha Manga Award in the shoujo category for “Nina the Starry Bride”.

Spoilers and Synopsis of “Nina the Starry Bride” Manga

Volume 1 Synopsis and Spoilers

The protagonist, Nina, lost her parents to illness five years ago and has been living in the town below the castle of the Fortuna Kingdom, surviving by stealing from the wealthy. She possesses deep lapis lazuli-colored eyes, a rarity in this kingdom. One rainy night, a carriage falls off a cliff on the outskirts of the town. From atop the cliff, a voice is heard saying, “This is unexpected. The princess must be dead by now. We have no choice but to find a replacement immediately.”

The next morning, as Nina returns home, two men are waiting for her. After confirming her unique eye color, they take her to the castle and tell her, “You will die today. And then, you will live as a princess.” Dressed in lavish clothes, Nina is told she will now live as Princess Alisha of the Fortuna Kingdom. In three months, she is to marry the second prince of Gargada, a powerful nation, who possesses rights to the throne.

Volume 2 Synopsis and Spoilers

While preparing to marry Gargada’s Prince Seto, Nina is educated by Azure, the second prince of the Fortuna Kingdom. Azure himself has a similar background to Nina. He replaced a young prince who died early and was raised as the first prince of this kingdom for ten years. However, upon the birth of a new prince by the current queen, he became the second prince and started feeling like a mere pawn.

Nina and Azure gradually develop feelings for each other, and Azure attempts to cancel Nina’s engagement. During this time, Nina discovers that Azure has been targeted multiple times by the king. Azure accepts this grim fate, saying, “I was born under such stars, and I will accept this for the sake of the kingdom.”

Nina decides to marry into Gargada to become its queen and protect Fortuna. She warns the king that if Azure dies under suspicious circumstances, she will destroy Fortuna. She prepares to marry Seto, keeping silent about her plan to protect Azure.

Volume 3 Synopsis and Spoilers

Nina arrives at the residence of Seto, the crown prince of Gargada. Seto, with silver hair and red eyes, initially seems gentle. However, Nina soon realizes that he is cruel and ruthless. Seto has even shot and killed one of his fiancée candidates who tried to harm him, causing other women to flee in fear.

Despite this, Nina is determined to marry Seto and gain power to protect Azure. Meanwhile, in the Fortuna Kingdom, Azure becomes the new king.

Volume 4 Synopsis and Spoilers

Nina and Prince Seto travel to the main country of Gargada. During their journey, Nina is attacked by a large tiger but Seto kills it just in time. That night, wounded and feverish, Seto lashes out at Nina, who responds with a kiss, feeling strangely drawn to him despite his nature.

Upon their arrival, Seto’s brothers welcome them, but Nina notices their odd behavior and realizes they are not pleased with Seto’s return. The next day, the King of Gargada makes a shocking announcement: he cancels Seto’s engagement candidates and declares that the prince who wins Nina’s hand will become the next king.

Volume 5 Synopsis and Spoilers

In Volume 5 of “Nina the Starry Bride,” Nina reunites with Azure. Azure has come to the main country of Gargada as an envoy from Fortuna. Nina searches the palace to meet Azure but is dismissed as a case of mistaken identity. Despite this, she vows to continue protecting Azure’s family. Azure tenderly removes a shard from her foot, which angers Seto, who sees Azure as an enemy and threatens him.

Late at night, Nina is awakened by Hikami. Azure is outside her window, promising to take her back to Fortuna before the spring wedding. Hearing this, Nina’s feelings for Azure grow stronger.

Volume 6 Synopsis and Spoilers

After a tournament, Azure embraces Nina, kisses her, and suggests returning to Fortuna. However, determined to protect Gargada from Fortuna, Nina refuses and departs in tears. Torn between Azure and Seto, Nina struggles with her feelings. During the final day of the “Lion King Festival,” King Noa suddenly announces Seto’s marriage to the Princess of Fortuna in a month.

Behind the scenes, there’s a plan to invade Fortuna immediately after the wedding. One day, Seto suffers from poisoning, and Nina is captured and imprisoned when she tries to help him. She is then sent to the far-eastern prison, Griffygerld, along with An.

Volume 7 Synopsis and Spoilers

As a prisoner, Nina is forced to work in the prison, where she meets Sol Gina. Sol explains that in this prison, heavy criminals are treated as upper-tier prisoners, while those with lighter sentences are lower-tier, due to the warden’s cruel hobbies. Meanwhile, Seto, affected by the poison, finally wakes up and goes out on horseback to search for Nina.

Seto, still weak, collapses and is helped by Azure. Azure tells Seto he won’t hand over Nina and leaves. Seto realizes Nina approached him only to protect Fortuna and feels enraged. His love for her turns into hatred.

Volume 8 Synopsis and Spoilers

Azure arrives at the prison to rescue Nina. Relieved, Nina weeps upon seeing Azure. He plans to take her back to Fortuna with An, Yor, and Sol. After the warden’s accidental death, they manage to escape. Nina is torn between wanting to stay with Azure and her concern for Seto. Urged by Sol to return to Fortuna, she hesitates but decides to clear up the misunderstanding with Seto. However, Seto, believing Nina poisoned him, refuses to listen and attacks her. Nina resolves to face Seto, even at the risk of her life.

Volume 9 Synopsis and Spoilers

In a fit of despair, Seto becomes violent. Nina tries to calm him by embracing him. Seto is torn between wanting to hurt and not wanting to hurt Nina. During a confrontation on a pier, an earthquake causes them to fall together. Fortunately, they survive, but Nina loses her sight.

Azure suggests returning to Fortuna’s Star Palace to avoid further complications with Gargada. Nina refuses to leave Seto and proposes taking him as a hostage. They take Seto, now in a catatonic state, back to Fortuna.

Volume 10 Synopsis and Spoilers

Azure reveals to King Noa of Gargada his intention to take Nina back as the King of Fortuna and departs from the Gargada Kingdom. Azure plans to fake the death of Princess Alisha to free Nina.

Upon learning this, Nina fears becoming alone again and being unable to protect Seto. However, she is touched by Azure’s caring intentions. Later, as Nina prepares to offer prayers as the Star Priestess, the former king appears and shouts that “Alisha is an imposter!”

Highlights and Intriguing Charms of “Nina the Starry Bride”

Intriguing Charm #1: The Romance

“Nina the Starry Bride” portrays the protagonist, who becomes a double for Princess Alisha, and her fluctuating affections between two princes. Nina’s inner turmoil, as she cares for the lonely princes, is captivating. The process through which Nina, with her innocent and endearing nature, melts the initially twisted hearts of the princes is particularly charming. The unpredictable development of this love triangle, leaving readers guessing whom Nina will choose, is a highlight not to be missed.

Intriguing Charm #2: Struggle for the Throne

Another interesting aspect of “Nina the Starry Bride” is the struggle for the throne between the Fortuna Kingdom and the Gargada Empire. Readers have expressed frustration with Azure’s father, the king, for his selfishness. Azure, who previously had no desires, decides to change his nation for Nina, the first thing he truly wanted. However, the royal court, filled with individuals each harboring their own agendas, adds a layer of complexity and intrigue to the manga.

Intriguing Charm #3: Attractive Characters

The manga “Nina the Starry Bride” features a variety of unique characters that easily draw readers’ empathy. Nina, the main character, is adorable and her relentless pursuit despite her struggles is both refreshing and engaging. Furthermore, the two princes who are smitten with Nina have contrasting personalities and unique ways of expressing their affection, adding to the charm of the series.

Characters of “Nina the Starry Bride”

Character #1: Nina

Nina is the protagonist of “Nina the Starry Bride,” an orphan who lived in the town below the castle of the Fortuna Kingdom. One day, she is taken to the palace to be a stand-in for Princess Alisha because of her similar eye color. Nina is a spirited and innocent girl, often taking bold actions that leave those around her anxious. She captures the hearts of Princes Azure and Seto, as well as affecting the emotions of other royals.

Character #2: Azure

Azure, a character in “Nina the Starry Bride,” is the second prince of the Fortuna Kingdom. Brought to the palace in childhood to serve as a stand-in for the prince, he grew up without much affection and views people as mere pawns. However, after encountering Nina’s warm personality, his closed heart begins to open, leading him to deeply love her.

Character #3: Seto

Seto, a character in “Nina the Starry Bride,” is the crown prince of the Gargada Empire, known for his strength and ruthlessness. He has hosted many prospective brides from other nations but has never accepted any, even resorting to killing one of them. Most of his bride candidates flee back to their homelands in fear of his coldness. Initially, he does not accept Nina either, but gradually becomes attracted to her charm.

Spoiler Summary of “Nina the Starry Bride”

“Nina the Starry Bride” is a manga that tells the story of an orphaned girl who becomes a stand-in for a princess and finds herself caught in a love triangle between two princes. Whether Nina will choose Azure or Seto is a question that keeps many readers eagerly anticipating future developments. “Nina the Starry Bride” has received high praise and positive reviews for its intriguing plot, and an anime adaptation is planned for 2024.

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