Rokusuke Koenji from “Classroom of the Elite”: Is He Among the Strongest? Explaining His True Identity and Relationship with Mii-chan


In “Classroom of the Elite”, Rokusuke Koenji, a classmate of the protagonist Kiyotaka Ayanokoji, stands out for his exceptional abilities in almost every domain. Koenji’s excessively independent behavior, however, often leads to various troubles for his class.

This article delves into Koenji’s abilities and true identity, as well as his relationship with Mii-chan. Additionally, the article discusses the intriguing relationship between Koenji and the mirror, so be sure to check it out!

*Please note: This article contains significant spoilers for “Classroom of the Elite.”

Profile of Rokusuke Koenji (“Kouenji Rokusuke”) from “Classroom of the Elite”

  • Age: 17 years
  • Birthday: April 3
  • Height: 181 cm
  • Class: 2nd Year, Class D
  • First Appearance: Volume 1, Chapter 1
  • Voice Actor: Toshiki Iwazawa

Rokusuke Koenji is a student in the same 1st Year Class D as Kiyotaka Ayanokoji at the Advanced Nurturing High School. He stands out with his foreigner-like blonde hair and tall stature.

Koenji is a complete individualist with zero cooperative spirit. He often quits class unit tests if he loses interest, paying no heed to others. He has immense self-confidence and believes his assignment to the underperforming Class D was due to the school’s inability to fully measure his capabilities…!

【Abilities】One of the Strongest All-Rounders in the Series

“(c) Shogo Kinugasa, KADOKAWA / Classroom of the Elite 2 Production Committee”

Koenji’s self-confidence is not misplaced; his capabilities are indeed extraordinary.

With exceptional intellect and physical abilities, he is considered a rare talent, appearing once in several years at the school. In the uninhabited island survival test, he fought on par with Ayanokoji in a tug-of-war. Ayanokoji himself admits that their arm strength is equal, and considering Koenji’s higher body weight, his pure power surpasses Ayanokoji’s.

Koenji also excels academically, consistently ranking at the top of his class in all subjects. His sharp wit and observational skills are evident, as seen in the uninhabited island survival test, where he outmaneuvered the team-oriented strategy of Nagumo, winning first place single-handedly with his extraordinary physical abilities.

If only Koenji were more cooperative, he and Ayanokoji could have dominated all tests for Class D!

【True Identity】Heir to One of Japan’s Leading Wealthy Families

Rokusuke Koenji, who embodies self-centeredness, is actually the heir to the “Koenji Conglomerate,” one of Japan’s most distinguished wealthy families. His family background is indeed elite, but details about his home life and whether he intends to take over the family business have not yet been revealed in the story.

His placement in Class D, despite his exceptional abilities, is likely due to his lack of cooperation. Despite being an heir, it’s hard to imagine someone like him quietly settling into the life of a wealthy scion…

【His Girlfriend】Is He Dating Mii-chan?

Relevant Scene: Novel Volume 11
Mii-chan, whose real name is Miho Wang, has a deep connection with Koenji. However, to clarify, they are not in a relationship.

Mii-chan, who was liked by Hirata, continued to talk to him even after he became apathetic. But her feelings didn’t reach him, and she was pushed away by Hirata. Then, Koenji intervened and princess-carried Mii-chan!

Disliking ugliness, Koenji helped Mii-chan. Subsequently, after her feelings for Hirata were publicly revealed by Kushida, she secluded herself in her room. However, outside her room, items like salad chicken and tea were repeatedly left. These were, unsurprisingly, provided by Koenji.

It seems Koenji had a reason to be grateful to Mii-chan and was repaying the favor!

【Mirror】A Character Strikingly Similar to Koenji…

Did you know that among “Classroom of the Elite” fans, there’s talk of a character who bears a striking resemblance to Koenji?

His name is Keishiro Kagami, a character from Daiichi’s pachislot machine “Osu! Salaryman Boncho.”

With long blonde hair, a narcissistic personality, loving what he likes and despising what he dislikes, not only his appearance but also his persona closely mirrors Koenji. According to him, his job is just a pastime, and though details are unclear, he seems to be a scion of some influential family.

It could be a mere coincidence, or perhaps Koenji is a character inspired by Kagami!

【Voice Actor】Rokusuke Koenji is Voiced by Toshiki Iwasawa

In the anime “Classroom of the Elite,” Rokusuke Koenji is voiced by Toshiki Iwasawa, affiliated with I’m Enterprise.

He has appeared in numerous popular anime, with notable roles including Taketomi Niikaido in “Kaijin Kaihatsu-bu no Kuroitsu-san.”

Koenji’s haughty elegance is well captured, so be sure to check out the anime as well!

“Classroom of the Elite” Koenji Revels in His Freedom

Koenji, often acting unilaterally and isolated in his class, undoubtedly has one of the top skill levels in the story.

His unpredictable nature promises to continue stirring the plot, and his future actions in the story are certainly worth keeping an eye on!

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