Manga “Hoshikuzu Telepath”: Complete Spoiler Summary & Thoughts up to the Latest Chapter! A Groundbreaking SF x Yuri Story


The manga “Hoshikuzu Telepath” weaves a tale of a reserved Earthling girl and a mysterious extraterrestrial in a yuri storyline, garnering significant attention.

In this article, we provide a comprehensive explanation of the story up to the latest chapter, with spoilers included! We delve into the captivatingly pure story and characters, and even introduce information about potential anime adaptations, ensuring that readers fully grasp the allure of this work.

■Volume 1 Spoiler Review

Shy high school girl, Kono Hoshika, struggles to make friends. Increasingly, she starts to think, “I want to go to space to find where I belong.” Before her appears a classmate, Akinai Yuu, claiming to be an alien. While no one believed Yuu’s claim, Hoshika starts to believe she’s truly an extraterrestrial.

Surprisingly, Yuu possesses a unique ability called “Forehead Pashi”, where she can understand a person’s thoughts by touching foreheads. Through this, Hoshika’s feelings get read by Yuu. Always believing that “somewhere in space, there’s a comrade who understands me”, Hoshika gradually gets drawn to Yuu.

Under the influence of the cheerful and bubbly Yuu, Hoshika starts to grow. The two begin to dream of going to space in a rocket they’ll build themselves, and thus, they embark on a sparkling youth adventure.

■Volume 2 Spoiler Review

Hoshika and Yuu collaborate towards their dream of space. As their first step, they form the Model Rocket Club. Joining them are the class vice president, Takaragi Haruno, and a mechanically skilled classmate, Raimon Shun. Together, the four set their sights on winning the “Model Rocket Championship.”

While they occasionally clash, the team’s efforts continue. However, they face a significant defeat in the preliminary rounds at the hands of the previous champion, Akizuki Suisei. Hoshika tastes the bitterness of sudden failure, causing the club to fall apart.

Yet, Hoshika doesn’t give up. She decides to rise again, aiming to go to space with everyone and protect the club. Yuu supports Hoshika’s determination, and the two resolve to face the future together.

■Volume 3 Spoiler Review

Feeling responsible for the Model Rocket Championship defeat, Shun stops attending school. However, she’s pulled back by Haruno, who fought alongside her in the club. Haruno reaches out, encouraging her with the message, “Don’t give up.”

Meanwhile, Hoshika starts showing growth as a club president, presenting activity reports in leadership meetings. However, witnessing Hoshika’s progress, Yuu feels a sense of loneliness. Yuu grapples with her inability to genuinely rejoice in Hoshika’s growth.

Is Yuu’s loneliness rooted in friendship? Or does it stem from romantic feelings? Where will their relationship lead next?

Highlights of “Hoshikuzu Telepath”:

■ A Relationship Too Precious to Just Be Labeled as “Yuri”
The work depicts a pure relationship between Kaika and Yuu that can’t quite be described as just friendship or romance. It’s brimming with beautiful human drama that transcends the “Yuri” genre

Kaika, who timidly strives to change her introverted self. Yuu, who confronts existential questions about her own identity. The bond between the two is so beautiful that there are definitely moments that will bring tears to the reader’s eyes. This manga is especially recommended for those who want to experience pure emotion.

Anime Adaptation Scheduled for Fall 2023!!

The anime broadcast is scheduled to start from October 2023! The opening theme song will be “Ten to Sen” by Ito Mirai, who is also an active voice actress. The ending theme song “Tentaizu” will be performed by the popular voice acting unit Sandrion.

Furthermore, for the role of Kaika, Funato Yurie, who played the Australian Devil in “Kemono Friends 3,” has been chosen, and for the role of Yuu, Fukawa Seria, known for her role as Kitahinako in the “Idolmaster” series, has been selected.

Introducing the Characters of “Hoshikuzu Telepath”:
■ Kono Hoshikaika / cv. Funato Yurie
Kaika is a shy high school girl. Due to her stage fright, she struggles with communication, gradually feeling that “her place isn’t on Earth.”

Upon meeting Yuu, who claims to be an alien, her life starts to improve. Together, they chase the grand dream of going to space with a rocket they built.

■ Akeuchi Yuu / cv. Fukawa Seria
Yuu, a mysterious high school girl who claims to be an alien, always surprises Kaika with her telepathic abilities, activated by touching foreheads, and her superhuman physical capabilities.

While she always acts cheerful, she actually has amnesia regarding her life before waking up on Earth. As she spends time with Kaika, she slowly searches for her origins.

■ Takaragi Haruno / cv. Nagamuta Moe
Haruno serves as the vice class representative in Kaika and Yuu’s class. She has a bright personality and is an incredibly caring and kind girl.

She seems to have a playful, mischievous relationship with Shun, whom she works with in the club. She’s also quite bold and curious.

■ Raimon Shun / cv. Aoki Shiki
Shun, in the same class as Kaika and the others, has a deep love for robot anime and boasts excellent mechanical skills, even building robots himself.

However, his somewhat self-centered and aggressive traits often lead to friction with others. In the club, he plays a leadership role, guiding Kaika and the others.

■ Emihara-sensei / cv. Takamori Natsumi
Emihara-sensei is Kaika and the others’ homeroom teacher and the advisor for their club. A “passionate teacher” who watches over her students with an intense gaze, she’s a great supporter who acts earnestly for the sake of Kaika and the others.

■ Kono Hoshihonami / cv. Hitsuji Miyahina
Honami is Kaika’s younger sister. With a personality opposite to the timid Kaika, she often appears cold towards her sister. However, internally, she is concerned about Kaika, and scenes where she shows care for her sister are also depicted.

We’ve provided a spoiler-filled explanation of “Hoshikuzu Telepath”!
“Hoshikuzu Telepath” is garnering attention as a groundbreaking work that combines Yuri and SF.

From October 2023, it will also be broadcast as an anime. Why not take this opportunity to check out the original manga and familiarize yourself with its captivating story and characters?

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