Spoilers and Reviews of “Tonikaku Kawaii (Fly Me to The Moon)”! Introducing Manga Plot and Anime Information


“Tonikaku Kawaii (Fly Me to The Moon)” is a manga series serialized in “Weekly Shonen Sunday.” The manga “Tonikaku Kawaii” is a romantic comedy that revolves around the married life of the main characters, gaining immense popularity with over 5 million copies in circulation. This popularity led to the production of a two-season television anime adaptation. In this article, we will delve into the “Tonikaku Kawaii” manga, revealing plot spoilers and character details, as well as sharing reader reviews and spoiler-filled reactions.

What is “Tonikaku Kawaii”?

The manga “Tonikaku Kawaii” gained widespread attention with the broadcast of its second anime season in April 2023. Following this, the manga garnered numerous positive reviews and surpassed 5 million copies in cumulative circulation by September 2023. In this article, we will introduce spoilers, plot summaries, characters, and reader reviews of “Tonikaku Kawaii.” First, let’s briefly discuss the manga “Tonikaku Kawaii,” its information, and the author.

Overview of “Tonikaku Kawaii”

“Tonikaku Kawaii,” which we will reveal in terms of plot and reviews, has been serialized in “Weekly Shonen Sunday” since February 2018. The manga portrays the married life of the main characters and, as of December 2023, has published a total of 25 volumes. Its popularity is remarkable, with over 5 million copies in circulation, leading to the creation of four anime adaptations in total.

Author of “Tonikaku Kawaii”

The author of “Tonikaku Kawaii” is Kenjiro Hata, a male manga artist born on October 19, 1975, in Fukuoka Prefecture, known also as the husband of female voice actress Masumi Asano. Hata debuted in 2002 and achieved widespread fame with his manga “Hayate the Combat Butler.” Subsequently, he has worked on other manga titles such as “Sore ga Seiyuu!” and “Ad Astra per Aspera.”

Spoilers and Summary of “Tonikaku Kawaii” Manga: Plot and Anime Information

As previously introduced, the manga “Tonikaku Kawaii” is an extremely popular work with more than 5 million copies in circulation. It is also highly rated, with many positive reviews online. Due to this popularity and acclaim, “Tonikaku Kawaii” has attracted attention for its original manga plot. Here, we will delve into a detailed spoiler overview of the manga “Tonikaku Kawaii.”

Spoilers for Volumes 1 to 4

One day, the genius boy Yuzaki Nasa falls in love at first sight with the heroine, Tsukasa Tsukuyomi, and they promise to marry. Later, Nasa, motivated by his feelings for Tsukasa, forgoes entering high school and works various part-time jobs in customer service and delivery, eventually turning 18. Then, Tsukasa, with a marriage registration form in hand, appears at his home, leading to Nasa marrying her at the age of 18. However, their house is struck by lightning, and Nasa and Tsukasa lose their place to live. This incident leads them to start a life of lodging with friends at the Arisugawa household.

Spoilers for Volumes 5 to 8

Naoko Yanagi, Nasa’s middle school homeroom teacher, learns about his marriage to Tsukasa and visits their home. Nasa, when asked about his future, says he cherishes the present time. Hearing this, Yanagi, who was immersed in her work, reflects on her life and starts dating her colleague, Taniguchi, at an amusement park. Later, Nasa and Tsukasa go on a hot spring trip with tickets received from Kaname Arisugawa and meet Tokiko Tsukuyomi, who entrusts Tsukasa to Nasa.

Spoilers for Volumes 9 to 12

One day, Tsukasa has a dream where she gives ohagi to a despairing girl. Tokiko then appears, and Tsukasa is invited to camp. Later, Tokiko promises to go camping and leaves ohagi as a gift. Afterward, Nasa gets lost while hiking and is saved by his wife, Tsukasa. Nasa reminisces with Tsukasa after escaping from being lost. Subsequently, Yanagi is overwhelmed with work, leading to a delay in her marriage with Taniguchi. This results in Nasa taking over her role temporarily at “Otogi Girls High.” However, Nasa, married at 18, attracts students’ attention, leading to chaos.

Spoilers for Volumes 13 to 16

Nasa, due to a past injury, had forgotten half of his memories from when he first met Tsukasa. Upon learning this, Tsukasa disappears. During this time, Tokiko passes away, leading Tsukasa to feel dejected. However, Nasa arrives and confesses his feelings, causing Tsukasa to return his embrace. This helps Nasa regain all his lost memories. In reality, Tsukasa, immortal since drinking the elixir of life “Hourai” 1400 years ago, has lived since then. Subsequently, the manga’s title changes to “FLY ME TO THE MOON” in volume 16, starting a special edition that depicts Tsukasa’s past. The city 1400 years ago was lively with the existence of “Kaguya,” born from bamboo. However, a 16-year-old girl, suffering from illness, showed no interest in Kaguya.

One day, Kaguya returns to the moon after delivering the immortal elixir to the Emperor. The Emperor, uninterested in immortality, orders his subordinate, Iwakasa, to burn the elixir. However, Iwakasa disobeys and administers the elixir to the 16-year-old girl. She gains eternal life but becomes targeted for her immortality. Eventually, she makes a promise with Prince Shotoku to lose immortality and lives as “Tsukasa.”

Spoilers for Volumes 17 to 20

Nasa accepts Tsukasa’s past and they resume their married life. Later, Nasa receives Tokiko’s will and attends her wake. Tsukasa reveals her first encounter with Tokiko to Nasa. After World War II, Tsukasa visits Japan and meets the war orphan Tokiko, who later achieves humanity’s moon landing through the “Apollo Project.” However, learning that the moon is uninhabited, Tsukasa falls into despair and confines herself. Knowing this past, Nasa visits the “Kyomaru Mansion” to sort Tokiko’s belongings and meets a girl named “Tsukikage Kaguya.”

Spoilers for Volumes 21 to 22

At the “Kyomaru Mansion,” Yuzaki Nasa encounters a girl named Tsukikage Kaguya. Kaguya boldly declares she has come to probe the lovey-dovey life of Nasa and Tsukasa. The story then shifts to a past arc featuring the Emperor and Kaguya. 1400 years ago, the Emperor nurtured love with Kaguya, who was born from bamboo. However, when the time came for Kaguya to return to the moon, she gave the Emperor the elixir of immortality. Refusing to live without Kaguya, the Emperor chose not to consume the elixir and lived out his natural life.

After this revelation, Nasa visits the “Kyomaru Mansion” to organize Tokiko’s belongings, where he meets Tsukikage Kaguya. Kaguya, a girl with her own unique story, adds a new dimension to Nasa and Tsukasa’s life, enriching the already intricate tapestry of “Tonikaku Kawaii.”

This concludes the summary of the manga “Tonikaku Kawaii” up to volume 22. The story continues to unfold with new developments, keeping readers eagerly anticipating each new release.

Information on the Anime and Theme Songs of “Tonikaku Kawaii”

Anime Adaptation of “Tonikaku Kawaii”

The manga “Tonikaku Kawaii” garnered high praise from its inception and was adapted into a TV anime in October 2020. Subsequently, the manga’s popularity continued to grow, leading to the production of its second anime season in April 2023. Additionally, new anime episodes titled “Tonikaku Kawaii Uniform” and “Girls’ High School Edition” have also been produced. The anime has been immensely popular, with numerous favorable reviews posted online.

Opening and Ending Theme Songs of Season 1

The opening theme song for the first season of the “Tonikaku Kawaii” anime is “Koi no Uta” (Song of Love). This track is by DJ and music producer Yunomi, featuring Akari Kitō, who voices Tsukasa Yuzaki, as a featured artist. On the other hand, the ending theme song, titled “Tsuki to Hoshizora” (The Moon and Starry Sky), is performed by singer-songwriter KanoeRana. Interestingly, “Tsuki to Hoshizora” was also selected as the ending theme for the anime “Tonikaku Kawaii Uniform.”

Opening and Ending Theme Songs of Season 2

The opening theme song for the second season of “Tonikaku Kawaii” is “Setsuna no Chikai” (Momentary Vow). The track is by the trackmaker unit Neko Hacker and, like “Koi no Uta,” features Akari Kitō as a guest artist. The ending theme song for the second season is “Yoru no Katasumi” (In a Corner of the Night), performed by Akari Kitō, who voices Tsukasa Yuzaki.

Opening and Ending Theme Songs of the Girls’ High School Edition

The opening theme for the “Tonikaku Kawaii” Girls’ High School Edition is “Plan,” performed by female voice actress Saori Hayami. The songwriting, composition, and arrangement are handled by “in the blue shirt.” Meanwhile, the ending theme, titled “Guruguru Live” (Spinning Live), is known as a track performed by Akari Kitō, who voices Tsukasa Yuzaki.

Characters of “Tonikaku Kawaii”

Character ① Tsukasa Yuzaki

The first character to be introduced is the main heroine, Tsukasa Yuzaki. Appearing in “Tonikaku Kawaii,” Tsukasa Yuzaki, née Tsukuyomi, is married to the protagonist, Nasa Yuzaki. Tsukasa possesses a mysterious aura combined with cuteness and is described by her husband, Nasa, as “the cutest wife in the universe.” Her true identity is that of an immortal being, having consumed the elixir of immortality, “Hourai,” becoming Kaguya-hime and living for about 1400 years.

Character ② Nasa Yuzaki

The second character is Nasa Yuzaki. He is the protagonist of “Tonikaku Kawaii,” characterized by his light purple hair and cute baby face. Nasa, feeling complex about his name which means “NASA,” dreams of becoming someone greater than the space agency. This dream has led him to amass an extraordinary amount of knowledge in mathematics and programming, earning him the nickname “Crazy Math Guy.”

Despite his academic focus, Nasa lacks delicacy and knowledge in household matters. He falls in love with Tsukasa Yuzaki at first sight and, despite being hit by a truck, proposes to her. He quits high school to start working and eventually marries Tsukasa at the age of 18 after she reappears with a marriage registration form.

Character ③ Kaname Arisugawa

The third character is Kaname Arisugawa, who appears in “Tonikaku Kawaii.” She is a junior of Nasa Yuzaki from his middle school days and works as the poster girl for “Kusatsu Onsen Furoyubai.” Kaname shows a strong interest in the nightly life of Nasa and Tsukasa, often making risqué comments. However, the real Kaname is responsible and believes that true marriage is about genuinely caring for one another.

Character ④ Aya Arisugawa

The fourth character is Aya Arisugawa, Kaname’s sister and a gaming streamer known as “AyaPi.” During her middle school days, she had feelings for Nasa Yuzaki but later experiences unrequited love when he marries Tsukasa. Despite her heartbreak, Aya doesn’t show anger or sadness and wholeheartedly congratulates the couple on their marriage.

Character ⑤ Chitose Kaginoji

The fifth character is Chitose Kaginoji from “Tonikaku Kawaii.” Chitose is the granddaughter of Tokiko Tsukuyomi and is known for her long blonde hair and red ribbon. While she has a tsundere personality and adores Tsukasa as “sister,” she does not recognize the marriage between Tsukasa and Nasa at all.

Voice Actors of “Tonikaku Kawaii” Anime

Tsukasa Yuzaki Voiced by Akari Kitō

In the anime adaptation of “Tonikaku Kawaii,” the main heroine Tsukasa Yuzaki is voiced by Akari Kitō, a female voice actress who debuted in 2014. Kitō, affiliated with the talent agency Raccoon Dog, is also active as a singer. She gained widespread recognition for her role as Nezuko Kamado in the anime “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.” Her notable roles include Seiun Sky in the “Umamusume” series and Momo Chiyoda in “The Demon Girl Next Door.”

Nasa Yuzaki Voiced by Junya Enoki

Nasa Yuzaki, the protagonist of “Tonikaku Kawaii,” is voiced by male voice actor Junya Enoki, who debuted in 2010 and is affiliated with Atomic Monkey. Enoki is well-known for his roles as Pannacotta Fugo in “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind” and Yuji Itadori in the “Jujutsu Kaisen” series.

Kaname Arisugawa Voiced by Yū Serizawa

Kaname Arisugawa in the anime version of “Tonikaku Kawaii” is voiced by Yū Serizawa, a voice actress and singer who debuted in 2013 under the 81 Produce agency. Serizawa has voiced roles such as Mini Yaemori in “Rent-A-Girlfriend” and Iroha Igarashi in “Real Girl.”

Aya Arisugawa Voiced by Sumire Uesaka

In the anime adaptation of “Tonikaku Kawaii,” Aya Arisugawa is voiced by female voice actress Sumire Uesaka, affiliated with Voice Kit. Uesaka, active as a singer and actress since 2013, made her voice acting debut in 2011. She is known for her roles as Sanae Dekomori in “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!” and Lum in the 2022 version of “Urusei Yatsura.”

Chitose Kaginoji Voiced by Konomi Kohara

In the anime “Tonikaku Kawaii,” Chitose Kaginoji is voiced by female voice actress Konomi Kohara. Kohara is affiliated with Ōsawa Office and has been active as an actress since 2012. She initially entered the entertainment industry as an actress and made her voice acting debut in 2016. Kohara is known for her roles as Chika Fujiwara in the “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War” series and Roxy Migurdia in “Mushoku Tensei.”

Spoiler Summary of “Tonikaku Kawaii”

In this article, we have provided a detailed spoiler-filled introduction to the manga “Tonikaku Kawaii,” including its synopsis, characters, and reader reactions. “Tonikaku Kawaii,” a romantic comedy by Kenjiro Hata, is known for its well-developed story and character settings. Additionally, the manga is recognized for its high-quality artwork and has maintained its popularity since its inception. Therefore, those interested should definitely check out the “Tonikaku Kawaii” manga and anime series.

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