“Classroom of the Elite” – Is Nagumo Miyabi at Risk of Expulsion? A Thorough Explanation of His Confrontation with Ayanokoji and Horikita


In “Classroom of the Elite”, the character Nagumo Miyabi, the vice president of the student council and a blond-haired beautiful young man, initially appears calm and light-hearted. However, his true nature is that of a proud dictator.

This article explores Nagumo’s confrontations with formidable characters like Ayanokoji and Horikita, discussing the outcomes of these battles and theories about his potential expulsion. We’ll also touch upon his goals and voice actor, so be sure to check it out!

※This article contains significant spoilers for “Classroom of the Elite.”

Profile of Nagumo Miyabi from “Classroom of the Elite”

  • Age: 18 years old
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Height: Unknown
  • Class: 3rd year, Class A
  • First Appearance: Volume 4.5 of the novel
  • Voice Actor: Soma Saito

Nagumo Miyabi is a character in “Classroom of the Elite”, debuting as the vice president of the student council. Known for his blond, silky hair, he is a handsome young man who is popular among female students due to his usually calm demeanor.

However, his true personality is that of a tyrant who believes himself to be superior. Having been outstanding from a young age, Nagumo was always a popular top achiever. After enrolling at the Advanced Nurturing High School, he became obsessed with the genuine genius, Horikita Manabu. Since then, he has shown a ruthless side, willing to use any means necessary to achieve his goals.

Is Nagumo at Risk of Expulsion After Losing to Ayanokoji?

“(c) Shogo Kinugasa, KADOKAWA / Classroom of the Elite 2 Production Committee”
  • Relevant Scene: Volume 4 of the 2nd year edition of the novel
  • As of January 2024, Nagumo has not been expelled. After developing an obsession with Horikita Manabu, his next interest was Ayanokoji, whom Horikita respected.

Suspecting Ayanokoji’s capabilities, Nagumo monitored him closely during exams. When he decided that Ayanokoji was indeed powerful, he confronted him during the uninhabited island survival test. Despite trying to provoke Ayanokoji, Nagumo was knocked out after being punched. He then lost his will to fight after being ignored by Ayanokoji, who skipped their sports festival match.

Later, Ayanokoji challenged him to a duel, but this battle has yet to be depicted in the original novel. However, Nagumo has already resigned as the student council president.

Therefore, it seems unlikely that he will face any significant duels leading to expulsion in the future.

Nagumo’s Obsession with Horikita Manabu and Ichinose Honami

  • His Rivalry with the Genius, Horikita Manabu
“(c) Shogo Kinugasa, KADOKAWA / Classroom of the Elite 2 Production Committee”

After Horikita retired, Nagumo became the student council president. However, as the vice president, he had always been openly hostile towards Horikita.

Dominating the school year, Nagumo challenged Horikita to a battle during a mixed training camp. Easily defeated, his real target turned out to be Horikita’s close associate, Tachibana Akane. His strategy was successful, forcing Horikita to spend a massive amount of private points to prevent Akane’s expulsion.

  • Attempts to Win Over Ichinose Honami
“(c) Shogo Kinugasa, KADOKAWA / Classroom of the Elite 2 Production Committee”

Nagumo, trying to gain Ichinose Honami, shared her past with Sakayanagi Arisu. He also attempted to support her when she became reclusive after Sakayanagi’s manipulations. Additionally, he tried to coerce her into a relationship by exploiting her weaknesses during tests. However, both attempts failed due to Ayanokoji’s interventions, fueling Nagumo’s obsession with him!

Nagumo Miyabi’s Goal: Creating a True Meritocracy at Advanced Nurturing High School

“(c) Shogo Kinugasa, KADOKAWA / Classroom of the Elite 2 Production Committee”

Nagumo’s objective is to transform the Advanced Nurturing High School into a genuine meritocracy. He considers the current system, which has few expulsions, to be too lenient. It was feared that if he became the student council president, the number of expulsions would increase.

True to predictions, upon becoming the student council president, Nagumo implemented numerous reforms. One such reform was the introduction of the “OAA” (Overall Ability Analysis), a system that publicly displays the abilities of all students. He also introduced class transfer tickets, turning the school more into a battleground.

Voice Actor for Nagumo Miyabi – Soma Saito

In the anime adaptation of “Classroom of the Elite,” Nagumo Miyabi is voiced by Soma Saito, affiliated with 81 Produce.

Saito, who has also won the Singing Award at the Seiyu Awards, is active as a singer. Notable roles include Hyoma Chigiri in “Blue Lock.”

Saito’s youthful yet firm voice is a perfect match for the obsessive character of Nagumo Miyabi.

“Classroom of the Elite” – Nagumo Miyabi, an Excellent but Overshadowed Character

Nagumo, with all of his OAA parameters being A or higher and having cornered Horikita Manabu, demonstrates his excellence. However, he has been ignored by Ayanokoji and ended up being a somewhat overshadowed character.

As we follow the true battle between Nagumo and Ayanokoji, let’s keep an eye on Nagumo’s future moves!

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