“Heat the Pig Liver” Spoiler Summary! What Are the Reviews and Opinions of Those Who Have Read the Original Novel?


“Heat the Pig Liver” is a novel that won the Gold Prize in the “26th Dengeki Novel Prize”. It is popularly known as “Pig Liver” among readers. This novel, which depicts the adventures of a protagonist who is reincarnated in a different world as a pig, has gained immense popularity, surpassing a total of 250,000 copies in circulation. It was adapted into an anime in October 2023. In this article, we will introduce the original novel of “Heat the Pig Liver,” including spoilers for the synopsis, characters, and reader reviews and ratings.

What is “Heat the Pig Liver”?

The anime adaptation of “Heat the Pig Liver” in October 2023 brought significant attention to the series. This has led to a surge in interest in the original novel’s synopsis and characters. In this article, we will reveal spoilers regarding the plot, characters, and reader reviews and ratings of the original novel of “Heat the Pig Liver.” First, let’s briefly introduce the information and highlights of “Heat the Pig Liver.”

Overview of “Heat the Pig Liver”

This article will reveal spoilers about the synopsis, reviews, and ratings of “Heat the Pig Liver,” a novel by Takuma Sakai. The novel has been published under the “Dengeki Bunko” label since 2020 and continues as of November 2023. “Heat the Pig Liver” has received high acclaim, with the total number of copies issued surpassing 250,000 as of December 2022. Due to its popularity, the series has been adapted into various media, including a television anime and manga.

Highlights of “Heat the Pig Liver”

“Heat the Pig Liver” is a novel set in a different world, often mistaken as originating from “Shosetsuka ni Naro” (Let’s Become Novelists). However, its content is unique from other “different world” stories, focusing on the romance between a pig and a heroine. This love story, filled with continuous challenges and moments that can’t be read without tears, has been highly praised, leading to “Heat the Pig Liver” winning the Gold Prize in the “26th Dengeki Novel Prize.”

Spoiler Summary of “Heat the Pig Liver”

“Heat the Pig Liver” was first published in March 2020 and subsequently adapted into a manga in “Dengeki Maoh” in August of the same year. Following its television anime adaptation in October 2023, the original novel has gained significant popularity. Due to the extensive media adaptation, there has been growing interest in the synopsis of the original novel of “Heat the Pig Liver.” Here, we will spoil the synopsis of the original novel.

Volumes 1 & 2 Spoiler Summary

The protagonist, a geeky university student, one day eats raw pig liver and loses consciousness. At this moment, he is reincarnated in another world as a pig and meets a girl named Jess. Jess, a girl from the “Yethma” tribe, can read others’ minds. The protagonist, having met Jess of Yethma, travels with her to the royal capital. Upon arriving at the capital, the protagonist learns that the Yethma are treated as slaves and manages to return to modern Japan. Later, he connects with others who have experienced reincarnation in different worlds through the internet and returns to the other world as a pig. Reincarnated again as a pig, he reunites with Jess, who initially had lost all memories of him. However, Jess gradually regains her lost memories through her actions with the protagonist.

Volumes 3 & 4 Spoiler Summary

In the world where the protagonist is reincarnated, a three-way battle unfolds among the Liberation Army, the Dynasty, and the Shadow Arts Sorcerers. However, with the protagonist’s efforts, the Yethma’s Liberation Army and the Dynasty join forces, and the Shadow Arts Sorcerers are defeated. Satisfied with the outcome, the protagonist attempts to take his own life. However, only his soul remains in the other world, and he accompanies Jess on her adventures. Then, the Shadow Arts Sorcerers occupy the Dynasty, and the protagonist and Jess are thrown into the battle.

Volumes 5 & 6 Spoiler Summary

The protagonist, now existing only as a soul, visits another world called the “Deep World.” In the Deep World, he regains his pig body and successfully overthrows the Shadow Arts Sorcerers and reclaims the Dynasty. However, the other world’s “Mestelia” suddenly begins to merge with the Deep World, causing a phenomenon known as “Transcendental Critical.” Subsequently, the protagonist and Jess set off on a journey to free the Yethma. Meanwhile, in the real world, the protagonist, hospitalized, begins to experience physical anomalies due to the influence of the other world.

Volume 7 Spoiler Summary

To save the world from “Transcendental Critical,” the death of Ceres of Yethma was deemed essential. As a result, Ceres becomes a target for assassination by the Dynasty. Learning of this, the protagonist joins Ceres and heads to the western wastelands. This leads Ceres to deepen her bond with Nott of the Liberation Army. However, the protagonist in the real world faces a life-threatening situation due to his weakening body. It becomes apparent that his condition is significantly linked to the “Transcendental Critical.”

Character List of “Heat the Pig Liver”

Pig (the protagonist): The main character in “Heat the Pig Liver” is a former geeky university student reincarnated into a different world from modern Japan, characterized by his pink, adorable appearance. As revealed in the synopsis, the protagonist eats raw liver and is reincarnated into another world as a pig. There, he meets the main heroine Jess, which significantly changes his life.

Jess: The second character introduced is Jess, the main heroine of “Heat the Pig Liver.” Jess, a Yethma who can read others’ minds, is characterized by her blonde hair and angelic, kind-hearted nature. In the other world, the freedom of Yethma is not recognized, so Jess serves as a servant in the “Kiltrin House.” Jess discovers the protagonist, covered in mud in the pigsty, and together they head to the royal capital.

Nott: The third character introduced is Nott. Nott, a hunter from the village of Bappsas, is characterized by his orange hair and handsome appearance. Nott had a Yethma girlfriend who was killed in a Yethma hunt. Due to this past, he harbors a deep resentment towards the persecution of the Yethma. In the story, Nott meets the protagonist when he visits the village of Bappsas and agrees to help liberate the Yethma.

Ceres: The fourth character introduced is Ceres. Ceres, a 13-year-old Yethma working at an inn in the village of Bappsas, is characterized by her black hair tie and introverted nature. Being a Yethma who can read others’ minds, Ceres is aware of the protagonist’s true identity. She harbors feelings for Nott, a handsome hunter, and is internally opposed to his journey to the royal capital.

Kirins: The fifth character introduced is Kirins. Kirins, who runs the “Kirins Jewelry Store,” is known for his square face and mustache. He is acquainted with the main heroine, Jess, and engages in the trade of the crystal “Lista.” In the story, Kirins attempts to purchase the pig (the protagonist) from Jess for a festival event.

Brace: The sixth character introduced is Brace. Brace, a Yethma who served as a gravekeeper for the “Es House” in Lyubori, is characterized by her long blonde hair and large chest. In “Heat the Pig Liver,” Brace is captured by thieves but is rescued by the protagonist and Jess. However, she suffers severe injuries and sacrifices herself to protect Jess and others from a Yethma hunt.

Reviews and Ratings of the Original Novel of “Heat the Pig Liver”

The reviews and ratings of the original novel of “Heat the Pig Liver” are predominantly positive, with many readers finding the story engaging. Despite its title suggesting a comedy novel, “Heat the Pig Liver” revolves around the pure love story between a pig and the main heroine, featuring numerous touching and serious scenes. The novel’s world-building is also intricately crafted, contributing to its popularity under the “Dengeki Bunko” label. Many reviews and ratings expressed joy over the anime adaptation. As of November 2023, “Heat the Pig Liver” enjoys immense popularity, with the total number of published volumes exceeding 250,000. The novel’s high acclaim, including winning the Gold Prize in the “26th Dengeki Novel Prize,” has delighted many fans with its anime adaptation. Additionally, the novel’s characters, particularly the female ones, are often praised for their cuteness, continuing to captivate a wide readership.

Spoiler Summary of “Heat the Pig Liver”

This article has introduced spoilers regarding the original novel of “Heat the Pig Liver,” covering its synopsis, characters, and reader reviews and ratings. “Heat the Pig Liver” is highly regarded for its well-crafted story, earning the Gold Prize in the “26th Dengeki Novel Prize.” The novel’s characters and world-building have been meticulously developed, maintaining high popularity since its publication. Therefore, for those who haven’t read it yet, it is highly recommended to check out “Heat the Pig Liver.”

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