Is Melinda Desmond in SPY×FAMILY Scary Due to Her Split Personality? Exploring the Reasons Behind Her Transformation and True Identity


In “SPY×FAMILY,” a character named Melinda Desmond makes an appearance. Melinda, Damian’s mother, becomes acquainted with Yor in the story. Although Melinda seems calm at first glance, she can suddenly display a frightening expression. This has led to theories that she may have a split personality. This article delves into Melinda Desmond’s potential dual personality in “SPY×FAMILY,” exploring the reasons behind her drastic changes, her true identity, and more. It also includes spoilers about Melinda’s past and her actions during the bus hijacking incident.

Who is Melinda in SPY×FAMILY?

Melinda Desmond, in “SPY×FAMILY,” is the mother of Anya’s classmate, Damian. While she doesn’t appear frequently, her presence leaves a lasting impression on the readers. This article compiles spoilers about Melinda from “SPY×FAMILY,” examining whether she has a split personality and the reasons behind her sudden changes in behavior. It also highlights Melinda’s significant moments, providing a comprehensive overview for fans.


  • Overview of SPY×FAMILY

“SPY×FAMILY” is a manga serialized on the web manga app, Shonen Jump+. Officially titled “SPY×FAMILY,” the series is created by Tatsuya Endo. It has become the first massive hit on Shonen Jump+, expanding into various media adaptations such as TV anime, animated movies, and musicals. In 2023, it won the grand prize in the Comic category at the 52nd Japan Cartoonists Association Award.

  • Synopsis of SPY×FAMILY

Twilight, a spy from Westalis, infiltrates Ostania for a mission and forms a fake family to fulfill his new assignment. Lloyd, hiding his identity as a spy, marries Yor and adopts Anya, both of whom have secrets of their own. Despite keeping their true identities hidden, the trio gradually forms a bond resembling that of a real family, navigating their lives while concealing their secrets from one another.

Profile of Melinda Desmond

In “SPY×FAMILY,” Melinda Desmond is the wife of Donovan Desmond, whom Lloyd seeks to connect with. She is the mother of two children, with her eldest son being Desmond and her younger son Damian. While she appears elegant and affable, her demeanor can suddenly shift. Melinda encountered Yor by chance, leading to a friendship between them.

Does SPY×FAMILY’s Melinda Have a Split Personality? Exploring the Reasons Behind Her Transformation

Melinda Desmond in “SPY×FAMILY” is known for her sudden and drastic changes in behavior, prompting speculations about her possibly having a split personality. Is Melinda truly suffering from a split personality? This section explores and compiles Melinda’s moments of transformation, considering whether she has a dual personality and the reasons behind her sudden changes.

Does Melinda Have a Split Personality?

The narrative of “SPY×FAMILY” does not explicitly state that Melinda Desmond has a split personality. However, from her first appearance, she has exhibited instances of sudden behavioral shifts during conversations. Such depictions suggest that the possibility of Melinda having a split personality cannot be entirely dismissed.

When Anya first met Melinda, she sensed the duality in Melinda’s thoughts. Initially, Anya perceived Melinda’s deep affection for Damian. At this moment, Anya concluded that Melinda resembled Yuri in personality. However, a single comment from Damian drastically changed Melinda’s demeanor.

From the suddenly altered Melinda, feelings of both love and disdain for Damian were conveyed. Melinda harbored thoughts of loving Damian while simultaneously feeling indifferent towards him. This scene alone indicates that Melinda’s mental state is unstable, suggesting she might have a split personality or a condition closely related.

Is Her Husband the Reason Behind Melinda’s Transformation?

Melinda Desmond typically comes across as a cheerful and adorable woman. Yet, she can suddenly turn frightening, showing a scary expression. What causes this abrupt change in Melinda? The speculation is that her husband, Donovan Desmond, might be the reason behind her dual personality-like transformations. The first instance of Melinda’s drastic change occurred in Chapter 66. Let’s delve into how Melinda transformed, including spoilers.

While hosting Yor for a tea party, Melinda enjoyed a pleasant chat with everyone. Upon learning that the child who hit her son was Yor’s daughter, Melinda seemed unfazed by the revelation. Instead, she dismissed it as “children’s quarrels” with ease. However, as Yor persisted, Melinda suddenly showed a terrifying face, saying, “It doesn’t matter.”

In this moment, the reason behind Melinda’s transformation is challenging to discern from the story. However, her behavior became clearer in Chapter 75, during the bus hijack resolution.

Upon picking up Damian, Melinda was asked by him not to mention his tears to “father.” Instantly, her expression darkened, and she changed her demeanor. This suggests that Melinda’s transformations are linked to her husband, Donovan. It remains unclear whether she resents Donovan himself or hates Damian for admiring Donovan.

Exploring the True Identity and Relationship with Yor of SPY×FAMILY’s Melinda

So far, we have explored the suspicions around Melinda Desmond’s dual personality and reasons behind her sudden changes in “SPY×FAMILY.” Next, let’s delve into Melinda’s true identity. The exact details of Melinda’s identity remain unclear.

Although Melinda has appeared several times throughout the series, her character remains shrouded in mystery. This section speculates on whether Melinda will become an ally or foe to the Forger family based on her portrayals in the series. Additionally, we will discuss Melinda’s relationship with Yor and theorize about Melinda’s earrings.

The Relationship Between Melinda and Yor

First, let’s summarize the relationship between Melinda Desmond and Yor, including spoilers from their first meeting. Melinda and Yor’s first encounter occurs in Chapter 65 of the manga. Yor visits a department store to buy sweets requested by Anya. While attempting to descend the stairs, Yor meets a woman struggling to ascend with numerous bags.

As the woman nearly trips, Yor grabs her hand and catches all her bags, showcasing her extraordinary physical abilities. The woman Yor helped was Melinda. Impressed by Yor’s physical prowess, Melinda invites her to a volleyball event organized by the Patriotic Women’s Association. Yor’s display of superhuman strength endears her further to Melinda.

Accepted by the members of the Patriotic Women’s Association, Yor later attends a tea party where Melinda expresses her desire to remain friends. Subsequently, Melinda and Yor continue to develop their friendship. They meet again at a charity bazaar for wounded soldiers sponsored by the city.

Melinda is delighted to reunite with Yor and is concerned that Yor’s friendship with her has caused Milly, a colleague, to harbor resentment. Although Melinda’s true identity is unknown, she genuinely seems to harbor affection for Yor. Yor considers Melinda a “kind person” and wishes to maintain their relationship going forward.

The Secret Behind Melinda Desmond’s Earrings

Next, let’s delve into the mystery of Melinda Desmond’s earrings in “SPY×FAMILY.” Melinda Desmond is seen wearing triangular earrings. The design of these earrings resembles the symbol of the rumored organization “Freemasons,” which operates worldwide under the ideals of “brotherhood” and “equality.”

If Melinda’s earrings are based on the Freemason symbol, it could suggest her affiliation with a secret society. Furthermore, there is speculation that Melinda’s earrings might be bugging devices. The theory arises from a conversation between Melinda and Yor in a car, after a tea party. Melinda, while driving Yor home, mentions Damien with a phrase, “Please take care of him from now on,” but her expression during this moment appeared fearful and complex. Additionally, she whispers when talking about Damien, leading to speculation that her earrings could be bugging devices, restricting her from speaking freely about Damien.

Is Melinda an Enemy or an Ally?

The ambiguous Melinda Desmond’s true loyalties to the Forger family remain uncertain. Whether Melinda will become an ally or an enemy in the future is unclear until her true identity is revealed. As of January 2024, there has been no explicit depiction suggesting Melinda as an antagonist. Her behavior towards Yor seems more friendly than hostile.

However, the dark emotions hidden within Melinda and the occasional frightening expressions she shows leave open the possibility of her being an enemy. If Melinda is indeed an enemy, she might have approached Yor knowing the Forger family’s true identities. With many unknowns about Melinda’s true nature, whether she will turn out to be an enemy or ally is something that can only be determined as the story progresses.

The Reason Behind Melinda Desmond’s Frightening Expressions in SPY×FAMILY

In “SPY×FAMILY,” Melinda Desmond’s terrifying expressions, first seen when meeting Yor and later when picking up Damian after the bus hijacking incident, have intrigued many. Why does Melinda occasionally show these frightening expressions? Here, we’ll explore the potential reasons behind Melinda’s sudden changes in expression.

Reason 1: Deep Love for Damian

One possible reason for Melinda’s scary expressions could be her profound love for Damian. Her deep affection for Damian was revealed during the bus hijacking incident. However, at a tea party she hosted, which Yor attended, Melinda was labeled as “neglectful” by her friends. The discrepancy between Melinda’s love for Damian and how others perceive her relationship with him suggests she may feel unable to express her affection for Damian openly in front of others.

It’s also possible that her husband, Donovan Desmond, has instructed her to limit her interactions with Damian. This restriction could be why she showed a frightening expression to Yor, as she cannot freely talk about Damian. The scary face she showed in front of Damian might stem from a mix of love for Damian and hatred towards Donovan.

Reason 2: Fondness for Yor

Melinda Desmond’s complex expression in the car could also be interpreted as an affectionate gesture towards Yor. When Melinda was rescued by Yor, her reaction was akin to that of a girl experiencing love at first sight. It’s conceivable that Melinda, overwhelmed by her feelings for Yor in the car, inadvertently showed a scary face.

However, even if Melinda has grown to like Yor, it’s likely a platonic affection rather than romantic love. Thus, the likelihood that Melinda’s frightening expression was caused by her fondness for Yor is minimal.

Reason 3: Dislike for Donovan

As previously mentioned, Melinda’s transformation can be traced back to when Damian mentioned “Father.” This moment suggests Melinda harbors negative feelings towards Donovan. The exact reasons for her disdain remain unclear, but it’s plausible that Melinda’s frightening expressions ultimately stem from her hatred towards Donovan.

Melinda Desmond’s Past and Heroics in SPY×FAMILY

In “SPY×FAMILY,” after befriending Yor, Melinda Desmond plays a significant role in the bus hijacking arc. This section delves into spoilers regarding Melinda’s actions during the bus hijacking incident and her past.

Spoilers about Melinda’s Past

Firstly, let’s uncover some spoilers about Melinda Desmond’s past. Little is known about Melinda’s life before marrying Donovan Desmond, including where she was or what she was doing before their marriage, how and when they met, or why they got married. The only certain information about Melinda’s past is her marriage to Donovan and their two sons, Demetrius and Damian. While Damian’s resemblance to Melinda confirms he is her child, Demetrius closely resembles Donovan, leaving room for speculation regarding his true parentage.

Another known fact about Melinda’s past is her role as the First Lady during the war. SPY×FAMILY’s story backdrop includes a recent war between Ostania (East) and Westalis (West), with the presidency shifting from Chapman to Donovan during the conflict. Melinda, having been the First Lady during the war, feels a sense of duty and continues to actively support veterans and their families.

Melinda’s Role in the Bus Hijacking Incident

Next, we summarize Melinda Desmond’s contributions during the bus hijacking incident. The incident begins when Eden Academy’s first-year students, including Anya and Desmond, Melinda’s son, are on a field trip. Two of the three buses transporting the students are hijacked by remnants of the “Red Circus.”

Inside one of the hijacked buses are Anya and Desmond. Anya, using her telepathy, learns of the hijackers’ destination and, with the help of Becky and Damian, manages to alert the police. The police, forewarned, deploy spike strips that immobilize the buses.

A standoff between the police and hijackers ensues, but the situation escalates when the security service secures another bus, prompting the hijackers to consider self-detonation. However, Anya’s brave confrontation leads the main hijacker to surrender, resulting in the apprehension of all perpetrators.

The media blackout lifts, allowing parents to be informed. While Anya and Damian are initially left behind, Yor and Melinda eventually arrive to pick them up. Despite not expecting his mother, Damian is moved to tears upon seeing Melinda, who rushes to him and breaks down in relief. However, when Damian asks Melinda not to tell his father about his tears, her expression darkens dramatically.

Melinda, who had been rejoicing over Damian’s safety, begins harboring dark thoughts, wishing he had been a sacrifice. This complex mix of emotions towards Damian shocks Anya, revealing the depth of Melinda’s conflicted feelings.

Summary of Melinda in SPY×FAMILY

This article has compiled spoilers regarding Melinda Desmond from “SPY×FAMILY.” Melinda occasionally exhibits sudden changes in expression and behavior, leading some to speculate she might have a dual personality. However, whether she truly has a dual personality remains unclear, and her true identity continues to be shrouded in mystery.

The Desmond family plays a pivotal role in “SPY×FAMILY,” suggesting that the mysteries surrounding them will not be unraveled anytime soon. Let’s keep an eye on the developments involving Melinda and the Desmond family while looking forward to the unfolding story of “SPY×FAMILY.”

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