Theatrical Edition of Blue Lock -EPISODE NAGI- to be Released in Spring 2024! Teaser Trailer and Visual Revealed


It has been announced that “Theatrical Edition Blue Lock -EPISODE NAGI-” will be released in spring 2024. This will be the first theatrical release for the soccer manga “Blue Lock” by Muneyuki Kaneshiro (original story) and Yusuke Nomura (art).

“Blue Lock” is a soccer manga about 300 high school FW (forward) players gathered in “Blue Lock” competing to become the world’s number one striker, staking their soccer lives on reaching the goal. With its death game-like style, it has been called the “hottest and craziest soccer anime ever,” spawning adaptations as games, stage productions, and more.

This theatrical edition will depict the battles in “Blue Lock” from the perspective of the other protagonist, Seishiro Nagi, who possesses extraordinary soccer sense.

The revealed teaser visual shows Seishiro Nagi and Rensuke Kunigami wearing their Team V bibs from the Blue Lock first selection, staring straight ahead with auras in their eyes.

The teaser trailer rewinds the battles in the TV series, with narration “My life was so boring before I met him and ‘Blue Lock.’ Wasn’t it?” by Nagi and Rensuke. It goes back to their high school days before entering Blue Lock, showing their first meeting where Rensuke discovered Nagi, winding back to the beginning of their challenge to become the world’s number one.

Fans are highly anticipating this thrilling glimpse into the start of the two’s journey.

The Story of the Birth of a Who Will Conquer the World

This summary describes “Theatrical Edition Blue Lock -EPISODE NAGI-” as the origin story of a soccer genius who will rise to dominate the sport globally.

The key points:

  • Focuses on Seishiro Nagi’s perspective and backstory
  • Depicts Nagi’s meeting and early relationship with Rensuke Kunigami
  • Shows Nagi before being scouted for Blue Lock selection camp
  • Traces Nagi’s beginnings on the path to becoming Japan’s #1 striker
  • Promises to reveal the full potential of his extraordinary soccer sense
  • Paints Nagi as a once-in-a-century talent destined for greatness
  • Suggests the theatrical edition will showcase how Nagi develops from raw genius into an unstoppable force
  • Indicates his tale will be about the making of a legendary player who will conquer the soccer world

In summary, the tagline frames the theatrical edition as the definitive origin story of Nagi’s rise from promising talent to larger-than-life soccer phenomenon.

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