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Released in 2013, “Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion” gained popularity as the first entirely original theatrical release in the franchise. In 2024, a sequel titled “Walpurgis no Kaiten” is scheduled for release, and since the announcement of this sequel, the series has consistently been a topic of discussion among fans.

In this article, we will provide a synopsis and analysis of “Madoka Magica: The Rebellion Story,” including spoilers, so be prepared for that!

Synopsis of “Rebellion Story”

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In the world of “Madoka Magica,” Madoka Kaname became the “Law of Cycles” and ceased to exist, bringing the series to its conclusion.

The film “Madoka Magica: Rebellion” opens with a scene where Madoka appears to be living a normal life. She enjoys breakfast with her family and goes to school like any other student. Her school friends, including Sayaka Miki and Kyoko Sakura, are also there.

These girls are magical girls who fight against “Nightmares,” manifestations of people’s fears. Into their school life comes a quiet and bespectacled transfer student named Homura Akemi.

Although they had been working together as a group of five, including Mami Tomoe, Homura begins to feel that something is amiss…

Main Story Spoiler ①: Homura’s Growing Unease

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Madoka Kaname, a middle school student, enjoys her seemingly ordinary and happy daily life. She spends time with her friends, Sayaka and Kyoko. However, a girl named Homura, with braided hair and glasses, transfers to their school.

These girls are magical girls who fight against Nightmares. However, about a month after Homura’s transfer, she begins to feel something is amiss. Through her investigations, she discovers that they cannot leave Mitakihara City and suspects that their memories have been altered.

Homura becomes convinced that the city they live in is within a witch’s barrier. She manages to recover lost memories, including the fact that the witch “Bebe,” who previously killed Mami, is suspicious. Homura restrains Bebe, but this only leads to further confrontations and mysteries that remain unresolved, ultimately resulting in a battle with Mami.

Main Story Spoiler ②: The Witch’s True Identity


After being defeated by Mami and captured, Homura is rescued by Sayaka. Sayaka questions her about the witch who created this barrier and asks if they should eliminate the witch just because she’s a witch. Homura’s defense of the witch’s existence doesn’t sit well with Sayaka, who eventually leaves Homura behind.

While walking, Homura encounters Madoka. Through their conversation, Homura becomes convinced that the Madoka in front of her is the real one.

Madoka’s existence was erased, and no one remembers her except for Homura. Homura realizes that she’s the one who created the barrier and trapped everyone in this convenient world.

Kyubey has severed Homura’s soul gem from the outside world, and Homura learns that this is a world where her desires are realized.

Kyubey tells Homura that he wants to use Madoka to remind her of the “Law of Cycles” to save herself from becoming a witch. Enraged that Kyubey is using Madoka to control the “Law of Cycles” rather than to save her, Homura chooses to become a witch.

Main Story Spoiler ③: Everyone Cooperates to Save Homura!

(C)Magica Quartet/Aniplex・Madoka Movie Project

In order to save Homura, who has become a witch, other magical girls step up. At this point, the true identities of individuals who were inside the barrier while knowing the truth, like Bebe and Sayaka, are revealed. They entered the barrier by stealing Kyubey’s eyes and existed outside of causality due to the “Law of Cycles.”

With the help of Madoka, as well as Mami and Kyoko, Kyubey’s plan fails. Madoka once again obtains the power of the “Law of Cycles.” She attempts to save Homura, who has been rescued and returned to her original form, but then…

Main Story Spoiler ④: Homura Becomes a Demon and Reconstructs the World

Homura grabs Madoka’s arm and extracts the “human records.” With this, the “Law of Cycles” collapses, and Homura reconstructs the world. She explains that what tainted her Soul Gem wasn’t a “curse” but “love.” Homura criticizes the concept of a god-like existence and declares herself a “demon.”

In the newly reconstructed world, Madoka arrives as a transfer student. Homura questions whether Madoka values order more than desire, to which Madoka responds that it’s wrong to selfishly break the rules. Homura resolves to become an enemy someday, but she believes that Madoka will always wish for a happy world, and she returns the ribbon to Madoka.

Then, with a joyful expression, Homura leaps into the sky and tosses her shield aside, revealing a battered Kyubey beneath her feet.

Analysis ①: Why Did Homura Become a Demon?


Homura’s goal has consistently been to “save Madoka” since the TV anime. It’s likely that her transformation into a demon also stems from her desire to save Madoka.

During her conversation with Madoka in the series, Homura reveals her true feelings, saying, “It’s sad to be separated from everyone for eternity.” When Madoka sacrificed herself to become the “Law of Cycles,” Homura had accepted this and decided to continue fighting in the world Madoka had created. However, upon hearing Madoka’s true intentions, Homura was shocked and resolved to release Madoka of her own will.

Considering Madoka’s true desires and Homura’s own longing to prioritize love over order, it’s possible that Homura transformed into a demon to save Madoka by removing her from the “Law of Cycles.”

Analysis ②: What Does the Meaning of the Final Scene Imply?

The final scene, which occurs a few minutes after the end credits, depicts Homura gazing at her Soul Gem, dancing joyfully, and eventually throwing herself. Beneath her, there’s a battered Kyubey with despair in its eyes.

Homura throwing herself does not suggest suicide, as she wouldn’t die from such a fall. Instead, this scene symbolizes her “fall” into becoming a demon driven by desire, in contrast to Madoka, who became a god. It’s a symbol of her moral decay, driven by her desires and goals.

The battered Kyubey likely represents the consequences of Homura’s dominance over it. It suggests that Homura has imposed meaningless labor on Kyubey, forcing it into a state of desperation. Being held hostage and exploited by such a dangerous entity would indeed be a form of torment and suffering akin to hell.

Analysis ③: Is “Rebellion” a Happy Ending?


In conclusion, “Rebellion” may appear to be a bad ending at first glance, but it is fundamentally a happy ending.

If Madoka had saved Homura with the “Law of Cycles” and the story had ended there, it would have been a beautifully happy ending. However, in reality, Homura goes on a rampage and reconstructs the world.

While it might seem like a bad ending, the post-reconstruction world actually fulfills everyone’s wishes. Sayaka and Kyoko, who were originally supposed to be separated, can now be together, just like Madoka. Homura also managed to save Madoka and shape the world as she desired.

However, in the end, Homura is confronted with the difference in her and Madoka’s perspectives. So, whether her decision to continue saving Madoka despite realizing her “fall” amounts to a personal happy ending is unclear.

Explanation ①: Who Are Sayaka and Bebe?


In contrast to most people who had lost their memories and were unaware that the world was inside a barrier, Sayaka and Bebe were exceptions. They retained their memories and were conscious of the fact that they were within the “Law of Cycles.”

Sayaka and Bebe were individuals who had infiltrated from the side of the “Law of Cycles.” They were unique in that they retained their memories and had a specific purpose within the barrier. The reason why characters like Mami and Kyoko didn’t have memories was because they were humans who had been trapped within Homura’s ideal world, and they were not part of this particular group led by Sayaka and Bebe. Sayaka and Bebe served as the “bag carriers” of the “Law of Cycles,” having secretly entered to welcome Homura back.

Explanation ②: What Was Kyubey’s Purpose?


Kyubey’s purpose was to observe and control the “Law of Cycles.”

Kyubey isolated Homura’s Soul Gem in a location where it couldn’t be influenced from the outside. He then brought Madoka and the others into Homura’s world, believing that if Madoka could regain the power of the “Law of Cycles,” he could harness that power.

However, Homura chose not to be saved and became a witch. With the help of Madoka and her friends, they destroyed the field isolating the Soul Gems, thus thwarting Kyubey’s plan.

“Madoka Magica: Rebellion” is a story where Homura takes center stage, ultimately becoming a devil and reshaping the world through her actions.

A sequel to this movie is set to be released in the winter of 2024. While we look forward to its release, let’s revisit “Madoka Magica: Rebellion” and anticipate how the story will continue to unfold!

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