What is the Meaning Behind the Earrings Worn by Yor in SPY×FAMILY? Investigating the Settings and Shapes


In “SPY×FAMILY,” the heroine Yor always wears a distinctive pair of earrings, characterized by their pointed tips. She wears them at all times except when sleeping, leading some to speculate whether these earrings hold a special meaning. This article explores the significance and backstory of Yor’s earrings in “SPY×FAMILY,” including an investigation into their design and shape. Additionally, it covers whether Yor’s earrings are available for purchase.

Who is Yor?

Yor in “SPY×FAMILY” is the charming female character married to the protagonist, Loid. Although Yor is not particularly fashion-conscious, she always wears her distinctive, sharply pointed earrings. Could there be a special meaning or backstory to these earrings? In this article, we delve into the significance and backstory of Yor’s earrings from “SPY×FAMILY” and explore whether they are available for purchase.

Yor and SPY×FAMILY Overview:

“SPY×FAMILY” is a manga series that began serialization in 2019 on Shonen Jump+. Created by Tatsuya Endo, this is his third serialized work. The series, which blends action, comedy, and serious themes, has garnered a wide readership across various age groups.

Synopsis of SPY×FAMILY:

Twilight, a spy from Westalis, infiltrates the Eastern country of Ostania to maintain peace between the two nations. To get close to the Ostania official Donovan Desmond, Twilight, under the alias Loid, forms a fake family. He adopts a child named Anya from an orphanage and convinces Yor, a woman, to enter into a sham marriage with him. The three begin their life together as a family.

Yor’s Profile:

Yor, known by her codename “Thorn Princess,” is an assassin with the maiden name “Briar.” After marrying Loid, she becomes Yor Forger. At 27 years old and standing 170 cm tall, Yor is a beautiful woman with long black hair and remarkable physical abilities. While she tries to lead a normal life without revealing her identity as an assassin, she occasionally displays superhuman strength.

Yor is a naturally gentle and somewhat airheaded woman who works at the city hall. Having lost her parents, she lives with her younger brother Yuri, whom she adores greatly, leading Yuri to develop an extreme sister complex. Her current family consists of Loid and Anya, and she strives daily to be a good wife and mother. Although initially poor at cooking, Yor has managed to master making a delicious Southern-style stew after much practice.

The Meaning and Settings Behind Yor’s Earrings and Accessories

In “SPY×FAMILY,” the Forger family members lead a life full of secrets, each concealing their true identities from one another. This has introduced various mysteries and potentially significant details throughout the series. Regarding Yor, it’s known that she lost her parents at a young age and has been working as an assassin since she was a child.

However, details such as how and when she became an assassin, and the true nature of “The Garden” she is affiliated with, remain shrouded in mystery. This leads to the question: could there be a hidden meaning or backstory to the earrings Yor always wears? This section delves into the significance and design of Yor’s earrings in “SPY×FAMILY.”

The Meaning Behind Yor’s Earrings:

Yor from “SPY×FAMILY” always presents herself in a cute manner. Despite her lack of interest in fashion, owning only one dress, she consistently wears a pair of distinctively shaped earrings. The constant presence of these earrings has sparked speculation about their potential significance. To date, neither the “SPY×FAMILY” official site nor the creator, Tatsuya Endo, has released any information regarding Yor’s accessories. It’s possible that Yor’s earrings are merely an element of character design without deeper meaning.

Given Yor’s need to conceal her identity as an assassin and blend in, it can be speculated that she started wearing earrings to avoid standing out, mimicking the accessory habits of her contemporaries.

The Design of Yor’s Earrings:

Following the discussion on the meaning behind Yor’s earrings, let’s examine their design. Yor’s earrings resemble an inverted pyramid with a sharp, pointed tip, reminiscent of the weapons she uses as an assassin. The color matches the gold of her assassination tools, complementing her black hair beautifully.

The earrings also feature a ring similar to those found on weapon handles, suggesting that Yor’s earrings could be inspired by her assassination tools. The design of Yor’s earrings slightly varies between the manga and anime versions, with the anime version featuring slightly longer earrings.

Are Yor’s Earrings from SPY×FAMILY Available for Purchase?

The characters from SPY×FAMILY are all compelling, attracting many fans who enjoy cosplaying as them. There are also fans who, even if not into cosplaying, wish to wear accessories similar to their favorite characters. So, is it possible to purchase Yor’s earrings from SPY×FAMILY somewhere?

Since SPY×FAMILY was adapted into an anime, Yor’s earrings have become available on many online shopping sites. Searching on major sites like Amazon or Rakuten will yield several earrings that resemble Yor’s. Not only earrings but also clip-on versions are available, so you can choose whichever suits you best. Additionally, Yor’s earrings are not only available in gold but also in silver.

For those who feel embarrassed wearing anime character earrings, opting for a different color might be a good choice. A different color can change the vibe, making it less noticeable that you’re wearing Yor’s earrings. Conversely, for those aiming for a perfect replication of Yor, purchasing a complete cosplay set of Yor might be the way to go.

Some cosplay sets include Yor’s earrings as part of the package, allowing you to have both Yor’s attire and her earrings. This is recommended for those who want to enjoy cosplaying. Now, what brands are selling Yor’s earrings? Here are two brands that offer Yor’s earrings.

LVSHI’s Yor’s Earrings

Firstly, let’s introduce Yor’s earrings available from LVSHI. LVSHI sells not only anime-related clothing and accessories but also regular jewelry. LVSHI’s earrings are not an exact replica of Yor’s earrings but are very similar in shape. They seem to be closer in design to the anime version of the earrings than the manga version.

REKUCCI’s Yor’s Earrings

Next up are Yor’s earrings from REKUCCI. REKUCCI offers a variety of products including costumes and general fashion items. REKUCCI’s version of Yor’s earrings resembles the LVSHI’s but seems to be closer to the anime version in shape, though the base design appears slightly different.

Yor’s Earrings Summary

This article summarized Yor’s earrings from SPY×FAMILY. Yor has been wearing these earrings since her first appearance, but it has not been disclosed if there’s any specific meaning behind them. It’s possible that they are merely a fashion choice with no special significance. However, if these earrings hold a particular importance, it might be revealed in the storyline in the future.

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