“【Manga ‘The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses’ – Spoilers, Summaries, and Impressions for Each Volume! A Precious Close-Range Romantic Comedy of Middle Schoolers’ Pure Love】


‘The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses,’ by Fujichika Kome, which gained traction on social media, is a close-range romantic comedy depicting the endearing and pure love between a timid boy and an airheaded girl.

The anime adaptation of ‘Sukimega,’ which has been trending on social media, is currently airing in July 2023. As of June 2023, it’s available up to the 10th volume. In this article, we’ll introduce summaries, highlights, and particularly heartwarming episodes while providing an overview of the series!”

【Volume 1 – Spoilers and Impressions】

Middle school student Komura Kaede has a one-sided crush on Mie Ai, the slightly airheaded girl who sits next to him. One day, Mie forgets her glasses and comes to school. Due to her nearsightedness, she squints her eyes and gets up close to everything.

This incident becomes an opportunity for Komura to have his first conversation with her. With Mie forgetting her glasses, every action of hers is up close, and Komura’s heart races.

Becoming Mie’s support, Komura gets called even on holidays. Holding Mie’s hand, feeding her at the cafe… When she wears glasses, Mie peers closely at Komura’s face, saying it’s because she can see better that way. Whether she forgets her glasses or not, Komura is continuously bewildered by Mie’s actions.

[Cute Moment ①] Unconscious “Like” and Fluttering Feelings (Chapter 17 of Volume 2)

When Mie hands a love letter to the handsome classmate Higashi, the whole class is abuzz. But Mie herself seems puzzled when she’s asked about Higashi, not Komura, her close friend. In reality, she was just delivering a lost love letter.

Unaware of the situation, Komura frets over Mie’s liking Higashi as she says she just “likes” him normally. Knowing or unknowing of Komura’s feelings, Mie tells him she “likes” him.

Although Komura ultimately doesn’t get to know the meaning behind that “like,” this scene captures the precious early moments of a relationship that’s more than friends but less than lovers.

[Cute Moment ②] Feelings Hidden from the One You Like (Chapter 49 of Volume 4)

Having advanced to their third year and ending up in the same class again, the two head out for an off-campus school activity. Once again, Mie’s clumsiness causes her to rely on Komura’s assistance.

To Mie, who berates herself for causing trouble, Komura confesses his true feelings, saying, “I hope you keep forgetting your glasses every day” and “I’m happy I can help,” revealing a truth he didn’t want to disclose.

As Komura feels down, thinking he might have shown his real self and be disliked, Mie blushes and admits, “I was really happy.” The depiction of their hands gently overlapping on the bus is heartwarming!

[Cute Moment ③] Stepping Forward in the Last Summer Vacation (Chapter 68 of Volume 6)

On the way back from a park visit during their last summer vacation, the two engage in their customary ritual of looking at each other’s faces. Although Mie wears glasses this day, she still gazes intently from up close to see Komura’s face clearly.

Komura has grown accustomed to the relationship where they gaze at each other while their cheeks touch. But he desires more; he wants to be closer. As they part ways, he gathers his courage and tells Mie, “I want to see your face again tomorrow.”

Mie’s “Yeah!” in response is undoubtedly the expression of a girl in love, and the 6th volume ends with this heartwarming afterglow.

[Cute Moment ④] Thoughtful Confession Overflowing with Adolescence (Volume 10)

Volume 10 extensively portrays Komura’s days leading up to his heartfelt confession.

Waking up early together and heading to school, Komura almost lets out a complete “I love you” as he feels like it’s just the two of them in the world. In casual conversations, he quietly relishes in the realization that he likes her.

Because of this buildup, the impact of his confession at the end is extraordinary. Having witnessed the gradual shifts in Komura’s heart over 10 volumes, it’s convincing to see Mie, who initially wasn’t interested in romance, fall for Komura. The genuine and beautiful love story cleanses the heart.

【Highlights of ‘The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses’】

Restless Heartwarming – A Sweet and Heartfelt Romantic Comedy

“Sukimega” maintains a high level of sweetness throughout its volumes, depicting Komura and Mie’s straightforward, pure, and relatable relationship without unnecessary complications.

While Mie’s tendency to forget her glasses is a very manga-esque trait, her interactions with classmates and the overflow of emotions in subtle moments are delicately portrayed, capturing the bittersweetness typical of adolescence and delivering a refreshing feeling.

The absence of unlikable characters made the reading experience enjoyable. The only drawback is that the overwhelming cuteness of the two main characters might make you grin too much, to the point where your own face feels strange!

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