【Zon 100】Synopsis and Spoilers! A Positive Manga in a Zombie World?


Introducing the synopsis, characters, and impressions of the manga “Zon 100: 100 Things I Want to Do Before Becoming a Zombie.” This manga follows the story of a protagonist working in a black company who lives positively in a town overrun by zombies. Let’s delve into the overview, synopsis, character profiles, and more of “Zon 100: 100 Things I Want to Do Before Becoming a Zombie” while avoiding major spoilers.

【What is “Zon 100”?】

Overview of “Zon 100: 100 Things I Want to Do Before Becoming a Zombie”

Before diving into the synopsis, spoilers, characters, and impressions, let’s start by introducing the basic information of “Zon 100: 100 Things I Want to Do Before Becoming a Zombie.” “Zon 100” is a manga series that has been serialized since 2018, with 11 volumes of the comic published as of October 2022. There’s also an upcoming live-action movie adaptation starring actor Eiji Akaso scheduled for release in 2023.

Author of “Zon 100: 100 Things I Want to Do Before Becoming a Zombie”

The original author of the manga “Zon 100: 100 Things I Want to Do Before Becoming a Zombie” is Asou Haro. Asou Haro is from Osaka Prefecture and has been active as a manga artist since 2005. They started drawing manga after reading the bonus manga of “RAVE” drawn by Hiro Mashima and won a manga award with their second work. Asou Haro is also known as the original author of “Imawa no Kuni no Alice,” which was adapted into a live-action film. They announced their marriage before the serialization of “Imawa no Kuni no Alice.”

Manga Synopsis and Spoilers for “Zon 100”

Now, let’s introduce the synopsis of the manga “Zon 100: 100 Things I Want to Do Before Becoming a Zombie” while revealing some details. “Zon 100” seems to have gained attention due to its unique story and setting.

・Volume 1 Synopsis and Spoilers

The protagonist of the manga “Zon 100: 100 Things I Want to Do Before Becoming a Zombie” is Teru Madou. As a working adult, Teru joins a certain company with dreams of a fun life and enjoys a welcoming party. However, after the party, he’s forced to work for two consecutive nights, and he realizes that the company he joined is a black company—a harsh work environment. Feeling trapped in this cycle, he even contemplates jumping in front of a train to avoid going to work.

Teru’s workplace is filled with mentally unstable colleagues who subject him to daily verbal abuse, causing his mental state to deteriorate. He also had feelings for a senior named Saori Houou, but upon discovering that she is the president’s mistress, he becomes despondent. In the midst of this, a sudden zombie outbreak occurs worldwide. Teru learns about it during his commute and narrowly escapes a zombie attack, rushing back home.

Seeing the world overrun by zombies, Teru thinks, “Do I really have to go to work from today onward?” He decides to reclaim over two years he spent exploited by the black company, and resolve to do only what he truly wants. With this determination, Teru heads back to his workplace on his bicycle to announce his resignation. He tackles the zombified president, exclaiming, “Thank you for everything!”

Liberated from the black company’s clutches and embracing his newfound freedom, Teru’s eyes gleam like a young boy’s. He compiles a list of “100 things he wants to do before becoming a zombie” in a notebook. Not fearing zombies in the least, he rides his bicycle to town, hoarding beer from a convenience store. The sight astounds the residents of his apartment building, and Teru even takes the opportunity to do their shopping.

While the world is overrun by zombies, there are individuals like Teru who haven’t turned into zombies. One of them is Kan Tsukimi, who has studied zombie behavior by watching over a hundred zombie movies during the pandemic. During Teru’s beer run at the convenience store, he encounters Kan Tsukimi. However, Kan refuses to exchange contact information, claiming he dislikes people who can’t manage risks.

・Volume 2 Synopsis and Spoilers

Terusaki Kenichiro, Teru Madou’s best friend, reunites with Teru, who has managed to avoid zombification. On Teru’s “100 Things I Want to Do Before Becoming a Zombie” list, there’s an entry for “Party with Flight Attendants.” Seeing this, Kenichiro remarks, “Isn’t that a bit impossible?” The two decide to fulfill their dream of “playing games on a big TV” and head to Ikebukuro.

In the densely populated Ikebukuro, a car accident ignites a massive fire, prompting Teru and Kenichiro to take refuge in an underground area. However, they find themselves surrounded by a horde of zombies. Abandoning their motorcycle, they dash into a shuttered area. There, they unexpectedly encounter three flight attendants seeking shelter. This becomes an opportunity for Teru to achieve one of his dreams.

Meeting the three flight attendants in the basement grocery store, Teru finds himself in an awkward situation as the party takes a cold turn due to the dire circumstances. Desperate to lighten the mood, he tries to win their trust by pouring tequila up his nose. Kenichiro even joins in with a nude performance to support Teru, and their earnest efforts begin to break the ice with the flight attendants.

Despite Teru and Kenichiro’s spirited attempts, just as the party seems to be taking off, an “old man who hid being bitten by a zombie” turns into a zombie and attacks one of the flight attendants. Rapidly, the infection spreads among the others. Teru and Kenichiro make a hasty retreat from the scene and decide to grab a large TV from a department store’s electronics section.

Liberated from the clutches of the black company, Teru recalls a childhood dream of becoming a superhero. With that in mind, he heads to the aquarium to acquire a “Shark Suit” that can prevent zombie infection. A fierce battle against hordes of zombies ensues. During this, Teru crosses paths with Tsukimi Kan once again. With the joint efforts of Teru, Kenichiro, and Tsukimi, they manage to overcome a dire situation at the aquarium.

・Volume 3 Synopsis and Spoilers

Teru and Kenichiro establish their base on the rooftop of a department store. As food and water become scarce, they decide to move to Gunma. To acquire transportation—a “camping car”—they head to an arena where a car show is being held. There, they encounter Tsukimi Kan, who had a similar idea. The three manage to fend off zombies that invade the arena and secure the camping car.

On the highway en route to Gunma, their vehicle unexpectedly punctures due to a spike belt. They come across Kosugi Gonzo, Teru’s former black company team leader, who has been taking away people’s means of transportation and turning them into labor. Feeling fear toward Kosugi, Teru almost ends up becoming his subordinate but honestly expresses that he never wants to see him again.

・Volume 4 Synopsis and Spoilers

On their way to Gunma, the trio discovers a truck under attack by zombies. Teru, wearing the Shark Suit, decides to assist the truck. They encounter a foreigner clad in armor and wielding a sword, defeating zombies. This person is Beatrice Amerhauser, a German who loves Japanese culture. The group learns about her dream of indulging in sushi, and they decide to join forces to fulfill her dream. Beatrice Amerhauser, referred to as “Bea,” becomes a companion in their journey.

As the trio embarks on new adventures alongside Beatrice, their experiences and interactions with various characters shape their path in the world overrun by zombies. The story continues to weave a unique narrative filled with positivity, humor, and unexpected connections.

・Volume 5 Synopsis and Spoilers

After various encounters and battles, Teru and his group arrive at “Teru’s Birth Village.” There, they encounter a man named Kanta Higuragumo, who harbors a vengeful heart against society. Kanta begins a destructive rampage in the village, causing fear and chaos among the villagers. To stop his actions, Teru and his companions rise to the occasion. Meanwhile, Beatrice faces off against Kohji Kan, who is one of the top four contestants in a national kendo tournament.

・Volume 6 Synopsis and Spoilers

With their like-minded companions defeated, only Kanta Higuragumo remains as an enemy. Holding Teru’s father hostage, Kanta issues an ultimatum: “If you don’t want your father dropped from a bulldozer, become a zombie.” Following his words, Teru pretends to turn into a zombie using special makeup and manages to pull Kanta down from the bulldozer. Kanta is bitten by a zombie, and the battle in the village concludes with Teru and his allies emerging victorious.

・Volume 7 Synopsis and Spoilers

Teru holds a dream of reaching the northernmost point of Japan. To achieve this dream, he and his companions head to Hokkaido. However, they run out of gas along the way. Determined to continue, they decide to participate in the “Spartathlon,” a race to cover 246 kilometers in 36 hours to reach Hokkaido. They push themselves to the limit, running the path to Hokkaido and finally witnessing a captivating aurora at the finish line. This marks the culmination of their journey.

・Volume 8 Synopsis and Spoilers

Teru and his companions make a stop in Niigata Prefecture, where they visit an area known for its sake breweries. The sight of sake barrels gets Mitsuki Moonlight, who loves Japanese sake, incredibly excited. They decide to have a drinking party inside one of the breweries. However, a massive horde of zombies invades the brewery. In a tight situation, they manage to find refuge inside a large sake barrel. Their tourist guide, who was partying with them, cleverly douses the zombies with sake, rendering them intoxicated and powerless.

・Volume 9 Synopsis and Spoilers

Welcoming the new year, Teru and his group reach Osaka. The castle town of Osaka has become a sanctuary for those who have avoided zombification. A market using canned food as currency has been established. During their stay, Teru reconnects with a former classmate. His classmate shares the belief that the poor cannot afford to eat. In response, Teru decides to transform his camping car into a bar to offer food and drinks.

・Volume 10 Synopsis and Spoilers

Volume 10 of the manga “Zon 100 – Things I Want to Do Before Becoming a Zombie” features an episode centered around a casino. The people of the castle town flock to the casino with their meager canned food reserves. In the end, they manage to strip the affluent elite, who monopolize the canned goods, of their wealth. Afterward, Teru and his companions head to Kyoto, where they strive to fulfill the dream of participating in traditional “ozashiki” entertainment.

【Is Zon 100 a Positive Manga Enjoying the Zombie World? Introducing Its Charms】

After exploring information about the author and diving into the synopsis with spoilers, let’s introduce the intriguing charms and highlights of the manga “Zon 100 – Things I Want to Do Before Becoming a Zombie” while avoiding spoilers. We’ll summarize the appealing aspects of the protagonist and the story without giving away too much.

・Captivating Charm #1: Overwhelmingly Positive Protagonist

In “Zon 100 – Things I Want to Do Before Becoming a Zombie,” amidst a world plagued by zombies and despair, Teru embodies a positive outlook, joyously relishing his newfound freedom. Observing Teru’s attitude alone is enough to uplift spirits, garnering admiration from readers.

・Captivating Charm #2: Satisfying Story Progression

The manga “Zon 100” introduces foes beyond zombies, leading to engaging storylines of Teru and his comrades overcoming these adversaries. The narrative is lauded for its captivating accounts of their victories. Additionally, the way like-minded individuals gravitate towards Teru’s positivity is another appealing aspect, as per readers’ comments.

・Captivating Charm #3: Instilling the Desire to Pursue True Passions

“Zon 100 – Things I Want to Do Before Becoming a Zombie” features moments that resonate with the real world—where individuals often do things they don’t truly want to do just to survive. Teru’s journey to fulfill his dreams provides readers with the courage to embrace their aspirations, making them feel inspired.

These captivating elements collectively contribute to the manga’s unique appeal, offering a refreshingly positive perspective within a zombie-infested world.

【Main Characters of Zon 100 – Things I Want to Do Before Becoming a Zombie】

Now that you’re familiar with the synopsis and the manga’s engaging features, let’s introduce the main characters that appear in “Zon 100 – Things I Want to Do Before Becoming a Zombie.” We’ll provide profiles and relationships without revealing major spoilers. “Zon 100” is praised not only for its story but also for the intriguing actions of its characters.

・Character #1: Tendo Teru

Tendo Teru is the protagonist of the manga. Formerly an office worker in a black company, Teru gains freedom in a world overrun by zombies. His carefree and curious personality drives him to accomplish the “100 things he wants to do before becoming a zombie.” He possesses physical prowess from his rugby club days in college.

・Character #2: Mikazuki Shizuka
Mikazuki Shizuka is the heroine of the story. Before the zombie outbreak, she worked at a financial company. Initially logical and reserved, her encounter with the free-spirited Teru triggers a change in her perspective. Influenced by her strict father, she struggles to accept others due to her own inability to earn his approval.

・Character #3: Kenichiro Ryuzaki
Kenichiro Ryuzaki, Teru’s best friend, used to work at a real estate company before the zombie apocalypse. Nicknamed “Kenchou” within their circle, he shares a camaraderie with Teru from their days in the university rugby team. His handsome looks and storytelling skills make him stand out.

・Character #4: Mikio Kosaka
Mikio Kosaka is a neighbor of Teru, living in the same apartment building. He used to be a pilot for an airline company before the zombie outbreak. He is depicted as astounded by Teru’s fearless shopping outings in a world overrun by zombies.

・Character #5: Reika
Reika is one of the cabin attendants (CAs) that Teru and Ryuzaki meet in a department store’s basement. She exudes an aura of someone with a penchant for drinking, catching the attention of the protagonists.

・Character #6: Beatrix Amerhauser
Beatrix Amerhauser, a 21-year-old German university student, is fascinated by Japanese culture since childhood. She exhibits impressive combat skills, wielding swords and bows to defeat zombies.

・Character #7: Gonzou Kosugi
Gonzou Kosugi was Teru’s team leader in the black company he used to work for. He is authoritative and harsh towards his subordinates, even turning zombies into laborers during the pandemic. He was a member of a baseball team but was abandoned by them and got bitten by zombies at a service area.

・Character #8: Otori Saori
Otori Saori, the company’s finance manager, emanates an alluring aura of a mature woman. Teru initially held romantic interest in her, which later evolved when her relationship with the company’s president was revealed.

These characters contribute to the manga’s dynamic and engaging narrative, each bringing their own unique traits and stories to the zombie-infested world.

【Other Characters in Zon 100 – Things I Want to Do Before Becoming a Zombie】

Continuing from where we left off, let’s introduce the other characters who appear in “Zon 100 – Things I Want to Do Before Becoming a Zombie.” These characters, although in supporting roles, contribute to the manga’s richness with their unique personalities and relationships. “Zon 100” is praised for its diverse and interesting cast of characters.

・Character #1: Maki
Maki is a character in the manga who serves as one of the cabin attendants (CAs) Teru and Ryuzaki meet in a department store’s basement. She shares a positive connection with Ryuzaki, but unfortunately gets bitten by an infected man and turns into a zombie.

・Character #2: Yukari
Yukari is another CA whom Teru and Ryuzaki meet in the department store’s basement. She feels a positive vibe from Teru’s attempts to liven up the situation. While she is delighted to have realized her dream of becoming a CA, she’s hurt by a customer’s insensitive comments.

・Character #3: Teruo Amagase
Teruo Amagase is Teru’s father, living in the countryside and working as a farmer. He supports Teru in his endeavors and encourages him to pursue his dreams.

・Character #4: Akiko Amagase
Akiko Amagase is Teru’s mother, leading a self-sufficient lifestyle in the countryside.

・Character #5: Sushi Chef
The Sushi Chef is a character who resides in Gunma and is a skilled sushi artisan. He never closed his shop, even on days like his daughter’s wedding or the day his wife passed away. Since logistics have been disrupted since the pandemic, he offers Teru a deal: “Bring me fresh fish, and I’ll make you delicious sushi.”

・Character #6: Katsu Kumano
Katsu Kumano is a carpenter living deep in the mountains of Gunma. He was saved by Teru when he was under attack by zombies. With his wife and son already turned into zombies, he joins forces with Teru to build a treehouse.

These additional characters play essential roles in the story, enriching the manga’s world and adding depth to the main characters’ experiences.

Thoughts: “Zon 100: 100 Things I Want to Do Before Becoming a Zombie.” is interesting!

Through this article, I introduced the synopsis, characters, and charms of the manga “Zon 100: 100 Things I Want to Do Before I Become a Zombie.” This manga portrays the world of zombies from a positive perspective, depicting the growth and adventures of the protagonist, Tendo Teru, and his companions. The creator, Asou Haro, is praised for having a unique artistic style and world-building skills, garnering admiration from numerous readers.

The story of Zon 100 unfolds in a world plagued by the threat of zombies. The main characters strive to pursue their dreams and aspirations while combating the challenges around them. The individual charm, growth, and bonds of friendship among the characters enrich the story, infusing readers with positivity and inspiring them to face difficulties with courage.

“Zon 100” goes beyond the confines of a zombie apocalypse narrative, delving into human hopes and dreams. Asou Haro’s original ideas and the charismatic characters create an engaging narrative, offering readers unpredictable twists and touching moments.

Even if you haven’t read “Zon 100” yet, I encourage you to explore its appeal based on the information provided in this article. The positively portrayed world of zombies offers a fresh perspective and a source of inspiration.

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