【Oshi no ko】What are the chances that Hoshino Aqua will die in the future? Prediction and discussion about the final outcome


Oshi no ko” is a work that is so unpredictable that even the main character dies in the early stages. Is there a possibility that Hoshino Aqua will die in the future? If so, how will the story end? Some say that he will not die until “15 Years of Lies” is released…? In this article, we discuss “Oshi no ko”, Hoshino Aqua’s death theory, the dark fall scene, and more.

Who is Oshi no ko’s aqua?

Hoshino Aqua is the main character in the popular manga “Oshi no ko. What kind of character is Hoshino Aqua, the main character in the popular manga “Oshi no ko”? First, let’s check out information about the work “Oshi no ko” featuring Hoshino Aqua and Hoshino Aqua’s profile.

Information on Oshi no ko’s works

Oshi no ko Overview

Oshi no ko” is a manga written by Akasaka Aka and drawn by Yokoyari Mengo, and has been serialized in Weekly Young Jump since issue #21, 2020. Akasaka Aka, the author of “Oshi no ko,” writes manga, illustrates, and designs characters in a wide variety of fields, and is best known for his work on “ib Instant Bullet” and “Kaguya-sama ga Sotoshirasai – Tensai-tachi no Koi no Mind Game.

Akasaka Aka, the author of “Oshi no ko,” has been serializing “Kaguya-sama ga Heshirasai – Tensai-tachi no Koi Mind Game” since May 2015, and has surprised the public by serializing “Kaguya-sama wa Heshirasai – Tensai-tachi no Koi Mind Game” and “Oshi no ko” simultaneously on a weekly basis, which is unusual for the two works. The two works are currently being serialized from May 2015.

Yokoyari Mengo is in charge of drawing “Oshi no ko. Yokoyari Mengo is the artist responsible for the illustrations in “Oshi no ko” and is the manga artist responsible for “Kimi wa Nasty Queen of Me” and “Kuzu no Honkai” (The True Love of Scum). Yokoyari Mengo, the illustrator of “Oshi no ko,” is also an illustrator, especially on the Internet, where he goes by the handle “Yori” and mainly creates illustrations for songs using Vocaloid.

The manga “Oshi no ko” was born when Akasa Akasaka, the original writer of “Oshi no ko,” read the short manga “Cute” drawn by Mengo Yokoyari, who is in charge of drawing. He thought that Yokoyari Mengo was the only person who could draw Ai Hoshino, the once-in-a-millennium idol who appears in “Oshi no ko.

Later, Akasaka Aka, the author of “Oshi no ko,” asked Yokoyari Mengo if she would be interested in being in charge of drawing “Oshi no ko.” Yokoyari Mengo, who was in training to draw at the time, readily agreed to Akasaka Aka’s request. As a result, Ai Hoshino, the B-komachi and absolute ace idol in “Oshi no ko,” was born. Such “Oshi no ko” is also serialized on the webcomic distribution site Shonen Jump+ with a one-week delay, updated every Thursday.

As of March 2023, the total number of books published is 11. 1 volume of “Oshi no ko” by Akasaka Aka and Yokoyari Mengo was released between July 1 and September 30, 2020, making it the best-selling first volume of a book in Japan during the same period. As of March 2022, the manga has become a blockbuster hit, with the total number of copies sold exceeding 1 million. In addition, an animated TV series has been airing since April 2023.

Synopsis of Oshi no ko

Goro Amemiya, a.k.a. Goro, a rural obstetrician/gynecologist, is visited by Ai Hoshino, Goro’s idol whom Goro has been promoting during her hiatus, pregnant with twins. Goro decides to support Ai Hoshino’s clandestine delivery with all his might and witnesses the pregnancy and birth, but just before Ai gives birth, Ai’s stalker, Ryosuke, kills him.

When she woke up again, Goro had been reborn as Ai’s child, Hoshino Aiku Aikai (Aqua). Also, Aqua’s twin sister, Rumie Hoshino (Ruby), is a patient who in Aqua’s previous life had discussed Ai Hoshino’s charms; the two have taken on a life of growing up with Ai, supporting her as she resumes her idol career while hiding her pregnancy and childbirth.

Profile of Hoshino Aqua

Hoshino Aqua is a 16-year-old boy (as of episode 65) who was reincarnated as the child of the legendary idol “B-Komachi” Ai Hoshino. Hoshino Aqua made his debut as a child actor at the age of one, and his talent as an actor blossomed because of the talent he inherited from the legendary popular idol Ai Hoshino, in addition to the fact that he is an adult with memories of his previous life and past. In a previous life, Hoshino Aqua was “Goro,” an obstetrician and gynecologist in the mid-mountain region of Miyazaki Prefecture.

In her previous life, Goro, Hoshino Aqua’s doctor, was murdered by a stalker, a fan of Hoshino Ai, just before the birth of Hoshino Ai’s child. As a result, she was reincarnated as Hoshino Aqua, Ai Hoshino’s child. Aqua is unique in that she possesses memories of her previous life and past and was able to converse with others at the baby stage. Aqua is intelligent and has achieved a high deviation score of 70. Hoshino Aqua has a twin sister named “Ruby Hoshino.

Discussion of the possible future death of Aqua in Oshi no ko and the final ending.

Hoshino Aqua is the main character in “Oshi no ko,” but rumors have surfaced that she may die in the end. Why on earth did the rumor that Hoshino Aqua will die in the end emerge?

And if Hoshino Aqua is going to die, how will it end? Some readers have suggested that he will be alive until the screening of “15 Years of Lies,” but what is the truth? Next, let’s discuss the possibility of “Oshi no ko” and Hoshino Aqua’s death in the future and the final ending.

Aqua is currently alive.

There has been a lot of talk about the possible death of Hoshino Aqua in “Oshi no ko” and the ending of the story, but as of March 2023, Hoshino Aqua is still alive and has not died in the 11th volume, the latest edition of the book. In the 11th volume, Hoshino Aqua is not dead, but is protecting Kana Arima from a scandal that has been reported on her, by telling a weekly magazine that she was the illegitimate daughter of Ai Hoshino.

Will Aqua survive until the screening of “15 Years of Lies”?

Hoshino Aqua has been flagged to die in the end, but it is considered that he is almost certain to survive until a certain point in time. That time is the movie “15 Years of Lies”. The reason why it is almost certain that Hoshino Aqua is not dead but alive until the screening of “15-year lie” is related to the door picture in the first volume of “Oshi no ko,” episode 5.

This door picture included an interview with Yasushi Gotanda, the director of “15-nen no Uso” (15-nen no Uso). During the “15-year lie” interview, Yasushi Gotanda was asked if all of the main cast members had been under the guidance of the director since they were children.

At that time, Yasushi Gotanda replied, “I have seen those guys since they were in diapers, so they are like my grandchildren,” and it is expected that Hoshino Aqua and Ruby Hoshino will appear in “15 Years of Lies”. In fact, in the film “Oshi no ko,” it was casually mentioned that Hoshino Aqua appeared in “15-nen no lie,” so it is considered highly likely that Hoshino Aqua did not die and is still alive until “15-nen no lie” is shown.

Since Hoshino Aqua is expected to be around 20 years old when “15 Years of Lies” is released, the death of Hoshino Aqua is a concern, but it is thought that the death flag will not be raised for some time to come. Now, we are wondering what kind of movie “15 Years of Lies,” in which Hoshino Aqua and Ruby Hoshino may appear in, is.

Although not much has been revealed about the detailed contents of the movie, the proposal for “15-year lie” presented by Hoshino Aqua and Yasushi Gotanda in episode 110 of “Oshi no ko” revealed that the movie “15-year lie” will be based on the case of Ai Hoshino. In fact, at the beginning of the first volume of “Oshi no ko” (volume 1, episode 5), Yasushi Gotanda stated that “15-year lie” was a “self-revival of a script that was posh 15 years ago” and that “I dedicate this movie to Ai.

The reason why Yasushi Gotanda took up the megaphone on the theme of Ai Hoshino’s case has to do with a DVD addressed to her children that Ai Hoshino entrusted to Yasushi Gotanda before her death. This DVD was addressed to Hoshino Aqua, “To my brother,” and to Ruby, “To Ruby Hoshino,” respectively, and it is expected that this DVD is related to the film. In addition, the script for “15 Years of Lies” at the proposal stage appears to have been written by Hoshino Aqua and Yasushi Gotanda.

Will Aqua die in the future? Predicting the final outcome

It is considered likely that Hoshino Aqua will not die and will survive until “15 Years of Lies” is screened. However, there are many readers who believe that Hoshino Aqua is trying to get revenge on his father in “15 Years of Lies,” so there is still a possibility that Hoshino Aqua will die in the end. The reason why the possibility of Hoshino Aqua’s eventual death has been raised is that this death flag involves Hoshino Aqua’s father, Kamiki Hikaru.

Hoshino Aqua has been so vengeful in the past that it is no exaggeration to say that he is living for revenge against his father. Hoshino Aqua’s father, Kamiki Hikaru, is a dangerous man who is also being considered as a person involved in the murder of Ai Hoshino.

Kamiki Hikaru is also a perfect murderer, as he murdered Yura Katayose, a great actress. In addition to these, Akane Kurokawa was also almost killed by Kamiki Hikaru. The reason why Akane Kurokawa was almost killed by Kamiki Hikaru was because of Hoshino Aqua. Akane was afraid that Hoshino Aqua, whom she loved, would take revenge on Kamiki Hikaru, so she decided to approach Kamiki Hikaru herself.

As a result, it seems that Kamiki Hikaru almost killed her. In order not to involve Akane Kurokawa in her own revenge and to avoid putting her in further danger, Hoshino Aqua decided to leave Akane Kurokawa and confront Kamiki Hikaru on his own. As mentioned above, Kamiki Hikaru is a very dangerous man, and at this stage many readers are predicting that Hoshino Aqua will die in the end.

Oshi no ko’s aqua activities to date

Along with the discussion of the possibility of “Oshi no ko” and Hoshino Aqua’s future death and the final ending, it is important to check out the discussion of Hoshino Aqua’s past activities. Many readers are concerned about Aqua’s survival, wondering if she will die in the end or if she will live only until the screening of “15 Years of Lies,” but such is the case with Hoshino Aqua, whose life has been tumultuous from the time she was born.

Some readers have even said that this makes it understandable that Hoshino Aqua is prone to falling into the darkness. Why is it that the life of “Oshi no ko” Hoshino Aqua, reincarnated as the child of Ai Hoshino, is said to be so tumultuous? Next, let’s check out the activities of “Oshi no ko” Hoshino Aqua, who is prone to falling into the darkness, in her tumultuous and eventful life.

Activity 1) Reincarnated as a child of Ai

The first of these is “Reincarnation as Hoshino Ai’s Child”. Goro, Hoshino Aqua’s previous life, died when he was stabbed by Ryosuke on the day Hoshino Ai was due to give birth. However, after his death, Hoshino Aqua’s previous life, Goro, is reincarnated as Ai Hoshino’s child.

Not only Goro, who reincarnated as Hoshino Ai Kuai (Aquamarine), but also her twin sister, Hoshino Rumie (Ruby), was a fan and reincarnation of Hoshino Ai in her previous life. Incidentally, Hoshino Ruby’s previous life is Sarina Tendouji, who is hospitalized with an incurable disease called “Anaplastic Astrocytoma,” which Goro, in Hoshino Aqua’s previous life, met when he was a resident physician.

Activity 2) Ai gets killed in front of them.

The second story, “Hoshino Ai is Killed in Front of My Eyes,” is about Hoshino Aqua, who was reincarnated as Oshi no Ko and was living a happy life until one day, her happiness was shattered. On that day, Hoshino Ai was to perform in a dome for the first time.

At that time, Hoshino Ai and her friends had moved to a new place and started a new life, and only their close friends knew about their new house. However, on the same day, Ai Hoshino was stabbed with a knife by Ryosuke, a fan and stalker of hers. Cruelly, Ai Hoshino was killed in front of Hoshino Aqua’s eyes.

Activity 3) Aqua will be traumatized.

The third discussion of “Oshi no ko” and Hoshino Aqua’s past activities and dark fall scene is “Hoshino Aqua is left traumatized”. Hoshino Aqua was left traumatized by the death of her idol Ai Hoshino, whom she had favored since her previous life and who would become her mother in this life, who was killed in front of her eyes. This trauma led to an increase in Hoshino Aqua’s dark fall.

Activity 4) Ruby found Goro’s body.

The fourth scene in the “Oshi no ko” series is “Ruby finds Goro’s body,” in which the body of Goro, Hoshino Aqua’s previous life, has not been found after 16 years. Hoshino Aqua went to the place where he was supposedly murdered to search for his body.

As a result, the body was finally found in episode 77 in the 8th volume of “Oshi no ko,” but it was Ruby Hoshino who discovered Goro’s body. Ruby Hoshino, who had loved Goro in her previous life when she lived as Sarina Tendouji, was shocked to learn that Goro had been murdered and fell into darkness.

Activity 5) Learn that Seijuro Uehara was already dead.

The fifth discussion of “Oshi no ko” and Hoshino Aqua’s past activities and the dark fall scene is “Learning that Seijuro Uehara is already dead”. Aqua fell into the dark.

Hoshino Aqua thought that Daiki Himekawa’s father, Seijuro Uehara, was her father, but she learned that Seijuro Uehara had already died in a suicide attempt with his wife when Daiki was five years old. Hoshino Aqua thought she could finally find her father, whom she had been searching for so long, and take revenge, but when she learned that he had already died, she felt a sense of emptiness and was somewhat relieved to know that her revenge was over.

Activity 6) Aqua’s father is found alive and falls in the dark again.

The sixth discussion of “Oshi no ko” and Hoshino Aqua’s past activities and dark fall scene is “Hoshino Aqua’s father is found to be alive and she falls into darkness again. Hoshino Aqua fell into darkness when Ai Hoshino was killed in front of her eyes and when she found Seijuro Uehara, whom she thought was her father, she also fell into darkness, but she learned that Seijuro Uehara was not Hoshino Aqua’s father and that her real father was someone else.

It turns out that the father is named Hikaru Kamiki and is still alive today, and Hoshino Aqua has fallen into darkness again. Akane Kurokawa approaches Hoshino Aqua’s father to stop his desire for revenge.

Death in the previous life of Aqua in Oshi no ko

Now that we have checked out “Oshi no ko,” the possibility of Hoshino Aqua’s future death and the discussion of the final outcome, there are still many secrets and pasts that Hoshino Aqua has to tell. Among them, many “Oshi no ko” readers are wondering about the death of Goro, Hoshino Aqua’s previous life.

Oshi no ko” Hoshino Aqua is depicted as a reincarnated person with memories of her previous life, but being a reincarnated person, it is assumed that she died at the end of her previous life. Why did “Oshi no ko” Hoshino Aqua die in her previous life? Next, let’s check out “Oshi no ko” Hoshino Aqua’s previous life, Goro, and Goro’s death scene.

Aqua’s previous life was Goro.

In a previous life, Hoshino Aqua was a man named Goro, whose real name is Goro Amamiya, and who works as an obstetrician/gynecologist at a hospital in the mountainous region of Miyazaki Prefecture. He was a graduate of Tokyo National Medical University. Although Goro is such a smart man in Hoshino Aqua’s previous life, he seems to be the type who skips work to watch TV in patients’ rooms to see his guess, Hoshino Ai, and is the type who cuts corners where he can.

In Hoshino Aqua’s previous life, Goro was a fan of the idol group “B-Komachi” Ai Hoshino. Goro became a fan of Ai Hoshino when he met Sarina Tendouji, who was hospitalized with an intractable disease called anaplastic astrocytoma, when he was a resident doctor in Hoshino Aqua’s previous life. Together with Sarina Tendouji, a big fan of Hoshino Aqua, Goro was so enthusiastic that whenever he saw a video of Hoshino Aqua’s live performance, he would shout “Ai! and became such an enthusiastic otaku that he would shout “Ai!

In Hoshino Aqua’s previous life, Goro was an obstetrician-gynecologist, but he really wanted to be a surgeon. Goro’s mother died of hemorrhage after giving birth to Goro alone at home. He grew up with a poor relationship with his grandmother.

When Goro, Hoshino Aqua’s previous life, decided to go to medical school, her grandmother quickly told her that she would become an obstetrician because of what had happened to her mother.

Goro’s death scene

Hoshino Aqua reincarnated as the child of “Oshi no ko” Ai Hoshino, but the end of Goro in his previous life was that he was murdered by a certain person. On the last day of Goro’s life, the day Hoshino Aqua was due to give birth, Goro was on his way home when a hooded figure asked him, “Are you Hoshino Ai’s doctor? Goro was on his way home when a hooded figure spoke to him, “Are you Hoshino Ai’s doctor?

Goro, who was Hoshino Aqua’s previous life, was on the lookout for the mysterious hooded figure, fearing that he might be a stalker since he knew Hoshino Ai’s real name, but the hooded figure died in the process. Goro’s cause of death was thought to be a fall from the mountain, but it later turned out that he was killed by Ryosuke. Incidentally, the body of Goro, the previous life of Hoshino Aqua, was not found even after 16 years, as mentioned above.

Oshi no ko’s relationship between aqua and female characters

Now that we have checked out “Oshi no ko” and Hoshino Aqua’s previous life and death scene, the next thing we are interested in is Hoshino Aqua’s female relationships. Hoshino Aqua, who reincarnated as Ai Hoshino’s child from a previous life as Goro, has the same good looks as her mother.

Because of this, it seems that Hoshino Aqua is very popular among female characters, and many people are curious about her relationships with female characters. Next, let’s take a closer look at “Oshi no ko” and Hoshino Aqua’s relationships with women.

Relationship between Aqua and Kana Arima

Let’s check out the relationship between “Oshi no ko” and Hoshino Aqua and Kana Arima. First of all, what kind of character is Kana Arima? She is an actress with a reputation as a “genius actor,” a girl who, as a child actress, was a genius child actor who could make you cry in 10 seconds. Although she is a hard worker and has a strong sense of responsibility, she has a bad mouth and hates herself for her strong words when her emotions run high.

She was gradually cut down due to her high-spirited personality when she was a child actress, and now she seems to have learned to be more cooperative and to work without being self-centered. Since then, she has been conscious of Hoshino Aqua. She is cute with a childlike face and seems to be aware of her own superior looks.

However, she does not seem to have confidence in her ability to be an idol, and although she initially intended to decline the offer, Hoshino Aqua persuaded her to become an idol affiliated with Ichigo Productions. Kana Arima and Hoshino Aqua first met when they were both in a movie together as children. At the time, Kana Arima was being hailed as a “child prodigy” by those around her.

However, on that day, when she saw Hoshino Aqua’s performance in which she understood the director’s intention, she felt “defeated,” and after that, she became conscious of Hoshino Aqua. Such awareness grew someday into a love affair, not as rivals.

Then, when Hoshino Aqua and Ruby entered Yoto High School, Kana Arima and Hoshino Aqua met again. Kana Arima seems to like Hoshino Aqua romantically, but Hoshino Aqua does not seem to have romantic feelings for Kana Arima, but has special feelings for her.

The reason for this is that one time Kana Arima was approached by a film director and they went into a room together, but the scene was caught by a weekly magazine. In order to save Kana Arima from such a predicament, Hoshino Aqua sold information to the weekly magazine about the Ai Hoshino incident and that she was Ai Hoshino’s illegitimate child. This suggests that Hoshino Aqua may have some special feelings for Kana Arima, even if she does not have romantic feelings for her.

Relationship between Aqua and Akane Kurokawa

Let’s check out the relationship between “Oshi no ko” and Hoshino Aqua and Akane Kurokawa. Akane Kurokawa is an actress and high school sophomore who appeared with Hoshino Aqua on “Ima Gachi-Koi Hajime”, a romantic reality show in which high school students who are active in the entertainment industry deepen their relationship through events on weekends.

She is shy and not very assertive, and her self-esteem is low as she does not have a variety of personality traits, but she is a serious hard worker, sensitive, and kind girl who tries to be close to others. Akane Kurokawa is the young ace of “Lalalai,” a theater troupe that only has first-rate actors, and she is skilled at giving thorough insight and consideration to the roles she is given with the help of profiling.

He has such a natural sense of acting that even former child prodigy Kana Arima is jealous of his ability to perform these roles perfectly, saying, “I have no choice but to call him a genius. She is not good at any other entertainment activities except theater, so when Ruby invited her to join “B-Komachi,” she gently refused. Now, Akane Kurokawa and Hoshino Aqua met when they co-starred in a romantic reality show, “Kakara Kochi Koi Hajimete (Ima Gachi)” (I’ll Start Gachi Love Now).

As mentioned above, Akane Kurokawa, who is shy and not good at asserting herself, was not able to make a significant contribution in the show and was feeling pressure from her agency, which was troubling her. So Akane Kurokawa asked the director of “Now I’ll Start Gachi Koi (Ima Gachi)” for advice, and the director suggested her acting as a bad girl who takes Nobuyuki away from Yuki Washimi as a “direction”.

Akane Kurokawa, under pressure from her office and desperate to leave her mark somehow, tried to play the bad girl, but an accident caused her to scratch Yuki Washimi on the cheek. The two resolved the problem on the spot and the show ended without any hard feelings, but the program side aired the story in an inciting manner, and as a result, Akane Kurokawa was the subject of a huge firestorm on the Internet.

Because of the trouble between Yuki Washimi, who was gaining popularity as a core member of the program, and Akane Kurokawa, who had been unpopular with the public for some time, saying “I don’t want you in GACHI now,” the public became even more critical of Akane Kurokawa, and the slanderous remarks continued unabated, and Akane Kurokawa, driven into a corner, attempted suicide. However, Hoshino Aqua arrived at the scene and stopped her suicide.

After that, Hoshino Aqua stayed up all night to make a video of his own work and put out the flames, and Akane returned to “I’m going to start gachi koi now (Ima gachi)” without incident. Akane Kurokawa, who was attracted to Aqua who saved her, learned that Hoshino Aqua’s favorite woman was Hoshino Ai, and began to use her profiling skills to play the role of Hoshino Ai.

Akane Kurokawa is so skilled at profiling that she even hypothesized that Hoshino Ai may have had an illegitimate child. Hoshino Aqua decided to use Akane Kurokawa’s ability for her own revenge and kissed Akane Kurokawa in the final episode of “Kono Gachi Koi Hajime (Ima Gachi)” and they became a business couple, They became a business couple.

Aqua and Ruby Relationship

Let’s check out the relationship between “Oshi no ko,” Hoshino Aqua and Ruby Hoshino. First of all, what kind of character is Ruby Hoshino, the twin sister of Hoshino Aqua? Incidentally, Ruby Hoshino, who in a previous life was Sarina Tendouji, an idol otaku girl who adored Ai Hoshino, has known Goro, Hoshino Aqua’s previous life, since her previous life.

Oshi no ko’s review and assessment of aqua

What is the public’s review of Hoshino Aqua, the main character of “Oshi no ko”? Finally, let’s check out what the public has to say about “Oshi no ko” Hoshino Aqua.

Hoshino Aqua is said to be the most communicative character in “Oshi no ko” because she is always looking around and can be relied on in times of need. Some felt that this was because of her love for those around her.

Hoshino Aqua is one of the most popular characters in “Oshi no ko” and is especially popular for his good looks. The scene in which Hoshino Aqua kisses Akane Kurokawa was praised as irresistibly cool, and even Hoshino Aqua’s fans were delighted by the scene.

Hoshino Aqua in “Oshi no ko” is reincarnated as the child of Ai Hoshino, and her looks are popular among readers because she inherited her mother’s excellent looks, but Goro, Hoshino Aqua’s previous life, is also popular for his cool looks, and Goro himself seems to be supported by the readers. Goro himself also seemed to be supported by the readers.

Summary of possible death of Aqua in Oshi no ko

In this issue, we have provided a summary of the possible death and final outcome of Hoshino Aqua in “Oshi no ko”. Hoshino Aqua often falls into the darkness, but his purpose in life is to take revenge on his father. As for the death flag of Hoshino Aqua, it is expected that he will be alive until “15 Years of Lies” is screened.

Some readers have also speculated that Hoshino Aqua is trying to fulfill his revenge against his father in “15 Years of Lies”. Check out “Oshi no ko” to see how Hoshino Aqua will end up in the future, which we are still keeping our eyes on.

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