“Delicious in Dungeon” – Will Laios Marry Marcille? Explaining the Curse, Nicknames, and the Title of ‘Gourmand King’


“Delicious in Dungeon,” a popular manga turned anime with its unique concept of “eating monsters,” is known for its mix of humor-filled interactions among comrades and a grand narrative. This article thoroughly introduces the protagonist, Laios Thorden, covering his profile and charm!

Profile of Laios Thorden from “Delicious in Dungeon”

  • Practically a Psychopath?! An Adventurer Who Loves Monsters Too Much
© Ryoko Kui & KADOKAWA / ‘Delicious in Dungeon’ Production Committee

Species: Tallman (Human)
Age: 26 years old
Origin: Northern Continent
Adventuring Experience: 4 years
Height: Around 185 cm
Affiliation: Laios’ Party
First Appearance: Volume 1, Chapter 1
Voice Actor: Kentaro Kumagai

Laios is the protagonist of “Delicious in Dungeon,” adventuring with his party including the half-elf magician Marcille and the half-foot lockpicker Chilchuck. The main objective of their dungeon expedition is to rescue Laios’ sister, Farin, who was left behind in the dungeon during a battle. However, Laios, using the pretext of saving funds and supplies, begins the outrageous practice of ‘monster eating’ (dragging his companions along) – something he had always been curious about.

Laios, who loves monsters more than humans, became interested in their taste after learning about their ecology and characteristics. His immense curiosity and slightly unconventional personality have led Chilchuck to describe him as a “psychopath.”

Will Laios Marry Marcille?

  • The Relationship Between Laios and Marcille
© Ryoko Kui & KADOKAWA / ‘Delicious in Dungeon’ Production Committee

Due to past issues involving romantic relationships within Laios’ party, Chilchuck issued a ‘no workplace romance’ rule. Even without it, Laios is mostly concerned with monsters, and Marcille with magic, so there isn’t much romantic atmosphere between them. They are more like trustworthy companions to each other.

However, in the episode with a succubus that transforms into the most attractive being to its prey, a succubus in the form of Marcille appears before Laios. But, this scene concludes with the twist that Marcille was actually a monster trying to seduce Laios, so it’s business as usual in a way.

  • Did They Eventually Marry?

In conclusion, Laios and Marcille did not get married. Laios ultimately becomes the king of a nation, with Marcille by his side, but more as a ‘court magician’ than anything else. In other words, their relationship remains that of colleagues or comrades.

While Laios and Marcille cherish each other, their bond has always been more like familial love than a romantic one. Though they did not marry, they continue to be together, and it’s likely they will keep having fun and chaotic adventures. Who knows, their relationship might evolve over time.

Laios Becomes the ‘Gourmand King’?

Relevant Scene: Volume 14, Chapter 96

Ultimately, Laios conquers the dungeon and defeats the final boss, a demon, becoming the king of the Golden Kingdom. Though he was not particularly eager, Laios reluctantly takes the throne after being heavily persuaded by those around him.

During a feast celebrating the dungeon’s conquest, Laios appears before everyone as the new king. After a mix of names like ‘Monster Eater,’ ‘Dragon Slayer,’ and whispered ‘weird Tallman,’ the final title bestowed upon him is ‘Gourmand King.’

This title is passed down through history, and Laios becomes a great king who is remembered for generations.

The “Demon’s Curse” Afflicting Laios

Cursed Scene: Volume 13, Chapter 91
Curse Revealed: Final Chapter, Volume 14
When Laios defeated the demon, he was cursed with the cruel fate of his most desired wish never coming true.

Laios feared that this meant the revival of his beloved sister Farin would be impossible. However, his companions were surprisingly calm about it, joking that Laios’s true wish was probably something like becoming a monster himself.

In the end, it was revealed that the curse prevented any monsters from approaching Laios. His friends’ guesses were spot-on. While this might be boring for Laios, who is obsessed with monsters, being cursed turned out to be quite peaceful.

Laios, the Veteran Adventurer Who’s an Expert on Monsters!

Notable Battles:

  • Early on: Battle with the animated armor (Volume 1, Chapters 6-7)
    Laios’s group had already reached the dungeon’s deepest part in Volume 1, indicating their strength. As their leader, Laios is not incredibly powerful on his own but is a seasoned adventurer whose skills surpass ordinary adventurers.

His strengths lie in his quick thinking in a pinch, unbreakable spirit, and especially his extensive knowledge of monsters. Knowing his enemies well allows him to quickly devise counterstrategies, making him an exceptionally reliable leader.

Discussing Laios’ Charms in Full Force

  • A Dependable Leader Despite His Eccentricities
    While Laios has his quirks, he possesses the resolve and dignity of a leader responsible for his comrades’ lives, often earning their trust and high regard. He can’t leave those in trouble behind, further solidifying his reputation as a “good guy” despite his oddities.

Laios is also handsome, with a well-built physique that often leaves onlookers impressed, especially in battle when he shows his determination.

  • His Monster Obsession and Clumsiness Are Endearing
    Laios’ love for monsters, which often alienates others, comes full circle, shining in its own right. He may be a good person, but his lack of delicacy and difficulty in reading emotions make him somewhat awkward in social situations. However, this humanizes him, making him more relatable and likable.

Kenichiro Kumagai as Laios in “Delicious in Dungeon”

In the anime adaptation of “Delicious in Dungeon,” Laios is voiced by Kenichiro Kumagai, affiliated with the Tokyo Actor’s Consumer’s Cooperative Society. His notable roles include Eijiro Sakaki in “The Idolmaster SideM” and Shomin Fushimi in “A3!”.

With his deep and steady voice, Kumagai perfectly embodies the character of Laios, who is (usually) a reliable leader. The disparity between his usual demeanor and his passionate discussions about monsters is something to watch out for.

“Delicious in Dungeon” Laios: A Monster-Loving Dependable Leader!

Laios, a competent adventurer yet somewhat of a mess due to his excessive love for monsters, brings a unique flavor to the story. His outrageous actions throughout the series and his evolution as a character are some of the highlights of the work. Be sure to enjoy both the original manga and the anime adaptation!

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