What is the “Hirako’s BANKAI” talked about in the “BLEACH” PV? Its power demonstrated in the novel “BLEACH Can’t Fear Your Own World


*This article contains spoilers for “BLEACH”.

 On May 28, the announcement PV of the TV anime “BLEACH: The Thousand Year Blood War Arc” 2nd Cool “Farewell Tan” was released. The PV shows a glimpse of the anime’s original development, and has been receiving a great response mainly from fans of the original work.

 Among them, “Hirako Shinji” and “Hirako’s BANKAI” and other words related to Hirako, one of the masked army (vizards), have been trending on Twitter one after another. We would like to take a look back at Hirako Shinji, who is probably the most popular character in the anime right now, and consider how things will develop in the second anime season.

Background of Hirako Shinji’s Manjidou not depicted in the main manga

Ichigo Kurosaki awakened the power of emptiness in the process of rescuing Kuchiki Rukia in the Corporeal Realm. Upon Ichigo’s return to this world, Hirako Shinji appears before him. Although Hirako appeared as an enigmatic figure who could be friend or foe, his true identity is that of a former captain of the 5th Squadron. However, due to an incident caused by Aizen, he left the Fifth Squadron and the Corpse Realm and began to lead the victims of the incident as “vizards.

 Hirako helped Ichigo to control the power of emptiness, and he fought alongside the 13th Gozaitai during the decisive battle with Aizen in Sorazamachi. After that, he returned to the Fifth Squadron after Aizen left the squadron.

 As the leader of the 13th Gōtei, Hirako’s fighting ability is extremely high, and he is depicted directly facing Aizen during the decisive battle of Karakura-CHO and engaging the Knights of the Star Cross in the “Thousand Year Blood War Arc” like the other leaders. In particular, the battle with Aizen, in which Hirako demonstrates SHIKAI for the first time, is probably the first episode in which Hirako’s activities are depicted to a great extent.

 The name of Hirako’s zanpakuto is “Sakanade,” which can reverse the target’s perception of up and down, left and right, front and back, etc. When it shikai, it cuts Aizen with its blade and makes him think he is looking in the wrong direction. The more skilled the opponent is in fighting with his senses, the more troublesome this ability is.

It was in the novel “BLEACH Can’t Fear Your Own World,” not in the manga, that SAKANADE’s unique BANKAI, which seems to mirror Hirako’s, was unveiled. Like SHIKAI, it is a hypnotic ability that confuses the target’s senses, but it also reverses the perception of friend or foe in the surrounding environment.

 After activating this ability, the enemies begin to fall in with each other, allowing the user to wipe out the enemy line without having to get his or her own hands dirty. The more enemies you have, the more powerful you are, the more you can destroy them while taking advantage of them, but the effect extends to your allies as well. For this reason, it did not see the light of day during the decisive battle at KARAKURA-CHO and the battle of the Thousand Year Blood War Arc, where not only enemies but also many allies appeared on the battlefield.

Hirako utters the word BANKAI in a crisis situation

 Hirako’s BANKAI scene was a major factor behind the huge response to the announcement PV for the second course, “Farewell Tan,” which was released on May 28.

The PV depicts Hirako facing off alone against a large number of holy soldiers (Zoldat). Hirako quietly uttered the word “BANKAI” with an eerie smile on her face as she said, “I’m going to turn all of your common sense and this situation upside down. This scene does not exist in the main manga, and is expected to be depicted as an original anime performance.

 The picture of a single Hirako facing the tips of countless arrows drawn by a large number of holy soldiers is a critical situation. However, it should be the best opportunity ever in the history of the work to trigger Hirako’s BANKAI.

 The only question is how Hirako will bring himself into a situation where he can activate his BANKAI. In the second invasion of the Corporeal Realm by the Shaman of the Undying, which is depicted in the second season of the anime, Hirako will be working with Hinamori Momo, the deputy commander of the 5th Squadron, and others in the Invisible Empire, the court of the spirits, and with Byakuya Kuchiki, Koizi Asai, and others in the Palace of the Spiritual King.

Not only the presence of allies fighting together, but also the fact that in the Invisible Empire and the Reiroyal Palace, the Incinerator and the Reaper are concentrated in a limited space, Hirako’s BANKAI, which affects a wide area, is incompatible with the combat in the Thousand Year Blood War Arc. How could Hirako lure only the enemy line into the BANKAI’s area of effect? His moves are considered to be the key to showcase BANKAI.

 The anime’s original development of Hirako in the second episode will be the best fan service for the fans of the original manga, especially for fans of Shinji Hirako. When Hirako’s BANKAI is shown in the anime, it may be so popular that “Hirako’s BANKAI” will once again become a trending topic.

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