Exploring the Enigma of Higurashi in “Zon 100”: Why He Targets Akira and His Ultimate Fate


This article delves into the mysteries surrounding Higurashi from the popular manga “Zon 100,” serialized in Shogakukan’s “Monthly Sunday GX.” Higurashi, also known as Kanta Higurashi, is a former college classmate of the protagonist, Akira. He is depicted as a NEET who harbors a vendetta against society. This article explores why Higurashi came to despise society, his reasons for targeting Akira, and whether he ultimately becomes a zombie and meets his demise.

Higurashi in “Zon 100”: His Vendetta Against Akira and Potential Zombie Transformation

“Zon 100” features Higurashi Kanta, Akira’s college classmate who plans revenge against society. This article focuses on why Higurashi targets Akira and the possibility of his zombie transformation. Before delving into these aspects, let’s start with an overview of “Zon 100” and its synopsis.

Overview of “Zon 100”

“Zon 100: Bucket List of the Dead” is a Japanese manga written by Haro Aso and illustrated by Kotaro Takata. It has been serialized in Shogakukan’s “Monthly Sunday GX” since November 2018. As of September 2023, including digital editions, the manga has exceeded 1.25 million copies in circulation.

Additionally, “Zon 100” has been adapted into a TV anime series in 2023 and a live-action movie version distributed on Netflix in the same year.

Synopsis of “Zon 100”

Akira, enduring three years at a black company, becomes fed up with his desperate daily life. Suffering from power harassment and unpaid overtime, he eventually harbors suicidal thoughts. However, one morning, he wakes up to find the city overrun with zombies. “Don’t have to go to work, right?” he exclaims with joy. Soon, facing a horde of zombies, a life-changing idea strikes Akira.

Profile of Higurashi (Kanta Higurashi)

The main focus of this article is Higurashi Kanta from “Zon 100,” a former college classmate of Akira. Known for his cigarette-smoking demeanor, Higurashi is adept in handling dynamite as a weapon and has left a strong impression on Akira.

Following the zombie outbreak, Higurashi, along with his companions, takes refuge in Akira’s hometown village. However, by opening a sealed tunnel to defend the village, he inadvertently attracts zombies into the village. Higurashi himself had a “100 things to do before becoming a zombie” list, filled with dangerous tasks like “detonating dynamite” and “shooting a real gun.”

Higurashi’s Vendetta Against Akira in “Zon 100”

Higurashi is a character who increasingly found it difficult to socialize and, by his college years, had become a reclusive NEET. In the zombie-infested world, his desire for revenge before potentially becoming a zombie led him to create a list of “100 things to do before becoming a zombie.”

Upon encountering Akira in the village, Higurashi glares at him with hostility. After some time, Akira realizes that Higurashi was his classmate in college. Higurashi envied Akira’s seemingly fulfilling life, perceiving him as a happy-go-lucky person enjoying a fulfilling college life.

Higurashi’s Confrontation with Akira

Akira’s family was attacked by a horde of zombies. Akira’s father stayed behind in the house to protect his family and other women who had sought refuge, deciding to face the zombies alone. Despite his valiant efforts, he was eventually surrounded. At that moment, Higurashi appeared, captured Akira’s father, and ordered Akira to come out and become a zombie.

Akira faced a dire situation. He wanted to save his father but was not willing to die and become a zombie. In the end, he decided to pretend to be a zombie, using special makeup to trick Higurashi. Higurashi approached to verify Akira’s zombification but was unexpectedly bitten by a real zombie.

Higurashi then faced the grim reality of being infected with the zombie virus and the inevitability of death. In his final moments, he expressed a wish to have genuinely spent time with Akira as friends. Akira, understanding he couldn’t save Higurashi, hugged him and bid farewell. Akira and his group, having managed to save the village, then set off on a new journey, adding more items to their bucket list.

Did Higurashi Ultimately Become a Zombie?

The question arises: does Higurashi eventually die and turn into a zombie? Higurashi harbored a wish to wreak havoc on society, which he included in his bucket list. When the opportunity arose, he dismantled the village’s barricades, releasing a swarm of zombies. Despite his attempt, he was bitten by a zombie while trying to manipulate Akira and his father.

As previously mentioned, Higurashi expressed his true feelings to Akira before succumbing to the infection. The manga does not depict what happens next, but it is implied that he likely died and became a zombie.

Higurashi’s Companions in “Zon 100”

Kanbayashi Touko

A former city hall clerk, Touko Kanbayashi, is a woman in a recruit suit and glasses, who believed in her righteousness, leading to isolation at work. Even in the zombie era, her beliefs remained unchanged, thinking that anyone who couldn’t understand her was better off as a zombie.

Kurusugi Shigenobu

Shigenobu Kurusugi, a former cell phone shop employee, harbored resentment for being ridiculed by his wife and felt he had no place at home. He believed he deserved better and thought those who didn’t respect him deserved to die and turn into zombies.

Atenbou Naoki

Naoki Atenbou, a former trainee chef, never took responsibility for his mistakes, always blaming others. His failure to attract women was attributed to bad luck, and he continued to make unwanted advances.


This article explored why Higurashi Kanta from “Zon 100” harbored animosity towards Akira and whether he turned into a zombie. Higurashi’s jealousy of Akira’s fulfilling college life and the influence of his rough companions might have contributed to his actions. In the end, his wish to destroy the world was evident in his actions, but he ultimately faced a tragic end, presumably turning into a zombie.

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