Is Toudou Aoi Dead? Analysis of His Arm Recovery and Possible Reappearance [Jujutsu Kaisen]


1st grade jujutsu sorcerer Toudou Aoi is an impressive 3rd year student at Kyoto Jujutsu High School, with a muscular physique and distinctive dreadlocks unseen by normal students. Attention is focused on Aoi’s heated battles to come in the “Shibuya Incident Arc” to be depicted in the 2nd season of the anime.

This article will thoroughly explain Aoi’s strengths, current status, death theories, arm injury, famous quotes, and voice actor. Check again on his passion and bond with his brother (Itadori)!

*Note: This article contains major spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen.

[Profile] Who is Toudou Aoi in Jujutsu Kaisen

Age: 18 Birthday: September 23 Height: Over 190cm Affiliation: 3rd Year at Kyoto Jujutsu High School Grade: 1st Grade Sorcerer Technique: Boogie Woogie Favorite Idol: Tall idol Takada-chan Voice Actor: Subaru Kimura

Originally born into a non-sorcerer family, Aoi Toudou was scouted as a child by the special grade sorcerer Yuki Tsukumo. With rare talent and physical ability, he stands out even among the elites at the Kyoto school. In the past, he has incredibly exorcised 5 grade 1 curses and 1 special grade curse alone, and defeated the grade 1 curses without using any techniques.

[Death] What is Toudou Aoi’s current status? What happened to his arm?

In conclusion, Toudou Aoi is alive. In the Shibuya Incident, he fought against Mahito with Itadori and supported Itadori in using Black Flash. Although they somehow managed to defeat Mahito, both had taken considerable damage from him. Comments later from Tsukumo Yuki revealed that Toudou was safely protected by her.

– Injured arm makes “Boogie Woogie” unusable

© Akutami Gege/Shueisha/Jujutsu Kaisen Production Committee

In the Shibuya Incident, Toudou lost his left hand fighting Mahito. Sensing his fingers transforming from Mahito’s 0.2 second Domain Expansion “Idle Transfiguration”, Toudou instantly severed his left wrist. Right after, he held up his wound and right hand in the stance to activate his technique, saying “An arm is just decoration, applause is the cheer of the soul” but of course nothing happened… He came to the cruel realization that “My Boogie Woogie is already dead.”

His technique “Boogie Woogie” was powerful, but with the activation condition being clapping his hands, he can no longer use his technique that is a jujutsu sorcerer’s life.

Will Toudou Aoi reappear?

He has not been seen at all after the Shibuya Incident. However, since there is no depiction of his death, he will undoubtedly reappear in the future. In the Shibuya Incident, not only were there deaths, but many were heavily injured in mind and body. Toudou was one of them. The despair he must feel having lost his technique despite his astonishing strength is immeasurable. If he reappears, it will likely be when Itadori is in a pinch.

Even without his technique, he had the strength to exorcise grade 1 curses with just martial arts. Let’s look forward to Toudou helping his brother in his former carefree way!

Analysis of how he could reappear

– Revival by reversal technique

When fighting Mahito, Toudou lost his left hand, saying his technique had died. Certainly both hands are needed to activate his technique, but there is a possibility his left hand could be revived by a reversal technique in the future. If he, under Lulul’s protection, can meet Ututsu or Noritoshi who can use reversal techniques, his left hand may be restored!

– His technique can be used by someone else’s hands

After losing his left hand against Mahito, Toudou activated his technique by joining hands with Mahito. Therefore, even if his left hand remains lost in the future, it is possible to activate his technique by cooperating with someone. This method may be fine in a support role, but it could be inconvenient if fighting as the main force.

[Technique] Analyzing the Strength of Boogie Woogie

Toudou Aoi possesses the strength of a 1st grade jujutsu sorcerer, with overwhelming power able to face a special grade curse alone. His strength comes not only from high physical abilities, but also high combat IQ, instantly grasping the battle situation to activate his technique (self-proclaimed IQ of 530,000). He is not just a gorilla, but a high-sense technical gorilla!

Boogie Woogie

© Akutami Gege/Shueisha

Boogie Woogie allows clapping his hands to swap the positions of anything containing cursed energy within the technique’s range. The targets are not just sorcerers and curses, but can swap the positions of anything, living or non-living. It has many uses – swapping 2 targets other than himself, feinting without swapping despite clapping, and is extremely useful supporting allies, not just in his own fights.

What is Boogie Woogie’s origin?

Boogie Woogie’s origin is thought to be American music of the same name. In boogie-woogie, the right and left hands produce a characteristic shuffled rhythm. This essential use of both left and right hands links to the activation condition of Toudou’s technique.

Black Flash

Black Flash refers to the spatial distortion occurring when cursed energy collides within 0.000001 seconds of an attack. Called so because the cursed energy shines black when triggered, it is an extremely powerful attack amplifying damage to 2.5 times normal. During the Shibuya Incident, assisting Itadori, Toudou finally succeeded in activating Black Flash against Mahito. Although told it was meaningless against Mahito who directly affects souls, triggering Black Flash allowed Toudou to understand the nature of his own cursed energy. Black Flash is not Toudou’s own technique – Itadori, Nobara, and Maki also use it in the story.

Mental conferences with tall idol Takada-chan

© Akutami Gege/Shueisha

Toudou is a passionate fan of tall idol Takada-chan. Due to his strong love, he has conjured a mental image of Takada-chan in his mind. This mental Takada-chan sometimes tells him overlooked information and discrepancies. Using her advice, Toudou can see through the enemy’s identity and respond instantly. This ability to judge using his accumulated experience is rather like his “intuition”, expressed as mental conferences with Takada-chan.

From her appearance in his mind and the covers, Takada-chan seems to be more than just an idol he respects, but an existence like the Stands in the “JoJo” series to Toudou.

Simple Domain

Simple Domain is a technique to counter powerful Domain Expansions, called “the domain of the weak created to protect against Domain Expansion”. Activating Simple Domain deploys a small Domain around the user, negating the guaranteed hit effect of Domain Expansions. Originally created by the Zenin clan, Toudou’s Simple Domain was directly taught by his mentor Tsukumo Yuki. In the story, Kyoto students Miwa and Mei Mei, and Uyou, younger brother of Ui Ui, are also seen using Simple Domain.

[Activities] Toudou Aoi’s Past

Aiming to become a jujutsu sorcerer with Tsukumo Yuki as his mentor

© Akutami Gege/Shueisha

In 3rd grade elementary school, Toudou, who beat up much older high schoolers, first meets Tsukumo Yuki when she suddenly appears. Despite being from a non-jujutsu family, as he possessed innate techniques, he was made to learn jujutsu from Tsukumo. It’s easy to think the large scar on Toudou’s face is from fighting curses, but the official fanbook reveals it is actually from Tsukumo’s unreasonable beatings.

Enrolling at Kyoto Jujutsu High School

Entering Kyoto Jujutsu High School, Toudou quickly shows his talent and rises in prominence. Originally from a non-jujutsu family, the lack of understanding of jujutsu’s power balance and lack of strong sorcerers in his grade led to the formation of his current arrogant personality. After the Hundred Demons Night Parade incident caused by Geto, exorcising 1 special grade and 5 grade 1 curses alone allowed him to gain the qualification of 1st grade jujutsu sorcerer while still a student.

Shocking first appearance in anime Episode 8!

Toudou Aoi, appearing for the first time in the Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event arc, along with 2nd year Kyoto student Zenin Maki, picks a fight with Maki and Toji. As usual, he asks Toji his taste in women, but is brushed off with the manly answer of “As long as she has unwavering humanity, I don’t need anything else”. Despite suddenly attacking, Toudou overwhelms Toji in power and speed. Battered by Toudou’s pure physical attacks without using any jujutsu, Toji tries to fight back combining shikigami but is powerless against the overwhelming difference, being completely dominated. Angry at Toudou saying he “can’t feel any motivation”, Toji openly shows his anger. As Toudou tries to activate a new technique, he is interrupted by 2nd year Tokyo students Panda and Toge, ending the confrontation.

– Sister School Exchange Event

© Akutami Gege/Shueisha/Jujutsu Kaisen Production Committee

At the pre-event meeting, when Kyoto principal Rakuan proposes killing Itadori, Toudou says “Screw this” and tries to leave the room. Kyoto student Kamo tries to make him stay as “We’re in the middle of talks”, but is intimidated by Toudou threatening “Next time you order me around, I’ll kill you”. Of course, no one can stop him in that state, and he returns to the room. With his self-centered personality, there’s no way he would obey orders from someone he dislikes. As a result, he acts alone during the exchange event. At the start of the event, Toudou alone blocks the advancing Tokyo students. Considering the possibility of total annihilation if they fought Toudou directly with his overwhelming power, Itadori steps up to face him.

– Recognizing fellow woman-lover Itadori as a “best friend” and passionately mentoring him

© Akutami Gege/Shueisha

In their 1-on-1 confrontation, despite his own incredible physical abilities, Itadori is one-sidedly dominated by Toudou. Asked his taste in women, the battered Itadori answers “Girls with big butts and tall”. At that moment, as if they were high school classmates, non-existent memories start flowing in Toudou’s mind. Then, despite their first meeting, he suddenly recognizes Itadori, whose female preferences completely match his own, as his best friend.

With both specializing in hand-to-hand combat, their fighting styles match perfectly. While fighting all-out, Toudou advises Itadori on raising his cursed energy. Their relationship is shown growing from “Best friend” to “My best friend” to “Brother” in the story. In Chapter 130, Toudou’s rocket pendant contains a picture of Itadori alongside Takada-chan, showing his deep love for Itadori.

Shibuya Incident

© Akutami Gege/Shueisha/Jujutsu Kaisen Production Committee

In the Shibuya Incident masterminded by the fake Geto leading a group of special grade curses, Itadori ends up fighting Mahito, the worst of the special grades. With Itadori losing his will to fight after Mahito takes away his precious comrades one after another, Toudou rushes in from Kyoto to join him. Using his technique, Toudou works with Itadori to manipulate Mahito. Not wanting to lose to Itadori who had already learned Black Flash, Toudou also acquires it during the fight. His determination to better himself so Itadori is not alone is quite moving.

Although they corner Mahito fighting together, Mahito finally tries using his Domain Expansion. Right after the 0.2 second Domain, Toudou’s wavering left hand senses something is wrong. He immediately severs his own left hand, which then explodes. Despite losing his left hand, Toudou continues against Mahito, continuing to manipulate him.

[Quotes] Why I like Toudou Aoi

© Akutami Gege/Shueisha

Fundamentally unwilling to follow others’ orders, Toudou has an extremely self-centered, arrogant personality. Due to this extreme self-importance, even if it’s a superior’s order, if it rubs him the wrong way he will mercilessly bite back and adhere to his own beliefs. His difficult personality makes him disliked by both allies and enemies… On the other hand, he is reliable and looks out well for those he takes a liking to. He always asks new acquaintances their taste in women, and if it matches his own, immediately recognizes them as best friends. Itadori had the same tastes, leading to Toudou affectionately calling him “Brother”.

Toudou’s preferences are “Girls with big butts and tall height”, and he is a huge fan of tall idol Takada-chan. He never misses handshake events, and thoroughly watches both recordings and live broadcasts of her shows – the epitome of a fan.

“What’s your type of girl?”

When first meeting Toji and Itadori, Toudou asks their preference in women. He uses their answers to judge their character and how interesting they are. He brushes off Toji’s answer as boring, and upon Itadori matching his own tastes, goes as far as calling him his best friend, showing his confidence in this judging method. Despite seeming unrelated at first glance, this line that decides everything shows his ridiculous personality well.

“I watched both the live broadcast and recording. Are you testing me?”

As a passionate fan of tall idol Takada-chan, at the strategy meeting before the exchange event, Toudou utters this famous (infamous?) line to the other Kyoto students. While Principal Rakuan is issuing instructions for the event, his insistence on watching Takada-chan’s show no matter what is a model fan, but his lack of reading the air is as expected…

“What were you entrusted with?”

In the Shibuya Incident, with many casualties from Sukuna’s rampage, Itadori is driven to the brink of despair. To Itadori saying “I can’t forgive myself”, Toudou says “As long as we sorcerers are alive, we have not truly lost, even if someone dies.” He then asks “What were you entrusted with?”, advising him not to stop. Coming from such an outstanding individual, it is a cool line that impresses Itadori is on another level.

[Voice Actor] Toudou Aoi: Subaru Kimura

Toudou is voiced by voice actor Subaru Kimura in the “Jujutsu Kaisen” anime. Kimura is 30 years old, affiliated with Atomic Monkey. Born to a German father and Japanese mother. Currently active not just in voice acting, but also as an actor and rapper. Major roles include Jaian in “Doraemon” and Ichirow Yamada in “Hypnosis Mic”. Having voiced Jaian since 2005 until now in 2021, he is likely a voice that people of all ages and genders have heard at least once. Kimura has a very distinctive voice that is unforgettable once heard. Despite not originally aspiring to be a voice actor, he has the rare history of passing the audition for the nationally beloved anime “Doraemon” to voice Jaian in middle school.

Concerns over Toudou Aoi’s future in Jujutsu Kaisen… Will he remain strong even after losing his technique?

© Akutami Gege/Shueisha

Toudou Aoi has a self-centered personality, ordering people around, yet cherishes Itadori as a “best friend” and passionately mentors him. This article thoroughly explained his character and strengths. In the Shibuya Incident, he lost his left hand in the battle against Mahito, but Toudou is currently one of the characters confirmed to be alive. With the intense developments in the story, it will remain impossible to take one’s eyes off Toudou’s actions!

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